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Our Specialties

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When you choose a health care center, you want to know it has medical experts who specialize in the type of care you need and deserve. Working with caring medical experts is the best way to treat health conditions and improve your quality of life. The medical team in our directory specializes in a range of areas to give you the highest odds of finding someone who can meet your needs. When you come to us for medical attention on which you can depend, we promise to use the latest methods to give you the best results possible. You will know coming to Tenet Florida Physicians was the right step when you see our doctors in action.

Treatment Specialties

You can come to Tenet Florida Physicians no matter if you need heart surgery, general surgery or something else. You can count on us when you are looking for a dependable endocrinologist in Boca Raton. With more than 100 doctors in our network, we can provide family care and general treatment in addition to a range of specialized services. The experts in our directory perform orthopedic surgery and ensure the children who come to us are as healthy as possible. Our pediatric experts will make your children feel safe and comfortable during each step of the treatment process. If you have trouble sleeping or need help recovering from a sports injury, you can count on us. We are confident you will find the individual care for which you have been looking when you visit one of our locations. Dedicated to your health and overall well-being, our team will point you in the right direction and ensure you are in the best hands possible.

Moving Forward

If you are looking for one of the specialists we have on staff, we invite you to get in touch with one of our locations near you. We will speak with you to learn about your situation and needs so that we can connect you with a medical expert who will do the job right the first time. You can’t afford to take unneeded risks when it comes to your health or the health of the people you love, so reach out to us for high-quality treatment from doctors who care.

3 Ways You Can Boost Your Happiness Just By Eating Less Meat in 2018

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If you’re still looking for a new year’s resolution that will finally turn your whole life around, I have a suggestion for you.

Become a vegetarian!

Might not be what you expected, but have you ever really thought about it and how life without meat can make you happier in so many ways? You probably haven’t. And that’s alright. The society we live in doesn’t want you to stop eating meat. It’s part of the plan of big corporations, and one of the awful, immoral, unhealthy habits of the average person. So it’s just easier to do what everyone else is doing, as it’s considered the norm.

1. More fresh food.

No meat means more fruits, veggies, seeds, and good carbs and proteins. The main thing about all these is that they are fresh, and will make you feel and look so too.

The vitamins and nutrients in these foods will make your skin look better, you look and feel younger, have more energy, think more clearly, and much more.

2. A clearer conscience.

When you stop eating meat for good, you’ll feel relieved. You’re getting back to the right path, as we aren’t really meant to consume meat from dead animals. That’s beneficial not only to your body, but to your mind and soul too.

By being free from the guilt of hurting other beings, you’ll experience life more deeply now, will become happier, will open your soul, and reconnect with yourself.

3. You’ll feel lighter.

Because our bodies can’t digest meat properly, we usually feel bloated after eating it, even if it’s been a whole day. Our stomach is upset, we have this unpleasant taste in our mouth, and our organs aren’t happy about having to deal with this type of food.

But if there’s no meat in your menu anymore, you’ll feel lighter.

Overcoming Challenges that Come with Aging

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As women age, their brains slow down the production of hormones and chemicals needed for good overall wellness. They may notice that they no longer look, feel, or function the same way they did when they were younger. They might also begin to experience symptoms that are foreign and somewhat frightening to them.

While no way exists to coax their brains into making the same levels of estrogen or progesterone again. However, women may start to feel, look, and act like themselves again after taking supplements, vitamins, and hormone replacement therapy for women that they can get online today.

Learning about the Benefits

The decline of natural hormone production can potentially lead to a host of symptoms that are entirely foreign to some women. Once they reach their late 30s to early to mid-40s, women might start to experience everything from hot flashes and anxiety to hair loss and panic attacks. These symptoms often persist until a woman is all the way through menopause in her early to mid-50s.

When you cannot tolerate the symptoms you are experiencing because of perimenopause and menopause, you could find relief by taking HRT. HRT today comes in many forms from oral birth control pills to plant-based estrogen and progesterone.

Because of the risks associated with taking some forms of oral birth control pills, you might want a safer alternative for getting the hormones you need back in your body. You also may not want to have to go to a doctor to have the pills prescribed to you.

Instead, your alternative could be to get the HRT you need online. The website gives you a full product description of what the HRT that it sells can offer to you. You can base your decision to try it on the information that the website makes available to you.

Perimenopause and menopause can take a toll on your overall health. Rather than cope with the symptoms and hope that you get through menopause quickly, you could go back to enjoying life again by taking HRT that you can order online today.


Tips For Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem is the feeling or opinion of oneself and his abilities. It is very important to have high self-esteem about yourself because it can give you the feeling of insecurity as well as unmotivated. But it is mostly seen that almost all people have a little doubt about themselves. The persons who suffer from low self-esteem become the victims of depression, anxiety, anger, jealousy, etc. But there are certain ways with the help of which you can get effective self-esteem solutions. The following are some very useful tips with the help of which you will be able to improve your low self-esteem:


  • Being nice to oneself: It is very essential that you should be nice to yourself for not becoming the victim of low self-esteem. It is generally seen that there are some parents who use to compare among their children and may lead to low self-esteem to that child who performs less well than that of the others. It is generally found that negative thoughts come into the mind due to various issues due to which people become the victim of low self-esteem. But in such case, it is very important that you be nice to yourself and keeps on talking to yourself just as you talk to your friends. This method may be a little hard but it is true that if you practice this all the time then it can do it perfectly which in turn help in overcoming your low self-esteem.
  • Learn how to relax: Stress is the main reason which is responsible for low esteem. It is very essential to be relaxed and stress-free. You can get relax and remain stress-free by taking some time out of your busy schedule and doing some work or activity that gives you relaxation. This activity or action can be anything such as meditation, gaming, exercise, outing, etc.
  • Discovering and highlighting your strength: There is no denying that every person as some qualities at something. A person should discover the thing at which he is good and it will enhance your confidence. When you have a confidence in doing something you can do the work properly and accurately. In such case, no one can criticize you on what you have done. Instead, people, you praise you which will, in turn, boost your self-esteem. That is the reason why it is very essential to list down all the things that you are good at.
  • Turning negative feedback into constructive criticism: Instead of accepting criticism it is very essential to turn the negative feedback into constructive criticism. You need to challenge yourself for eschewing the negativity as well as developing a better perception of yourself. Apart from that, it is also very important that you compliment yourself and provide a positive feedback about yourself. This will not only help you to boost your confidence level but it also assists you to enhance your self-esteem.
  • Projecting a better self-image: It is very important that you project yourself to be the best. You must have a say in yourself. And if you feel that you are good then there is no need to pay heed about what others say about you. If you have a justification and convinced that you are right then no matter what others say you know that you are doing the right thing. In such case, your confidence will not be lowered and in turn, will help you in overcoming the self-esteem.

With the help of all the above-mentioned strategies, you can overcome from low self-esteem. Nowadays low self-esteem is very common in many persons irrespective of ages. It is found that due to low self-esteem the confidence level of a person becomes low and he starts to believe that he is unfit, inadequate, unacceptable, unlovable and unworthy and this result into depression which ultimately make him the victim of anxiety. That is the reason why it is very essential to come out from the low self-esteem as soon as possible and you should never allow anyone passes any comment that will heart you or which can lower your confidence level. As such you should strictly follow the above-mentioned ways that will never let you down.

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Understanding the Risk of Overdosing

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Newspapers, local channels, and the international media have all covered a story on “overdose statistics,” but understanding the terrifying reality of an overdose is very different than reading about it in your local paper.

Loved ones are often the people that find overdose victims and have to experience the trauma of reviving or losing the person that they cared about. This problem goes far beyond just the person who’s been medically impacted. It also requires emergency resources and the intervention of law enforcement; this can mean taking necessary services away from others.

Some communities are so troubled by the opioid epidemic that residents want to stop treating overdoses with Narcan—a drug that reverses the effects of opioids and stops the death of the addict. While this viewpoint is the result of outrage and extreme emotional reactions, it really reflects the frustration people are feeling.

There’s still a profound ignorance that surrounds this disease. Someone who doesn’t understand how addiction works may accuse the addict of choosing to use drugs and ruining the lives of everyone around them.

Drug use isn’t always a choice, and addiction never is. Some children are born addicted, while other people develop an addiction while taking legitimately prescribed medications. Even those who use drugs, recreationally, for the first time don’t deserve to live a life dependent on chemical rewards.

Regardless of how the addiction began, the potential for an overdose is a very real and scary risk.

What Happens When You Overdose?

An overdose occurs when a person intentionally or accidentally takes more than the recommended dose of a drug. Overdoses don’t just happen with illicit drugs like heroin or cocaine. They can happen with your everyday over-the-counter meds like Tylenol or ibuprofen.

Everything that you put in your body has the potential to cause problems when you take too much of it. When taken correctly, medications can help. When taken incorrectly, they can have fatal results.

We hear more about overdoses associated with opioids and illicit drugs because many of these aren’t regulated. A person may believe that they’re using heroin when, in fact, they’re injecting a dangerously high dose of a more powerful drug.

What happens to the body during an overdose is really dependent on the type or combination of drugs that were taken. The most dangerous types of overdoses involve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. This can impact your heart rate and your ability to breathe. Other drugs may build up in your liver and lead to disease or organ failure over time.

The body won’t be able to process the amount of a drug ingested and will respond by expelling the substance or just shutting down. Opioids and benzos can cause unconsciousness, increasing the risk of death. No matter what type of drug was ingested, though, an overdose is always an emergency situation.

The Different Types of Overdoses

As we pointed out earlier, different drugs cause different overdose symptoms. The most common chemical culprits include:

  • Heroin/Opioids- When a person reaches a level of opioid toxicity, their opioid receptors are saturated, their heart rate slows, pupils constrict, and their brain stops receiving the chemical messages that tell the body to breathe. At this point, most people are unconscious and can easily slip into cardiac arrest and death.
  • Cocaine- Cocaine is a stimulant, meaning that it agitates the heart and increases adrenaline. An overdose can lead to symptoms of a heart attack, arrhythmia, nausea, psychosis, seizures, and death.
  • Methamphetamine- The symptoms of a methamphetamine overdose can mimic cocaine but can be unpredictable due to the chemical composition of the drug.
  • Benzodiazepines- Overdosing on benzodiazepines can induce a hyper-relaxed state that slows the heart rate and depresses the respiratory system. This can lead to unconsciousness, cardiac arrest, and death.
  • Alcohol- Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. When a person experiences alcohol poisoning, their body shuts down, and they can experience hypothermia; loss of consciousness; slowed breathing; cardiac arrest; seizures; and death.
  • Sedatives/Hypnotics- These are drugs like Ambien (Zolpidem) and other prescription sleeping aids. Overdose symptoms are similar to benzodiazepines and can result in unconsciousness and death.

Avoiding Adverse Drug Interactions

Not every overdose is due to illegal drug use. There are a lot of people who take prescription medications and accidentally take their doses too close together or mix them with something they shouldn’t.

Accidentally mixing Ambien with alcohol is a common source for accidental overdoses. A person may have a legitimate prescription, go out and drink with friends, and then come home and take their medication, as usual, without realizing the risk.

Before taking anything that your doctor prescribes to you, ask them about any adverse drug interactions. List everything you take over-the-counter as well as prescription medications. If the doctor says that you have to avoid alcohol—listen to them.

Should I Get Help?

If you have a problem with addiction or have used enough recreational drugs to experience an overdose, you need to seek professional help. Most hospitals and emergency staff who treat overdose victims will try to offer treatment, but many people who overdose are in the throes of active addiction and refuse to get help.

For some, waking up with an EMT standing over them is enough to convince them that they need help. This is the best possible outcome for overdose victims and can be the difference between life and death.

If you think that you have a drug problem, it’s always better to go and talk to a professional. There’s no safe amount of illegal drug use, and all it takes is one bad hit to end your life.

5 reasons why you should install health apps in your smartphone

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Currently, our smartphones are most prized possession and it is noteworthy how much time with spent with them in a single day. With every passing day, our smartphones are becoming a medium through which we perform majority of our everyday tasks. Healthcare is one of them, and luckily, there are applications that you can install in your phone to ensure that you are doing great health wise. These applications make tedious tasks extremely easy and just a click away. The main aim is to be more informed about one’s own health that we, as individuals are better equipped to deal with our health issues. Here are five reasons for why you should be installing health applications in your smartphones after reading this article.

  1. Helps in Keeping your Medical Record

As human beings, we often forget few things related to health and that might disturb any medical treatment. Therefore, there are many applications that you can install in your phone that can track various things, like flo application helps women in tracking their menstrual cycle and informs them about any alarming irregularities. My Chart is another such application, but it can be used for your entire medical history. It also links up your family members and matches your history with them to help you in maintaining a proactive behavior towards your health. In most cases, family diseases are more common in family members, so this is a great way to keep a check on those.

  1. Helps in Updating Yourself regarding New Medicines

With increasing pharmaceutical companies, telehealth companies have also made their mark by introducing various ventures like Up To Date, which keeps you informed by telling you about new medicines available in the market. This can be extremely useful for people who are studying medicine or want to be well informed regarding the trends happening in the world of medicine.

  1. Helps in Dealing with Emergencies

Moments when we are faced with health emergencies, our or loved one’s immediate response would consist of panic. Ideally, these moments are best dealt when there is clarity, therefore, it is best if you install healthcare applications like First Aid provide you with a guide in case of emergencies and it will make you feel secure as well.

  1. Helps in Tracking Mental Health

Healthcare does not only consist of physical health, as it is much more than that. Our mental health is an important part of healthcare but unfortunately, there is little attention paid towards it. Therefore, you should install various applications like Mind Shift or Calm. These applications will help you in dealing with everyday stress and anxiety. Moreover, there are various applications for yoga as well. These not only help you with being stronger mentally but also provide flexibility to your entire body. Indeed, a multipurpose application like Daily Yoga is necessary for you and your smartphone.

  1. Helps with Fitness

Fitness is a big part of healthcare and if you are thinking about your health regime, you should include physical activities’ applications or the ones that focus on nutritional intake. What we eat throughout the day or the kind of activities we indulge in have a great impact on our lives and hence, health. Therefore, make sure that you install an application in your phone that keeps track of any kind of physical activity, be it swimming or even mere brisk walk. An application like You Are Your Own Gym will help you in customizing your own workout routine. Fooducate is another amazing application that focuses on educating you regarding your food intake.

It is important to remember that these applications are not a replacement of doctors. These applications are there to make your meetings with your doctor more productive and problem-specific. It is surely a way of reducing visits to your doctor because now you are not making a visit every time you face a small problem. These applications can also invoke a sense of responsibility in you as now you are beginning to be accountable for your own actions. In this day and age, we often do not get time to look after ourselves. We are busy in fulfilling strenuous demands of life and it often results in us treating our body unfairly. Therefore, choose a combination of the applications mentioned above or explore on your own to see what do you need out of your healthcare. Special focus should be on how these applications are contributing towards your health care.

5 Surprising Ways Eating Less Meat Can Make You Healthier and Happier

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Happily, you don’t need to totally cut off meat from your everyday diet to experience all the benefits of vegetarianism, at least to a certain extent.

 Simply eating less meat will be enough and a lifestyle change like that will make a positive impact to our planet, boost your overall well-being and give you more energy to make happy the others as well!

1. The meat we eat is full of antibiotics, toxins and chemicals.

The antibiotics used in farm animals are also “described as a major contributor to the clinical problem of resistant disease in human medicine”. (source)

By eating less meat every year, you’re guaranteed to prevent most of what can happen to your organism due to the many chemicals in the meat.

2. Removing dead animals from your diet makes you more compassionate and boost your positivity

Animal cruelty is part of livestock farming and those who say ‘no’ to it are showing our compassionate nature as humans. A meat-eater can easily forget about that. Not to mention that the toxic ingredients of the meat can interfere with the balance in the body, our spirituality and good mood.

You care for the environment, for your body and mind, and with that, you make the world a better place.

3. Less meat less stress

Multiple studies have shown that vegetarians are much happier than those eating meat. They suffer from depression and anxiety less often due to the plant-based diet they’ve learned to love once meat is out of their menu.

The diet of a vegetarian is also proven to reduce stress.

4. Meat consumption is not sustainable.

With the billions of factory-farmed animals every next year comes the need for food and water. Chemical fertilizers are used to grow the crops and more lands are occupied by the growing number of animals. Often whole forests have been cleared because of that. 

5. Eating less meat can reduce the risk of a heart disease.

The proteins found in meat, in particular, are what is harmful to our heart. While those same ingredients contained in grains, legumes and fruits and veggies have the opposite effect and give our body all it needs, even if you do sports and you need a vegetarian bodybuilding diet plan.

Once you know more about the topic, don’t be afraid to share the information with friends and family as you might inspire them too to make a lifestyle change like that and improve their well-being.

Why Do You Need to See a Skin specialist?

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There is no doubt that your skin plays a crucial part in your life. You cannot take any chance with your skin. You have to be careful about this biggest organ of your body. If your skin is not smooth, effective and fine, you might end up with different patches, acne and unattractiveness. Do you want to have a skin that is not a delight?

If you are suffering from any type of skin issues then you should definitely take a move. You should talk to skin specialists and they might help you with the best remedies. You can easily come across the Best skin doctor in Delhi and these doctors would make sure that you get rid of your skin condition sooner than you expect. Actually, you know you must surely see your general care provider first for casual skin issues. It is going to be the best place to start with.   These skin experts’ doctors can treat minor acne, rosacea, warts, inconsequential rashes, common cysts, athlete’s foot, bug bites, dandruff, and even slight, benign lesions. But if you think that you are unable to get any type of relief in the realm of general doctors then you should definitely go for special skin experts. These people would make sure that you get rid of all types of skin conditions.

Your skin is sensitive

If you think that your skin is sensitive and it catches infections and allergies in no time then to you can have a word with the professional skin experts. They would help you with the best advice. They would make sure that you get a remedy for your skin condition. If you feel that you are not getting any type of relief from your current home remedies for your skin sensitivity and then consulting the professional skin person would be the best move you can make.

Talk to professionals soon

If you are simply procrastinating and not visiting a skin specialist even when your skin is full of acne and rashes teen you are doing no good for your skin. Come on, once you have lost the charm of your skin, it would be really dangerous for your skin. You cannot simply take any chance with your skin. After all, it is all about how you preserve your skin.  Once you have talked to professionals, they would help you with the best remedies available on their shelf. Remember if you think that you would simply buy something and apply on your skin and it would be the solution then caution. Remember that every skin has its different needs. When you go to a skin specialist, he or she examines your skin and only then get you something that is effective for your skin. They would assign you a solution that is specifically for you.  After all, skin conditions are not like having one size for all shoes.


Thus, it is time that you pay attention to your skin if you are suffering from any type of uneasiness or irritation.

What To Do When Trying To Get Rid Of Sleep Disorders

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Are you facing multiple problems in your life? Do you have sleep disorders as well? Well, if you do, then you should know that there are plenty of important things that you will have to focus on so you can come up with a great solution. Make sure that you are trying to find the best remedies that will help you get rid of the sleep disorders that you are facing. If you are not sure how you can get over all the sleep problems, then you will have to go through every single detail that will help you in the right way.

Make sure that you are trying to find the best remedies and medicines like modalert to get a better idea of how you can solve your sleep disorders. Here, we will be discussing all the important things that you should do when you are trying to get rid of the sleep disorders.

Always consult the doctor

First of all, you should always consult with your doctor. If you are facing multiple sleep disorders, then you will have to focus on the things that will allow you to come up with a great solution. You can also buy modalert to avoid sleep problems. However, you need to be sure that you are always consulting the doctor first so you can avoid all the problems later on. Moreover, you will have to share your medical history with the doctor so you can get the perfect consultation from the doctor. It is one of the most important things that you need to focus on.

Use the recommended medicine

The next thing that you will have to do is to use the medicine that is recommended by the doctor. Whenever you are facing sleeping disorders, you should always consult with the doctor and use the medicines recommended by the doctor. If your doctor is recommending modafinil, then you should consider taking it. More importantly, you will have to follow the recommended dosage of the medicine to avoid all the problems later on.

Stay stress-free

493x335_sleep_rmq.jpg (400×271)

Another important thing that you will have to focus on is to stay stress-free. If you are not stress-free, then you won’t be able to get the desired outcome. It is always necessary for you to stay stress-free so you can avoid all the problems related to your sleep.

You did not Know this About Proteins

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Protein is often thought of as a homogenous substance that should be present in your diet in certain amounts, but proteins are actually key players that all have unique jobs in the body.

Proteins are crucial and involved in a wide range of functions in living organisms. The functions are as diverse as the structures, and a cell can contain thousands of proteins. Proteins are both needed for structure, function and regulation of the body’s organs and tissues. Key proteins include antibodies that recognize foreign cells (e.g. viruses), enzymes that perform all chemical reactions, hormones (e.g. insulin) that coordinate biological processes, transport proteins (e.g. hemoglobin) and structural components (e.g. actin).

What are proteins made of?

Proteins are molecules encoded by the genetic information found in DNA. Even though they all vary in structure and function, all proteins consist of amino acids. In animals, proteins are degraded into amino acids, which are then used as building blocks to produce new proteins. 9 out of the 20 amino acids are termed essential, since they cannot be produced in the organism. You thus are need to them through your diet.

Proteins are assembled by connecting several amino acids into one or more long chains that folded into a specific three-dimensional structure. The sequence of amino acids is crucial for the bends and folds in the protein, since each amino acid has unique chemical properties.

How can we analyse the protein content?

Despite being defined as macromolecules, proteins are very small and not visible with the naked eye or even a microscope. Therefore, it is necessary to apply various methods to determine the amino acid sequence, the molecular weight of the protein, and similar characteristica.  The method mass spectrometry is useful for this purpose and especially a form termed intact protein mass analysis. With this technique, the user can characterize the protein in question, e.g. during development of new medicine and in quality control of the medicinal product.

Know Thoroughly About Clinical Pilates And Their Notable Benefits

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Clinical pilates refers to a certain method of exercising that include different low-impact flexibility, muscular strength as well as endurance movements. Pilates generally emphasizes on the proper postural alignment, core strength and also the muscle balance. However, Clinical pilates are not just meant for fitness fanatics but is also an accessible way that helps in building strength in the core muscles for achieving better posture, balance and flexibility.

The word pilates was named after its creator, Joseph Pilates, the man who developed the exercises way back in the 1920s in Germany. Joseph Pilates was both a carpenter and a gymnast who invented and came up with this very idea of Pilates as an exercise program particularly for all the injured dancers and soldiers while he was living in the UK.

This man believed that both physical and mental being was necessary for any human to survive and that these two are interconnected. That is, you are not necessarily mentally well, even if you are physically fit and similarly, you are not to be considered fit physically if you are suffering from any mental illness. Thus with these ideas in his mind, he invented Pilates. In 1920s, he migrated to the US to open a Pilates studio in New York. Initially, he named it as Contrology, a name with people could associate with easily. Hence, in short, Clinical pilates is a form of exercise that helps in strengthening the body with an overall emphasis on core strength, thereby helping to improve the general fitness as well as the well being of the person.

It is clear to notice that Pilates is very much similar to Yoga, as this too concentrates on human posture, balance as well as flexibility. The only notable difference between the two being the chance of injury is comparatively lower than as compared to the other forms of exercises. Clinical pilates, like Yoga, as already mentioned, helps in focusing in achieving the mind-body connection, that is, to understand what your mind and body needs to co exist, to balance, and lead a healthy life.

As we perform the various exercises, our mind needs to be constantly aware of our breathing and also the way and also the way in which our body moves. It’s a common misconception that Pilates is only for serious athletes or professional dancers. While these groups first adopted Pilates, they aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this approach to strength training.

One of the most common misperception is that Clinical pilates needs some sort of specialized equipment to be practiced. However that is just a myth. Pilates has a common apparatus, which is popularly called a Reformer and looks no less like a bed frame along with a sliding carriage and adjustable springs, and looks similar to that of a trapeze table also. Many physicians often tell you to go and buy this apparatus but that is just a waste of money. Infact, Pilates can be done at your home also and all you need is a mat and you can practice it on the floor itself.

If you’re older, haven’t exercised for some time or have health problems, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program. Clinical pilates is no exception. Similarly, women who are pregnant should check with their health care providers before starting them. Also, Pilates is something that anyone and everyone can practice irrespective of age and weight. Pilates can be adjusted to provide a gentle strength training as well as a stability program. Perhaps, as per convenience it can be modified and provide a seasoned athlete a workout.






Understanding Sex Addiction and Finding the Path to Freedom

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Sex addiction, sometimes referred to as hypersexual disorder, is an issue that impacts many people in the United States and all over the world. While a healthy sex life is important for most adults, individuals dealing with sex addiction are not able to have entirely normal interactions with sexual fantasy or situations. That’s why many need to turn to sex addiction treatment programs to change the way they think about sex and interact with others.

Admitting to being a sex addict is difficult for many people, but it is a problem that is no different than any other type of addiction. Of course, how it is treated is often quite different, and the underlying reasons you have developed a sex addiction may be different.

In some cases, individuals who develop a sex addiction over time may also have other addictive behaviors or patterns in their life. In many cases, you’ll need to sort those out alongside sex addition treatment.

It can be scary to change your life, but beating a sex addiction is possible. Use this guide to learn more about hypersexual disorder and how the right treatment programs can help you regain a healthy day to day life and relationship with sex.

What is Sex Addiction?

understanding sex addiction can be difficult for many people since it takes on a variety of forms. The most common form of sex addiction is seeking out multiple sexual encounters in a short period of time. While it’s a highly personal issue, sex addicts all spend a great deal of time in their lives devoted to sex, finding sex, or having sex. Some addicts may also use fantasy or pornography instead of having sex with a partner.

While sex is a pleasurable thing for many people, and an important part of intimacy for couples, addicts can suffer greatly when they’re in the throes of addiction. Many may also put themselves in harm’s way to find or have sex, risking their health or personal safety to satisfy an addiction.

Are All Sex Addicts Having Sex?

It’s a common belief that to be a sex addict you must be having sex on a regular basis. While some sex addicts do have frequent sexual encounters with one or more individuals in their lives, this is not always the way sex addiction manifests itself. For some people, sexual fantasies play just as big of a role in addiction and problematic before.

For example, an individual may be focused primarily one on fantasy or sexual idea that makes it hard to have functional encounters with a spouse or partner. This can lead to problems in relationships and make sex a sticking point in both people’s lives. Some people may not be able to have sexual encounters because of idealized versions of sex they’ve developed in their minds on a fantasy basis.

Pornography is also a growing part of sex addiction for many people. The use of pornographic images may not be a problem for everyone, but addicts tend to take this behavior to the extreme. Many individuals who develop a sex addiction to pornography neglect real-life sexual encounters or spend an inordinate amount of time looking at it.

If sexual fantasies or ideas are taking hold of your life, it is possible to change your thoughts and behavior. You can obtain a normal sex life again and go back to have a healthy relationship with yourself and partner.

Treatment Options for Sex Addiction

Talk therapy is a common form of treatment for addiction. Other inpatient programs and outpatient programs may be used to help addicts stop their behavior once and for all, especially if their health is at risk.

If you think you’re a sex addict, talking to a professional counselor about your treatment options is the first step on the road to recovery.

Seeking treatment for sexual addiction can be embarrassing and frightening for a lot of people. While it can seem like the journey to a healthy sex life is going to be long and arduous, many people see significant changes in thoughts and moods shortly after starting treatment. As you change your behavior, you may find your new life more rewarding, which drives you further away from past thoughts or ideas about sex.

If you’re struggling with any type of sex addiction, reaching out for help is a smart thing to do. Professionals who understand the nature of sex addiction can guide you toward a path to a healthier life starting today.

Understanding and Treating Your Addiction

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Working towards living a life without addiction requires persistence, commitment, and a thorough understanding of underlying causes that have lead to the abuse of a substance. When you choose an inpatient drug treatment facility, it is important to know what to expect once you arrive and throughout the duration of the program, you have enrolled in. With the Lumiere treatment center, take advantage of inpatient rehab programs that focus on meeting your needs individually.

Dual Diagnosis and Evaluation

Once you arrive at an inpatient rehab facility, evaluation is the first step to determine which programs are right for you. With an inpatient rehab facility, take advantage of a dual diagnosis solution that considers the underlying causes and triggers of your addictions.

Addictions rarely stem out of nowhere, even if addiction runs in your family and is partly due to genetics. Oftentimes, addiction is caused by underlying problems such as a loss of employment, relationships, or mental struggles such as anxiety and depression. Getting to the bottom of the cause of your addiction is imperative in order to fully overcome your need to use or abuse substances.

Medically-Supervised Detox

A medically-supervised detox program is advisable if you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or any other substance that causes physical withdrawal symptoms. When you have a severe addiction to a toxic substance, it is extremely dangerous and in some cases, life-threatening to simply quit using the drug altogether. A medically-supervised detox solution provides the help and assistance of trained professionals who specialize in addiction and recovery. Ensuring the health and safety of your body is essential when you want to truly overcome an addiction on your path to sobriety.

24/7 Monitoring

Inpatient rehab facilities offer 24/7 monitoring to guarantee the safety and protection of all enrolled patients. With 24/7 monitoring, enjoy a zero-tolerance atmosphere that prohibits alcohol, cigarettes, and other substances including medication (unless they are prescribed by a physician). Zero-tolerance zones are helpful to keep patients from feeling the temptation of the outside world while also minimizing exposure to other individuals who frequently use alcohol and drugs. Without exposure to drugs and alcohol, learn to focus on other aspects and responsibilities of everyday life.

Improved Daily Routine

Establishing healthy and good habits are vital when working towards overcoming an addiction. A daily routine is a key component to a successful rehab program, whether you are overcoming an addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, or other illegal substances. Drug treatment facilities focus on rebuilding daily routines by implementing a regular sleeping schedule, a healthy diet, and various tasks, activities, and hobbies to partake in each day.

Individual Therapy

Schedule regular visits with an individual therapist once you are enrolled in a drug treatment facility. Meet with your therapist to openly discuss underlying causes and issues that contribute to your addiction to learn how to combat and overcome them. Individual therapy sessions provide relief from anxiety, depression, and any guilt or shame you feel with your addiction.

Group Counseling and AA/NA Meetings

Group counseling and therapy is also extremely beneficial when enrolled in a drug treatment facility. Group therapy sessions provide you with the opportunity to reach out to others while making new friends and lifelong support partners. Learn from others and listen to their struggles while sharing your own to feel a bit less alone on your journey to a sober and healthy life.

Attend AA/NA meetings to express your feelings regarding your treatment programs while releasing stress and tension you feel each day in a safe space. AA/NA meetings are ideal when you are in need of additional mental and emotional support among peers who have also faced similar battles as you.

Integration of Hobbies and Activities

Addictions cause you to focus solely on obtaining and using the substance of your choice, keeping you from enjoying activities and hobbies that were once considered a source of joy in your life. Enrolling in a drug treatment facility that specializes in inpatient therapy allows you to learn how to spend your time more wisely while rediscovering what is most important to you. Learn a new hobby, craft, or sport while you are in an inpatient therapy program, providing you with the ability to relieve stress while focusing on positive habits.

When you have a clear understanding of what to expect in drug treatment, feel ready and prepared to take on the challenges you encounter. With the right drug treatment program, face your addiction and overcome it to begin living a life you are satisfied with and in control of again.

Fighting Addiction

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The Long Term Effects

Although the paths that lead to drug and alcohol addiction are many, the health impacts are relatively the same. In the fog that addiction creates, it can be difficult to notice these changes in health until they’ve become dire. To examine, let’s begin with drugs and the brain. By now, it has become scientifically understood that addiction is a disease. Drugs work to remove the hormones, neurotransmitters, and other molecules responsible for producing positive feelings in your brain naturally. Because your brain is receiving these signals synthetically through the drug, it stops production of its natural products.

This becomes a problem when you attempt to go off of drugs or alcohol. Your brain no longer produces the positive stimulators, and so you are left feeling ill, unhappy, and in pain. Because your brain is naturally wired to crave pleasure over pain, you seek the source that was able to give you the positive stimulation from before–the drugs or alcohol. This becomes a vicious cycle, and you remain trapped within it unless you receive help.

While addiction can be beaten alone, it isn’t recommended, especially for those who have been users for a long period of time. Simply put, your body is going to require medical treatment in order to reduce the amount of trauma that it is going to receive during the withdrawal stage.

It isn’t just the brain, however, that is injured when you use drugs or alcohol. Depending on the drug, you may end up developing cancer. You could cause others to receive cancer if you used certain drugs in their presence. Because your body has already been weakened by the use of drugs, it may not have the strength and health required to beat off cancer, and you could be looking at suffering from a terminal illness.

More than that, drugs can actually affect your bones, too. Again, it depends on the drug used, but in some cases, the drug can make the bone density of your jaw brittle. The bone can shatter, and you could be left without a jaw. Eating and speaking become impossible, and without those two crucial acts, you’re going to be in a tough spot in life.

Being addicted to drugs and alcohol has long-lasting effects, especially the longer you use said drug or alcohol. However, just like any disease, treatment is possible.

Pinnacle Recovery

One of the places that can offer you relief is Pinnacle Recovery Center. Located in the beautiful state of Utah, Pinnacle Recovery offers a safe and elegant location for drug and alcohol abusers to beat their addiction. They have numerous programs designed for the individual so that they can be sure they’re giving the right form of treatment for each case. From individual therapy to substance abuse inpatient programs, you are sure to find the program that best suits you.

In regards to their inpatient program, they offer their luxurious location for abusers to stay and work with a talented and sympathetic medical team to beat their addiction. While there isn’t a deadline for how long you can stay at Pinnacle, as the staff wants to ensure you don’t leave until you’re ready to leave, most members typically stay around for a month to three months. In fact, the medical staff suggests remaining at least for a month, as they believe that is the optimal period of time in which a person can fully detox and start to deal with the inner traumas and triggers that set their need to use in the first place.

The inpatient program is typically for those who require extra care and attention. So, for those individuals who have used drugs or alcohol for a long period of time. To ensure their body can handle the withdrawal symptoms, staying at Pinnacle Recovery Center is their best bet for kicking their addiction for good. The medical staff can offer non-addictive painkillers to ease some of their sufferings and make the withdrawal and detox process as easy as possible.

Once the body has purged itself of the harsh toxins, you can either attend therapy individually, with a group or take part in the many other different forms of therapy that Pinnacle Recovery offers. Through a careful and individualized plan, anyone can find hope and a new chance at life by stepping through the doors of Pinnacle Recovery.

Processed Food You Should Avoid Eating

Processed Food You Should Avoid Eating

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Shopping fresh foods and making everything from scratch is what we should all do. But since most often we live far from our food sources, we often buy processed foods we can store on the shelf and thus prepare them real quick. They most often contain high amount of hidden sodium, fats and sugar, which are not good for our health.

And yes, there are some processed foods that you can actually eat like fruits canned in their own juice or pre-chopped vegetables. On the other side, the list is much longer and below you will find just some of the many processed foods you should avoid.

Processed Meat

Processed meat is the type of meat preserved by drying, smoking, curing, salting or canning. Such types of meat are sausages, salami, ham, bacon, smoked meat, canned, meat, dried meat, corned beef etc. And although these types of meat may be tasty to you, processed meat can be really bad for your health. It can increase the risk of various diseases, including heart disease, high blood pressure, stomach cancer etc.

Granola Bars

Granola bars have a great healthy marketing image, but believe it or not they are not at all healthy. They are loaded with added sugars, which actually digest quickly and make you feel hungry again in no time.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits contain good amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins. However the extra sugar added is actually high in calorie. This can add to your body’s fat store in case you eat more than your body needs and as such can promote weight gain.

Fruit Snacks

A healthy fruit snack will contain a mixture of fresh fruits, whether made as a fruit salad or a healthy smoothie. But the most common fruit snacks you all reach for are the fruit snacks loaded with high fructose corn syrup and cane sugar. These are bad for your teeth and waistline, leading to weight gain as well as increasing the risk of diabetes.

Frozen dinners

Frozen dinners are the easiest to grab for after the long day. These complete meals that get ready in minutes in the microwave are loaded with fat, sodium and sugars and can lead to weight and heart problems, as well as to high blood pressure. So, try avoiding them or at least choose organic meals.

Processed foods are bad for your health you should keep their intake on the minimum level. Always tend to go for fresh organic ingredients and try to prepare your own food.


How Can I Treat My Varicose Veins?

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Treating your varicose veins maybe at the very top of your priorities. Having varicose vein can not only be painful, but it also can affect your self-esteem. Having large, bulging veins in your lower legs makes it difficult for many women to show their legs in different shorts and swimsuits. However, treating your bangs does not have to be something that you are afraid of. For many years women shied away from having their veins treated because they thought it was painful. These women weren’t necessarily wrong. Treating varicose veins used to be a very big painful process that took a long recovery. Today however, you can expect to recover from your vein treatment quickly, and your veins to be changed almost instantly.

Vein Therapy

Vein therapy is rather common these days, and there are many different treatment options available. 20 years ago, having your babies treated would have been painful, taken a long recovery, and probably cost you quite a bit of money. Today, many insurance companies help cover the cost of having your veins treated. Insurance companies have realized that vein disorders are not only a physical problem, but they also hurt your body. Because of this resolution, many insurance companies will help cover the cost of having your veins treated.

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Determining which treatment option is going to be the best fit for you, it’s something that you have to do with your vein specialist. A doctor who specializes in veins therapy will be able to help determine what is going to be the best treatment option for you. Treatments vary depending on the condition of the person, age, activity level, and how deep the veins are.

There is no one way to determine which treatment is going to be best for you before you visit with the doctor. While there are treatment options Which seems to be much more appealing to some people, your doctors who is going to know best. While you may want to  choose an option that is quick to recover from, it may not be the best choice for your veins. You want to be sure that the option that you choose is going to treat your veins and you are going to see results.

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There is not a lot that you can do on your own to treat your veins, but there are a few things that you can do to make them less painful and noticeable at home. Standing and sitting for long periods of time are one of the reasons varicose veins form. Exercise and the right amount of rest are two of the ways that your veins can be treated well. You need to find balance is what you do everyday so you are not adding to the vein problem that you already have. It is best that you always focus on encouraging healthy blood flow throughout your body, especially if you are suffering from vein disorders.