5 Ways For Writing An Effective Essay Fast

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5 Ways For Writing An Effective Essay Fast

Throughout my school and college life, the deadlines always freak me out. It results in lack of sleep something that every student or perhaps a writer like me is familiar with. You don’t get to give a sigh of relief for so many days since exams or your submission dates are approaching.

Amidst all of it, the one thing you procrastinated is writing down the essay. You are busy with other stuff or perhaps you are unable to pen down the right words from your core. And then you can start looking for fast essay writing that lends you a helping hand.

Don’t worry you aren’t the only one who is going alone. This running out of words has literally happened to you, me and many more people. I actually rummaged through my books of college where I wrote these tips exactly 2 years back.

Here are my ultimate 5 ways of writing essay fast.

 1) Breathe in, breathe out

First and foremost thing – CALM DOWN. When you are coping up with the deadlines and trying to figure out what to write, you end up writing nothing. That’s because of the STRESS and of course anxiety of maintaining the quality of the content. Later on, you fumble out words of mediocre worth.

Close your eyes. Try to calm your fastening breathe. Take few moments and concentrate on your breathing till it comes to normal. Say this to yourself “I can do this. I will do this!” When you keep on chanting it, you start believing in yourself more. Think that the end results will be remarkable. If you feel like now you are relaxed move on to step 2)

 2) Think out of the box

Your goal when you’re writing the essay should never be good. It should be rather interesting and fascinating. Once the reader starts reading s/he is supposed to be hooked to it till they reach at the end. Usually, this is where you get stuck. In the head, there are many ideas which you don’t even know by yourself. That’s when creativity knocks the door. Let it come inside your brain, pick up the paper and start writing down.

It clearly doesn’t matter what ideas they are, simply write. Don’t categorize whether they are stupid or witty ones. Once you have written get rid of the ones which aren’t useful. Select one idea that you feel is worth a shot. Then you will have a complete map of writing the essay.

 3) Surf and search

You have curated the outline. You are all set to write a kick-ass essay. But wait! Hold on for a second. Most the essay you will find online is well researched. It doesn’t take much time in surfing the internet. The aim is to write down the essay within the outline you have decided.

With Google and Wikipedia your saviour – find out amazing stuff for your topic. Jot it down so when you sit to write the essay you won’t miss out. Use the information and join those fragment ideas together.

 4) Write from your heart

Whenever you are writing something whether a blog or poem, essay – write it like you mean it. Your persona should be reflected when you spell out words. That being said, I remember during my college days, my professor told there aren’t a particular set of rules as it varies from one to other. But there are few things you need to keep in mind.

  • An essay generally consists of 5 paragraphs. Each being linked with one another. When you complete your first section the last line should always be related to the second section.
  • The opening should be killer. Keep the first sentence short. Omit the use of “you” when writing the essay. Make it crystal clear. Wrap it up with a bang and incredible statement.
  • It’s been said that you should write down body first and later the introductory and conclusion part. But when the chain of thoughts get’s started it’s hard to stop it. Better go with the flow and write what you feel like.

 5) Check it out

Finally! You are done with your essay. But not so easy. It’s time to go through entire essay and check it out. Every sentence should make sense, you gave your time and attention so don’t ruin it without editing.

  • Read once, twice, thrice till you find out unwanted words, phrases or sentence which don’t match with your essay. On the other hand take side notes of it.
  • Is it going in the sequence? If yes, “YAY” if no “NAY”. Add information where needed. Once you are satisfied with the content and structure of essay it’s time to do the proofreading.
  • Make sure the references are correct. Check the grammar. No you don’t have to Grammar Nazi. Just the fundamental grammar plays the role.
  • Plagiarism free! Again if your content is suspicious then it’s going to show Red Alert! You don’t want that now after all the hard work. So go for Plagiarism free essay.

You did it! Can you believe you have completed writing down the essay? Simply by following the above steps. So now hit the save button. Submit it. Give yourself a pat on back and have a peaceful sleep.

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