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Legionella Testing Kits For Safe Water Systems

Legionella Testing Kits For Safe Water Systems

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The water has been an essential part of human existence, and without it life turns out to be highly miserable. The human race is water dependent as they use it to bathe, drink, cleaning, washing, cooking, watering plants and a lot more. Apart from catering and basic needs of humans, it is also the biggest source of electricity. It plays a vital role in ensuring the proper irrigation flow to assist the growing agricultural crops, vegetation and maintaining healthy landscapes.

Legionella Testing Kits For Safe Water Systems

There are varied uses of water. It is the one element which has proven its implication to all the things, animals and to mankind. In short, water is life itself. But at times, it could also be the same element that may put life or health in real danger.

Water is necessary to take care of your health. Taking only healthy foods and fruits don’t make you healthy. It is also about the living in a clean and disease free environment. One shouldn’t take the things that will jeopardize one’s health. So making sure that the water you are using for drinking and other purposes is clean and free from deadly bacteria like Legionella.

Legionella is a horde of contaminating microorganisms which cause health hazards to those who take them in. These microorganisms blend well with water and when taken in will lead to diseases that may result in serious and long illness.

Since they are developing diseases, one should take the required precautions to prevent them. That’s why the Legionella testing is essential to perform a risk assessment of your water systems to find if the water you’re using is any way infected by such perilous bacteria.

In such case, you can go in for a Legionella testing kit. It is one of the regarded and reliable processes to identify the level of contamination in the water. You’ll get the set of instructions alongside while purchasing the testing kit. All you need is to follow the details listed and check how safe your water systems are.

Always remember, health is very significant and you should make all the essential efforts to prevent it from any sorts of diseases. The safe water engenders hearty health. Make sure that the water you and the people around you are using is both safe and clean.

Aquacert has been the leading brand in testing water samples for legionella bacteria for over 20 years. It operates throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East. The use of the forefront technology and innovation brings effective solutions to water quality. It serves hospitals, care homes, industrial and commercial buildings.

The professionals here care about their customers and queries related to test results. The organization is packed with specialized chemists and engineers with par knowledge of water services, and is happy to advise clients with easy and cost effective solutions. They are highly committed to quality and hold ISO 9001 & 14001 accreditations.

Don’t think much and get your water tested today!

The UK’s Latest Food Trends

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As we strive to become a healthier nation, Brits’ approach to food is changing. But in what way? We take a look at the latest food trends in the UK with garden bark chippings retailer, Compost Direct.

A new hobby in growing our own

It appears that Brits began to rely more on growing their own after the recession in 2007, which saw the prices of food rise. In 2012, for example, the BBC reported that almost a third of British adults grow their own food. A further 51% said in a survey that they would take to the vegetable patch if food prices were to rise further.

The UK’s Latest Food Trends

It is thought that growing your own food makes gardening more enjoyable too. One YouGov report found that 77% of gardeners listed eating produce that they have grown in their own gardens as the main benefit of gardening. What’s more, 44% grow enough fruit and vegetable to share with their friends and family, while over 25% said that growing their own food was now their hobby.

A newfound love for organic

Over the past few years, organic produce has become more popular to Brits. Now worth a huge £2.09 billion, the market witnessed 7.1% growth in 2016 alone. In fact, organic food and drink now represents a 1.5% share of the total UK market, according to the 2017 Organic Market Report. On a global scale, the UK’s organic market makes up 4% of the $81 billion worldwide organic sales.

It is thought that we are purchasing more organic produce because of its health benefits and our rising knowledge of these. Overall, 80% of consumers said they had knowledge of organic food, with 39% buying it on a weekly basis.

As well as wanting to be healthier, it is thought that we want to look better too. Driven by our new reliance on social media, as images of toned, healthy bodies litter our news feeds, we’re inspired by self-improvement. Given that organic food is often fresher, containing fewer pesticides and no genetic modifications, it’s the route many people choose as part of living and eating better.

Following this new trend, the foodservice market has experienced a strong growth. Sales of organic food within the UK’s foodservice market rose by 19.1% in 2016 to be worth a staggering £76.6 million.

Restaurants, pubs and cafes have all realised the shift towards organic. In order to continue to capture sales from increasingly health-conscious customers, outlets must change their menus accordingly, driving the growth of organic food. Many well-known restaurants have made the switch to organic, including Jamie’s Italian, McDonalds and Nando’s.

Following this, as outlets change what is on their menus, wholesalers must change their supplies. Between 2015 and 2016, there were almost 25% more licensed organic wholesalers, responding to the growing demand for wholesome food.

The love for organic doesn’t look as though it will slow either. As schools, universities, hospitals and workplaces serving more organic food under the Food For Life Catering Mark, it’s clear that organic is on the rise.

Growing interest in recipe boxes

Amongst our busy schedules, many of us are on the lookout for money and time saving tips — giving rise to the recipe box. Pioneered by the likes of Hello Fresh and Gousto, these boxes contain all of the ingredients you need to cook tasty meals, along with instructions on how to do it.

They have experienced considerable success too. In 2015, the recipe box industry had achieved some £702 million in worldwide sales. By 2025, predictions estimate that this will grow to £3.8 billion as the market goes from strength-to-strength and more companies emerge.

The recipe boxes also prevent the amount of wastage that leaves the house too. In light of research which stated that UK households threw away £13 billion of edible food in 2017, they seem like an ideal solution. According to analytics by Cardlytics, spending on recipe boxes grew by 64.6% in the first half of 2016, with the volume of orders increasing by 47.6%.

Supermarkets are sensing a threat from these boxes. Tesco and Waitrose have both launched a recipe kit range within their stores. With Waitrose vowing to make them a permanent part of their range, Tesco is still in the trial stages.

As our trends have shifted towards organic produce and recipe boxes, it’s clear to see that we’re striving to become a healthier, more environmentally conscious nation.


5 Super Fruits For A Healthy And Happy Body

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Have you ever heard before that good health is more than wealth? Well, in order to enjoy a happier and fuller life, you need to put your health forth. For this reason, you need to start eating healthy so as to develop a happy body and mind. Many times, fruits are considered as nature’s best gift to mankind and many nutritionists have recommended eating at least two serves of fruits and vegetables each day for a healthy living.

According to a study by researchers from the University of Warwick, more fruit and vegetable intake can substantially make you happy. Fruits are indeed life-improving medicines with the necessary nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants among other micronutrients obtained from plants. They make part of an extensive meal with tasty flavors and distinctive nutrients that ensure your body is always fit, rejuvenated and free from attack by diseases.

5 Super Fruits For A Healthy And Happy Body

Before we look at the five fruits you should always consider for a healthy living, let’s first look at some of the nutritional benefits of including fruits in your diet.

• Low-calorie Content

Fruits have low calorie and fat content with such components as Vitamins A, C, and E, simple sugars, and fiber which help to boost the overall health and well-being.

• Packed with Soluble Dietary Fiber

Fruits contain a lot of soluble fiber that helps in preventing the accumulation of fats and cholesterol in the body. This will also help in smooth movement of the bowel thus preventing issues of constipation.

• Numerous Antioxidants

There are many antioxidants found in fruits such as Vitamin C, anthocyanins, and polyphenolic flavonoids. All these are crucial in the body to help in preventing diseases, oxidant stress and cancers. On the other hand, the antioxidants have the ability to help in fighting against common ailments attacking the body through enhancement of the immune system. It is through an enhanced immune system that your body is able to detect foreign microbes or chemicals that usually trigger inflammation in the body. Remember that most of the major diseases like cancer, depression, arthritis, heart disease and diabetes among others have been linked to chronic inflammation. Vegetables and fruits thus make up the best anti-inflammatory foods recommended to help fight inflammation.

On the other hand fruits rich in blue pigments such as acai berries, blue & black grapes, chokeberries, blueberries, and mulberries, also offer a number of health benefits. Most of these fruits serve as anti-oxidants to help get rid of free radicals in the body thus preventing the body from aging, infections, and cancers. It is advisable to consume fruits as a whole because most of these pigments are found underneath the fruit skin.

• Rich in Essential Micronutrients

The ultimate benefit of fruits comes from the fact that they are rich in minerals, vitamins, pigment anti-oxidants and micro-nutrients which all together help in improving the quality of life by rejuvenating the body in general.

Here are some of the types of fruits you need for a healthy and happy body


This is a type of fruit that is known for its numerous nutrients. Scientists have even suggested that the fruit is vital for growth, development and general well-being. The fruit has low-calorie content with 100g of fresh fruit providing only 50 calories. While it is full of soluble dietary fibers that prevent the absorption of bad cholesterol into the body, it also helps in preventing damage to the colon membrane from cancer-causing chemicals.

This fruit is also rich in antioxidants that help in protecting the body against free radicals. Plenty of vitamin C in Apple fruit is essential in boosting the immune system that fights against infectious agents and pro-inflammatory free radicals.

Small traces of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, and calcium also serve as part of the crucial component of body fluids and cells that help in regulating heart rate and blood pressure.


According to a research study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, regular intake of mixed berries like strawberries and blueberries helps in improving the HDL cholesterol level, improving vascular function and lowering blood pressure. This then confirms how important this fruit is when it comes to heart health. Nutritionists have attributed such benefits to the diverse range of health-promoting plant compounds, polyphenols found in blueberries.

Blueberries are also known to be amongst the highest antioxidant value fruits available. Such phytochemical compounds found in blueberries help in fighting against free radicals from the body thus protecting the body from aging, cancers and other infections.

Among other benefits of blueberries are lowering blood sugar and control blood-glucose levels due to the presence of a chlorogenic acid as part of the compounds found in the fruits.

Presence of Vitamins A, C and E altogether serve as potent antioxidants that will help get rid of free radicals in the body.

5 Super Fruits For A Healthy And Happy Body


This is a flavorful fruit high in mono-unsaturated fats and calories that help to keep the skin moisturized thus preventing skin hyperpigmentation, aging and reducing inflammation, rich in dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. The fruit is a nice source of unsaturated fatty acids and omega 6 that protects the skin from external damages especially the UV rays.


These are known as world’s most abundant fruit that helps prevent heart disease and high body cholesterol. This is attributed to the abundance of antioxidants quercetin and resveratrol and various minerals including potassium and iron which help in fighting anemia and muscle fatigues. Taking the red or purple grapes on a regular basis can thus supply the body with several healthy compounds needed in the body.


This fruit is preferred as a healthy on-the-go snack rich in potassium and fiber to provide lasting energy to keep you active throughout the day. The good thing with bananas is that they do not contain fat or salt. The fruit has many benefits including but not limited to removing warts, teeth whitening, getting rid of splinters and restoration of dry hair among others.


Healthy eating is the only way to start getting rid of ups and downs throughout the day. These Fruits and Vegetables are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle that will make you feel empowered, healthy and happy. There are many fruits with different health benefits, so you need to pick your fruits carefully.

Top 10 Delicious Snacks Recipes

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Snack is our all-time hot favourite dishes, whether it is in a form of hot pakoras, or rainy day momos with fiery red chutney, or delicious samosas- in every format we love to taste the innovative and different snacks. Even the street foods like different kinds of chaats, puris, kachoris, and so on can also be regarded as snacks. In a nutshell, we just love to taste spicy, crunchy, and tangy-all in one bite. So, here is a range of some easy and impressive snacks recipe menu that will definitely blow your mind.

  • SambharVadi: It is an authentic and widely popular Nagpur style street food. It is a kind of spring roll along with the stuffing of coriander. In Nagpur, coriander is known as sambar and the name of the particular dish has been originated from it. It is a mouth-watering snack that is loved by all. Some of the ingredients of this recipe are coriander leaves, cashew nut, dry coconut, green chili, poppy seeds and so on. Various websites provide the sam barvadi recipe in hindi, you can make this dish by following one of those recipes.
  • Chicken 65: It is a finger licking deep-fried dish that is associated with a fiery kick in order to make the heart beat faster. It is somewhat different from the regular bread-coated fried chicken.
  • PaneerHaryali: The dish is marinated with coriander, cardamom, chilli, as well as cinnamon and coconut is used for the garnishing purpose. It is served piping hot.
  • Fried Fish (Karimeen): This particular dish is tempered with garlic, pepper, ginger, and a sprig of curry leaves. It is fried in coconut oil and a wonderful balance of flavours. Fried Fish (Karimeen) will definitely blow your mind.
  • Kakori Kebabs: It is juicy, succulent, and mind blowing. It is just like a celebration of meat. You can spruce some chaat masala and fresh mint chutney over it and serve it with lemon wedges.
  • Dilliki Fried AlooChaat: It is a really mouth-watering dish. It is tossed in tamarind as well as spicy mint chutney. You will definitely love the taste of deep-fried potato chat from the streets of New Delhi. It can be topped with a handful of fresh coriander leaves as well as a pinch of chaat masala before serving.
  • Dahi Kebab: This delicious dish is made with cheese, hung curd, and crunchiness of onion. These easy vegetarian and quick kebabs can be a hit menu in every party. It can be flavoured with pepper and ginger.
  • Keema Samosa with Yogurt Dip: Samosas are one of the favourite accompaniments in our tea time. Keema Samosa is a delicious snack that is stuffed with keema masala and served with a refreshing hung curd dip.
  • BesanKhandvi: This delicious recipe is tempered with sesame seeds, chopped green chillies, and mustard seeds and garnished with coriander leaves along with some red chilli powder.
  • Coriander-Cheese Chicken Kebabs: This delicious recipe is marinated with coriander, cheese, spices, as well as grilled to perfection.

From sambharvadi to Coriander-Cheese Chicken Kebabs- all of the snacks are really mouth-watering and finger-licking. So, for what are you waiting for? Just find these recipes and start making them.

bpm'online pharma

BPM Pharmacy Software As A Way To Address All Industry Challenges

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The Life Science industry today has been pulled in an enormous financial risk owing to the fact that the local, Federal, and International regulatory authorities like HIPAA or FCPA are always increasing the compliance pressure on the pharmaceutical sector leaving retail pharmacies nearly bankrupt or behind the competition. From the other hand, non-compliance with the legacy mandates is fraught with severe penalties up to criminal sanctions. Apart from this complex challenge, modern healthcare sector faces many other problems that can badly affect the bottom line of a business:

  • Lack of visibility and standardization of the key business operations;
  • Absence of flexibility in business processes;
  • Extremely competitive market landscape along with a difficulty in differentiation from the competitors;
  • Tech-savvy customers expecting excellent service across all communication channels;
  • Poor document and contract arrangement.

To address these issues and earn customers’ trust and loyalty, drug manufacturers and providers apply to intelligent BPM pharmacy software, a subscription or on-premise program that can promote business agility, thus, enabling for a company’s prosperity.

BPM Pharmacy Software As A Way To Address All Industry Challenges

Key benefits of a good BPM pharmacy software

Designed specifically for the needs of a pharmaceutical sector, modern pharmaceutical BPM solutions like bpm’online ( help hospitals, medical centers, and independent pharmacies manage critical business processes, orchestrate marketing campaigns, and improve customer service. Actually, when chosen properly, pharmacy BPM software backed by a set of powerful tools can drive a plethora of other benefits, the main of which are:

  • Optimization of routine business procedures
  • Automation of document approvals
  • Standardization of transactions
  • Elimination of manual efforts and paperwork
  • The reduction of cost associated with compliance adherence
  • Quicker response to changes in the market
  • Consistent participant collaboration
  • A holistic view of customers, data, tasks, and processes across an enterprise, divisions, and affiliates
  • Enhanced Research and Development projects management
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Improved availability of information and smart role-based access permissions
  • Comprehensive document flow management with an audit trail and compliance log
  • Operational costs reduction through the workflow automation and better process visualization
  • Shorter time to the market and minimization of risks and errors
  • Better clinical trials tracking owing to powerful BAM capabilities of BPM pharmacy platforms

BPM Pharmacy Software As A Way To Address All Industry Challenges

Highlights of the best BPM pharmacy software

Business process management for pharmacy helps healthcare providers improve the efficiency and accountability of critical business processes and reduce the racking costs of research & development, sales, marketing, and service. Such as the process-driven CRM bpm’online helps create, implement, and monitor efficient processes across customers, employees, and supply chain while delivering metrics to evaluate individual and overall performance and identify process inefficiencies and lapses.  For this, pharmaceutical BPM software incorporates the following features:

Process engine

A web-based process engine with a drag-n-drop interface allows for designing graphical charts of the to-be processes. Advanced BPM pharmacy products feature a user wizard for effortless process modeling and quick running. Preconfigured elements help determine and edit the sequence of tasks (activities) that must be accomplished to produce a specific product/service.

By utilizing this engine, participants can link documents and other files for each process stage for auto-generation and approval. Also, it is possible to define compliance rules, business logic, and key performance metrics for every process instance that will be tracked in the real-time enabling for proactive management decisions.

Business activity monitoring

The BAM capabilities of pharmaceutical BPM software allow users generate custom reports and dashboards on the performance of processes and their owners. The solution provides an ability to track the progress of ongoing activities and events and report on KPIs determined for every process in a form of easy-to-read custom dashboards and stats what contributes to accurate data-driven decisions.

Customer relationship management

BPM for pharmaceutical companies provides solid CRM functionality to keep an eye on customers’ buying behavior and act upon their interests and demands. The CRM module allows for creating detailed customer profiles with a complete history of interactions, transactions, and cases. Modern BPM pharmacy solutions can easily integrate with a website and popular social media to ensure automatic enrichment of customer information. A CRM database enables for intelligent contact search and segmentation according to multiple attributes like profitability, location, gender, etc. promoting the development of target marketing campaigns.

Project management

Project management tools inbuilt into pharma BPM systems help design and manage various projects and campaigns, set project deadlines and budget, delegate tasks to their owners, determine the workload for every individual, schedule events and to-do lists. Reminders and notifications ensure a project does not overrun its designed parameters. Dashboards and reports will assess the project performance against the established plan.

Sales management

BPM pharmacy solutions can significantly help in managing sales by providing tools to:

  • Unify, maintain, and track the product catalog with a detailed description, expiry dates, and prices,
  • plan, coordinate and control advertising and drug promotion activities,
  • organize marketing research and distribution channels.

Actually, features and capabilities of a good BPM platform for the pharmaceutical sector do not stop at this point. Learn more about business process management and its functionality at’online_CRM.

BPM Pharmacy Software As A Way To Address All Industry Challenges

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4 Reasons to Add an Egg to Your Breakfast

4 Reasons to Add An Egg To Your Breakfast

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Scrambled, boiled, fried, poached or folded into a hardy omelette; the truth is that the humble egg is an energy-packed way to start the day.

Once upon a time, this breakfast staple had a bad rap. Experts told us that eggs were loaded with cholesterol (a waxy substance in your cells which also has several useful functions in the blood) and shouldn’t be eaten more than once or twice a week for fear of increasing the likelihood of heart disease.

However, lately dieticians have changed the message on the health benefits of eggs.

Although it is true that eggs contain high amounts of cholesterol, many studies report that this actually has no role in raising cholesterol. This is because the liver, which produces cholesterol every day anyway, will simply produce less of the substance if needed. Still, other research suggests that only the egg yolk may adversely affect the levels of cholesterol in the body. However, it is widely agreed that a reasonable consumption of eggs, an egg per day, is unlikely to raise the risk of heart disease risk.

4 Reasons to Add an Egg to Your Breakfast

Whose egg is it anyway, chicken or duck?

Aside from chicken eggs, which are found most often in the usual grocery stores, duck eggs are also sometimes available on the shelves. So what are the differences between eating duck and chicken eggs?

According to this article, there are several differences between duck and chicken eggs:

  • Duck eggs stay fresher longer because they are encased in a thicker shell.
  • Duck eggs make for fluffier cakes because they contain more albumen
  • Although it is often believed that duck eggs are more nutrition that actually has more to do what the female has been eating.
  • People who are allergic to chicken eggs can usually tolerate duck eggs.

Nutritional Benefits of Eating Eggs

1. Counting calories

One large hard-boiled egg makes for the perfect breakfast food or snack later in the day; especially for those of us who are counting calories. At only 78 calories for a large egg, you will be left feeling fuller for longer and therefore, your energy level will be kept up while your weight is kept down.

2. Pack a protein punch

A whole egg contains 6 grams of protein, which is 12% or the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) and double the amount of protein found in one slice of bacon (in addition, eggs have no preservatives or added salt).

3. Vitamins and minerals

Eggs really are little power packs of nutrients. They are an excellent source of choline which is essential for liver and nerve function, brain development, muscle movement, supporting energy levels, and to help retain a healthy metabolism.

In addition, eggs are also an exceptional source of selenium, biotin, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, molybdenum, and iodine. Eggs are also a good way of getting vitamin B5, protein, phosphorus, vitamin D, and vitamin A.

It’s important to note that what a laying hen eats will affect the nutritional benefit of the eggs she lays. For example, eggs that are high in omega-3 fatty acids may have been laid by a hen fed fish oil, chia or flax seeds. Hens which forage for their own food may also produce eggs that are relatively enriched in omega-3 fatty acids compared to cage-raised chickens.

4. Fantastic Fats

Did you know that not all cholesterol is bad? Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), “bad” cholesterol, can build up in the walls of your blood vessels and narrow the passageways. In advanced cases, this can lead to heart disease.

High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), or “good” cholesterol, helps to eliminate other types of cholesterol from the bloodstream, which is a positive activity because higher levels of HDL are related with a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, and other health issues.

In fact, one study reported that two eggs per day for six weeks increased HDL levels by as much as 10%.

5. Cook creatively

Like with most meals, how you cook the food determines how healthy the end result is (think boiled or baked potatoes versus French fries cooked in canola oil).

The same is true of eggs which can be as plain and simple as the modest boiled egg or as lavish as Eggs Benedict (a dish that consists of an English muffin topped with bacon or ham, a poached egg, and a sauce made of whipped egg yolk, butter, water, and lemon juice).

But the ingredients are not the only important factor when determining whether a meal is healthy. Traditional nonstick pans have been found to give off toxic fumes and adding oil or butter to the pan to prevent sticking suddenly changes the nutritional value of the eggs.

What’s a cook to do?

For egg lovers, marble frying pans need little or no added oil and will give the traditional omelette pan a run for the money.

After examining the numerous health benefits of adding eggs to your daily diet, the only question left to ask is; how would you like your eggs?

Delicacies At Lahore Eat

Delicacies At Lahore Eat

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It’s not that say that the city has nothing else to offer, it’s just that people in Lahore are addicted to spicy foods as long as the food is spicy they don’t care about health. It is also a great opportunity for the chef or food stallers to introduce something new. People from different places come to try out their delicacies which are mostly good.

After two weeks of patience and wait finally the year 2017 edition of Lahore Eat kicked off for three days on March 31 at the Fortress Stadium.

According to news, some vendors said that the first two days were slow and the food festival drew its biggest crowed on Sundays mostly because its holiday.

The organized that there were more than 70 vendors offering different delicacies from different traditional favorites like nihari, haleem and biryani to more adventurous offerings.  There wasn’t much entertainment to be found in it except new delicacies

Delicacies At Lahore Eat

Here are some of the delicacies that I got to taste;

 Bombolini Stuffed Donuts

Sweet flavors come to mind with this desert in sight especially for the food fest. This desert includes three dough (crunchy from the outside but soft from inside) filled with gooey yellow custard with a light drizzle of caramel sauce, a dollop of nutella and a sprinkling of brown sugar on top. This desert was a combination of sweet and savory with the caramel sauce balancing the sweetness from the other toppings.

Gulab Jaman Cheesecake

Imagine a cake taste like your favorite mithai, Gulab Jaman whoch totally changes one’s way of looking at a usual cream cake; Making all kinds of gorgeous yummy visuals in your mind. That was the case with me when I spotted the item on the Nurpur menu. But once I set my eyes on the actual serving and then tasted it I must say it wasn’t what I had in mind.

What I had in mind was nothing like what I had just encountered. Gulab Jaman-flavoured cheesecake was actually an ordinary lemon cheesecake with chunks of Gulab Jaman lining the crust. I must say I was a little disappointed

Gajar Rabri Parfait

I was specially looking forward to this but got my hopes down again. Instead of a parfait cup filled one-thirds with gajar ka halwa with rabri poured over it.

Fried Oreo and Snickers with Vanilla Ice Cream

I wasn’t actually expecting a fried cookie or something like that but I did expect crunchy ice-cream. An Oreo cookie and a piece of Snickers chocolate deep-fried separately in a batter and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream…Hot and cold, sweet and savory, nutty, creamy, chocolaty. I must say that I got what I hoped for or maybe more.

Butter Puff Bites

It was nothing more than bite-sized snacks made from Butter Puff biscuits and some very exciting desserts on top. The three bites I tried were scrumptious with a blob of a special tomato sauce topped with cheese and coriander; Pepperoni Cheese splattered with mustard and Hawaiian with a pineapple chunk, cheese and tomato sauce .It tasted crunchy, salty, tangy and sweet. It’s a real fun idea by peek freans offering bite sized snacks.

See all recipes of above mention best foodies at pak times the number one upcoming video portal in Pakistan. Leave your best suggestion in comment box.

How Can Make Healthy Delicious Smoothie

How Can Make Healthy Delicious Smoothie

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Looking at this logically, the primary motivation behind why individuals adore smoothies is that they’re tasty. The way that they likewise happen to be nutritious is a reward. Smoothies are famous on the grounds that they give a speedy and simple route for individuals to expend the prescribed measure of foods grown from the ground they require every day. You don’t need to go to a smoothie bar for a tasty drink. You can make your own particular delectable drink in the event that you know how to make solid smoothies at home.

How Can Make Healthy Delicious Smoothie

On the off chance that you think smoothies are hard to make, you’re in for a major shock. A good blender is the main gear you have to make a solid smoothie at home. Organic products are an imperative fixing in smoothies. In case you’re feeling courageous, you can even toss in a vegetable or two.

Keep It Simple

You require a fluid establishment for your natural product smoothie. Utilize organic product juices, drain, or yogurt. In case you’re watching your weight, utilize water, green tea or low-fat drain. Some smoothie bars utilize frozen yogurt as a base. You may not need this in your drink.

Including ice makes your smoothie thicker.

Include Fruits

When you’re making smoothies at home you can add loads of natural products to guarantee that it’s solid. Include your most loved organic products. On the off chance that you appreciate bananas, strawberries, blueberries, apples and oranges, add them to your drink. You might need to begin with a solitary kind of natural product yet soon you’ll be trying different things with various organic product blends.

How Can Make Healthy Delicious Smoothie

Bananas are sweet however an insipid flavor has. They run well with most natural products including berries, melons, mangoes, papayas and peaches. Bananas give starches, potassium and vitamins. They additionally make smoothies thicker.

Include Extra Nutrition

Organic product smoothies are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytochemicals and cancer prevention agents. However, did you realize that you can make them more nutritious? The accompanying tips will demonstrate to you best practices to make more beneficial organic product smoothies at home:

Include yogurt, tofu, drain or soy drain to consolidate protein and calcium in your smoothie.

Avocado or pulverized flaxseed adds sound fats to your smoothie.

How Can Make Healthy Delicious Smoothie

For additional nourishment and fiber, include vegetables, for example, spinach and carrots. Include a little at an opportunity to get the taste and consistency that you like.

You can spare a great deal of cash in the event that you know how to make sound smoothies at home. These flavorful formulas just take a couple of minutes to make.

Citrus Berry Smoothie

  • 1-1/4 cups fresh or frozen berries
  • 3/4 cup plain yogurt
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 2 tbsp nonfat milk powder
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp toasted wheat germ (optional)
  • Combine ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth and creamy.
  • Banana Strawberry Fruit Smoothie
  • 1 banana, sliced and frozen
  • 6 strawberries, frozen
  • 1-1/4 cups water
  • 1 tbsp skim milk powder
  • 1 tbsp protein powder (optional)
  • 1 tsp flax oil (optional)

Combine ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.

4 Foods You Should Include In Your Meal Plan To Boost The Brain Power!

4 Foods You Should Include In Your Meal Plan To Boost The Brain Power!

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Who wouldn’t love to be smarter?  Whether it’s a student feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of exams, or a businessman wanting to increase his powers of memory and concentration, most of us would like to sharpen our brain’s capabilities.  In order to do this, they may try to solve puzzles, practice math, or take some classes on how to get their mind working at full capacity.

Everyone agrees that workouts and healthy eating are essential in keeping our bodies fit, so that, among other advantages, growing old won’t take such a toll on us. Just like this, we also have to work on keeping our brains up and running so they won’t quit on us in our golden years.

In order to garner all these positive returns, one increasingly popular factor in boosting brain function has been to eat the right foods. That’s right! The saying “you are what you eat” is applicable to your gray matter as well. Read on below to find out the benefits of just some of the exciting ‘brain foods’ you could be consuming to keep your mind sharp, sound and steady.

These are full of antioxidants and reduce inflammation of your brain cells, making them an inexpensive yet efficient way to combat memory loss and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Walnuts:

4 Foods You Should Include In Your Meal Plan To Boost The Brain Power!

Ever notice how a whole walnut looks just like a human brain? It’s a miracle of nature that foods good for a certain organ of the body often mimic the organ itself. Walnuts have an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain, as well as an antioxidant capability.

Simply put this result in better, sharper, and faster thinking. It also prevents cell death, which is directly linked to dementia and other worrisome brain deterioration.

  • Coconut Oil:

4 Foods You Should Include In Your Meal Plan To Boost The Brain Power!

This magic food has been venerated for its multi fold benefits, from controlling weight to removing makeup. Virgin coconut oil has been proved through lab tests to be instrumental in enhancing brain performance overall. It’s one of many healthy fats, which directly contribute to the brain’s optimal integration.

In fact, coconut oil is one of the very few substances with medium-chain triglycerides, which are an excellent source of energy for the brain, yet not easily stored as body fat. The only other major substance that even comes close to this especial benefit is human breast milk.

  • Dark Chocolate:

4 Foods You Should Include In Your Meal Plan To Boost The Brain Power!

Are you a chocolate lover? If your tastes in chocolate can be veered towards the dark, pure kind, you’re in luck! Or, rather, your brain is. Cocoa powder and dark chocolate contain quite a few antioxidants and other ingredients which positively affect the brain by stimulating it all over.

Consequently, this uplifts your mood, which is probably why eating chocolates make emotional situations easier. Stimulating brain activity means the brain is getting more exercise, which leads to less risk of Alzheimer’s and even a lesser chance of stroke. It’s a win-win all around!

  • Oily Fish:

4 Foods You Should Include In Your Meal Plan To Boost The Brain Power!

Fishes like salmon, sardines, etc, are brimming with a fatty acid that’s absolutely indispensable for full-capacity brain power and strong memory retention. These fats oil up the brain cells so that associations and links can move easily among them. It’s best to eat fish at least a few times a week.

If you can’t manage that, a fish oil supplement from a reliable vendor would also help in stimulating the brain and keeping it healthy.

In addition to these fun options, there are several more amazing foods that one can use to stimulate their brain and lead a smart, capable, long life. These include olive oil, almonds, spinach, blueberries, turmeric, eggs, asparagus, kale, kimchi, broccoli avocado, and so, so much more. Eating the foods described here could be the difference between a lethargic stupor and an active, energetic, always ready disposition. The choice is yours to make, and yours to savor!

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Laura Davidson is Dietician and a Blogger who loves to write about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She shares her knowledge about with the readers through blogs and articles. In addition, she also writes essay writing service reviews for her exceptional knowledge and experience in the field.

Top 7 Unique Mutton Dishes That You Must Definitely Try

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Mutton is one of the most popular food items that non vegetarians crave for. There are many varieties in which Mutton can be made such as the famous mutton curry and the choices lie with you. Everyone has a different taste and you need to identify yourself as to which one you like the most and make it so that everyone at home likes it. However, if you are planning for some unique mutton dishes, this might be a right time to see the 7 different recipes which you can make with the help of mutton.

Top 7 Unique Mutton Dishes That You Must Definitely Try

Mutton Curry

Mutton curry undoubtedly is one of the most popular dishes of all time when it comes to non vegetarians. You can have it with any main course of your choice and absolutely love it. The flavors and the spices included in the mutton curry are just phenomenal and it is loved by almost everyone who eats mutton. However, preparing good curry is important for this recipe as everything depends on it.

Mutton Kheema

Mutton Kheema is a popular street food which is usually had with Indian bread or pav as they call it in Hindi. You will find special stalls and street food vendors selling mutton kheema with paav and they are probably the best outlets that offer it. You can also find Kheema at upscale restaurants but they are overshadowed by some popular vendors that sell individually.  If you have not tried it yet, it’s high time that you taste the delicious item.

Mutton Biryani

Biryani is loved by many and is so popular in India that you will find it in almost every restaurant you go to. A biryani is all about getting the flavours right and once you do it; the whole recipe will taste great. But also ensure that you haven’t undercooked the chicken. Marinate the pieces of mutton a night before for the best results. Hyderabadi Biryani is very popular dish. If you are trying to make it at home then ensure that you do exactly as the recipes say.

Mutton Rogan Gosh

One of the most famous dishes that we can make from mutton is the Mutton Rogan gosh. It is very popular in the states of Kashmir and in northern parts of India. The recipe is popularly known as a signature dish in Kashmir where people make it often. You will also find it in the restaurants of the state and the taste of this dish there is authentic. Most people love the Mutton Rogan gosh and majorly they do it for its awesome tasting curry.

Mughlai Mutton Korma

Mughlai dishes are very popular in restaurants and small eating outlets in India. You can also replace chicken meat with mutton in the dish and it would still taste great. The best part about the dish is that it can be served with any kinds of combination such as rotis, idlis, dosas or even rice and the recipe would make a nice combination with them.

The Last Words

These are the several recipes for creating mutton in a new way and you can indulge in it. Each of them has their own peculiarity and it finally depends upon your taste on which one you like the most. However, all of the recipes including the mutton curry can be made at home with ease without taking any additional efforts. The next time you are confused whether which mutton dish to make, this is certainly a list which will help you to shortlist down to the best items one can make with mutton.

Cakes and Weddings Share A Relation Since Medieval Times

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Cakes are one of the most delicious desserts one can think of. People cut cakes and celebrate every happy occasion these days. It seems that without cutting a cake, all the celebrations remain incomplete.

People cut cakes on their birthdays and anniversaries and of course on their weddings. To order anniversary cakes online, one can go for the websites which offers a variety of cakes and flavours from which one can choose.


How Wedding Cakes became a Concept?

Well, it is said that since medieval times, wedding cakes have remained a part of this tradition. At first the wedding cakes were thought to be a symbol of prosperity and fertility. The wedding cakes were thrown at the bride so that she can have a fertile life after marriage.

Romans started baking a long time back where they used salts and wheat to form small cakes. There was a kind of barley bread available which the groom used to eat during the time of wedding ceremony and then he would break the rest of the bread over the bride’s head. This was believed to be a symbol of happy conjugal life together and to have healthy children in near future. The guests also have a few crumbs from that bread which meant they also want the newly married couple to have a happy and prosperous life together. It ensured a good life for the couple and also a good fortune for the children who are yet to be born from that couple. In fact, the breaking of the cake on the bride’s head also symbolized the end of their virginity and also the dominance of groom over their bride.

Through years, wedding cakes have evolved as a concept and it has also become larger and modern in making. These days, the concept of breaking a cake over bride’s head has gone almost though some parts of Scotland still hold on to the tradition. Medieval England had wedding cakes which tasted sweet and it was made form flour based ingredients. There people used to stack up small buns on the wedding venue and wanted the bride and groom to kiss each other over the stack of buns. If they were successful in doing that, it was believed that they will grow a strong bond of love post marriage.

Post 17th century, there was a special type of wedding cake that evolved and was known as the Bride’s Pie. This was filled with mince pie. Sweet breads and a simple mutton pie as well. Inside the pie there used to be a hidden glass ring. The one who got the ring while breaking the pie will be the next one to marry, was the belief of local people. Early wedding cakes looked simple like a plum cake but through years it has evolved from being single tiered simple cakes to decorate and flavouredmulti-tiered cakes.

If one wants to take a cake delivery, then they can always look for online websites which offer a variety.

6 Everyday Foods You Don’t Know Can Kill You

6 Everyday Foods You Don’t Know Can Kill You

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Just as there are foods that are good for you, there are also those that are bad for you. By bad, we mean that they could just as well kill you. So be careful what you put in your mouth the next time you grab a bite. You could would up being food poisoned, or even worse, contract a serious life-threatening cancer.

6 Everyday Foods You Don’t Know Can Kill You

As the good and honest citizens we are, we have gone out of our way to list some of the worst junk that people eat and be the death of them. Even the simplest of foods have surprisingly hostile effects.

  1. Potatoes

 6 Everyday Foods You Don’t Know Can Kill You

Surprised? You should be. If you’re a fan of French fries and mashed potatoes, you had best be giving it a second thought now. Well, not exactly. But you should be on the lookout for a green tone on your potato. It is a deadly nerve toxin called solanine.

Watch out for the green part of the potato such as leaves and stems because that is where the toxin is. In fact, the leaves contain another deadly toxin called glycoalkaloids. So be careful not to eat the leaves or even give them to the animals.

  1. Fruit, Plum, Peaches and Apricots


Fruits are fun to eat as long as you don’t come in contact with the pits in some of them. Cherry pits are poisonous as they contain a type of hydrogen cyanide called prussic acid. They’re not poisonous as a whole, but if it’s broken, then you’re in trouble. They are bitter and quite impossible to chew.

According to studies, ingesting one or two freshly crushed pits is enough to kill a 150-pound human.

  1. Rhubarb

 6 Everyday Foods You Don’t Know Can Kill You

The ingredient responsible for making pies, jams, and other desserts is dangerous? Say it isn’t so! Well, not the red stalks at least. The leaves are the ones that you have to keep an eye out for. The leaves contain oxalic acid, that too in high concentrations. Rust removal and bleach are where this chemical is found in.

The side effects that come with consuming the leaves include vomiting, nausea, burning in your mouth and throat, or worse, death. So yes, it is that bad.

  1. Puffer Fish


The idea of making an edible dish out of a puffer fish is a stunner itself. The skin and the organs are quite poisonous. According to the National Institute of Health, the toxin in the fish called tetrodotoxin can paralyze your muscles as well as cause death due to asphyxiation.

To make matters worse is that there is no cure for the poison. Even cooking doesn’t get rid of its poison. Special-trained chefs have to remove the skin, the liver, and the ovaries before they can serve the dish.

  1. Lima Beans


The fact you never ate lima beans from when you were young is not the same reason they’re on this list. Lima beans are actually high in protein, fiber, carbs and low in fat and cholesterol. But they also include a protein that is toxic, if eaten raw that is. The name of the protein is phytohemagglutinin.

It belongs to an ordinary group of proteins called lectins. Some of the lectins found in uncooked lima beans can be deadly to the human body.

  1. Castor Beans


Castor beans are the ingredients used to make special skincare products. Unfortunately, they are inedible as they contain a toxin called ricin. Eating just a handful of the beans could mean death. When making castor oil, the manufacturers have to take special precautions to ensure that none of the ricin gets into the mix.

Without that step, many of the cosmetics and lotions that you have been using could have ended your lives.

Take heed of the deadly products above to ensure that you keep from ingesting them when you see them later on in your life.

Author bio: Alice Mando is a Nutritionist at Custom Dissertation Writing Services. In addition, she is also a food blogger. With her insightful articles, she shares her knowledge with the audience about the different types of foods.

6 Most Unhealthy Foods In The World

6 Most Unhealthy Foods In The World

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By now you should know that not everything we eat is edible. As a matter of fact, some of the stuff that we are led to believe are healthy for our body, is actually bad for it. The ads we see on television that talk about the benefits from some bites are a bit more far-fetched that we could have imagined.

6 Most Unhealthy Foods In The World

If we don’t acknowledge the existence of such foods, then we could be dooming our body to a slow death. That is why we have taken the liberty of listing some of those “healthy” bites and let everyone know why they are not as such. Just because the stuff tastes good, doesn’t mean our body will like it.

  1. Fast food

Health experts have been driving this thought so many times into our brains that it should be more than apparent by now. Countless studies have shown that fast food products are swimming in trans-fat and other additives just to make the food taste good.

The worst part is that each portion multiplies those contents that can last for a whole week. Even a large french-fry from MacDonald’s is like four days of trans-fat itself.

  1. Veggie Patties

Normally veggie patties can be healthy – the problem is that most of the frozen processed versions have more filler in them. They end up turning out to be a lot like the regular burger texture rather than that of actual vegetables. The only way to ensure that veggie patties contain all of those green ingredients, it would be best to check at first.

  1. Sugary drinks

By far the single worst ingredient in the modern diet is added sugar. But there are other sources of sugar that are worse than that and sugary drinks take the cake. When people take a sip of these, the brain doesn’t even register them as food. This is the reason why people do not lessen their consumption of other foods and increase their intake of calories as a result.

If we take in too much of sugar, it can drive insulin resistance in our bodies. It is linked with diseases like heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Consuming these drinks in large amounts can result in fat gain and obesity.

  1. Fast Food Iced Tea

That is correct! Some of our favorite present beverages consist of a harmful food additive known as propylene glycol alginate. It is also used as automotive antifreeze and runway deicer. The ingredient is a food stabilizer, thickener, and emulsifier that can cause neurotoxic or cardiovascular issues.

You are better off trying cold green tea instead. The tea actually provides a lot more benefit to your sleeping routine.

  1. Energy bars

How advertisers manage to promote a product that contains more sugar and calories than candy bars is beyond us. Protein bars are just processed chemicals all joined together and nothing more. It is hard to find ones that are lower than 200 calories and 20 grams of sugar per serving.

If you want to pick up some protein bars, then we would suggest you pick those that come with fewer ingredients.

  1. Tilefish

It is often one of the worst fishes to eat due to its harmful ingredient of mercury. With how it has been negatively received, it may even be more dangerous than a shark or a swordfish. The fish is said to contain more mercury than battery acid.

If it’s fish you wish to bite, then you’re better off eating the Atlantic Mackerel.

Be careful of what you eat. Even if you’re famished, you should know what you’re putting inside of you.

Author Bio:

Katey Martin is a Blogger by profession and a Cook by passion. She keeps experimenting new culinary skills and never misses a chance to share her experience to her readers. You can follow him on Online Assignment help deal UK website and Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.

The Amazing Benefits Of Matcha Tea

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The Japanese have long been known for their expertise in all things tea, and this specially ground form of tea has ten times more nutritional value than regular green tea, making it very popular around the world. The plant undergoes special treatment from the word go, and is shaded for the last three weeks before harvest. The stems and veins are removed during processing, and the shaded period stimulates the growth of both Caffeine and theanine, which is thought to be the reason why the drinker feels calm and contented.

The Amazing Benefits Of Matcha Tea

Ceremonial Rites

Matcha tea formed the basis for ancient Japanese ceremonies that were very spiritual. This special form of tea has been around since the 6th century, when the Chinese were known to consume it. In modern times, matcha tea powder is consumed mainly for its unique taste and great nutritional properties, and each tea bud is hand-picked to ensure the best product.

Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Minerals

Antioxidants are created naturally, and in recent years, medical science has learned about the anti-ageing properties, which is why we hear so much about them. Matcha tea is ground powder, which means you are drinking the whole leaf, rather than a strained liquid, as in regular tea. The extra vitamins and minerals that the leaf contains are another benefit to this amazing beverage. Amino acids are essential for good health, and they are found in abundance in this unique blend of tea.

Quality Taste

The higher grades of matcha tea are very sweet, as the concentrated amino acids affect the flavour, bringing a unique taste to the drinker. Low grade matcha is used for cooking, and is not as sweet as the higher grade tea.

Special Grinding Process

The matcha leaves are milled very slowly, otherwise the heat from the rotating stones would change the unique taste, which means it can take up to one hour to ground just 30 grams of tea. The special process in largely responsible for the unique flavour, and the tea is painstakingly looked after at every stage.


These special antioxidants are found in matcha tea, and this is said to have cancer fighting qualities. This unique antioxidant is not found in any other plant, and it helps to prevent skin damage from UV and the pollutions that modern life brings. A daily dose of matcha tea can help restore the body’s balance, and this is why it is so popular in the western world today.

Boosts Metabolism

Matcha tea is known to stimulate the metabolic process and this burns fat, so drinking matcha tea, along with the right diet, can help you to lose weight. Other properties include a level of alertness and calmness, which is why Japanese Buddhist monks drank the tea. Theanine is present in all teas, but there is a much higher concentration in matcha tea, and it is what makes the tea so special.

Matcha tea has long been known for its medicinal properties in Japan, but today, the western world is also benefitting from drinking this amazing tea.

Indian Sesame Seeds

How Indian Sesame Seeds Fight Stress?

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If you are dealing with daily stress and don’t know what to do- then eat Indian sesame seeds. A new study has been found by researchers that show sesame seeds can put remarkable effect on oxidative stress in the body. The seed of the sesame plant was domesticated some 3,000 years ago. It is a hot weather plant, drought resistant, and was first seen in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and sub- Saharan Africa. Sesame seeds are produced in pods like pretty flower.

How Indian Sesame Seeds Fight Stress?

Do you want to see how sesame flower looks like?

Sesame oil is widely used in Japanese cuisine and seeds are used throughout Asia and its ground-up paste is used in the Middle East (tahini, a peanut butter like paste made of sesame seeds).

In the study, it is found that sesame based ingredients can help in lowering the oxidative stress, which is sort of a complicated concept. It’s like when your body uses oxygen, it also develops destructive forces known as free radicals. These free radicals play important role; they can break apart cells to create more oxygen. But if the human body starts producing more free radicals, it will imbalance the ratio between antioxidants and oxidative stress.

Toasting Sesame Seeds Is So Easy To Do

Oxidative stress is linked with all types of bad outcomes for the body- cancer, diabetes, and heart failure. Sesame seeds oil also help patients suffering from hypertension and type2 diabetes. The sesame seeds are also helpful in making digestive system stronger and bones healthier.

Black sesame seeds are also popular and used by Korean people to marinate meat and vegetables. Chefs mix black sesame seeds with cottibseed oil for deep-frying. In Africa, sesame seeds are known as SimSim and used by people to prepare many dishes such as smoked fish or lobster.

Here Are Major benefits of Sesame:

  • They have anti-ageing properties
  • Lower the cancer risk
  • Treat constipation and indigestion
  • Stabilize your blood pressure
  • Make bones healthier

Black sesame seeds can help in postponing or reversing the signs of ageing. The seeds of sesame contain vitamin B and iron and people who have deficiency of vitamin B and iron need to deal with gray hair, loss of memory, hearing loss, all of which are the indicators of ageing.

For more details on Indian sesame seeds benefits, search some articles online or have a chat with suppliers who are making premium delivery of their products throughout the world.

A Dish by Any Other Name Isn’t Quite The Same

A Dish by Any Other Name Isn’t Quite The Same

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There are some dishes that are inextricably linked to specific parts of the world. In fact, those who take their gastronomy seriously can get quite fussy over the details of where a recipe or drink may have originated from and the implications it might have regarding the taste and flavour. Take champagne for example. Beloved the world over, this celebratory fizz is oft considered the creme de la creme of sparkling wines. However, to give itself the name ‘champagne’, the drink simply needs to have come from the region of France for which it is named.

It’s a similar story with Greek yoghurt. You may have noticed the dairy shelves at supermarkets stocked with tubs of ‘Greek style yoghurt’ as, unless it originates from Greece, it can’t be called Greek yoghurt even if it follows the recipe.

So, which foods and drinks are protected by the geographical indication system in India? What should you be looking out for to enjoy that authentic Indian experience? Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Darjeeling Tea

One of the first Indian products to get protected by geographical indication was the delicious and world famous tea of Darjeeling. This region of Indian is renowned for its excellent tea-growing climate and the variation of Darjeeling tea will delight even the most ardent tea lovers. From black and white to green and oolong, Darjeeling tea can only be named Darjeeling tea if it is grown, produced and processed in the tea gardens of West Bengal. Never mind the story that Indian tea plantations were the result of stolen tea seeds from China – Darjeeling tea soon became one of the biggest exports of the sub-continent. And the quality of the product must be protected.

Darjeeling tea

2. Dharwad Pedha

India is famous for its lively, vibrant festivals. And one of the key elements of any Indian celebration is an assortment of delicious sweets. From Holi to Diwali, each celebration sports its own favourite sweet treats that are associated with the event, but there are some that are more famous in India than others. One of these treats is the luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth pedha and one of the top places to sample this decadent substance is Dharwad in Karnataka. These bite-sized fudge-like sweets are created from thickened milk and plenty of sugar – one is never enough.

Dharwad pedha

3. Hyderabadi Haleem

Hyderabad is renowned for its street food and one of the most popular, traditional options is a steaming bowl of classic haleem. This thick meat and lentil stew was brought to India by the Arabic conquerors that ruled the sub-continent for many years. Indian spices were added to the original recipe until the flavour became distinctly Indian whilst remaining true to its roots. Hyderabadi haleem is unique in that it was the first non-vegetarian dish to be protected by the geographical indication system. Truly an authentic taste of India for those that enjoy their meat.

Hyderabadi haleem

For an authentic Indian meal here in the UK, make your way to one of London’s best Indian fine dining restaurants and enjoy the innovative yet traditional menus on offer.