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Why should one change their water filter?

When one is using an RO purifier then they should also know what the right time to change that water filter is. There are many people who remain confused about this and have a lot of questions regarding this.

These days water purifier has become a mandatory thing and it is the perfect thing to use in order to fight back the impurities present in regular drinking water. Also drinking healthy and safe water is very much essential so that one can live a proper and healthy life.

Now the question is why and when one needs to change a water purifier? Well, one needs to change the machine because after an adequate amount of use the machine and its membrane along with filters start getting fouled by a lot of impurities. This hugely affects the quality of water that they supply. In fact, the defense system of the machine gets hampered and it fails to remove the dissolved chemicals present in water. So, one definitely needs to change the machine after using it for a few years.

A good water purifier has at least 5 to 12 stages of the purification process and so one needs to schedule their RO purifier filter change at regular intervals. It is generally recommended to change the filter at least every 6 months after they have purified almost 3000 gallons of water.

These are the part one can change in a water filter to keep the machine going.

Sediment Filter

This is a very essential filter and it helps in removing the sediments present in the regular tap water. It not only removes the sediments from water but it also protects the RO membrane present in the machine. So, one should change this filter at least once every year.

Carbon Filter

This filter is actually used to remove all the harmful contaminants present in regular water along with the chlorine. The carbon filters also remove the odor present in water and so if one does not change it once a year it starts producing foul-smelling water which is not good for drinking.

RO Membrane

It is a kind if semi-permeable membrane which is used to remove all kinds of impurities present in the water. Now when one needs to replace the RO membrane depends on the volume of the water. It is said that one should change it only after the machine has produces 6000 liters of fresh water.

These are the reasons why and when one should change their water filters:

One can take help of the RO service before zeroing down to a water purifier. They can always help on which model to buy and how it will serve a household or a commercial area.

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