All You Need To Know About Spinal Cord Injury

In any injury, road accidents or minor falls, one of the most common parts of our body that is injured is the spinal cord trauma is the most common cause in any spinal cord injury. In the young men, who are common culprits of rash driving and drunk driving, it is very common due to the bike accidents and in the old age due to sudden falls and slip ups.

The two categories of spinal cord injury are a complete spinal cord injury and an incomplete one. In a complete spinal cord injury the spinal cord below the level of injury fails to work totally and in an incomplete injury the spinal cord below the level of injury still has maintained a certain bit of functioning.

All You Need To Know About Spinal Cord Injury

There are 31 pairs of spinal nerves that make up your spinal cord; they run from the bottom of the brain down to your back. In case out peripheral nerves that allow the spinal cord and brain to control your hands, abdomen and feet. It also allows the sensations to travel through these nerves to the brain, so that it can receive process information. The spinal cord is surrounded by the vertebral Canal are commonly called as the backbone. The main function of the vertebrae is to provide protection and allow movements. The spinal cord have Nerve cells which are not repairable or and also cannot be regenerated if it undergoes any kind of damage.

Spinal cord diseases also occur due to loss of blood supply in any part of the spinal cord. Sometimes the nerves in a spinal cord get compressed due to minor accident such as slipping in the bathroom or falling from the stairs.

Spinal cord is the organ which helps in common day to day activities as it controls the stomach, by sending out peripheral nerves to them. A SCI can affect a person from doing the daily activities, so any such injury should be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. Usually the first treatment which is done in a spinal cord injury is to put the person in basic life support system, as a serious SCI have the capacity to damage the heart and lung fatally. In an injury specifically to the cervical region, a very serious complication is caused in which a person is no longer able to do any kinds of movement of his or her hands and legs, a condition known as quadriplegia. The kind of disease occurring totally depends on the place of injury in the spinal cord and also the extent of injury.

To get yourself the proper treatment you must get the proper diagnosis and care. Best spine surgeon in India is the one who has a good professional experience and a number of successful treatment cases. So it is better to do a background check before you go to them. Also keep in mind that after a spinal surgery usually least movement is allowed and so find a clinic or hospital in the proximity of your residence.