Solitaire Diamond Ring – The Timeless Classic

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Proposing a marriage to your loved one will be incomplete without the perfect solitaire diamond ring. Solitaire diamond rings are timeless classic pieces and are not difficult to find one. You can easily find them with the local jewelry stores and even with the designers as well. Needless to mention the designer pieces will be stunning.

However, with so many options it is indeed difficult to get the best for your fiancé. There are thousands of diamond solitaire rings with skilled craftsmanship and beautifully adorned, which makes the selection harder. Despite of all the odds the ring style still stands out and a popular choice.

What are solitaire engagement rings?

Womens solitaire diamond rings are rings that has a solitary stone on it and hence the name. the solitary stone is simple but elegant with a band. This famous ring was first introduced by a reputed jewelry company Tiffany’s and Co in 1886. It was a diamond stone with a six-prong strong setting of the platinum. Since then it is being loved by all women irrespective of age.

In a diamond solitaire ring you can also find rubies, emeralds and sapphires embedded in a few. This adds to the charm and beauty of the ring and is usually costly than the usual ones. Obviously designs play an important role but the diamond plays the major role is deciding the type and quality of the solitaire ring.

Which setting to select for your solitaire ring?

Selecting the setting of the solitaire ring is as important as the diamond. Moreover, the setting should perfectly compliment the diamond and must go with it. An appropriate setting will enhance the splendor of the diamond.

The setting provides the proper center for the diamond and acts as a catalyst in the shine of the diamond. Therefore, a wrong setting will completely damage the overall look. The best diamond solitaire rings for women have prong or a bezel type of setting.

Understanding the diamond

Needless to say, you must not overlook the diamond. The most common yet expensive one is the round cut with heavy bottom. You must decide the diamond in terms of quality, size, carat, certification, weight and color. The best among the lot will obviously be costly but it will worth every penny. Apart from the round, the marquis one is the best and you will be lucky to find such shape.

The cut and precision decide half the quality of the diamond. It is so important that most of the high-end branded companies changes their price accordingly. The standard one is the 58 facets in a round one. However, you will get a lot of other arrangements that will have 112 facets and different optic features. It is recommended that you must go with the 58 facets and check the certification of the diamond.


Platinum will always be the best for diamond rings. The setting of the diamond is also good in platinum metal. However, since it is costly you can also go for gold metal. Make sure that the gold is 18 karat gold for a better setting.

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