How to start traveling in the USA? 4 Tips for Tourists

The USA is an amazing country that is famous for bright contrasts and advanced information technologies. When traveling to America, you will certainly get a lot of unforgettable impressions of the tall skyscrapers, you can walk along the famous Broadway, and, of course, feel like a celebrity in Hollywood. So, what do you need for an excellent trip to the USA?

  1. What type of transport to choose?

Traveling in America involves a large selection of means of transportation:

  • Bus;
  • Train;
  • Airplane;

Bicycle rack mounted bus

As for buses and trains, this is boring and not very comfortable way of getting around the US. Plus, you have to spend extra time while waiting for public transport.

When choosing airplane, you’ll save you a lot of time. However, there is one major drawback – you miss a lot of interesting places that are located far from big cities. Therefore, we recommend you to rent a car to be independent of any schedules and travel in your own pace. For example, if you are going to visit Texas, then the most convenient way is to pick up car rental Enterprise at Austin Airport. What’s more, in this case, you don’t need to return the car to the same location, which allows you to choose the route on your own.


  1. What documents should you prepare?


Every tourist who wants to visit America will need to prepare the following travel documents required for obtaining a tourist visa:

  • International Passport with blank pages.
  • Application form of the established sample, filled out by the applicant.
  • Photo ID.
  • Documents, confirming the fact that the tourist is not going to stay in the United States for permanent residence.


  1. How much money do you need for a trip?

When planning a trip, an important question is its total price. How much money do you need to have to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of American life?

40+267 Weekend

Based on the reviews of travelers, as well as the prices of various hotels, holiday homes, etc., you can approximately determine the necessary amount of money required for your trip. So, suppose that you’re going to spend eighteen days in America. What should you look for first? First of all you need to create the list of all expenses. Below you’ll find some planned activities and their approximate costs. How much money can you spend for about 2 weeks?

  • Visa and insurance for a trip to the United States ($220).
  • The cost of air travel ($600).
  • Getting around the United States by a rental car ($105).
  • Accommodation ($700-800).
  • Recreational activities ($280).
  • Food and drinks ($450).
  • Shopping ($30-40).


  1. Where to go in the US?

Traveling is always associated with proper rest, relaxation, and enjoyment. Where can you get such feelings? The answer is the Hawaiian Islands! Beach racks, bars, parties, hotels, and the highest level of service – this is all that a positive-minded tourist who wants to get a lot of incendiary impressions can dream of.

Death Valley National Park

One of the largest US states is California. Here, a tourist can find Napa’s wineries, Disneyland, fascinating and mysterious Death Valley. Californian people are quite friendly and benevolent – they will always help in a difficult situation and show the right route. A visit to the Grand Canyon is also a necessary mission for a tourist who has arrived in the United States.

The gorgeous metropolis of the planet is, of course, San Francisco. If the tourist is an incorrigible party-goer, then this city will meet all his expectations and leave indelible impressions. Although there will be also entertainments for the fans of sightseeing – they can try the cable tram, visit the famous Alcatraz prison, as well as simply admire amazing beauties of nature.

Downtown LA

Hollywood is also a must-visit destination in the US. Therefore, cinema lovers should visit Los Angeles anyway. After all, this city offers a great opportunity to meet a celebrity and get an autograph. In addition, a beach holiday in the United States on the Pacific coast is what shouldn’t be missed!

Of course, don’t forget about the brightest, bold, noisy, stunning, unforgettable impressions you can get of Las Vegas. This city is famous for gaming entertainment – the city is full of casinos. However, not everyone wants to spend money on such a risky occupation. For these people, thematic hotels of the city provide stunning activities including roller coasters, and other thrill rides.

New York with its tall skyscrapers is also a perfect destination to visit in the US. In order to feel the character of this city, you need to walk around famous places. First of all, it should be Broadway. Then you can try local shopping, which always attracts holidaymakers in New York. So, be sure to buy at least a small souvenir that will save a piece of a great trip.

East Broadway, New York City

Florida is a wonderful place to visit, not only because of the numerous amusement parks in the United States, attractions and vivid impressions, but also because of the wonderful nature that can give inspiration to beautiful things. To start with, set off to Miami. Coastal restaurants, clubs and other entertainment venues will help to fall in love with the vibrant nightlife, even for those who don’t like this kind of activity.



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