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Classy Crafts: Beautiful Beaded Eyeglass Chains

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Eyeglass chains are an excellent way to keep glasses conveniently handy when you aren’t wearing them.  Moreover, these functional chains also double as lovely accessories that can be adapted to your style or even particular outfits–for work or any type of lifestyle.  Making eyeglass chains is a fun craft that you can do while listening to music or even while watching a movie!  You can be quite creative with your designs and you’ll love wearing these crafty chains that are sure to get plenty of compliments wherever you where them!

Classy Crafts: Beautiful Beaded Eyeglass Chains

The Basics

You can visit your craft store to purchase supplies like bead wire, findings, and, of course, beads in a wide array of styles.  You can even purchase your supplies online.  Moreover, you can also make your own beads from paper or polymer clay!  You’ll need between 24 and 36 inches of clear bead cord as well as eyeglass holders and two crimp beads.  There are different crimp bead styles but you’ll probably want the bead style.  Attaching your cord to the crimp bead and the crimp bead to the eyeglass holder–while not difficult–it’s the least simple step of the craft.

First you’ll need to run the cord through the crimp bead.  Some beaders wind the cord, knot it, or at least make sure there’s enough wire secured in the crimp enclosed so that, once cinched, the wire will not come out.  Clamp the crimp once your cord is in place.  Next, attach your eyeglass holder to the crimp bead.  Now you’re ready to thread your beads.  Thread them nearly to the end of the cord taking care to leave enough cord remaining to repeat the crimp process you completed at the beginning.  Then attach the other eyeglass holder and you’re ready to use or even gift this eyeglass chain!  Also, don’t forget you can make a chain that complements your glasses–perhaps new ones from!


You can use small seed beads or large beads depending on your style.  You can use a combination of beads, too.  Consider beading in some eclectic styles.  Your eyeglass chains will be one-of-a-kinds and you’ll likely fall in love with beading!

Vintage Style:

Employ vintage glass beads or even Bakelite beads to make your eyeglass chain.  You can find lots of vintage styles on online auction sites.  These chains will truly be singular once you create them!

Asian Inspiration:

For this look, search for Asian style beads.  You can find carved cinnabar beads as well as beads with Chinese characters or images of Japanese art.  Following a motif is a great idea to create a thematic eyeglass chain!

Colorful Glass Beads:

Look for crystals or faceted beads that are likely to reflect the light for your eyeglass chain.  You can choose pastel or primary colors–whatever strikes your fancy!  The color combinations are entirely up to you.

Holiday Chains:

Consider black and orange beads in variety of styles from ceramic to seed to glass beads!  For Christmas, make a chain filled with red and green glass beads complemented with silver or gold beads, too!  For Valentine’s Day, consider incorporating heart-shaped beads.

Not only is creating a beaded eyeglass chain a useful idea, it’s loads of crafting fun!  Shop at some craft stores to find beads that strike your fancy.  You’ll find an incredible selection at affordable prices, too!

John Sheppard runs a small crafting shop and school. When he’s not creating something new, he’s sharing his know-how by posting on various blog sites.

This Winter With Unisex Fashion

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Almost the winter have arrived and many people have stuck to their bedrooms and do not want o go out even either for office or for the near by provisional store. There are many people who are surviving this winter with many problems. People are buying new heaters to make their bedroom warm and even chopping of many trees for setting their home warm at each and every part and corner of the home. There are people who even would not wake up or do not want to wake up until the rises or till the climate gets warm. There are even many people who are set out for shopping this winter to be warm till the end of the winter. So, people are trying different dressing styles such as sweaters, coats, hats, scarves and jerkins to survive themselves from winter.

This Winter With Unisex Fashion

People usually go out in the winter by wearing just a long coat or a sweater until they reach their office or their home. Once they are into the office or home they will surely turn on the heaters to survive from cold. They even try to wear them as long as they get warm. but, designers are research to design a new model of clothes for this winter so that they can attract many customers and bag some profits. People usually buy a lot of winter wear dresses this spring because even thought they wash their dresses there is no guarantee that they will get dry within a day or two. Even though they get dried without sunlight then a different kind of smell comes out from the trousers. So, it is better to stay out from washing the clothes and but a different variety of a pair of trousers in large quantity. Because, this season is all about wearing colored or the stylish looking jackets with pencil neck trousers, and buttoned up shirts. Blocking of color cannot go wired because of the Indo-Western outfit or a complete desi garments. The regular wears like the coats and the jackets or the scarves will be always around us during the winter season.

This Winter With Unisex Fashion

Most people all over the world love to choose the garments like hats for head, gloves for the hands, high boots for the legs so that the air may not touch the feet, which will indeed make us feel cold along with a over coat and a woolen scarf. And it is better to wear leather dresses this winter because they can regulate the cold and maintain warmness in us, it is even good to wear the dresses which are heavy so that they bind the air from entering into our sleeves. So, “If girls have many options to wear the dresses this winter then why not men choose them?” is the question that is poking everyone and the designers are designing only unisex fashioned dresses this winter so that anyone can choose winter stylish clothes with ease.

3 Types Of Right Stirrup Leather

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Horse riding has become one of the most important and famous sports and pastime in the recent decade. But you must be very conscious in keeping track of the equipment that you will be using while horse riding. The first thing that you should keep in mind is selecting the correct and comfortable stirrup leathers which will ensure the effectiveness of your riding. Appropriately sized leather saddles will allow you to make the proper length adjustment for your legs and will make riding easier. The next thing that you should definitely be concerned about is choosing the correct colour of the leather so that it matches with the colour of the saddle. It might look like a fancy idea and more of a show-off but you surely do not want to be seen all rainbow coloured while riding a horse.

3 Types Of Right Stirrup Leather

Not only this, there are a lot of other things that might not meet your preference. Therefore, it is totally imperative to know a few things before you go and buy a stirrup for yourself. Most of the stirrup leathers which are available in the market come with holes spaced at one-inch or at half-inch intervals. Some riders would strongly prefer the more precise length adjustment which can be received from the half-inch leathers. You might also consider the leather width. Most leathers are generally available in the standard three types of width 1 inch, 7/8 inch and 3/4 inch. As many riders would prefer you should definitely be looking forward to reduce the bulk under the leg and choose the leathers with narrower widths, which are also helpful for children and small riders and can provide a lot of space for riding and also a lot of comfort.

Buckles are the major components of stirrup leathers. One cannot overlook the importance of a buckle. They are designed from stainless steel for durability and strength. Most buckles come in two types, flat and curved. Some professional riders will primarily prefer the traditional flat buckle, while a few others find that the slightly curved buckles will tuck into the stirrup bar area more smoothly to reduce the bulk that is under their thighs.

In order, to get a general estimate of the length of leather you might require, you’ll have to measure the length of your arm from your armpit up to the tips of your fingers. After that you should always double that measurement and add a few inches to be sure that you have enough amount or length of leather to tuck into the leather keeper. Also, remember that the height of the stirrup iron will add six to eight inches to the overall length of the entire stirrup. Lastly, choose between the three types of stirrup leathers:

  • Traditional stirrup dressage leathers will typically last a longer time and will maintain their appearance and not wear off. Holes can be added by a saddler, if required. But the only drawback of traditional leather is that it can get stretched overtime by use.
  • Nylon-core stirrup leathers were developed as a solution to traditional stirrup leathers. It is made out of nylon webbing and is covered by leather so as to reduce the stretch. But holes cannot be punched in it.
  • Synthetic stirrup dressage leathers are produced by synthetic saddle manufacturers and are the best in quality and can provide long lasting quality.

Understand these essential points in order to get the right set of saddles for your horse ride.

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What Is The Indian Salwar Kameez?

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The Indian salwar kameez is an adaptation of the Pakistani or Afghanistan clothing of the same name. This traditional clothing is also known as the ‘Punjabi suit’ or Churidar Kameez. Yet although it is a cultural and traditional dress style from specific regions in central and south Asia, it has transcended cultural and state lines throughout other regions to places where once the Sari was queen. This revolution, for truly this is what the spread of the Salwar Kameez to even the southern shores of India is, has become a symbol in the south Asian world as femininity.

What Is The Indian Salwar Kameez?

Salwar Kameez Origins

The salwar kameez also known as, shalwar qameez, was the traditional dress of South and Central Asia specifically in the regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In northern India it was traditionally limited to the northern areas but is now worn by women throughout the subcontinent. The word salwar originates from a Persian word for pants, whereas kameez is tied through Arabic to and originally Latin word camisia, meaning shirt. This pant suit is common in traditional villages across Afghanistan and Pakistan for daily dress for men and women. Women these villages found that the salwar kameez allowed more mobility, versatility and expediency when it came to working. These same attributes are what has caused a widespread acceptance of the salwar kameez across most of southern Asia.

Salwar kameez Design

What Is The Indian Salwar Kameez?

The design of the salwar kameez is one of utmost practicality. Although current examples and designs can be slim fitting or baggy the traditional salwar kameez were baggy to allow free movement. The pants were baggy at the top and slim fitting around the ankle with an elastic band or drawstring around the waist to keep them in place. Traditional designs are usually cut straight and flat whereas new designs provide some tailored seams to include a form fitting feel. The side seams in traditional salwar kameez were open below the waist to allow free movement, again for practicality of a working environment. Newer designs include current fashion trends including plunging necklines, high slit seams, and even diaphanous materials. Most salwar kameez also come with a dupatta. Dupatta’s serve both form and function for the salwar kameez by providing a hair covering head scarf or for use as a long scarf or shawl.

Wearing a Salwar Kameez

Wearing an Indian salwar kameez is just like wearing a normal pantsuit with a few alterations. These include ensuring the material is not diaphanous, or see-through, and drawing the waist drawstring closed. If the material is diaphanous, it is advised to wear a tank top underneath. If there are loops at the ankles or on the back of the kameez, these should be tied as well.

The salwar kameez has become a symbol of female fashion and solidarity throughout south Asia. It embodies a modern attitude that is neither as traditional nor encumber some as the sari or as western as other forms of dress like jeans. They can be made for any body type and weather conditions.

Time To Switch To A Money Clip Card Holder

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It may be time to come into the first century and ditch that big fat wad in your back pocket. Not only is it not healthy for you it looks ridiculous. Current fashion states you need to get with the times and invest in a money clip card holder. These stylish and functional new age wallets will keep you organized and help you avoid unnecessary baggage in your pockets.

Time To Switch To A Money Clip Card HolderWhy a wallet?

The modern bi-fold wallet became popularized in the 1950s as a response to the proliferation of credit cards. It was clearly necessary to have a wallet that included slots for credit cards. At this time it became fashionable to have a folding wallet instead of a breast wallet or a long wallet. The folding wallet was better able to be concealed in a back pocket of suit pants. They come in different sizes and some even offer a change pocket. The breast wallet similar to the long wallet in size is used in order to fit the inside pocket of a suit jacket and prevent the folding of bills. In this way a businessman could appear professional with clean, crisp and unfolded bills. However with the increase of casual workplaces the use of the breast wallet has diminished. The long wallet was a conversion of the breast wallet. It usually included a chain, as this wallet was usually kept in the back pocket, but needed securing as it was larger than the pocket itself. This type of wallet is still used by bikers and the punk scene partly as a fashion statement.

Time To Switch To A Money Clip Card Holder

Origins of the wallet

The term wallet originally hails from ancient Greece and is described as something more akin to a pack order to carry provisions. Usually seen as something of the poor classes, in some instances, people would actually eat directly at of the pack. More often than not however it was used as a place to store goods and provisions for carrying. Through the development of currency and business accounting, flat wallets were developed in order to carry currency, coins and ledger accounts for businesses.

Time for a Change

Now that you know the history of the wallet it may be time to take another step forward and change your wallet to a money clip card holder. They are becoming more popular because of aesthetics, fashion, utility, and the health risks posed by large wallets. Money clips are trending in Hollywood movies and more fashionable. Instead of pulling out a bulky wallet to pay for dinner, imagine reaching into your front pocket and retrieving a slim and elegant metallic money clip. This elegant statement will say more about you than a big fat wallet.

Money clip card holders come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. Choose from a simple elastic band, a leather billfold, a metal money clip, or a combination leather cardholder and metal money clip. Step into the future by getting rid of the junk in your pockets and keeping only what is necessary in an elegant and modern money clip.

When Did Men Stop Wearing Hats?

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Once upon a time, a hat was a staple of a man’s wardrobe. In fact, it was rare that a man went out of the house without something on his head. These days, however, the hats of the past have been replaced by baseball caps, snow beanies, or simply no hat at all.

History’s Hats

According to the Spokesman Review, there are a number of hats that were popular during certain times in history, including:

The Top Hat

Emerging in the mid-1800s, top hats were most often made of silk, beaver fur, or oil cloth. They remained popular for more than 100 years and were often spotted well into the 20th century. These days, however, they are more likely to be donned by snowmen than actual men.

When Did Men Stop Wearing Hats?

The Bowler

Made of hard felt and characterized by a short brim, the bowler was first popular in Britain.

The Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat came to be when John B. Stetson founded his hat company in Texas and created the cowboy hat—nicknamed the “boss of the plains” hat. While it may not be as popular as it once was, it is still regularly worn in certain parts of America today.

The Fedora

In the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s the fedora was a popular hat worn with formal outfits. Soft, made of felt, and containing a crease on the crown, fedoras offered a sense of manliness and mystery. They were commonly worn by prohibition-era gangsters and celebrities, most notably Frank Sinatra.

When Did Men Stop Wearing Hats?

Why Hats went Out of Style

No one can be totally sure just why men began hanging their hats up for good. One reason could simply be that fashion is fickle: styles are constantly going out, coming back in, and going back out again. In regards to hats specifically, however, there may be a little more to the story than simply changing trends. Per the News Times, hats are believed to have gone out of favor for a few different reasons.

John F. Kennedy

Many people believed JFK, nicknamed “Hatless Jack,” was one of the reasons hats began losing their popularity. JFK was rarely seen wearing a hat, and his famous “ask not what your country can do for you” speech was delivered with a bare head, a sign, perhaps, that the adoration of hats had truly come to an end. But it is more likely that hats began to lose their appeal before JFK was President.

The War

Hats for both men and women began to fall in popularity during the mid-1940s, around the time World War II was ending. The end of the Korean War saw the popularity of hats decline even further. Men who came back from these wars no longer felt that hats needed to be part of their outfits.

Modern Vehicles

Another factor in the decline of the hat is the modernization of cars, busses, subway systems, and trains. With so many people having the option to travel in an enclosed compartment, the need for hats went out the proverbial car window.

The Concept of Respect

The final reason hats may have gone out of style involves the concept of respect. Prior to the 1960s, men wearing hats (and dressing well) were viewed as men who demanded respect. This concept eventually waned and men began earning respect simply by having money or a credit card.


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Image credit goes to remography.

Combining The Colors Of Your Clothes

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Most women suffer with the initial question of the day: What should I wear? Added to this, a second concern, could it be that it combines and suits me?

Below are some recommendations that will make it easier to dress well, and additionally will achieve add life and color to your wardrobe:

Playing with Color of Skin

For white women bright colors like red, pink, blue, purple, gray, black and dark blue are excellent additions to your natural tone. Women with medium skin tone are benefited with colors like white, mushroom, gold’s and earth tones, finally contrasting tones are brown and highlight your skin tone, they are recommended for brighter tones such as yellows , oranges, greens and light shades like mushroom and white.

Combining The Colors Of Your Clothes

Color and Fun

The Neutral

These are those colors which are also known as colors “wildcard” , they are those who take us out of trouble when we do not know how to combine, and in turn they look good with everything, these are the ubiquitous black, gray, white and dark blue.


White combines well with all the colors, especially the dark, it achieves a higher contrast, and among them is the black, gray and dark blue. , however, should not rule out other colors like blue, green, pink and other bright colors to achieve an excellent complement contrast.

Avoid colors very clear to accompany it fail dull white purity of this color and make it boring, and if we have a slim figure can visually expand the size of our body. The white color is very suitable for tropical environments.

The black

Definitely the most elegant of all, perfectly complements light colors like mushroom and white, perfect for brighter tones like red, pink, purple, and other warm colors like yellow and orange, and discussed for other combinations such as dark blue and coffee, which are inappropriate for some tastes but we see in many outfits of the top brands was notable for being the color “slimming” equality excellence.

Dark Blue

Perfect contrast for dark shades like brown and gray, combines well with colors like white, mushroom and with others such as pink, terracotta, olive green and bright.


This color also has the privilege to combine almost everything, combined with light colors as well as with the dark, perfect for black, white, mushroom, blue, and other colors such as purple and blue in all its ranges, like cobalt blue, indigo and aquamarine imperial. A color according to its tone can favor us the lighter, more volume.


A color hard to match, as well the saying “One who wears yellow, in beauty abides” , for brilliance is recommended to use with colors like brown, dark blue and black, contrasting beautifully with this tone.

No matter the combination, the important thing is to exalt our qualities and that suits our style, we mention that it’s best to avoid combining the prints, but if they do, we must counteract them with contrasting colors and highlight these figures to instead of overloading.

Loving The Cold In Style: Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion Trends

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The searing heat has finally let up and it’s time to again prepare for the cold months. Luckily, a host of exciting fashion trends will make preparing for the cold more fun than ever. For this autumn and winter fashion season, multi-use pieces, layers, animals prints, and leather wear are all in style. These looks will help you put your best foot forward to finish out 2013 in style! How can you take advantage of this season’s fashion trends?

Grab some multi use Stables

Pieces that can be used for more than one purpose or occasion are all the rage this season. Scarves are a great example of this trend. There are hundreds of ways you can wear your favourite scarf: wrapped in a loop around your neck, knotted around your neck, wrapped over your head and your neck, thrown over your shoulders as a shawl, and a million other creative ways! Check out blogs and YouTube videos, like this editorial by the Huffington Post, for some scarf-tying tutorials.

Loving The Cold In Style: Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion Trends

Scarves are not the only article you can get creative with. Tube tops or tube skirts are great versatile pieces that can complement your style this season. Convert a tube top into a skirt or vice-versa, use it as a neck warmer or lengthening undershirt, or wrap it around your ankle as a leg warmer. Elle offers five ways to use the classic black dress as another example of clothing versatility. Many of the pieces of clothing you already have can be used during the winter in new ways – just get creative to identify our own style!

Don’t Underestimate the value of Layering

Layering during the winter is a tried and true method of keeping warm and diversifying your wardrobe. As in the past, layering is popular this season as a way to get the most out of your clothing while letting you show your innovation through your many layering choices. Try some of Elle’s tips for getting the most of your outerwear for a great example of how to diversify your autumn and winter fashion for 2013.

Get Wild with Animal Prints and Fur

Animals prints are all the rage this season: leopard, tiger, and even zebra printed pieces can be found throughout the fashion scene. Pair these loud pieces with a classic black top or bottom or, for a more shocking look, a bright white to announce your presence in a room. Fur is also back – but don’t worry, most fashion lines only offer faux-fur products to protect our furry friends. Fur-lined coats, boots, and vests will be found all over this season, keeping people warm and in style.

Loving The Cold In Style: Autumn/Winter 2013 Fashion Trends

Show your Chic with Leather

Leather is back in style – leather jackets, gloves, pants, skirts, or whatever your little heart desires. If you are going for a strong and in charge look, take advantage of this fashion trend to spice up your look.

Don’t forget your Shoes!

Your footwear is one of the most commonly forgotten aspects of your style even though it can have an incredible effect on your look and comfort. Finding the right shoes for this season should firstly be dependent on your environment and needs – for example, make sure to grab comfortable, warm shoes if you will be outside a lot. Once you have identified what you need, there are a million options to pick up the shoes that will best complement your style and this season’s fashion. This year, we see that ballet flats are still a favourite, especially those incorporating the other trends involving animal prints and leather. High lace-up boots are also popular, perfect for those living in very cold weather. Simple black booties, or short boots, seem to have become the versatile staple for this season. Whatever your needs, a fashionable shoe is available for you! Check out Glamour’s list of the best 41 shoes from Fashion Week for more ideas.

The cold may seem like a sad reminder of the end of the summer, but by taking advantage of this season’s exciting fashion trends, you can make the winter just as invigorating as the warmer months! Incorporate leather and animal prints, layer and be creative, and don’t forget to complement it all with a comfortable pair of chic shoes to make the most of the autumn and winter fashion season of 2013.

Fashionable Fan Wear: Stylish Items For Any Active Sports Fan

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Are you an active sports fan? If so, then good news: you can support your favorite team, but still look fashionable! When attending events and games to root-on your preferred player, you no longer have to wear baggy sweats or boring sweatshirts. Fashion has always been fun, but now it’s even “sports fun!”

The Oldest Trend

Believe it or not, fans (both male and female) are still wearing jerseys to all of the games. Whether you’re a celebrity in a boxed seat or a faithful NFL fan on the bleachers, the famous polyester attire is accepted when cheering on all teams, including: the Arizona Cardinals, the Chicago Bears, the San Diego Chargers, and all other teams that make up the 33 count.

Conveniently enough, jerseys can be purchased in almost all sizes, whether you’re shopping for a man, woman, or child. Don’t forget to look for your favorite play to support his name with pride.

Fashionable Fan Wear: Stylish Items For Any Active Sports Fan

The Latest Trend

But why stop at just wearing a jersey? Or perhaps you’re not a big fan of this particular NFL apparel piece? If you’re not, then it’s time to start shopping.

You could start with a simple t-shirt; your options to choose from are quite wide and range in different colors and styles. For example, if you’re a female, then you may prefer a v-neck or button down t-shirt (this also give the illusion of wearing a jersey without actually wearing one). Of course, depending on what team you’re cheering for will affect the color of your shirt. However, there are some cases where non-team colors are used to target females, such as pink and purple.

Men’s choices of t-shirts are a little more classic looking: crew neck and basic fitting. However, a new trend that seems to be growing more and more popular is the vintage look. There are now t-shirts available that show a worn out or used look.

Fashionable Fan Wear: Stylish Items For Any Active Sports Fan

Packers NLF apparel from Macy’s

Though hats used to be worn to purposely support different baseball teams, hats are now popularly sported to show love for different NFL teams. There are plenty of different options when considering the purchase of a hat; for instances, hats are made for men, women, and children.

Other factors available for hats include, but are not limited to: fitted hats that form to your head, hats that are adjustable, and even hats that can be custom made. The latter is quite fun, as you can add your own name (or any name you want, for that matter) and playing number.

It’s all about Accessories

It’s been said that when dressing, accessories are the most important pieces; they help to bring the outfit together. Well, if this is true, then it’s time to consider purchasing some NFL accessories.

To start, watches and bracelets are always available. Whether you are searching for something fun and cheap to wear to the next big game, or something fancier i.e. a team watch or ring, almost any type of item or accessory can be found and purchased showing a team’s emblem or mascot.

It’s also possible to find necklaces, shoelaces, ties (for the guys), and earrings. But if you’re not really into the jewelry scene, then considering wearing a team helmet, beanie, or covering up with a team blanket on those cold, windy game days.

When it comes to sports and watching your favorite teams play ball, it’s time to look fashionable. Even if you’re wearing gear to support your number one team or player, you can still be stylish. Look for different items to help you stand out from the pact.

4 Benefits Of A Slim Wallet

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Slim wallets are rapidly overtaking fat wallets as the new go-to accessory. Big, fat wallets are no longer considered stylish, as they can be awkwardly overstuffed and difficult to fit into pockets. Slim wallets have multiple benefits for the user. They present a sleek option for carrying money and credit cards without unnecessary bulk. Slim wallets look great and have many options in regards to color and texture. They are viable options for both men and women looking to enhance the appearance and functionality of their wallets. Here are some of the benefits of slim wallets.

4 Benefits Of A Slim Wallet

Slim Wallet

  1. Slim wallets are easy to carry. They are flexible and can easily be put into a variety of spaces, pockets and storage areas. Further, they do not create unnecessary bulk for the user. Fat wallets can be awkward looking when bulging out of clothing and do not create a very smooth line. Outfits will be more seamless and professional with a slim wallet. No one can even tell where the slim wallet is being carried. Slim wallets make looking professional much easier and straightforward.
  2. Slim wallets make organizing easy. They provide a way to carry money and credit cards without the frustrating hassle of not being able to find anything. There are features with these wallets that allow users to carry cash and credit cards in a neat, compact space. When checking out at the grocery store, accessing the right credit card or money is much easier. Slim wallets eliminate the bulk that comes from carrying an array of receipts and business cards around. A slim wallet protects the essentials and makes day-to-day life much simpler.
  3. Slim wallets eliminate potential back and leg pain. Many people are unaware that their bulky, fat wallets can lead to sciatica pain. Men who carry their wallets in their back pocket can experience pain because of the weight of the wallet. Slim wallets eliminate this issue as they are lighter, smaller and can be carried in front pockets or jacket pockets without hassle. No one needs an accessory to make life more difficult or painful.
  4. Slim wallets are simply more attractive. The truth is that slim wallets look many times more professional and sophisticated than their large, bulky counterparts. Users who wish to give off a polished, sharp look will benefit greatly from slim wallets. Having unorganized papers bulging out of one’s wallet has never been appealing, and slim wallets make appearing smart and organized much easier.

Clearly, the benefits of slim wallets make a strong case for their use. Replacing a clunky, over-sized wallet with a streamlined, practical version will not only improve appearance, but functionality and ease. Who needs an accessory that complicates life when there are practical, helpful versions on the market? Slim wallets are designed to fit in small spaces and to maximize storage of essential items without being bulky. Every professional can benefit from updating their current image with a smart, convenient wallet that eliminates hassle and improves daily life.

What Your Watch Says About You?

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Wearing a watch has seemingly become a rite of passage. When we were kids, we wanted to wear a watch to be like mom and dad, and when we graduated high school or got that first job, we got watches of our own.  Although many of us use our cell phones to check the time, the watch has not lost its importance. A watch not only tells time, but it tells a story about the owner; it can reveal his or her hobbies, likes, and life-style.

Style and Function

Watches come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with several features and functionalities. With all the possible variations, it can be hard to decide which type of watch is the one for you.

Digital watches are good for people who live an outdoor lifestyle or spend a good portion of their time exercising. Their large, bold digital readouts let you tell the time with a quick glance while you’re on the move. These are also good for children who are not yet adept at telling time on an analog clock. Be cautioned, though. While these watches are great for working out, pairing a digital sport watch with more formal attire will make you look immature and out of style.

What Your Watch Says About You?

Luxury watches are what you would wear to dress up a more formal outfit. These watches are for collectors, connoisseurs or those who just appreciate quality watchmaking. They are usually very accurate, exquisitely crafted and can often come embedded with jewels or precious metals. Wearing one of these watches symbolizes wealth, success, and looks incredibly stylish if paired with the right attire.

It’s also important to distinguish between men’s and women’s watch styles. Women’s watches generally have thinner bands and smaller faces along with smaller type, while men’s watches are larger and bolder. Of course, you aren’t bound to wear the watch designed for your sex. Men and women have been known to wear the other’s watch. It’s all about what looks good to you. But if the difference is important to you, now you know.


Different brands of watches offer different levels of luxury and a sense of history. Timex is known as an all-American brand – a watch for the everyman. It doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of a higher-end luxury watch, and its price tag reflects that. On the other side, Rolex has become the most powerful luxury watch brand in the world, and its watch is a symbol of that same power (James Bond wore a Rolex, people). Brands like IWC have been considered a less flashy brand of luxury watch, popular among those who want to wear a fine timepiece without the attached stigma of being a “Rolex owner.” You can find a number of watch deals in order to find the perfect watch for you.


Watches can be a powerful symbol of your success, lifestyle or personality, but what your watch actually says about you is as much up to you as it is the watch. Your watch should compliment your style and character, rather than overpower it. Wear your watch with pride but don’t flaunt it. Like a good haircut or a new suit, people will notice the beauty of your watch without you having to draw additional attention to it.

Written by Jackie Daniels of Incredibuys.

5 Tell-Tale Signs For Spotting Fake Watches

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Luxury timepieces such as Rolex watches or IWC watches are regarded as true symbols of both status and style. Passed down through generations, luxury watches can really last a lifetime however there are some vendors who make a business of selling replica watches. Fake or replica watches are not made to the same quality standards that you would find with the real deal, and should you buy a fake watch you could find that you lose out financially.

Whether you are an avid watch collector or simply contemplating your first luxury timepiece purchase, it is important that you know what to look for when buying a designer watch. Here are 5 ways that you can easily tell the difference between a fake watch and the genuine article…

5 Tell-Tale Signs For Spotting Fake Watches

  1. Where you buy the Watch from
  2. With the exception of eBay, timepieces such as Rolex watches aren’t actually available for purchase online. This is due to their rarity and exclusivity; therefore you will find that the majority of luxury watches can only be purchased in showrooms. If you do choose to buy a watch online through a service such as eBay, remember to check that the seller offers a certificate of authenticity with your purchase.

  3. The Price of the watch
  4. The price tag for luxury watches can reach thousands of pounds therefore if you find that a vendor is trying to sell you a watch such as a Rolex, IWC or Omega watch for a couple of hundred pounds then this is definitely cause for concern. Luxury watches are rarely seen at such low prices, as due to their quality they can often increase in value over the years.

  5. The Watch’s Typography
  6. Leading watch manufacturers IWC, Rolex, Omega and Patek Philippe are completely stringent when it comes to accuracy and perfection, that’s why you will never find any typos or any other mistakes when it comes to the typography of their watches.

  7. Listen to the Ticking
  8. Especially if you are looking to buy a Rolex watch, make sure you press an ear to the watch to hear if it is ticking. The expert craftsmanship of Rolex watches mean that they don’t actually produce a ticking noise, so if it is ticking you can guarantee it is a replica – not a Rolex!

  9. Check whether the Dials are Functional
  10. If you are buying a chronograph watch, you will find that there are a number of secondary dials on the main watch face. These dials all have their own unique purpose however on a fake watch these dials are probably not functional. Everything on a luxury watch has a function and a purpose, so if you get the impression that elements of the watch are not working then it is likely that the watch is a fake.

Trend-Proof Your Wardrobe For The New Season

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The time has come once again to swap those trusty summer gladiator sandals for cosy shoe boots, and forget the summer uniform of denim shorts in favour of dressing in comfy knits and go-to skinny jeans. Autumn/ winter is almost upon us, and to make sure you stay stylishly ahead of the rest this season, here’s a few key looks that will allow you to effectively trend-proof your wardrobe this AW13…

Rework the Crop Top

You may think that the arrival of the autumn/ winter signals a time for pushing summer favourite crop tops to the back of the closet –  but on the contrary, crop tops are still a key look for AW13, making it a great trend for budget fashionista’s who want to rework their summer style ready for the new season. To put an AW13 spin on your favourite crop tops, team them with a chic pencil skirt for that sophisticated flash of waist.

Leather goes Luxe

This AW13 is the season for leather. Ideal for putting a little grunge edge on any ensemble, leather looks just as good worn with a cool monochrome vibe as it does teamed with neon brights for that statement pop of colour. This season is all about leather skater skirts – the ultimate day to night piece, wear yours with a chic printed tee in the day then work afterhours style by wearing it with a tailored blazer and skyscraper heels.

Trend-Proof Your Wardrobe For The New Season

Pretty in Pink

The unlikely trend contender for AW13 is pink. Usually a colour palette associated with spring and summer, baby pink hues are high on any trendsetter’s radar this season. From pretty pink day dresses to season cheap going out dresses, when wearing pink this season make sure you toughen up the look with some statement leather accessories – two trends for the price of one!

Boots made for Walking

This season’s women’s footwear trends are all about stepping one stylish foot forward in a pair of boots. Whether it’s a pair of masculine style inspired brogues or a dramatic pair of studded shoe boots, adding a pair of boots (and an obligatory pair of tights!) will transform any of your summer wardrobe essentials for the new season.

3 Eye Accessories for Brighter Eyes

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Eyes are often considered to be windows into the soul. Since most people rely on eyes to gauge a person’s mood or intentions, they are a very important feature to play up. To help draw attention to your eyes, here are 3 eye accessories to have fun with:

  1. Colored Contacts

3 Eye Accessories for Brighter Eyes

Colored contacts are great for subtly or drastically changing the appearance of your eyes. For example, natural colored contact lenses, such as blue, green, and brown, can be used to bring more life to your natural eye color. However, you can really mix things up by choosing more vivid colors, such as pink, purple, red, gold, and white.

If you want to create a very unique costume for Halloween or a convention, you can choose pattern contact lenses. Pattern contact lenses have designs on them that make your eyes look much more bold and unnatural. For example, pattern contact lenses may be designed to depicted eye drama or have certain symbols shown. One particular type of popular pattern contact lenses include cat eye lenses.

Fortunately, cosmetic contact lenses of all kinds are available through various providers, such as Next Day Contact Lenses. By taking the time to shop around, you can find the perfect lens or lenses to fulfill your needs and meet your budget.

  1. Shimmer

3 Eye Accessories for Brighter Eyes

Whether you want to bring a bit of extra shine to your eyes or go for a completely dramatic look, you can use eye makeup to create shimmer.

To create a shimmer for your eyes, you need to use lighter colors that have a bit of a shine to them. For example, for brown eyes, you can use shades of purple around your eyes with silver as the highlight. By adding a bit of shimmer to your eyelid, beneath your brow, or at the corners of your eyes, you can make your eyes truly mesmerizing.

When choosing a shimmery product, try to choose products that do not flake easily. Unfortunately, if glitter gets into your eyes, your contact lenses and eyes can become damaged.

  1. False Eyelashes

3 Eye Accessories for Brighter Eyes

False eyelashes can be fun to play with because of the variety of available colors and lengths. If you want to achieve a more natural look, choosing fake eyelashes that are brown or black and closely match your eyelash length may work the best. However, if you want to be more bold, you can purchase false eyelashes of varying colors and lengths to use for different occasions.

When applying false lashes, you can put on mascara and eyeliner as needed once the lashes are firmly in place. However, eyeshadow should be applied before applying false eyelashes to minimize the hassle.

When choosing false eyelashes, you should avoid products that use glitter. Although they may be more flashy and attractive, the glitter can get into your eyes and cause irritation and harm.

With these 3 tips, you can have fun bringing out your eyes in a variety of different ways.

Sara Cole is a makeup saleswoman. She loves to write about how to make your eyes look great on fashion blogs.

A Buyer’s Help Guide To Shopping For Mod Attire

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Mod clothing is undoubtedly one of the more popular ‘looks’ in our fashion industry. It is particularly favored by the regular shopper. One of the numerous explanations why these items of clothing are really popular is that as they are ‘vintage’, they offer a distinct personality which cannot easily be replicated in modern day clothes. Does this sound like it may be of interest to you? Then keep reading, as I’ll be revealing ways to get the very best out of your Mod clothing.

To begin with, be inspired! This goes for every look, from glam to punk to vintage and more. Buy some magazines, surf the Internet, watch the TV, and try and determine what does and what doesn’t look attractive in regards to Mod clothes. Then all you must do is to copy the particular look that you prefer. This strategy is an absolute must for everyone only starting on the path to achieving that mod look. You can look on different websites online which sell Mod clothing or use search engines like yahoo to get inspiration.

A Buyer's Help Guide To Shopping For Mod Attire

Another good idea is to mix and match your Mod clothes with present-day items. This is a good idea should you be just starting out with Mod clothes, as it will ease you in, as we say. Actually, you do not just have to be a beginner to the Mod scene to try this methodology. A great deal of famous fashion aficionados and models use this method, simply have look on the net and you will see. A lot of famous faces often add some fashionable accessories to their Mod clothing look. In addition to looking very cool, this can help to bring out the character of the Mod items. When you have chosen to wear a nice little leather Mod jacket, for example, why don’t you complement this fantastic look with a modern-day belt or some funky shoes? In order to make it updated and modern, wear just one single bold accessory to complement your apparel; it could be a bangle, a necklace, a handbag, or a belt.

Remember, fashion fans, that making use of the Mod scene does not necessarily mean that you must leave your preferred modern-day looks behind you. It takes a lot of self-esteem to revamp your wardrobe with a look that is really old-fashioned, and lots of people will be discouraged by this in the beginning. However, someone can still wear certain items from the Mod clothing look without getting too obvious with it. It’s possible to include Mod flavour to your present-day look without changing the overall feel too substantially. So have no fear if you are distressed!

If you’ve decided that you would like to buy some Mod clothing, have a walk down to a local charity shop, since you will probably discover some there. Also you can look for your very own preferred Mod style online for a less complicated act. The Mod clothing shops on the internet are typically extremely specialized, and that is great when you have an individual look in your mind that you might want to try. As with every fashion style, it is vital that you take into account that to look great you need more than purely the garments alone. To look really unique in Mod clothing, you have got to wear your outfit with panache and character. All you must do is believe in yourself – that is through wearing something which allows you to feel great.

The Best Childrens Costumes For This Halloween

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Halloween is one of the best holidays for young children.  They are allowed to freely express who they are, or what they like.  There are many wonderful Halloween costumes on the market for children of all ages.  Here we will break down the groups and see what are the best costumes for kids for the spooky holiday.

The Best Childrens Costumes For This Halloween

Infants can have fun with Halloween, even if they are only a few months old.  Go for the standard pumpkin, which is classic and looks cute on any baby.  Or why not get them an Anne Geddes outfit?  This is a wonderful costume that they can have their picture taken in and will be sure to keep them warm in the cool night.  Plus there are many neat animals that the parents can choose from.  The baby will look adorable dressed up as a tiger, bumble bee, butterfly, cats, dogs, horses, and elephants.  This list goes on and on.  Or forgo the entire animal theme and have the baby go as a pea in a pod.  This is a classic look that will be cherished for years.

Toddlers and preschoolers always look cute in animal costumes.  Or pick their favorite cartoon characters.  Little boys look so sweet in Thomas the train costumes, and the look is one that will be remembered for years since Thomas has been around for quite a while. Sesame Street characters will never go out of style.  And with many to pick from, there is a good chance that your toddler will want to be one.  Pick Elmo, Zoey, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, or any of the other spectacular characters. Superheroes also make an excellent choice for toddler and preschoolers.  What little boy would not want to be Spiderman, Batman or Wolverine for the day?  Little girls would love to dress up as Princess Jasmine, Belle, Cinderella or any of the other Disney Princesses.  This is a costume that can be used for a few years, and can easily be changed  from year to year by adding different shoes, jewelry, and a tiara.

Children in grade school will also love to dress up as superheroes and Princesses.  They also love the cartoon look as well.  Younger girls may wish to dress up as witches, and the best part is they can pick if they want to be good or bad witches.  Another huge hit for young girls is Hello Kitty.  Young boys may wish to dress up as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or go as Bumble Bee or another Transformer.

Now older children can still have fun with Halloween, even if they do not go trick or treating.  Older girls may wish to for the classic look of the witch as well.  They will love to dress up as a punk rocker, or their favorite singer, such as Katy Perry or Taylor Swift.  Older boys may decide to go as werewolves, zombies, or Frankenstein.  Pirates make a wonderful choice for each.

Halloween is one of the best times of the year and everyone, no matter what their age is, should have fun with their Halloween costumes.  It is the only time of the year where you can be whatever you wish and not be judged, so have fun with it.