6 House Maintenance things to do when you just moved to Dallas

Have you moved to Dallas recently? If yes then you’ve made the right decision as according to a recent research, Dallas is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. It also promises a secure future by showing a tremendous job rate growth. The city is expanding in the right direction and it is the perfect time to make Dallas your new home.

But shifting to a new home in a new city can be a tad bit overwhelming. Use this opportunity to set yourself up for the years to come and take on some DIY house maintenance projects. Check out this list of house maintenance things to do as you’re moving to a new home in Dallas:

1. Change the locks

As soon as the arrangement is reached and you are the official owner of the house, buy a new set of locks and get them changed as quickly as possible. After all, you don’t know who else has the keys to the existing ones on the exterior doors. It could be the previous owners, realtors or the maintenance company who most likely have the keys to your place.

So, be extra cautious and install new locks for the peace of your mind. Get in touch with a company who deals in residential door repair in Dallas for best results.

2- Check for plumbing faults

Even though it is the responsibility of your home inspector to check everything before closing the deal, it never hurts to recheck the plumbing of the house. Keep an eye out for broken sinks, dripping faucets and faulty toilets. Don’t forget to check the water heater for leakage too.

Another neat trick is to note the numbers on your water meter and then re-record them after two hours. Make sure no water is used in your house during this time period. If the reading is different, you’ll automatically know there is a leak somewhere.

3- Clean up

The house may seem clean, but you’ll still want to deep clean everything for yourself. Hire a professional cleaning service to save some time, or you can do it yourself. If you have the time and energy, set up a cleaning corner with all the supplies and tools, such as the buckets, brooms, mops, a vacuum, chemical cleaners, etc. Don’t forget to don a pair of gloves to keep your hands and nails safe!

4- Locate your home’s main electric panel and water shutoff valve

In an emergency, you might want to shut off the water and electricity to your entire house. This is why it is advised to locate them beforehand. Most homes have a main water shutoff valve right next to the water meter, usually in the basement or any other warm area.

Same goes for the electric panel. It will look like a gray metal box in the basement or the garage. Find the main circuit breaker panel, so you know which one to turn off in case of a fire.

5- Keep an eye for creepy crawlies

It is recommended to inspect crawlspaces and the attic so that you can check them for bugs, mold and any other issue that should be tackled immediately. Get in touch with a professional fumigation service if the need arises.

6- Get yourself organized

Once you are done cleaning and familiarizing yourself with the new house, start organizing yourself. Take a look at the closets and figure out where you’ll store everything. A few closet organizers can make the process of moving much less stressful and you will start enjoying yourself.

If you are still contemplating about the big move, read more about things to do before you move to Dallas. Unlike TV show descriptions, Dallas is much more than just Big Rich Texas. The city is revitalizing itself in all possible ways. With an explosion of cultural diversion, there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to in Dallas.

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