Understanding and Treating Your Addiction

Working towards living a life without addiction requires persistence, commitment, and a thorough understanding of underlying causes that have lead to the abuse of a substance. When you choose an inpatient drug treatment facility, it is important to know what to expect once you arrive and throughout the duration of the program, you have enrolled in. With the Lumiere treatment center, take advantage of inpatient rehab programs that focus on meeting your needs individually.

Dual Diagnosis and Evaluation

Once you arrive at an inpatient rehab facility, evaluation is the first step to determine which programs are right for you. With an inpatient rehab facility, take advantage of a dual diagnosis solution that considers the underlying causes and triggers of your addictions.

Addictions rarely stem out of nowhere, even if addiction runs in your family and is partly due to genetics. Oftentimes, addiction is caused by underlying problems such as a loss of employment, relationships, or mental struggles such as anxiety and depression. Getting to the bottom of the cause of your addiction is imperative in order to fully overcome your need to use or abuse substances.

Medically-Supervised Detox

A medically-supervised detox program is advisable if you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or any other substance that causes physical withdrawal symptoms. When you have a severe addiction to a toxic substance, it is extremely dangerous and in some cases, life-threatening to simply quit using the drug altogether. A medically-supervised detox solution provides the help and assistance of trained professionals who specialize in addiction and recovery. Ensuring the health and safety of your body is essential when you want to truly overcome an addiction on your path to sobriety.

24/7 Monitoring

Inpatient rehab facilities offer 24/7 monitoring to guarantee the safety and protection of all enrolled patients. With 24/7 monitoring, enjoy a zero-tolerance atmosphere that prohibits alcohol, cigarettes, and other substances including medication (unless they are prescribed by a physician). Zero-tolerance zones are helpful to keep patients from feeling the temptation of the outside world while also minimizing exposure to other individuals who frequently use alcohol and drugs. Without exposure to drugs and alcohol, learn to focus on other aspects and responsibilities of everyday life.

Improved Daily Routine

Establishing healthy and good habits are vital when working towards overcoming an addiction. A daily routine is a key component to a successful rehab program, whether you are overcoming an addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, or other illegal substances. Drug treatment facilities focus on rebuilding daily routines by implementing a regular sleeping schedule, a healthy diet, and various tasks, activities, and hobbies to partake in each day.

Individual Therapy

Schedule regular visits with an individual therapist once you are enrolled in a drug treatment facility. Meet with your therapist to openly discuss underlying causes and issues that contribute to your addiction to learn how to combat and overcome them. Individual therapy sessions provide relief from anxiety, depression, and any guilt or shame you feel with your addiction.

Group Counseling and AA/NA Meetings

Group counseling and therapy is also extremely beneficial when enrolled in a drug treatment facility. Group therapy sessions provide you with the opportunity to reach out to others while making new friends and lifelong support partners. Learn from others and listen to their struggles while sharing your own to feel a bit less alone on your journey to a sober and healthy life.

Attend AA/NA meetings to express your feelings regarding your treatment programs while releasing stress and tension you feel each day in a safe space. AA/NA meetings are ideal when you are in need of additional mental and emotional support among peers who have also faced similar battles as you.

Integration of Hobbies and Activities

Addictions cause you to focus solely on obtaining and using the substance of your choice, keeping you from enjoying activities and hobbies that were once considered a source of joy in your life. Enrolling in a drug treatment facility that specializes in inpatient therapy allows you to learn how to spend your time more wisely while rediscovering what is most important to you. Learn a new hobby, craft, or sport while you are in an inpatient therapy program, providing you with the ability to relieve stress while focusing on positive habits.

When you have a clear understanding of what to expect in drug treatment, feel ready and prepared to take on the challenges you encounter. With the right drug treatment program, face your addiction and overcome it to begin living a life you are satisfied with and in control of again.