Few Tips for Guiding Your Visit to Sagrada Familia

The unfinished masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, the La-Sagrada-Familia is considered to be the most popular tourist attraction of the world. In this article, we shall share few tips that will surely guide you to make the most out of your visit which also includes how you can avoid queue.

About 4.5 million visitors come to see Sagrada Familia every year but there are limited entry tickets available, where the fixed timings are also provided. The queue for buying tickets are usually too long and the worst part is that after standing in the long queue, there is every chance that you may not find ticket for any of the time slots even for the next few days.

How to avoid the long queues at the Sagrada-Familia?

In order to avoid long queue, you can buy entry tickets online through its official website. You can print the PDF version of the ticket and get it printed or you can show the ticket in your smartphone too.

Another popular choice that you can have is Barcelona City Pass, that can allow you to skip the line for your entry at the Sagrada-Familia. Best way can be buying advance ticket online so that you can completely bypass all the queues and enter directly to the entrance. However, you must arrive 15 minutes earlier than your schedule time-slot, so that you can take few photos before you enter inside.

What is the right time of day for visiting the Sagrada-Familia?

Antoni Gaudi has used the light so well that right from mid-morning till mid to late-afternoon effect of sunlight strikes on the window glasses and you will have no problem to take beautiful photograph. This is one of the beautiful features of this Sagrada Familia.

How much in advance time one should buy tickets for visiting the Sagrada-Familia?

You can get online tickets two months in advance, so that you can ensure that on your preferred date and time, you can visit Sagrada Familia. However, we will recommend you to buy your tickets just 5 days prior to your actual day to visit. Usually the availability of ticket in the afternoon is more as most visitors prefer to come in the morning.

If all tickets are found to be sold out then what should be done?

In case, you failed to get tickets on the day you planned to visit then it is worthwhile to visit the Sagrada-Familia just from the outside. You will be in a position to get good photographs from nearby park for either side of this basilica. You may also visit the site of Sant-Pau Art Nouveau which is just 10 minute’s walking distance from the Sagrada-Familia. There is no need for any pre-book tickets.

Is it really worth to pay extra price for visiting the towers?

Tickets for visiting the towers will cost you almost twice that of the basic ticket for entrance and hence if you are on a budget, then prefer to spend your extra money for visiting any other attractions around this place.

However, if you can easily afford the ticket cost, then it will also include an audio-guide and then you can see many of parts of church that you cannot see from ground level.

Will it be worth to pay extra for any audio-guide?

In case it is your first visit here, then buying audio-guide is not a bad idea. It is quite interesting and informative too. It will also explain design of Gaudi and his vision. You will also know about the history of this building. Also, as an alternate, you can consider booking any guided tour.

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