Understand Some Facts About Memphis Before Your Visit

Never judge restaurants by its portico

You will be surprised to see that the best meals you ever ate will be served at restaurants, whose façade appears like it must be censured. Never write off eatery that is in an alley or a basement.

  • Elwood’s Shack offers best brisket & trout tacos but is hidden in Lowe’s parking lot.
  • Rendezvous is a popular barbeque restaurant but is situated in a dirty back alley’s basement.

Check hotels even on Beale Street

Memphis offers accommodation option ranging from economical to pricey. Visitors pick the hotel on Graceland property to enjoy whole Elvis experience. Unfortunately, some visitors find the place overloaded with Elvis and the tacky 70’s style but for Elvis fans adore it. It was very expensive than other hotels on Beale Street.

One is the Peabody hotel, which is worthy in pricey category. Visitors get to see the popular Peabody ducks and on site there is a salon & spa as well as shopping facility. May month is when the town hosts Music festival and BBQ contest.

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Skip bottles and enjoy tap water

Memphis tap water gets drawn from the artesian wells and everyone agrees that it is the sweetest and tasty water around the world. It needs little treatment, which costs 1/3rd less than other cities. Therefore without concern drink it and skip mineral water.

There are even free attractions

Besides the Graceland mansion, there is the Sun studio standing on Union Avenue since 1950. It is a witness to the birth of many music style and offered services to popular artists like BB King, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash to record their music in this small studio.

Since 2003, Sun Studio got refurbished into a National Historic landmark, so make sure to arrive early to have sufficient time for exploring the studio. Gibson guitar factory has also shaped music for more than five decades. How different parts of guitars get built can be watched during this tour.

Beale Street is rich in history, which can be explored for free. Memphis blues sound commenced in this street. In 1977, Beale Street officially came to be known as ‘Home of Blues’, after being neglected for more than a decade.

Never expect high fashion shopping experience

For shopping fans, Memphis is not a place to buy fancy home décor and fashionable clothes but you will discover fun souvenirs that will keep your memory of this place alive. At Beale Street, you can shop for T-shirts, hats, posters, voodoo dolls, bobble heads, and music collection.

Never hesitate to ask

Memphians are friendlier and adore helping visitors. The city is easily navigable, so you don’t need to plan an itinerary. You can approach the locals anywhere, at the grocery shop or gas station or on the street. You can ask them directions or accommodation recommendations or about the best barbeque.

Memphis is a great destination for couples and families to dine amazing food, hear melodious music and create everlasting memories.

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