3 Ways Segmentation Will Help Your Marketing Strategy

December 17, 2018 Technology No Comments
segmentation will help your marketing strategy

The consumer base for any business is broad with varied cultures and locale, age differences, financial backgrounds, and social status. Therefore, your product is viewed by set groups of individuals rather than the market as a whole. Your marketing team should pay special attention to this fact as well and devise their plans and strategies accordingly by sufficiently ‘segmenting’ the market crowd into groups all with the ultimate common interest of buying your product or subscribing to your service.

The typical marketing segmentation categories are:

  • Geographical that takes into account the region of the costumer ranging from his country and state to city and even zip code.
  • Demographic that looks at the characteristics and social status of individuals including age, gender, job, marriage status, religion, and ethnicity.
  • Behavioural which refers to the marketing team analysing user data, patterns and their general response to the advertisements and the marketing efforts of the company.

Such a marketing strategy has many pros for the business which can build stronger and healthier relations with its customers, utilize their own resources more efficiently and collect the data that can be used for other purposes within the firm. Let’s delve into these particularities in more detail.

Utilizing resources suitably

All businesses are restricted by certain limitations including time, budget and manpower, and that applies to all aspects of it including the marketing sector. By segmenting the target audience, these groups are sorted by priority allowing the marketing team to now redirect and divide their attention and energy accordingly.

Since different groups will require different extents of marketing strategies like discounted deals or different price models for financially restrictive individuals, or a more up-beat and attractive advertisement for the millennial users, a budget can be allocated accordingly and these plans can be set out in motion way in advance. Thus, differentiating users based on some factors lead to a smarter and sensible utilization of the resources and expenses at the company’s disposal.

Meeting the customer demands more effectively

When it’s not about counting profits and checking-off the valuable metrics off your list of goals, it’s about customer satisfaction. By listening to the audience’s demands and meeting their expectations, you’re giving them more than enough reason to stick with your company and its services. Moreover, a little-known effect of a segmented marketing strategy is that companies can personalize and customize services to better retain the consumer for long-term by making them feel valued.

Such a faithful relation ultimately means that users are likely open to any innovations within the business as brand loyalty coerces them into walking newer territories and landscapes hand to hand with the businesses.

Using the data to refine and expand other operations

Settling for an in-depth look at the purchase history and patterns of the user, their attitude towards the marketing attempts and general behavior towards the brand on social media provides insights that can be put to good use in several departments within the company.

Apart from the obvious benefits to the marketing team, the UX/UI designers can get a better understanding of what users are looking for in the products and the elements on the website. The SEO team can do its best with the user data provided, to tailor the company’s online profile and presentation so that it ranks higher in organic search results. Thus user analytical data is always valuable and has multiple functions within a firm. This can be done through web development outsourcing companies.


In the lieu of striving to meet the user demand and expectations with its marketing attempts, a company can make its own development and progression easier by segmenting audiences into well-defined and relevant groups. Not only is the marketing now more focused and organized, but the user data retrieved is of particular interest to many departs within a company all of which aim to build up on the credibility and success of the company.

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