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Summer Care For Your Hair

Summer Care For Your Hair

When summer arrives, the most irritating thing arrives as well and that is humidity. That is why; one needs to take some extra care of their hair and scalp so that they look good in summer. Humidity majorly affects the hydrogen bonds in the hair and so the moisture balance of the hair gets affected.

This can also lead to itchy scalps and white flakes. If that happens, one needs o go for dandruff treatments. If you have dyed hair then there are specific dandruff shampoos for color treated hair and one can use them as well.

The sun rays cannot really burn the hair but it can majorly damage the natural shine of the hair. This makes the hair look dull, brittle and fragile. So, it is highly recommended to use a scarf or a hat to cover the hair when one is going out in the sun. So the dry wind will not affect it.

Coloured or dyed hair is majorly prone to UV rays damage. This is because, colour treated hair is already damaged and the sun rays can make the cuticles even rougher. So the hair becomes more fragile and dried out.

Also, summer means one indulges into a lot of swimming. Here, the chlorine and the salt water can discolour the hair. There are a lot of mineral deposits in swimming pools which can majorly damage the hair. So, it is a good idea to wet your hair and apply some conditioner before you plunge into the pool. Also wear a head cap while swimming. The moment you come out of the pool, the first thing you do is o wash your hair.

Summer means, one needs to invest in a good hair conditioner which contains sunscreen. The conditioner will soften the hair and the sunscreen will fight with the UV rays to protect it. But if your hair is coloured, then you need to use some leave in conditioner on your hair so that the sun rays cannot fade out the colour.

Try and use a scalp cleanser. This will remove the toxins from your hair like chlorine and other pollutants. Also, oil your scalp every alternate day so that the blood flow in your scalp remains regular and it can relieve stress. Massage oil in your hair and keep it for 2 hours before you wash it away with a mild shampoo.

One needs to eat a balanced and sensible diet so that there is proper intake of essential nutrients. It is good to add a lot of irons and proteins in regular diet chart. Do not forget to drink plenty of water as it will keep you hydrated.

Blow dryers and curlers should be strictly avoided in summers because one already faces a lot of heat. There is no need for some extra. Try to tie up your hair to a loose pony or braid to avoid sweat accumulation.

Shampoo ketomac is a very good solution if one is suffering from dandruff in this summer.

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