How Drinking Coffee Before Meditation Can Optimize Your Mindfulness Practice

April 19, 2018 Health News No Comments
How Drinking Coffee Before Meditation Can Optimize Your Mindfulness Practice

These days, many people have realized that the development of mindfulness strategies can help them optimize their mental health while simultaneously enhancing their physical vitality. If you’ve recently drawn this conclusion, now is the time to recognize that meditation is one of the most powerful mindfulness techniques under the sun. Moreover, it’s important to note that there are several strategies you can implement to optimize your meditation activity. One of them is drinking coffee right before you meditate. Below you’ll find just two of many reasons why this practice can be effective for you:

How Drinking Coffee Before Meditation Can Optimize Your Mindfulness Practice

1. Mood Optimization.

One reason you’ll want to have java prior to meditating pertains to the principle of mood optimization. As many wellness experts know, black magic is linked to mood enhancement because it facilitates the production/release of dopamine in the body. This, in turn, produces feelings of happiness and tranquility. This is all important for those who meditate because the practice of quieting the mind in solitude can engender negative emotions such as lethargy and loneliness. The loneliness might be particularly prevalent in extroverts or individuals who are accustomed to being around people all the time. The lethargy can result from bringing the body into a state of sustained stillness that makes you feel as if you want to go to sleep. Also, note that meditation can engender a deep sense of frustration if you find it difficult to stop thinking or bring your mind into a state of tranquility as you practice. The black magic can keep you awake by inducing feelings of happiness and livelihood while simultaneously preventing you from experiencing the negative feelings that oftentimes surface if meditation makes you feel groggy, lethargic, or frustrated.

2. Optimized Concentration.

As many wellness experts know, having a cup of joe is known to enhance mental focus. This reality is definitely pertinent to the world of meditation because the mindfulness modality is about remaining focused as the mind centers its attention on one central concept, object, sound, etc. One study found that drinking caffeine promotes activity in the anterior cingulate gyrus and anterior cingulate of the prefontal lobe. These areas of the brain play an integral role in key processes such as monitoring, attention, planning, and concentration. In recognizing the role that java consumption can play in stimulating concentration, coupling it with meditation seems both practical and advantageous.

An Important Side Note

While coupling coffee with meditation is a wonderful way to improve your health, note that this is not the only health strategy you can implement to make wellness your new normal. Additionally, you should think about the value of taking supplements. Most people have at least a few nutritional holes in their diet, and supplementation can help ensure that these nutritional gaps are filled. In addition to helping you feel nutritional gaps, note that supplementation can help you shed excess weight that might be causing health issues like lethargy and mood instability. By going to, you can buy fat burning supplements online.


People who are determined to take their health to the next level should know that making meditation an integral component of their daily life can help them realize the objective. Review the information found in this article to remember why coupling java consumption with your meditative practice can help you optimize results!