Visit to Radiology

Most of us don’t like undergoing medical tests.  We worry about the results and if the tests will hurt.  Radiology is usually pain-free and quick.  
Diagnostic imaging in New Jersey at Woodbridge Radiology provides its patients with a great experience.  The staff greets each patient in a friendly manner and puts them at ease.  Then they explain the procedure to the patient.

Preparing for the Exam

Each patient is given a private area to change clothes and to safely store their belongings.  Once changed, the client is directed to the imaging room for their testing.  Some patients simply lie down on a table and let the machine do all the work.  If the system is noisy, they are given ear protection with a screen to watch while they are waiting for the machine to finish.

If they are taking an X-ray exam, the patient will have to experience a different imaging room.  This exam requires the patient posing in one or more positions while a picture is being taken.  Some of the poses seem silly, but none last more than a few seconds.

Finishing the Exam

One of the filmings is complete, the patient is usually asked to wait to make sure the technician obtained a usable exam.  This seems slow, but if the images are not clear, they will need to be repeated.  If a new image is needed, doing it now will save the patient another trip to the office.
Once everything comes out, the patient is told to dress.  Then, the patient is directed to the office waiting room and is ready to leave.  Patients are asked if they have any questions and are told when their test results will be available for their doctor.

Other Considerations

Occasionally, some tests require dyes.  This requires an IV line if the patient does not already have a IV catheter inserted.  Some dyes make the patient feel slightly warm, but the dye is usually finished before the patient is aware of any changes.  Once the dye is complete, the rest of the visit remains the same.