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Naamkaran Full Episode Star Plus Serial Cast and Main Characters

Naamkaran started on Star and on 11 Sep 2016. It replaced Diya Aur Baati Humm at the nine pm slot. The show brings the story of a bit woman Avni and her robust struggles and fights for her legitimacy. Avni is that the girl of a Hindu father and a Muslim mother. She desires to achieve her lost identity. Avni’s anger, suppression, sorrow and plenty of emotions ar shown.Avni desires her parent to remain along. She aims to induce a standard family, and raises easy and innocent queries. Ashish and Asha haven’t married, and had Avni out of marital status. Asha is pregnant once more and hopes Ashish fulfills his promise of obtaining their tiny family accepted by his mother Dayavanti. Ashish fails to win over his mother for acceptive Asha. however Avni gets herself accepted by Dayavanti and gets her Naamkaran done are going to be shown.

Naamkaran Serial Main Characters:


She is Ashish and Asha’s girl. Avni is extremely sturdy willed and sharp minded woman. She is good, caring and daring. She is nice observant and figures out that her family isn’t a standard one. Avni longs for her father. Avni desires Ashish stays with them invariably. Avni has very little temper and sometimes fights with the one she loves. She isn’t afraid to create any question. She has determination to seek out answers. Avni desires to induce her rights on her father.


Asha is Ashish’s lover. She may be a muslim and adjusted her name from Aisha to Asha. Asha may be a sweet, loving, caring and a adoring life partner. She has been keeping her relationship with Ashish solely on the idea of affection and religion. She respects Ashish plenty and doesn’t expect something reciprocally from him. Asha doesn’t worry the society’s taunts. She limits herself and Avni from society’s queries. Asha may be a happy soul and extremely a lot of happy along with her life. She simply longs for Ashish and needs to marry him presently so as to complete her family. Asha isn’t daring enough to assert her rights on Ashish.


Ashish may be a film maker by profession. he’s a sensible, handsome, sensible character, successful, and a chic guy. he’s conjointly a i and caring person. he’s known as a perfect son. He gets too involved for those whom he loves the foremost, and sometimes gets afraid to lose them. Asha, Avni and Dayavanti ar terribly near his heart. He fails to balance to chord between Dayavanti and Asha. Ashish isn’t a accountable person and is commonly seen limiting himself out of worry once it involves check with Dayavanti regarding his relationship with Asha. Ashish loves Asha from all-time low of his heart, however loses bravery once it involves giving name to their relation.


Neela is Hemant’s girl. Hemant may be a Godly figure for Dayavanti. Neela may be a positive and cheerful woman. She is often jam-packed with life and fun. She spreads happiness around. Neela desires to ascertain everybody happy. She loves Ashish since childhood. She desires to marry Ashish, however not at the value of sacrificing his happiness. Neela is altruistic soul, similar to Asha. Neela desires to fill some colours in Ashish’s life. She is daring and trendy, nevertheless easy and homely.


She is Ashish’s mother. She may be a sturdy girl United Nations agency raised all her youngsters alone. She has seen several unhealthy days in her life. Dayavanti’s life has been jam-packed with struggles once her husband died. She may be a caring and i mother. She is additionally a dictator and is simply too rigid regarding few customs. She believes in loyalty and doesn’t go against her guarantees. She is indebted to Hemant Bhai, United Nations agency has radio-controlled her and reworked her life. Dayavanti loves Neela and has chosen her as her girl in law. Dayavanti’s life experiences ar the rationale for her resolve.

Naamkaran Star Plus Serial Cast:

Arsheen Namdaar are playing the role as Avni
Barkha Bisht Sengupta are playing the role as Asha
Viraf Patel are playing the role as Ashish Mehta
Sayantani Ghosh are playing the role as Neela
Reema Lagoo are playing the role as Dayavanti Mehta
Puru Chibber are playing the role as Ketan
Pooja Verma are playing the role as Hetal

Naamkaran Full Episode
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