What Are The Harmful Effects Of Bluelight On Your Eyes?

Are you well aware of the term bluelight? Yes, it is the harmful radiation that is coming from your computer, mobile screens, and appliances. You are spending more than 8 hours in front of the computer without knowing that the harmful radiation is affecting both your eyes and health as well. You love scrolling your phone all the time. But, have you any idea that how much the rays coming from these devices? The bluelight is a hot topic these days as more and more doctors are doing this research to find out the health hazards regarding this light.

What Are The Harmful Effects Of Bluelight On Your Eyes?

What do you Mean by Bluelight

We all know that all light is composed of the electromagnetic particles that release energy constantly as they travel through the waves. All the light waves differ in their length and strength. The light waves that have short wavelengths, do emit the higher amount of energy. The wavelengths are differentiated by colors. The bluelight has the shortest wavelength, thus having the highest energy. The blue ultralight causes a lot of problems like the cataract and eye disease. So, it is better to avoid the blue light. If you facing any problem in your eyes due to the light coming from the computer or mobile phone, you should immediately consult the doctor.

From where you Get Exposed to Blue Light

There are various sources from where you are getting the bluelight. The sun is the natural source of bluelight or the blue uplight. The modern appliances emit the large amount of bluelight. Some of the other sources include the fluorescent lights; LED and the digital screens of electronic devices emit the blue lights in the atmosphere. Constant exposure to these lighting sources can cause a lot of problems like the low vision, tiredness and dry eyes.

Know about the Hazards of Bluelight

There are various hazards that are caused due to the constant exposure to the blue light to your eyes. Though the blue light can help in changing the mood, provide you energy to work and boost up your memory but too much exposure is really bad for your health. One of the most prominent symptoms is the low vision. Other health hazards include the blurred vision, eye strain, trouble to focus near and also far, dry and itching eyes, headaches, rubbing the eyes and back pain. So, you should choose the right lighting source in your home that will reduce exposure to blue light.

What can you do?

If you want to keep your eyes good, here is a way that can make the things better. You can use the eye-caring LED lamps from Drlite. These lamps provide the perfect contrast and brightness without emitting of blue light. These lamps are available in the market. Most of the medical professionals nowadays suggest using the devices that help in protecting homeowners from the harmful radiation of blue light.

You can thus definitely buy the LED lamp with a magnifying lens to stay protected and keep your eyes in good condition.