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Christmas To Prove Crucial Period For Retailers

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Many retailers experience peaks and troughs in terms of trade throughout the year. At certain points in the calendar, their products may be particularly popular, while at others they may fall out of favour. Often, it makes sense for managers to stock up on retail supplies like matt paper carrier bags and white kraft bags during quieter spells when they have more time on their hands.

With this in mind, a considerable number of retailers may be eager to build up their supplies now ahead of any festive rush. Shopping levels tend to boom at Christmas and many shops find it hard to cope with the spike in customers. It is vital that they have enough plain paper carrier bags and other similar items to ensure they are able to keep operating successfully during the build-up to December 25th.

This year, bosses may be especially keen to perform well during the festive period. According to a report in the Daily Express, Christmas could “make or break” UK retailers . The publication drew attention to what it called the “killing season” in January, when spending levels fall. The newspaper pointed out that a number of big chains have collapsed over the last couple of Januarys. Offering examples, it noted that HMV, Blockbuster and Jessops all called in administrators following disappointing festive spells.

Christmas To Prove Crucial Period For Retailers

Commenting on this phenomenon, Nick Hood from Company Watch said: “Retail stakeholders will be watching very closely as the festive season gathers pace. They will monitor sales and profitability carefully to decide which retailers will survive the traditional killing season from late December to mid-February living to fight on through a rapidly changing retail battleground in 2014 and beyond.”

He added: “Despite growing confidence about the economy and signs of a retail recovery, there are still far too many zombie retailers, with negative balance sheets and debt burdens they can barely service, never mind reduce. There are also too many with ineffective online and mobile sales channels and bloated store portfolios that are becoming little more than expensive showrooms or online collection and return points. There are better times ahead, but not for all.”

Company Watch has suggested that there are more than 20,000 vulnerable UK retailers and a quarter of these are expected to fail.

High street retailers are certainly facing significant challenges at present. As well as the competition they face from similar stores, they are also fighting for custom with internet-based rivals. Online shops are often in a position to offer lower prices thanks to their reduced overheads. Also, many consumers appreciate the convenience afforded to them by cyber shopping.

In addition, consumers are operating on limited budgets at present thanks to the fact that living costs are rising while wage increases remain depressed. This means it can be tricky to persuade them to part with their cash.

It may only be by really pulling out all the stops to ensure they offer a superb retail experience to customers that high street stores are able to survive the coming months and years.

About the author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who contributes regularly to a wide range of retail sites, including Morplan.

Neat Themes For A Winter Wedding

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A wedding is one of the most special days in a person’s life. There is nothing quite like the sheer joy of marrying the person you love and committing to spending your life with that person. You’re surrounded by friends and family in a celebration devoted solely to the love that you share with your partner. So, naturally, it only makes sense to try and find ways to make an already memorable day a little bit more unique. And there’s no better way to do that than with a glorious wedding theme. Wedding themes can take any form, and many people choose to have them inspired by the season. And no season offers greater themes for a wedding than winter. Here are a few wonderful winter wedding themes:

Winter Wonderland

If you’re having a wedding in winter, why not fully embrace it? A winter wonderland wedding can be achieved either indoors or outdoors. If indoors, you can have all of the decor be white, with tinsel and white lights abounding. You can have perfect mood lighting and foliage with fake snow on it. You can include wreaths and other wintry decorations to make the night truly shine.

But nothing is better than an outdoor winter wonderland wedding. In a stunning location in the snow, surrounded by glistening trees, you can arrive at the alter in a horse drawn carriage. There’s no more elegant way to get married in winter than that!

Neat Themes For A Winter Wedding

New Year’s

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are two of the most popular dates for a wedding. And for good reason: they are days specifically for celebrating and partying, so why not have your wedding included in the fun? Not surprisingly, a New Year’s themed wedding can be outrageous fun for everyone involved. From party crackers to group countdowns to fun drinks, a New Year’s themed party offers fun at every level. You can even end the night with a dual toast (for the new year and the happy couple) while people write down their resolutions.

Winter Colors

For those seeking a classy and elegant winter wedding, simply have the theme be winter colors. The most traditional winter wedding color themes are white and green, and white and pink, though ivory and maple are a glorious combination as well. Some couples even choose to go with green and red to have their wedding symbolize the holiday season as well. Either way, a beautiful winter color scheme can be the perfect subtle theme for a winter wedding.


Chocolate goes perfectly with weddings: it’s classy, elegant, romantic, and sexy. And a chocolate themed winter wedding is all of those things times ten. At a chocolate winter wedding, guests can receive special truffles with an insignia of the wedding. The wedding cake will obviously be chocolate, and the toast can be made over luxurious hot chocolate. If done well, chocolate can be the ultimate romantic theme for a winter wedding.

These are just a few wonderful ideas for winter weddings. There’s no better time to get married, and there’s no better way to celebrate your love than with a glorious winter wedding.


Thomas Filmore writes on weddings, bridal gowns, wedding themes, romance & dating, relationship advice, wedding photos and other related matters. Newlyweds and soon-to-be married couples in the Dallas area should check out the wedding photo booth rentals in Dallas.

Image credit goes to Top Bride Dresses.

Budgeting For Couture, Top-Shelf Gifts

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Getting ready for the holidays can be stressful; especially when you start looking at your Christmas gift wish list and all the people you need to buy gifts for. Is it okay to go into debt to pay for your holiday gifts? Should you buy expensive gifts for everyone on your list? Do you have loved ones with their hearts set on an expensive gift like a designer dress or expensive scotch? When it comes to budgeting for pricey Christmas gifts, it is essential to plan ahead and know your options.

Decide in Advance

If you want to prevent yourself from having financial problems during the holidays, you need to plan ahead. Don’t wait until the end of November to start saving money for Christmas. If you know there are going to be expensive items on the list this year, plan early to pay for them. A great way to start is to set aside an extra $50 or more per paycheck until the big shopping days arrive. Once you have a pretty decent amount saved up, you will find it is much easier to afford the expensive gifts. Most people end up going into debt during the holidays because they fail to plan ahead. Don’t let yourself become the person who racks up expensive credit card payments because you didn’t think about Christmas in the middle of the summer.

Budgeting For Couture, Top-Shelf Gifts

Payment Options

The other thing you can do is look at what your options are to finance your holiday gifts. Would you prefer to pay for holiday gifts with credit cards, a line of credit, or a home equity loan? There are quite a few options available to help with holiday expenses. To find out if a line of credit is right for your situation, talk to your bank to find out what they will offer. Some banks offer low interest rates on credit cards and personal loans to their loyal customers. Consider a credit card that offers a zero percent interest rate for a few months. This will allow you to buy all the gifts you need and repay them before you are charged interest. Just make sure you know you will be able to repay all the money you borrow from the credit card before you are hit with the interest. One other way to help pay for your holiday gifts is to find out if the store will provide financing options. Some stores offer credit cards and others will offer layaway options. This is a great way to afford your holiday gifts because you can place them on hold and pay for them over time.


Do you have some old CDs and electronics  or unused high-end clothes that are still good? If so, look for stores that will provide you with an exchange or trade-in program. This is a great way to earn store credit to help purchase a new gift for someone on your holiday shopping list.

Trim the List

If you are underwater on your mortgage, or if you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, expensive holiday shopping is not going to be the right thing to do. You may need to tell your loved ones that this year is not going to be an expensive Christmas. Trim down the list of the people you need to give gifts to so you don’t end up spending too much money on people who won’t be hurt if you don’t give them a gift.

This article was provided by Ashley Vasquez, couture collector and master budgeter. If you’re looking for a job to aid others in their holiday budgeting, Ashley recommends looking into financial analyst jobs with

Types and Trends Of Salwar Kameez – Choose The Perfect Attire For The Event

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Salwar kameez is undoubtedly the most popular Indian ethnic wear for women after sarees. This beautiful ensemble is extremely diverse in its own way and can be molded into different styles. Since its inception till date salwar kameez has evolved in style hugely influencing the fashion trends. This unique three piece suit has essence of both eastern and western wear, which makes it popular among women all over the world. Women in the western countries mix and match salwars or kameezes with western wear to give this typically south and central Asian ethnic wear a more modern look.

Salwar kameez can be worn to different places on various occasions depending on the fabric and style you choose. You can wear it casually to a grocery store, or can wear it to an official meeting or maybe wear it on your best friend’s wedding reception. It entirely depends on the style and work of the suit you choose to wear. Colors play a huge role as well. While some colors are considered to be typically formal and generally worn to official meetings or parties, there are others that are simply for wedding occasions. So, one must be careful while selecting what to wear and considering the kind of event they are about to attend.

Types and Trends Of Salwar Kameez – Choose The Perfect Attire For The Event

Here are some of the basic categories that salwar kameezes can be divided into. If you read through this, you’ll have an overall idea about what to wear and when.

Casual Style Salwar Kameez for Daily Wear

Casual style salwar kameezes are generally made of breezy fabrics, like cotton, khadi cotton, malmal, chikankari and comparatively lighter silk. Casual salwar kameezes can be designed in several ways. It can have light embroidery or print with simply embellished dupatta or can come in a simple solid color with light printed dupatta. Apart from being simple, this style of salwar kameez needs to be extremely comfortable and easy to maintain as well. Casual salwar kameezes are perfect for wearing at home, while going to the market and sometimes to work.

Types and Trends Of Salwar Kameez – Choose The Perfect Attire For The Event

Semi Formal Salwar Kameez for Small Events

As said earlier, salwar kameezes can be styled in different ways to suit the person wearing it. Semi formal salwar suits are basically a mix of both casuals and formals. These are ideal to be worn to semi formal gatherings like lunches, tea parties and small sit down dinners. Materials like crepes, silks, chiffons, satins and even cottons are used for semi formal salwar suits with light embroidery, print or simple handwork. Laces can also be used to add that extra finesse.

Salwar Kameez for Weddings and Formal Events

Heavily worked silks, satins, Jamawars, nets and chiffons are ideal for making salwar kameezes for weddings and other formal events.  Wedding salwar kameezes can have really heavy hand or machine works. Zari borders, zardosi work, sequins work, chikankari, bead work are mostly done on these types of salwar kameezes. For wedding salwar suits, the dupattas have equally heavy work on them. But, for formal events, it is a bit different. Generally if a salwar suit has heavy work on it, the dupatta paired with it has comparatively less work and vice versa.

Types and Trends Of Salwar Kameez – Choose The Perfect Attire For The Event

Looking at the increasing trend of women wearing salwar kameezes to different occasions and on daily basis, it is quite evident that this beautiful ensemble attire will never go out of fashion.

About Author

Sonam Chanda is a fashion journalist with a special interest in Indian culture. Recently she did a research on Indian attire and wrote several articles on sarees, salwar kameezes, lehengas and other ethnic wears.

5 Must-Have Accessories To Make You A Fashion Icon This Season

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“I just have too many purses” said no woman ever. Well, maybe when she needed to store them safely or having to pick one for a certain occasion. But facing the truth, we love our accessories just as much as we love our shoes and pretty dresses and if you ever meant to follow a strict fashion diet and refrain yourself from not buying another piece of jewelry, another bag or another hat, you will have to fight temptation this season more than ever, as there are countless trendy and chic accessories out there to make your heart jump. Not wanting to interfere in anybody’s shopaholic tendencies and rehab plans, let’s see what fashion brought us this season in terms of accessories.

5 Must-Have Accessories To Make You A Fashion Icon This Season

1. The Handmade Textile Wallet Purse

If you were thinking tote bags in snake skin or animal print were the only highlights of the season, think again. You sometimes need just a little floral wallet purse to make your casual denim wear look striking and in this department, Reef bags just got even more exciting. You can go for the long leather strap during the day or a fancy nigh-out dress-up by removing the strap and turn the wallet purse into a small size clutch. The possibilities are endless and a hint of folk and floral is just what this winter needs to lift up our spirit.

2. Golden Necklaces

Once considered pieces of jewelry restricted only to those who are in for luxury fashion or bound to special glam and glitter occasions, now golden necklaces, although not completely affordable, look less royal and more street-wearable. Some of them have a chunky aspect, others a more ghetto-chic feel to them, while others enter the statement department, showing off words like love and peace or the wearer’s name. Lanvin made a riot with their Love golden necklaces and they seem to show up more and more in fashion shows and in the streets.

3. Anything Furry

Glamour Magazine listed this trend as one of the season’s must-haves and they don’t mean just furry bags or furry shoes. You can have stylish cocktail party furry pom-poms, furry earrings, furry scarves and we don’t mean it as they would be manufactured out of actual fur, but we mean it as a fluffy fuzzy style. It is comforting, cute and funny and even if some designers went quite far with label fur luxurious purses, you can wear your patch of rainbow-like fuzziness on almost any type of accessory.

4. Nothing Says Classy More Than Tartan

Now you may have already seen the tartan chic trench coats of this season, but as fashion designers are concerned, a little bit of tartan in small doses doesn’t hurt the accessories either. You can have tartan tote bags or small, fun street backpacks, tartan bows on ballerina flats, tartan handmade broaches or tartan scarves. Apparently, Stella McCartney is the mastermind behind this trend, but you’ll see several other designers in love with the idea.

5. Beads, Stones, Crystals and Everything with a Shine

Statement jewelry with embedded stones and shiny applications are not newcomers of this season’s trends, as you may have seen already chandelier earrings, statement necklaces Sophia Vergara style and even baseball caps adorned with shiny stones, J. Crew’s token of appreciation to the ladies really wanting to make a fashion statement.

For this season, if you already have the shoes, boots and coats to wear, you can also think about Reed Krakoff’s suggestion of dressing up and matching up everything in only one color of your seasonal choice, as dark red wine or cobalt blue.

Stunning Eye Shadow Tips

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How to Achieve the Smokey Eye Look

A smokey eye shadow look is dramatic, entrancing, and never goes out of style. The best part is that although it is such a coveted look, anyone can do it with a little bit of practice. You will need a dark, medium, and light shadow color of similar hues: blacks and grays are used for the classic smokey eye, but you may use any color of your choice! You will also need a highlight shadow color — such as a white or cream — a flat shadow brush, a fluffy shadow brush, an angled shadow brush, and an eye shadow primer (you may use a cream foundation if you do not own a primer).

The first step is to spread a thin layer of your eye shadow primer across your eyelids, up to your eyebrows, and along your eyelash lines. This step is optional, but it gives your eye shadow a base to adhere to, making the colors more vibrant and letting the effect last longer.

Stunning Eye Shadow Tips

Next, use your flat shadow brush to spread the light color across your eyelids and up into the natural crease of your eyes. After you have done this, use your fluffy shadow brush to lightly blend this out. Then use that same fluffy brush to lightly sweep the medium color just above your natural crease. Lightly sweep this same medium color along your bottom lash lines using the edge of your flat shadow brush. To add to the dramatic effect of the smokey eye, use your angled shadow brush to line your upper and lower lash lines with the darkest eye shadow color. To make your eyes really pop, use your finger and dab a touch of the highlight color on the skin around your inner eye ducts and along the bottom edges of your eyebrows.

Run a few coats of mascara through your eyelashes and you are finished!

A Natural, Everyday Eye Look

Eye shadow is not just for special occasions, but can be used every day as well. It can be used sparingly to highlight your prettiest features, making it perfect in a professional environment. To achieve the following natural eye shadow look, you will need a shimmery champagne-colored eye shadow, a light matte brown eye shadow, a medium brown eye shadow, a fluffy eye shadow brush, and a pencil eye shadow brush.

To start, use the fluffy eye shadow brush to lightly spread the champagne-colored eye shadow across your eyelids, up to your natural eye crease, around your inner tear ducts, and just underneath your eyebrow. Next, wipe the color off the fluffy brush, and then use it to blend the light matte brown just above your natural crease to subtly define your eye. To make your eyes stand out but still look natural, use the pencil brush to blend the medium brown into your upper and lower lash lines. Add mascara to complete your naturally beautiful eye shadow look!

Accentuate Your Eye Color

Incorporate a hint of color into your routine to make your eyes pop! Try using a shadow that contrasts with your eyes to make them stand out. For brown eyes, try a navy blue or a green. If you have blue eyes, bronzes and golds look gorgeous. For those with green or hazel eyes, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your eyes look with a touch of purple or burgundy!

This article was written by fashionista Briar McLachaln.  She is happy to share these eye shadow tips to keep you looking your best.  She also recommends stay stylish with dresses for every occasion to match your gorgeous eyes!

A Brief – About Men’s Briefs

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According to opinions of Australian women on a local dating site, underwear style and colour surreptitiously reveal volumes about men. Strangely enough, the women had actually categorized each underwear style and coupled it with a man’s psyche, which they promised was predictable enough. Men’s briefs are one pair of undergarments that women definitely respond to, when compared to boxers and other undies. This might be attributed to the fact that Aussie men generally do prefer briefs or boxer briefs (also called trunks here) to boxers and other undergarments. As well most of the famous athletes, swimmers and even men at the beach are seen sauntering about in briefs rather than the boxers in contrast to most of the other side of the globe.

What are Men’s Briefs?

A Brief - About Men’s Briefs

Mens briefs or ‘jocks’ refer to bikini style, often stretchable cotton underwear that may or may not cover the navel. They have a firm hold on private parts and display a moulded view. Traditionally, men’s briefs use elastic fittings for the legs and navel.

Styles of Men Briefs

Men’s briefs are historically more famous in Australia than in other parts of the globe, where the trend is conversely boxers over briefs. Swim briefs called the Speedo were typically made in Australia but because of the rise in their popularity, all sorts of swim briefs began to be called Speedos around the world. Swim briefs are tight-fitting and very brief, and are made from nylon, spandex or polyester. Boxer briefs or trunks on the other hand, are a comfortable combination of boxers and briefs; they are longer at the leg than briefs and start from the waist, and have more room for a man’s privates, making it more comfortable for the movement of legs and midsection.

Coloured Men’s Briefs

White briefs are one of the most popular colours amongst Australian men, according to an underwear survey. The seamless white front pouch or y-front gives a very crisp clean and novel aura to the underwear. Also called as ‘tighty-whitey’, these briefs are very fitted and display the wearer’s endowment to the advantage. However, white briefs are hard to keep clean and stainless.

Black coloured briefs on the other hand display sophistication and sexiness to the extreme. Subtly alluring, they cleverly display the traces of the outline of the bulge only. Colours other than gray, navy blue and maroon dare you to be more adventurous. Red, yellow, and orange provide a surprise in the bedroom.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Men’s Briefs

Briefs are tight fitting as they are supposed to hold the genitals in a fixed position and mold around the buttocks in a comfortable manner. Also, they provide a more alluring shape for the lower body. Boxers on the contrary leave lots of space but do not provide the contouring briefs do. Men’s briefs are also ideal for those who have athletic jobs and need their body packed up tight. Also some men do not like the idea of wearing boxers as ‘they are not revealing’ or ‘too much like a diaper’.

Mens designer briefs have become very trendy in the fashion world and continue to wow audiences on design stages the world over. If you want to make a statement the best way to do so is in a designer brief.

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The Struggles Of Buying A Boy’s Suit For Christmas

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As we begin to embrace the last months of the year, holiday tradition finds itself in the air.  For many families, Christmas is also one of the few times of the year they get to spend quality time amongst one another.  It’s a time to share stories with one another from the previous year, and talk about that new job promotion, or the fun times spent with the family at the local fair.  What usually tops the list though at holiday parties, is the kids and how much they have grown.  Chances are your boy’s Christmas outfit that you bought for your child last year doesn’t fit this year, meaning you’ll have to go through the process again of buying a new one.

A great way to bring out the Christmas spirit at all of your holiday gatherings is to dress the part.  Especially your child, who is sure going to be admired by the whole party. Holiday attire comes in all sorts, but what about the formal events and church gatherings?  Getting a quality made Christmas suit for your child will make them the talk of the party.  A Christmas suit should be inviting, colorful, comfortable, and of course adorable.

The Struggles Of Buying A Boy’s Suit For Christmas

When it comes to Christmas attire for children, there is a ton of clothing options designed for a toddler and for young boys.  For toddlers, there is a large market of one piece, tuxedo vests that are available to make your little man elegant and classy at the Christmas ball.  These one piece tuxedos are extremely easy to get your child into and are sure to keep your young one warm and comfortable.  For a two piece tuxedo set for your young man, it may be worth getting something tailored for him so that it fits just right.  And because you’ll only get a few occasions with his attire before he grows out of it next year, you should keep your eyes out for reversible vests and jackets.  Reversible attire is great to get two looks out of one outfit to optimize your child’s use of his Christmas suit.  Also remember, that it is certainly going to get cold outside, so keep your eye on tuxedo jackets or one piece suits that come with a hood to help keep your child’s ears warm.

Enjoying all of the holiday festivities with friends and family is one of the best times of the year, and for your child, the memories of Christmas are sure to last a lifetime.

Boys suits can be tricky business because your child is always growing.  Make sure you find a suit that gives you the most for what you’re spending.

Is Urban Outfitters Really Building an Entire Community?

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Imagine a community where you could find upscale boutiques, popular eateries, and a top-notch hotel, all in one central location. You could park your car and easily spend a day, weekend, week, or however much time you have on a trendy site, one built entirely with reclaimed natural materials.

This vision from global retailer Urban Outfitters could be a reality as early as 2016. This “lifestyle experience” will be built over 6.5 acres in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and will feature everything from handcrafted boutique hotels and garden centers to spas and specialty grocery markets.

Unique Touch

This community, while not technically a planned residential community — there are no housing plans yet — will encompass a boutique hotel built by Amish stonemasons stretching five stories tall, according to Mother Nature Network. The community is slated to be referred to as “Devon Yard,” and surprisingly will not contain an Urban Outfitters store. Instead, among its many posh boutiques and high-end retail shops, will be UI’s more upscale sister Anthropologie.

Is Urban Outfitters Really Building an Entire Community?

It’s not all about trendy clothing: in addition to available retail space for the shopping enthusiast, you’ll also find a range of high-end and casual dining options, a spa and boutique exercise studio, specialty grocery market, and a five-story hotel, called the Devon Inn, which will form the centerpiece of the village. A Terrain garden center, hotel and spa, will complement a Terrain farm-to-table restaurant as well, according to Philadelphia magazine.


This proposed project is expected to cost $100 million, says Philadelphia. Designed as a throwback to the historic Devon Inn that captured the heart of the community throughout the 1920s, the hotel will accommodate approximately 90 guests, along with a restaurant on site, an event space for business functions and wedding ceremonies, and perhaps a wine boutique and spa. The plan is to largely use recycled building materials to construct the village, giving Amish craftsmen a chance to show off their simple, strong, and stylish stonemason skills.

Naturally, for all this new development, a garage and various parking lots will be built to handle the expected uptick in visitors. Urban Outfitters is also planning on partnering with the neighboring Devon Horse Show, the oldest and largest multi-breed horse show in the United States, for increased parking space, according to the Mother Nature Network. Plans for Devon Yard are still in the works, with permission needed from the township before any project officially moves forward. Upon city approval, Urban Outfitters can begin groundbreaking work and construction on its new village concept.

Bringing Devon to the Forefront

An area that was once solely known for its widely-attended annual horse show will now be acclaimed for its thriving downtown area, bringing tourists and locals alike to sample the town’s wares. Philly’s famed Main Line will be getting a new community overhaul, bringing with it a brand new mini-city to call home. This place for shopping, eating, and relaxing is slated to be completed by April 2016.

This article was provided by Charity Bailey, Environmental Studies major and fashion blogger. If you’re interested in creating your own one-of-a-kind living environment like Urban Outfitters, Charity suggests remodeling your home to allow for cooking in an outdoor kitchen.

Pamper Your Feet

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Since your feet have the task of supporting the entire weight of your body, taking care of and pampering your feet can go a long way toward making you feel more comfortable and attractive year round. Your feet are huge pressure points on your body and taking care of them will be great for relieving stress and improving your overall mental health. Unfortunately, professional pedicures can end up being quite expensive, and they sure do add up. These are some simple, affordable, and effective steps that will keep your feet looking and feeling soft and groomed every day between pedicures.

Pamper Your Feet

Step 1: Soak your Feet in Warm Water

Begin your foot pampering treatment by soaking your feet in a bowl of warm water for at least ten minutes. This step cleans your feet, helps to relax your entire body, reduces tension in your foot muscles, and softens dead skin cells to prepare your feet to be exfoliated. As an optional step, you can add various ingredients to the bowl of warm water to gain some extra benefits. You can add a teaspoon of tea tree oil, which can help rid your feet of smelly bacteria, or a tablespoon of witch hazel to cleanse your feet. Half a cup of Epsom salts will help ease any muscle pain and stiffness in your feet.

Step 2: Exfoliate to remove Dead Skin

Dead skin can make your feet look and feel dry and flaky. Exfoliating your feet can help get rid of this problem. After your feet are all softened up from the foot soak, use your favorite foot scrub to remove the dead skin. You can also make your own luxurious foot scrub using equal parts sugar and/or salt mixed with olive or almond oil. Thoroughly work the scrub into your feet using small circular motions.

Pamper Your Feet

Step 3: Smooth away the Ridges

Especially if you have a lot of calluses, your feet are bound to be bumpy and rough from using them so often. After exfoliating the dead skin off your feet, buff away the bumps on your feet with a damp pumice stone or lava rock and a dollop of your favorite body wash. Make sure you are being gentle with your feet to avoid irritation.

Step 4: Groom your Toenails

It’s actually very important for us to keep our toenails properly groomed to avoid breakage, ingrown toenails, and other irritations. Use a strong nail clipper, then follow up by using a high quality nail file. If you have ridges on your toenails that you would like to get rid of, you can use a nail buffer.

Pamper Your Feet

Step 5: Apply a Moisturizer and Massage your Feet

Now for the fun part: moisturizing and massaging your feet. After spending time removing the dead skin on our feet, it is important to apply a moisturizer to keep your feet from getting dry and flaky again. Apply your favorite moisturizer (you can also use coconut, olive, or almond oil as a more natural option) and work it into your feet with a massage. Spend quality time on the massage, as it can do wonders for relieving muscle tension and overall stress.

Integrate these steps into your routine, and you will not believe how amazing your feet look and feel!

This article was written by Briar McLachlan, fashionista who believes that pampering yourself should be a part of your daily routine.  She recommends checking out for a great deal on a pedicure chair for your home or business.

Winter Styles For Straight Hair

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How many times have you woken up in the morning wanting to do something different with your hair, but ended up with your everyday, flat ponytail? With straight hair, it can be difficult for other hair styles to stay in place throughout the day so we might just give up. Here are four quick, easy, and lasting hair styles that you can rock this winter.

Winter Styles For Straight Hair

Option 1: Half Up and Voluminous

This hair style is great for adding some extra body to your hair, which can do wonders for making your hair look thicker and fuller. First, start by taking the hair at the crown of your head and pulling it straight up in the air. Next, use a teasing comb, or any small comb, to back comb this section. This will add thickness to this section of hair. After you have done this, lay this section flat without losing grip. Finally, pull this section to the back of your head, push it up slightly, and pin it in place with a bobby pin. An additional step is using hair spray to make sure this style stays in place all day.

Winter Styles For Straight Hair

Option 2: Small Side Braids

Use a comb to part your hair down the middle of your head. Start by taking a small section of hair by your face on one side and braiding it. Next, pull this small braid back and fasten it against the side of your head with a bobby pin. For extra hold, you can crisscross two bobby pins together to keep the braid in place. After you have done this, repeat this process on the other side of your part. Now you have a simple and stylish way to keep your hair out of your face this winter!

Winter Styles For Straight Hair

Option 3: Voluminous and Messy Bun

To achieve the messy and voluminous bun look, start by taking a small section of hair at the top of your head and back comb it using a teasing comb, and then securing the hair right at the crown of your head with a bobby pin, pushing it slightly forward beforehand. This will add an interesting texture to your messy bun, and it will make your hair look more abundant. Now, you can pull the rest of your hair into a messy bun. You may do this by starting as if you are making a ponytail, but you do not end up pulling all of your hair through. If you want a more wispy and casual style, then pull some small pieces of hair by your face out of the bun.

Option 4: Side Braid

Winter Styles For Straight HairYou may start this hairstyle by parting your hair wherever you would like. Next, gather all of your hair to one side of your head. Begin braiding your hair as you normally would. If you like, you can either leave your fringe loose to frame your face, or twist it back and fasten it with a bobby pin against the side of your head. Next, tug the sides of your braid to make it look thicker and more noticeable.

Try these four hair styles if you are looking for a look way to fashion your straight locks. These will help you get out of your hair rut this winter season.

This article was written by Briar McLachlan, fashionista.  She loves to share what’s hot in fashion, style and hair though blogging.  If you don’t have naturally straight hair, find the best flat iron at MyCurler, iron your hair, then try these styles.

Different Types Of Men’s Swimwear

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When you are looking for the right swimwear for men, you will find that you don’t have nearly as many options to choose from as women do. Despite this, there are still a slew of different types and cuts that men can choose from if they are looking for the right bit of swimwear. Below, you will find some of the most popular types of men’s swimwear on the market. Hopefully this article will help guide you as to which style you like the best.

Different Types Of Men’s Swimwear

Swimming Trunks

These are the most popular and common types of swimwear for men. People of all ages and sizes enjoy wearing swimming trunks whenever they’re going to hit the beach or the pool. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child or a senior citizen, because swim trunks are many for everybody. Swimming trunks present you with a ton of options, as they come in a variety of materials, but they are most commonly made out of nylon or polyester. Also, you will have a ton of design options with swim trunks, as well. Swimming trunks are perfect for people that want to show off their individuality.

Different Types Of Men’s Swimwear


Swimming briefs are usually worn by professional swimmers. As a matter of fact these briefs actually originated back in 1956 in Melbourne, Australia. Typically, these are referred to as Speedos. Commonly, they are made out of nylon or spandex. This type of swimwear is for those people out there that desire a lot of support, but without a whole lot of coverage.

Different Types Of Men’s SwimwearBoard Shorts

Board shorts are most commonly worn by adult males or by teenage men. Board shorts can usually be found at the beach, by the pool or even at the skate park. Some men even like to wear these types of shorts while they’re out on a boat. Board shorts were originally made for men and women that enjoy surfing, but they have become popular with the general beach goer. Board shorts are different from swimming trunks, because most swimming trunks have an elastic waistband. Board shorts don’t have a waistband, but rather utilize a drawstring. They also have a front that you can lace up, as well as a fly, so you can use the bathroom quite easily.

Square Leg Shorts

Different Types Of Men’s SwimwearThis is a mixture between a Speedo and swimming trunks. These swimming trunks are cut a lot like boxer briefs, actually. If you want some swimwear that is fitted and supporting, but you’re not brave enough to wear a Speedo, you may want to go with square leg shorts.

Different Types Of Men’s Swimwear


Swim Jammers

These swimsuits look a lot like bicycling shorts. Chances are, you have seen professional swimmers or divers wear swim jammers. They are form fitting and longer than square leg shorts. You won’t find these at the beach that often, so if you go with a pair, you will definitely stand out among the crowd.

I hope this article has helped you choose which mens swimwear is best for you. It all comes down to your own personal taste and what you feel comfortable wearing.

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The Most Expensive Cologne In The World

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For centuries, individuals and organizations across the globe have tried to find the perfect scent, one that can be worn by men to dazzle and attract anyone that passes by. In this quest, magnificent odors have been discovered and quickly captured and patented by the lucky few who discovered them. Of course, these then become highly coveted throughout the world. The following few colognes cost nearly a fortune for their ability to suggest power and allure, all within a single drop.

The Most Expensive Cologne In The World

Ambre Topkapi

Created by expert perfumer Pierre Bourdon, the Ambre Topkapi is known for its ability to blend in with its surroundings as well as its tendency to slowly age, presenting different odors over time. When first applied, it carries strong tones of bergamot and cinnamon, yet eventually fades to reveal fresh notes of lighter spices and wood. Those hoping to score a bottle of this might fear its $610 price tag.


The Most Expensive Cologne In The World

Eau D’Hadrien

This wonderful cologne, made by Annick Goutal, is a brilliant creation that proves to men across the world that a musky scent isn’t the only option available. With a citrus base, the Eau D’Hadrien cologne has strong hints of ripened fruit and includes notes of cypress, thanks to the creator’s love of the Tuscan region in Italy. A single bottle of this famous perfume generally costs $1,500.


The Most Expensive Cologne In The WorldCaron’s Poivre

This brilliant fragrance is one of the most mysterious and controversial colognes to hit the world market. Originally created in 1954, it was never intended for specific use by men or women, and was marketed as a unisex fragrance that could be worn by either. Of course, this caused quite a stir, as well as long debates, over the true intention of the scent; many believe that it simply comes down to the body chemistry between the user and the fragrance. To this day though, it graces the noses of people across the world with its blazing notes of spice, pepper, and flowers, and costs $2,000 per bottle.



Clive Christian No. 1 Pure Perfume for Men

The Most Expensive Cologne In The WorldKnown for creating some of the most expensive and popular colognes and perfumes in the world, Clive Christian reaches the top of this list with his No. 1 Pure Perfume for Men, a sensational achievement that shines in both its ingredients as well as the presentation within each bottle.

Made from some of the rarest perfume ingredients in the world, this cologne has a highly distinguished scent. Beyond that though, each bottle is made from crystal, with the neck fashioned from gold. Every bottle also contains a five-karat diamond lying within the inset.

Naturally, those wishing to feel like royalty when they wear this perfume will need to account for its astronomical cost: $2,350 per bottle.

The Most Expensive Scents in the World

The perfume and cologne industry is one of the oldest and most profitable in the world. For those looking to make a strong impression, the above fragrances, while costly, are sure to instill awe and wonder within everyone in range.


Clarence Hamilton writes on air fresheners, room diffuser, room fragrance, pleasant flowers, charming aromas, soothing smells and other kindred topics.

Image credit goes to Sandihal.

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4 Tips For Choosing The Best Sweater and Quality Jumpers

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Men love sweaters and jumpers as they are one thing that goes a long way in spicing up a man’s wardrobe. Sweaters come in so many different forms and styles that you are bound to find something that you like wearing. Right from standout patterns and light fabric to simple knits and zip-ups, there are so many different types of jumpers to choose from. High quality materials like natural fibers would help you wear a jumper for years to come.

4 Tips For Choosing The Best Sweater and Quality Jumpers

Buy Only from Trusted Sources

You should also purchase your jumpers from trusted shops or online stores and the brands you choose also play an important role. For example, a CP Company Goggle Hoody,beanie or jumper would easily last several back to back washes and still retain its color and quality. This may not be true for every brand; mentioned below are 4 useful tips that can help you in picking the right jumpers for your needs.

  • Patterns:
  • Most of the patterns are knit, argyles and solids. The popular cable knit appears like cables that are alternatively interlocked with each other. The simple solid style, whether woven or stitched, offers a more casual look. If you like diamond shapes then go for argyles; these types of jumpers don’t really come in varied colors, but they give the classic still, which never goes out of fashion. Then there also are sportswear and jersey sweaters that come with unique patterns; people usually wear them with jeans and suede bucks.

4 Tips For Choosing The Best Sweater and Quality Jumpers

  • Color:
  • If it is the first time that you are about to buy a jumper thengo for versatile colors. Keep in mind that the jumpers you pick should well with the kind of pants you wear. Start with navy and grey colors; maintain a contrasting look between your trousers and your outwear jackets so that they look good together.

  • Fit and Size:
  • Fitting is as important as anything else. You should always purchase something that is bigger than the shirts you wear; this way you can make sure that it neither looks too big or too small. You can also select the brands that offer the kind of jumpers that go well on your body. In that case, you should stick to the brand.

4 Tips For Choosing The Best Sweater and Quality Jumpers

  • Fabric:
  • When you are looking at luxury and ultimate softness in your sweater, there is nothing that beats Cashmere, which is usually made of goat’s wool. These fibers, however, are quite short and many sheep are needed for making one coat, which in turn makes it one of the most expensive fabrics. That said, you can buy Cashmere jumpers from a wide range of qualities, styles and pricing points. Those made of synthetic fibers are great too, for their softness and comfort. These sweaters should be hand washed or dry cleaned for making them last long.

Knowing the Types of Wool

There are different types of wools to choose from namely; mohair, alpaca, merino and much more. Cotton jumpers are also chosen by many for their softness and comfort, though they certainly don’t offer as much warmth as a woolen coat does.

Salwar Kameez and Bollywood Sarees From Online Stores

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Indian sarees are considered to reflect the tradition and culture of Indian women. Women draped in sarees not only look graceful, but elegant and sensuous. In any occasion, be it cultural or social gathering, sarees are considered by most women as their first choice. However, with the global market reaching out to India, women are opting for western clothes and accessories to make an impact on the ever-changing and dynamic society. But, nothing can diminish the importance and charm of sarees as sarees hold a special place in any woman’s heart. Earlier, sarees use to come in silk or cotton fabric, but times have changed a lot since then and now sarees come in various different fabrics. Sarees come in different vibrant colors and combinations, so one can choose among the finest ones that are available in the market.

Salwar Kameez and Bollywood Sarees From Online Stores

Popularity of Sarees and Salwars in the Global Marketplace and the Role of Online Stores

  • Indian sarees have been extremely popular in western countries as well and this has created a global market for sarees. Salwar kameez are also considered by many Indian women as a part of their daily lives and these have become an essential part of the wardrobes.

  • Indian wedding sarees have the maximum demand in both the domestic and the international market. Due to the growing demand of sarees and salwars in the market, retailers are finding it difficult to reach out to every single market and that is why most retailers have started operating online through e-stores.

  • The online store concept is extremely popular among international customers and it has also created a buzz in India. Sarees online shopping portals have opened the doorway for domestic retailers to reach out to international customers. Moreover, customers find it easy to pick and choose sarees and salwars from online stores rather than walking into a store and taking the pain of going through all of them at a time.

  • Sarees from Bollywood have created a buzz in the market as most fashion designers in Bollywood either tie-up with online retailers or operate on their own through their online web stores. Every now & then there is a demand for the latest sarees worn by Bollywood divas in award ceremonies, fashion events, premier shows or movie launch events and in order to meet the demands of eager customers these online stores serve well.

    Salwar Kameez and Bollywood Sarees From Online Stores

    Wide Range of Varieties to Choose From

    The online stores offer wide array of Bollywood sarees and salwars that are normally assortment of corporate wear, traditional wear, casual wear, party wear and wedding wear. These clothes are available in different variety of fabrics like chiffon, art silk, cotton silk, cotton, dupion, crepe, gicha, georgette, jacquard, handloom, katan, jute, satin silk, kora silk, kota, pashmina silk, mercerized silk, sico, silk blend, tusser silk and many more. Therefore the options available are plenty, the only thing that buyers need to do is to select the ones among the available ones and pay online through card and provide the delivery address. The package will then get delivered at the customer’s doorsteps. Therefore, online shopping of sarees and salwars can be extremely convenient for buyers.

How To Make Your Eyes Stand Out When You Have Big Eyebrows

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For people with deep-set eyes and large eyebrows, it can be difficult to make your eyes big and bright. Unfortunately, if you don’t draw your eyes forward, people may first notice and focus on your eyebrows instead of your eyes. Fortunately, to help make your eyes the center of attention, here are tips on how to make your eyes stand out:

How To Make Your Eyes Stand Out When You Have Big Eyebrows

Use a Shimmer

Highlighting different parts of your eyes with light eye makeup is an excellent way of bringing your eyes forward and making them more prominent. To bring your eyes forward, you can try adding a light, shimmery eyeshadow across your eyelids. You can also add a shimmery highlight to the corners of your eyes and beneath your brow.

Whatever colours you use for your eyes, they should always complement your eyes. In fact, here are some eyeshadow suggestions based on common eye colours:


If you have blue eyes, you should use earth tones and rose to bring out your eyes.


Brown eyes can get away with almost any eyeshadow colour. However, if you want to help make them pop, green and blue are ideal choices. If you have gold flecks in your eyes, using metallic colours can also add life.


To create a dramatic pop, using shades of purple eyeshadow for green eyes can do the trick. However, if you want to create a more natural look, warm browns with hints of orange or gold can help.

How To Make Your Eyes Stand Out When You Have Big Eyebrows

To find the right eyeshadow colour for your eyes, you may have to do some experimenting. Not only do you have to consider eye colour, but skin tone and hair colour as well. If you want to try something really different, you can always opt to change your eye colour as well by using coloured lenses. Fortunately, you can visit to choose from a selection of coloured lenses.

Apply Eyeliner

When applying eyeliner to your eyes, using a liquid eyeliner along the top lash can help make your eyes stand out. While it is often recommended to avoid applying eyeliner to the bottom lash, you can use a very thin line if needed.

When choosing eyeliner, or any other kind of eye makeup, it is important to avoid oil-based products since they can leave grease on your skin that makes it easier for bacteria to breed. If you can, you should use water-based products.

Apply Mascara

As a contact wearer, you may be wary of using mascara because of the flaking potential. Although waterproof eye makeup is harder to clean, eye doctors actually recommend that contact wearers use such products. By using waterproof products, you may get less flakes in your eyes that can cause irritation.

When applying mascara, be sure to start right from the base and follow through to the tip. After two or three layers have been applied, you can use a comb to straighten out the lashes and clear any clumps. To make your eyes appear extra full, you may want to use lengthening mascara.

With these tips, you can make your eyes the center of attention even despite having bold eyebrows.

Greg Taylor is a cosmetologist. He loves to write about his best tips for looking your best on beauty blogs.