How Medical Examiners Help Lawyers

Medical examiners use various tools to inspect evidence following dramatic situations. Because medical examiners can detect and pinpoint medical issues that can impact the legal process, they work with lawyers during various phases of the legal process.

How Medical Examiners Help Lawyers

Injury Situations

When someone is injured in a location where there are no witnesses, a medical examiner can determine how the injury occurred. Although many objects can be used to injure someone, a medical examiner is able to narrow down the potential weapons by studying key tissues around different zones. A trained medical examiner can develop reports about crimes that involved:

  • A knife
  • A gun
  • A bat
  • A chemical product

Each of these items can harm an individual in a unique way. However, a medical examiner can study the effects that occur after one of these weapons was used, and the results that are compiled in a medical report helps a lawyer build a case around the item that was handled during the dramatic situation.


In some cases, a crime scene may not have enough evidence. Without proper evidence, a lawyer will have problems building a case. Medical examiners typically help lawyers during these situations by providing information about how weapons were used by a criminal. For example, if someone was shot with a gun, a medical examiner can determine the distance that the bullet traveled before it injured someone. By using this information, a lawyer can survey a specific zone where the gun was shot for possible evidence. Then, a lawyer can use the new evidence to build a case that could narrow down the suspects.

These are the reasons why medical examiner services are important during investigations. If a career in this industry sounds appealing, there are many ways to get certified. Once you’re properly educated, you’ll have opportunities to help lawyers confidently as a certified dot medical examiner.