Copper Nails Versus Galvanized Nails for Your Home Projects

When you are working on home projects, it is vital to invest in the right materials that last for a long time. These materials should be highly durable and give you value for money. Any project small or big costs money. However, if you pay attention to small details like the type of nails you use, you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run. Good quality nails should be rust free and durability so that they do not break easily.

Should you use copper nails or galvanized nails?

Most workers and homeowners use copper or galvanized nails for their home projects. Copper nails are widely preferred because they are rust free and do not break easily. For instance, when you hammer a galvanized nail into the surface, there are high chances that it will break easily. However, when it comes to the use of copper nails they are durable and do not break easily. In case, they do break under pressure, it is easier to pull out a copper nail from the area over a galvanized nail. This is why they are widely preferred especially in outdoor home projects like roofing, fastening slates etc. Good quality nails last for many years. They might cost higher but investing in them will save you future costs of repairing your roof and slates for a long time.

What is the use of galvanized nails?

Galvanized nails have a special coating of zinc to protect them however they are more suited for indoor projects. They cannot withstand the climatic and weather elements as well as copper nails. This is why they are generally not preferred for roofing projects. They are ideal for window projects, stairs, decks etc. when it comes to attaching parts. Most people prefer them because they are cost-effective over other nails available in the market. They do not crack easily. They do have a resistance towards abrasion and water. However, if you compare them to copper nails, they will not last as long as them.

Building regulations in the USA

In the USA, there are building regulations that do not permit the use of galvanized nails for roofing. If you live in a coastal area, copper nails are ideal for you to use. Unlike galvanized nails, they will never lose their protection when they are nailed into the surface of the area. They do not corrode faster than galvanized nails. They provide extra protection and security for your roofing projects.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing between copper nails and galvanized nails, ensure that you check what your project requirements are. If you are working on roofing and outdoor projects, opting for nails made of copper is a right choice. You should buy these nails from genuine stores so that you get good quality products. The dimensions and the grades of the nails you use for the project need to be correct. In case of DIY projects, ask professionals that have knowledge in the related field so that you effectively get the right nails for your project. The nails you invest in should be durable and provide you with value for money for a very long time!


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