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5 Signs You Have Opened A Phishing Mail

5 Signs You Have Opened A Phishing Mail

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Hackers are becoming more intelligent about how they contact and con innocent people out of money. As well as junk mail through your letterbox and phone calls, one of the most popular ways to hoax somebody is through a phishing email.

Phishing emails are more sophisticated than when we first started seeing them. It isn’t always so easy to spot one anymore. Here are 10 signs you might have opened one, and what you should do about it:

  1. The sender is unrecognised

You are most likely to receive emails from people or companies that you know. So, if you’ve recently received a new boiler, you might expect British Gas to contact you if you gave them your email address when you paid.

  1. You know the sender, but the email address looks different…

Some hackers are able to get information about customers from a company illegally, using the stolen data to email customers who would have no reason to doubt the validity of the email. This happened with many major companies, many of whom have responding by establishing fraud hotlines for those affected by false emails under the guise of the well-known company. The hackers contacted Wonga’s customers claiming to have a great deal on a payday loan, which required an upfront payment. Eager-eyed recipients may have noticed problems with the sender email address, though. It could be incorrectly spelt (hlepdesk rather than helpdesk, as an example). Email addresses might also have another domain such as ‘’ – which the company wouldn’t own.

  1. The salutation isn’t right

Many companies would address you personally. Be suspicious of those saying ‘Dear Valued Customer.’

  1. Misspellings

Most reputable companies will proof read their emails before they are sent out. If the text in the email contains incorrect looking sentences and spelling, be suspicious. You might want to contact the company directly to find out whether they actually sent this or not. (If so, tell them to sort out their English spelling and grammar!)

  1. The content of the email wants to provoke a financial response from you

Many phishing emails want one thing – your money. The email is therefore likely to ask for a ‘small payment’ in exchange for ‘a larger payout’ which you obviously do not receive. Some phishing emails may also try and play on your emotions or reference God or another deity, which you should be very suspicious of. Most reliable companies would never do such a thing. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

For more signs that you have opened a phishing email, look at this handy article.

So, you’ve opened a phishing email, what to do now? Firstly, don’t open any attachments (they could contain viruses). Add the sender to your ‘do not trust’ list, and block them. You may also consider contacting the company the phishing email is attempting to identify as so that they are aware of the potential threat and can deal with it properly.

5 Reasons Why Desktops Are Forever

5 Reasons Why Desktops Are Forever

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When the pioneer of modern computer said that the days of desktop Pcs are numbered, he unveiled the replacement in the form of iPad. It has been over a decade since his statement, but still people tend to prefer using desktops compared to laptops and other mobile tablets. However, the release of Windows 8 RT tablet may change the scenario which Steve Jobs predicted.

Even though it is an intriguing proposition, but the prospect of these mobile devices destroying your desktop is still something that you might never witness. If you think that I’m making a bold statement here then, the following points might change your opinion as well.


This point is the pinnacle decision maker when people are comparing two things to buy from. And buying or upgrading a desktop is a cheaper affair, then doing the same to a laptop. So, in order to finish the market share of desktop, Laptop manufacturers need to produce quality products at a cheaper rate which is not a likely scenario.


This point is somewhat conquered by the smart tablets. However, when it comes to high-end machinery, people prefer to invest in desktops instead of a laptop for fulfilling their requirements be it for gaming purpose or running sophisticated software. The processors integrated into your desktop is far more powerful than the one integrated into the motherboard of your laptop and times more powerful than the ARM processor of any mobile phone or tablet.

Multiple Device Connectivity:

The limitation of a laptop is tested, when you need to connect multiple hardware to your device simultaneously, for example, a keyboard, a mouse, USB handset and a pen drive. Since there is limited space available on your laptop, that is why you can connect only a few external drives at a time, which is not a case with a desktop.

Larger Screen:

With a laptop, there is a limitation of the screen size. It can be as big as the laptop, or you need to connect your laptop to an external screen if you intend to watch a movie, play some game or for some work. You may be surprised to know that working on a larger screen actually enhances your productivity. That is why most of the offices around the globe have systems installed in their offices instead of giving a personal laptop to each member of their team.

User Specific Design

Instead of buying an already available version of laptop or desktop, you can build your own desktop from scratch. It can have the features and specifications that you want in it. Also, if any particular hardware malfunctions, you can get it replaced or altered without disturbing the rest of the configuration, which you can’t if you own a laptop. Even though they too can be repaired and upgraded but then you need to change the entire motherboard for even little defects.

Don’t get me wrong. Even I’m super crazy about the latest smartphone and tablet, but as long as desktops are built cheaper, more powerful, durable and versatile they will continue to have a space of their own in our world, and that’s the hard truth.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard 6.0 Review

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard 6.0 Review

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Many users may use the Windows built-in disk partition manager to organize their hard drives for better operation speed and performance. However, some advanced partition management is unavailable. So third-party partition manager software is still a great need. If you’re still hunting for free partition software for hard disk and partition management, the newly released AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition from AOMEI Technology is a nice choice.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition is an all-in-one partition solution and disk management freeware that offers pretty much all features the average user would need to manage their disks and partitions. Based on most users’ feedbacks, the AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 6.0 fixes the previous bugs perfectly, such as fixed issues: system is unable to boot after OS migration; display Code: 12 when performing partition operations under PreOS mode; display Code: 2 – failed to assign a drive letter; the program stuck at System Updating; progress display when performing partition operations from command prompt. Besides, more new features and functions added, some of which are chargeable in many other disk partition software, for instance, enhanced GPT to MBR disk conversion: support to convert a GPT disk that has more than 4 partitions to MBR disk. Fully clone system disk between MBR and GPT partition styles and ensure system is able to boot from destination disk (e.g. clone system disk from GPT to MBR, MBR to GPT, GPT to GPT, and MBR to MBR).

With its magic features, you can resize/move, merge, split, copy, create, delete, format partition, align partition, hide partitions, convert between GPT and MBR, wipe hard drive/partition, and repartition hard drive without losing data or corruption. The built-in step by step Wizard Guides allow you to quickly and easily finish complex operations including copying partition, cloning entire hard disk, Extend Partition, Convert NTFS to FAT32, etc. All thanks to the stable partition recovery wizard, the lost and deleted partition is not your problem any more. The OS migration wizard empowers you to migrate OS to another hard disk including SSD and HDD without reinstalling OS and applications. Creating bootable CD wizard allows you to create bootable CD or USB flash drive in a few clicks only. You will not worry about the situation of OS crash any more. Moreover, with the Windows To Go Creator wizard, you can install your customized Windows 8 or 8.1 on removable USB flash drives and external hard drives to boot it from any computer on which you want to use Windows 8 or 8.1. You don’t have to buy Windows 8 Enterprise Edition to create a Windows To Go USB drive. The main interface as follows, is very clear and straightforward.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard 6.0 Review

Overall, as a personal experience with this tool, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition is an excellent freeware disk partition utility with good reputation among worldwide users. This freeware is compatible with both 32 bit & 64 bit versions of Windows operating systems, including Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7 (SP1 supported), Vista, XP, and Windows 2000 Professional. You can partition hard drive Windows 10 or resize Windows 10 partition at your choice with just a few clicks. To be on the safe side, you’d better make a backup of your important data before modifying your disk partition jus in case if something goes wrong.

Time Management Mistakes To Avoid

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Do you often feel as if there is a never ending list of work waiting to be completed? Do you have difficulty meeting deadlines and following schedules? Do you wish there was a way to easily balance multiple responsibilities?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then may be missing out on opportunities to practice effective time management. Missing deadlines and struggling to keep to a schedule are clear indicators of ineffective time management. In addition to the toll this may take on your morale, poor time management can also lead to a decrease in work quality.

A person who successfully manages his/her time usually is able to produce excellent work while maintaining reduced stress levels. So how what are some common mistakes that contribute to ineffective time management?

  1. Not Maintaining a To-Do List

By maintaining a to-do list, you can prioritize your tasks on the basis of urgency. Furthermore, this list will make it easier to track all of the tasks that are pending, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. Once you make a to-do list, keep cross checking all the entries and update the list regularly. There is an art of making a to-do list. Use specific wording when creating your to-do list, and include any factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as deadlines or the involvement of other team members.

  1. Not Prioritizing

In a workplace, prioritizing your tasks is of paramount importance. Determine the order of priorities using parameters such as importance, profitability and effort required.

  1. Lacking Focus on Personal Goals

Setting a goal will always make you realize the steps required to achieve that goal. Establishing goals will give you a vision to work towards and will make it easier to distinguish between what is crucial and what is a distraction.

  1. Inability to Manage Unexpected Emergencies

If you are not managing your time properly, any unexpected occurrence may hamper your work. However, if you have a set plan that also includes “extra time” to account for any unexpected situations then you will be able to account for these surprises while still effectively meeting your planned deadline.

  1. Multitasking

It is a common misconception that multitasking can increase productivity and efficiency. However, splitting focus between several tasks often leads to a poorer quality of work and requires more time than focusing on efficiently completing one task would. If you concentrate only on one task at a time, you will actually reduce the amount of time spent on tasks and increase the likelihood that the task is completed in the best possible manner.

Project Planning Software The Key To Knowing Where Everyone Is Headed

Project Planning Software The Key To Knowing Where Everyone Is Headed

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What is the key to having a quality project in a timely manner? Planning. Any smart business owner knows that if you want to strive as a company, it takes the ability to plan effectively. If you are noticing that time is a commodity that you are running short of, instilling project planning software may be the key to getting things back under control and to get everything running smoothly again. Project planning software allows you to get everyone on the same page, assign responsibility and to anticipate any problems that may arise along the way. Ensuring that you are always on schedule, it can both increase customer satisfaction and your bottomline.

Many are opting to have non traditional workplaces which means that team members not be in the same proximity to work on their piece of the whole. That has the potential to not only hire better workers but to also increase production. The back draw is that when people aren’t working in the same workspace, it is more likely that communication can suffer and so can project planning. With software that helps everyone to understand what their responsibilities are, it becomes easier for everyone to be on the same page and to complete their piece of the whole.

If you don’t know where you are, how do you know where you are going?

A good project plan is imperative for both the quality of a project, and the timeliness of it. If you don’t outline what the steps that need to be taken you are opening it up for more error. By clearly communicating the process to completion to everyone in the team, you are more likely to keep everyone on task and progressing toward the same goal.

Whether you have one person working on a project or two hundred, a good plan is the only way to get to the end efficiently. When there are many steps along the way to completion, if you don’t have them outlined, it is pretty simple to miss one. When you have safeguards in place through an overall plan, the process becomes much less complex and completion becomes much easier. When you can’t be there in person to keep everyone on task, it is smart to have a system of checks and balances to ensure that you are all on the same page and that each understands how their part relates to the whole.

Working remotely has given the workplace and the individual many advantages, the only thing that has suffered is the ability to communicate. That is where project planning software comes in. Making effective project plans for completion, it makes it more likely that you will be able to maintain control and end with a product that has the quality you demand and is completed within the time constraints outlined. Project planning gives you the road map to get where you need to be, and allows everyone to be on board with the overall plan.

Top 5 Upcoming Mobile Phones In 2016

Top 5 Upcoming Mobile Phones In 2016

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2016 is a very lucky year for the mobile users because the renowned companies are launching their best Smartphone in upcoming year i.e. 2016. Only few days are left in the start of a new year, so people are very keen to know about the best and appropriate Smartphone for them which include all the features and specifications as well as come under their budget. Here, are the lists of 5 Smartphones which are going to be launched in 2k16. Mobile users are desperate to know about 5 upcoming mobile phones in 2016. They also look for the brand because lots of mobile companies are launching their best mobile phones in 2016. Here are the top 5 Smartphones:

Samsung Galaxy S7

Everyone knows about Samsung, it is one of a best mobile company. In 2016, a company is launching one of its best product i.e. Samsung Galaxy S7. The releasing date is not confirmed but it is estimated that it will launched in the month of Feb or March in 2K16. Firstly, it will be launched in USA, Brazil and other countries and after that it will available in India and it is expected that it will available in India from the month of March or April and its price will Rs. 70,500 in India.

Top 5 Upcoming Mobile Phones In 2016

Oppo Find 9

Oppo Find 9 is a next big flagship Smartphone by Oppo’s company. It is estimated that Oppo Find 9 will be launched in 2016, the specifications of a phone are ultimate. Its RAM, camera, inbuilt memory, each and everything is too good.

Top 5 Upcoming Mobile Phones In 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Another device of Samsung will be available in the market in 2016. It is expected that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be available in the market, a couple of months after the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S7. It is estimated that it will launched in the month of August or September as well as it is also estimated that it has edge technology which will be completely different from the other devices. The users will definitely get edge technology with high tech specifications.

Top 5 Upcoming Mobile Phones In 2016


M10 will be a successor of M9, HTC will launch highly upgraded product HTC M10. The launch date of HTC M10 is before March 2016. It will be a best phone in all the series, HTC is known for its premium Smartphone. It will have innovative design which would be different from other. Overall, the features and specifications all are good and it is expected that it will loved by the mobile phone users.

Top 5 Upcoming Mobile Phones In 2016

Nokia C1

Nokia, everyone knows about it. Nokia is one of a best company in the telecommunication world. Now, Nokia is going to launch Android 5.0 Lollipop based Smartphone known as Nokia C1. People are looking for the best Smartphone from Nokia. Features and specifications all are exceptional and the price of a Smartphone is not decided but it would be less than Rs.20 thousand. These are the top 5 Smartphones which is going to be launched in 2016.

Top 5 Upcoming Mobile Phones In 2016

Why Guest Blogging Is An Advantage

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Simply put, guest blogging is the art of writing blog posts or articles for other websites. In other words, you are basically posting as a guest. There are a large number of websites and blogs that require originally written and authentic posts on various topics that are relevant to the website. Your blog can benefit from this practice because the content is also relevant to yours and has a link to your website in it. As the importance of content to search engine optimization is rising, guest blogging is also gaining importance. This is due to the fact that this practice can offer you a horde of advantages.

Some of the Prominent Ones are Discussed Below:

  • Establish Authority

A website can only become relevant and popular when it publishes quality blog posts. When authoritative and well-written blog posts are published, a website has the opportunity to establish itself as an authority on the particular subject. The search engine crawlers love websites that offer authentic content. When you or your hired blog post service is guest blogging on sites known for promoting original and quality content, you will earn the reputation of a quality writer and establish your authority in the industry.

  • Link Juice

If a website doesn’t earn anything, it is of no use at all. When you host a website, you are utilizing resources such as time, money and your efforts. Guest blogging is an excellent way to earn some revenue and also give your blog higher rankings in search engine results. How? Search engines look for the quality of links that direct visitors towards a website. When these off page links are on relevant blogs and websites, your chances of getting ranked on the first page of a search engine are higher. When you guest blog on websites that are similar to yours, you are boosting your rankings through quality backlinks.

  • Social Networking Perks

Linking your content is important in today’s advanced and web-based age. Readers discuss your guest posts and discuss them on a variety of social networking forums and platforms. This will enable your blog to get more exposure, as people will share your guest post and help you go viral. Again, this can benefit you in terms of SEO and help you in creating brand awareness.

  • Branding

Guest blogging is an excellent way of developing your brand name and authority. Typically, everyone has content and ideas and they just need a platform for telling people about it. This is exactly what guest blogging can offer you. This practice ensures that you are sharing your content with readers who have a genuine interest in what you have to offer and you are able to establish your brand in this way.

  • Encourages Reciprocation

Guest blogging can help you in forming a community of writers. You can guest post on other blogs and let others do the same on yours. When you let another blogger or blog outreach service publish on your blog, it is helpful in drawing more traffic and visitors to your blog and you can also offer variety to your own audience.

MariiaLvovych is a freelance writer, entrepreneur and owner at, and Get Reviewed blog advertising platform.

Importance Of Framework While Developing A Web Application

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When we hear the word Web Application, the first and foremost thought of most of the people is that it’s something related to computer programming. Well, according to Wikipedia, web application is defined as, ” a client-server software application in which the client (or user interface) runs in a web browser.” I can safely that this is something that you might not have been able to relate to so easily. So let me try and break it down for you, so that you may have a better understanding of web application.

Websites are of 2 types, static and dynamic. You must have observed that some sites update and reload every couple of seconds, such as those of Wall Street, Banks, News agencies, or social networking. They are dynamic sites updating every few seconds.

Then there are those like blogging sites or NGOs which are static in nature, and they update only when the pages are pulled down or a replacement page is uploaded to the server.

The web application is a server-side programmed dynamic website. Now you might question the use of such websites and the reasons behind making things so complicated? Well, the reason is simple, earlier when you used to communicate online you used the service of chatrooms, but if I ask you about the last time you visited one, you won’t have an answer to it. Similarly, to make things simple and exciting for the users, coders and designers prefer web applications that are more user-friendly, generate results to the user’s browser while connecting the user to the back-end database based on their query. Web Application is most suitable for online banking, reservation, E-commerce, social networking, etc.

Instead of talking about the technologies behind the web application, let’s talk about the importance and benefits of developing an application based on their framework.

Web application framework is not much different from the framework of your house or body. However, since it is an online web based industry, then the brick and mortar of this building are program libraries. They are a collection of most preferred and commonly used functions and routines, which can be modified with ease and saved separately to avoid programming the whole thing from scratch. They are developed for the ease of coders, developers and programmers when developing new and innovative web applications. The complete web application framework consists not just of libraries but also of various designing tools and components and an architectural framework as well. Just like you need a blueprint to develop a building, every web application is developed on its blueprint as well.

The best approach towards designing a web application is when it not only helps you to streamline the entire building process, but also helps you in designing and developing the website according to the intended plan. Also, if you have developed a code for a unique concept, then you can reuse the code for other web application that you are planning to develop.

Other notable benefits of framework include:

  • Web designers are not dependent on the programmer if they intend to update and make changes to the web application.
  • The programmer is able to make the necessary changes and implement complex functions without disrupting the working of the present web application. It helps develop a reputation for the developed application.
  • Coding standards and logical decision are easily designed and developed if the programmer has a set framework at hand.
  • Also, if you have an addition of other programmers, they can catch up with the work process with relative ease so that the company can utilize their expertise for the betterment of the application.

Cyber Threats: Are You Prepared?

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Over the past few decades we have experienced a boom in technology. This invariably led to the start of the new business revolution. Companies and businesses started relying on various forms of technology to conduct their daily activities. The internet has now become a core part of every company’s working mechanism. This is essentially because the internet helps to streamline your business and makes communication with clients so much easier. It is known to improve the company’s efficiency, increase business and reduce the mailing expenditure.

Cyber Threats: Are You Prepared?

We however have started taking the internet for granted. We use the company internet without a second thought. Many people will wonder why this is a problem. The reason is simply because we fail to realize that the company uses the internet for its business transactions. This makes the company network an essential storehouse of information. Almost all of that information is confidential information! This confidential information is stored on our company computers (and sometimes even on the internet) and can be accessed by using your company internet connection. That’s the reason why it is important to evaluate how safe your company WiFi system really is!

For those of you who are still wondering why this is important… Remember the Sony hack? That is a prime example of what could happen to a company even with a proper Cyber security plan in place. Most online hacks don’t make it to the headlines like the Sony hack did. If your company does make it to the headlines (for a cyber hack) then be prepared for a lot of trouble as no client likes their loss of confidentiality and you definitely will not appreciate the loss of company data.

So How Does A Cyber Hack Affect You And Your Company?

Every company which is worth their salt is earning some form of revenue. If the company has revenue pouring in from its clients, it invariably means that the company has a lot of the client’s payment details. These details include credit card information and bank account information. This information is the primary target of hackers.

Another thing that hackers find interesting are trade secrets. Some companies have trade secrets which are related to the merchandise they sell. For example a fast food company may have a trade secret recipe which they do not let out. Hackers can find access to such data too.

What Happens To The Information That The Hackers Get Their Hands On?

Individuals or organizations that hack into company networks make their living out of stealing data. They hold the data at ransom till the company pays up. The situation can get far worse than that! If the data is really important, they may even auction it off the data to the highest bidder or even your competitor.

At the end of the day, irrespective what information the hackers take, you know that you are going to have a hard time managing the situation after that.

What Can A Company Do To Prevent Such Instances From Happening?

It is virtually impossible to ensure that your cyber security is foolproof (a better way of saying it would be hacker proof!). A good analogy would be preventing a fire in your office. You can ensure that all safety measures are in place. You can even set up an emergency response plan but can you really be 100 percent certain that there will never ever be a fire in the office? In the same way, you can setup your company systems in such a way that you provide the best form of cyber security but you can never completely rest assured that all your company data is safe. It is just one of those risks that is associated with using the internet in the workplace.

The key to preventing a Cyber attack is knowing your risks and working towards preventing anyone from exploiting them. A good solid IT security plan should be drawn up to protect your assets. Consider investing in a good Cyber security software. Remember a stitch in time saves nine. A Cyber security software is not something you want to skimp out on! It will in fact be the lifesaver that you may one day be searching for!

The internet is a really powerful tool. No one can deny that it has helped businesses advance a lot in the past few years. Though using the internet has a lot of advantages, it is also wise to remind yourself about the risks associated with its use. Most people do not even acknowledge the full extent of cyber threats. That however is the biggest mistake that a person/company can make. Be forewarned and proactive!

Cloud Based Solutions For Boosting Performance Of Insurance Agents

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Insurance agents are always on the go. They have to be connected to the world all the time, while being able to sell and provide services to their clients. Besides, the insurance marketplace is regularly changing, as it gets added with new regulations. The productivity of your agency depends entirely on the individual performance of each agent. You have to embrace the most efficient methodologies and systems to ensure that your business keeps growing. Besides, there are many other operations to manage, including accounts and finances. Insurance agency can be one of the most complex businesses to run if you don’t have the right systems. This is where technology comes into the picture and helps your workforce deliver their best services.

Insurance Agents & Cloud Technology Solutions

Today technology plays a crucial role in everything we do. A few clicks is all that is required for getting access to valuable information and for communicating with anyone in any part of the world. Cloud technology has revolutionized the IT world, and it can help insurance agents in further boosting their performance and efficiency. In this article you will find the best cloud solutions that can help you improve your insurance business.

SharePoint Hosting: Insurance agents deal with critical information and files all the time. They have to share complex files and communicate with each other and their back-office teams to ensure that their clients get customized and best-possible insurance products. With SharePoint, all these requirements can be easily availed on the same platform. This cloud based solution allows you to share, collaborate and communicate easily with each other.

The cloud based solution allows insurance agents to develop their own site on the cloud in simple steps. You can store and share all the information on this site (on the cloud). In other words, you can carry all your files and documents wherever you go. It will be accessible in a few clicks.

You may also use your cloud hosted site for managing documents or communicating with your team members. All your documentation could be stored in a central location, from where you could edit and provide the required information to your clients.

Benefits of SharePoint Hosting

A major advantage of using the SharePoint 2016 Hosting is that it eliminates the need for remaining confined to your desktop. You and your team will be able to access, edit and share files from anywhere. Insurance agents have to deliver their services on the go, and this can be the perfect solution for you to facilitate your tasks. Besides, there is no limitation as to the device on which you can access your files. You and your team may be using different devices like iPhones, Android, BB, or Mac systems. This cloud based service will allow everyone to collaborate, communicate and share from any device.

This will have a big impact on the productivity of your business. Check for more information about this cloud based solution.

Virtual Desktop: Insurance agencies want to achieve highest level of productivity while keeping their overhead costs low. Virtual desktop can help you achieve exactly this. This cloud-hosted virtual desktop will allow your teams to access the virtual desktop from any location and on any device. It will allow your agents to work in a free environment where it is not essential to be confined to the office.

Virtual Desktop Free Trial provided by Apps4Rent enables access to all types of applications on your virtual desktop. Your team can access your applications remotely over a browser or Remote Data Protocol (from any device with any operating system).

Besides, the cloud desktop allows your insurance agents to access all the resources (devices like printers) attached to the local desktop. It also allows you to control access permissions for your applications so that you can give different levels of access to different employees. The cloud service offers total safety and high level of reliability. All the data is backed up daily so that you can restore it in case of any disaster. You will also get 24 by 7 customer support for any kind of assistance. Visit for more information about this cloud solution.

Save Online Live Educational Webinars With Movavi Screen Capture For Mac

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Educational webinars online are a great way to hone up your knowledge on your subject. The virtual world brings in scores and scores of live educational webinars on any subject- be it science, maths or language- where you experts explaining the problem areas for a better clarification. It’s not always possible to reach up to these experts personally and hence educational webinars are a great learning resource for every student out there today. Do you too look forward to these educational webinars online? Well, that’s great and these webinars help a lot when you are in a distant learning course where you can’t meet your professors physically for a one on one discussion.

But what if you can’t manage your schedule according to the streaming time of a much awaited webinar online? These webinars don’t come with repeat telecast facility and hence you won’t find the same webinar online later. However, no need to freak out as today you have Movavi Screen Capture for Mac which is a leading screen recording software that will capture the live webinar for you and save it in your Mac device- so that you can check it anytime when you are free. The article here offers a short note on the Movavi software.

To start with, the Movavi software is one of the most recommended names when it comes to screen recording software programs these days. Movavi itself is an award winning software maker and hence you can always be assured of a premium product from the brand. The Screen Capture software allows the Movavi users to record a webinar or any live streaming online video according to his particular specifications- regarding frame rate and recording area. It is extremely easy to use and your primary computing skills would be handy enough to operate it.

Then, the Movavi program comes with an in-built timer. Just set the recording duration on the timer and it will automatically stop recording once it reaches the specified limit. You can even grab screenshots while the software is capturing the streaming online webinar video.

The Movavi software would not just record your video but would also trim the unwanted parts for you, if needed. You will be able to convert the recorded video in any popular video format and even into any major mobile-phone format. The software supports all the popular mobile phone presets so that you can easily watch the webinar right from your new smartphone.

Finally, the Movavi Screen Capture for Mac is equipped with the advanced SuperSpeed technology that enables it to save the videos in seconds. It’s just a breeze to work with the Movavi program. For more detail on Movavi, click


A Quality Dedicated Server Hosting Firm In India Will Offer Secure and Reliable Hosting

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Shared hosting is the hosting option of choice for a large number of organizations whose websites do not generate considerable online traffic. Shared hosting is inexpensive and to a considerable extent effective as a single physical server hosts hundreds or in certain cases even thousands of websites. However, despite its own distinct sets of advantages shared hosting fails to respond appropriately to growing website traffic. Shared hosting setup is inflexible; clients have less control over, and it cannot cope up with dense traffic or sudden surge in network traffic usually witnessed during festive or holiday seasons.

Dedicated hosting is an advanced form of hosting where the resources and power of the entire server are reserved for a single website. A well-known and reputable dedicated server service firm in India can help you deal with high traffic websites with utmost of ease. A complete and reliable support for your dedicated hosting services will be provided by a team of expert professionals to ensure consistent performance.

Some of the primary features of dedicated hosting and the advantages associated with along the benefits of hiring the services of a quality dedicated server services provider in India are enumerated as following:

Dedicated Server Hosting Defined

A quality provider of dedicated server hosting services in India will offer you the resources and capabilities of an entire server thereby ensuring guaranteed resources and utmost security and control. Your website performance remains consistent despite heavy online traffic as you are not compelled to share server resources like bandwidth, memory, RAM, etc with other websites. There is no risk of your website crashing or slowing down owing to dense online traffic.

Additionally, reliable and trustworthy dedicated server services provider in India with their enterprise grade servers, round the clock support and OS patching facilities among other things can ensure that your website becomes integral to your online revenue generation.

Few important benefits of dedicated server and the benefits that can be had by looking for a quality dedicated server provider in India are listed below.

Entire server and its resources reserved for a single user: When you opt for dedicated server hosting, you are assured of having the resources of the entire server at your disposal. Any bad scripts running on another website or sudden rise in network traffic will have no bearing on your website’s speed and performance.

Dedicated hosting offers higher levels of reliability: Sharing a physical server with other users carry considerable amount of risk. This is not hard to decipher as you may not have the requisite bandwidth or processor speed to match high incoming traffic as these resources may be consumed by other users. With a quality dedicated server firm by your side you will have all the system resources allocated to yourself thereby ensuring that your website is never denied access to the resources it needs for optimum performance.

Dedicated server hosting is secure: A dedicated server rates high on security factor and guarantees maximum uptime for your website. Since you are not sharing the server space with anybody else, the chances of your website being becoming a victim of some malicious content or spam is more or less negligible. Nobody has access to your server thereby efficiently eliminating any security threats or breach.

Why Corporate Data Verification Services Gaining New Heights Of Popularity

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Employees are considered to be the strong foundation that helps in building a great organization. That’s the reason why it is quite imperative that businesses must undertake effective recruitment practices, including pre-screening of job applicant. It is undoubtedly an investment for prosperous organizations as it helps in inhibiting forth coming problems.

Albeit, the staffing scams are on the rise, searching genuine and proficient talent in quick time has become bit challenging for businesses of all sizes across different industry verticals. It involves huge volume of expenditure and one need to stay in compliant while lessening the possibility of hiring a wrong candidate. This is something that organisations, regardless of size, must always focus on during the recruitment process.

Well, the jeo pardies of on-boarding candidates with counterfeited resume, falsified education certificates and criminal pasts can badly impact successful operation of your organization and may even create bad reputation.

Comprehensive data verification services for background checks have become essential for businesses to get hands on unbiased info or opinion from at third party verification professional agency, before offering any formal appointment letter to an unknown entity.

Data verification service

Is something that is suggested for all personnel. As per the estimates, it has been revealed that near about 35% of the applications and resumes submitted by the job applications contains forged or false information. Job responsibility, educational qualification or designation is exaggerated. However, there are numerous economical solutions guaranteeing exhaustive employment inquiries by third party verification mavens.

Through this post, we shall learn about why corporate data verification services have gained new heights of popularity amid businesses across the globe over past few years.

It goes without saying that there have been rising instances of resume frauds even at senior levels positions, which has indeed been the driving force for the businesses to seek assistance from data verification services providing firms.

These firms assist you from providing basic background verification reports mainly comprising of candidate’s name, job title, tenure of employment, reason behind leaving, eligibility for rehire and salary history to criminal history record check and permanent/temporary address details thorough check.

Here are some of the featured services that you can leverage by outsourcing data verification services to third party inquiry agency:

Comprehensive employment history check

This provision of the data verification services can help you fetch complete information about applicant’s previous employment history. The verification specialists exhaustively look for information such as job responsibility, designation, salary, award and other related achievements. Apart from this, they even provide you report contains applicant’s performance parameters. This majorly includes in depth roles and responsibilities, communication skills, professional strengths and weaknesses, inter-personal skills, time-management skills and much more. This way you can be assured with the fact that the information furnished by the candidate you planning to take on board is genuine or not.

Criminal background check

Verification specialists put in efforts to probe on identity check. This way they are able to find out whether the candidate who has applied for job opening has ever been involved in any heinous crime or not. An in-depth investigation is carried out to ensure that the candidate has presented you with correct information or not. It has become quite imperative to do so. Growing number of crimes as well as terrorism across the globe has made it really significant to get the complete verification done and only then hire any person in your company.

Temporary or permanent address check

In this provision of data verification services, data verifiers goes for field visit and enquires about the applicant from their neighbors to get a clear idea about candidate’s background.

Education verification

This type of third party verification is recommended most of the times when you are filling up any senior position in your company. For instance, if you are planning to hire a marketing manager then you needs to get the information related to the institution from where he or she had completed their education are right or not. In order to check this, the data verifiers connect with institutes, colleges and schools to confirm whether the certificates furnished by the candidate are correct or not.

Drug and abuse check

This is one of the most critical aspect of the data verification services. Do you think about having drug and abuse free work environment in your company? If yes, then you must consider outsourcing verification services to a reliable agency. This way you will be able to reduce workplace violence, reduction in theft cases and even lower rate of absenteeism.

In a nutshell, the only solution to these rising problems is to get comprehensive background check through robust data verification services, rather than turning blind eye to this critical aspect of the recruitment process. If you tend to do so, possibilities are high that you may end up hiring wrong candidate and have to bear the consequences of the same in near future.

Why I Prefer Shopping Online For Laptops?

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Laptops are the products of science which are really playing a good part in our daily routines. We need laptops to perform different tasks. Even our study is incomplete now without the use of laptop. Our office work, home work, study, class work etc. are not devoid of the use of laptops. Programmers, software developers and computer engineers are fully dependent on laptops for their work and job. Students also use laptops for completing their assignments and making notes. In the short words, our lives are incomplete without laptops.

Laptops are such devices which are required to be long lasting and well performing. We cannot compromise on the work and quality of a laptop because sometimes our career is depending upon this machine. Students find it very hard to make assignment without laptops and employees feel it very bad is their laptop is out of order. So I always suggest such laptops which are really reliable and perform well. There are different models and versions of laptops now depending upon their features and usage. High quality laptops are expensive due to their long lasting life, durability, processor speed and Ram. Everyone has a right to use good quality gadgets and the solution of buying high quality gadgets on reasonable prices is “online shopping”.

Some people think that online shopping is expensive but reality is different. And some people think that it is fraud but dear customers, online shopping is not fraud always. Fraudulent activities are promoted by the silence of customers so always write a comment tor review about the performance of any online shopping site. Online shopping has a benefit the online shopping stores timely announces different sales and discounts to promote their products. These discounts and sales are possible due to the coupon posting sites like CrackCoupon.  Crackcoupon has collaborations with India’s best shopping websites like AskMeBazar and Snapdeal which enable the customers to buy best quality laptops on best rates.

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There is good news for customers that CrackCoupon is now offering best discounts on the purchase of laptops and customers can easily get the askmebazaar coupons and snapdeal coupons .There are no chance of fraud and misbehave at CrackCoupon because they always respect their customers and understand the requirements of the customers. So why are you waiting for getting the huge discounts on high quality laptops? If you really want to buy a laptop then do not wait and visit CrackCoupon now.

Galaxy Note 6 vs Note 6 edge

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Samsung galaxy note 6 is one of the most powerful next generation mobile devices, and it is set to be launched in 2016. Its release is much anticipated by fans of the Samsung galaxy note series. Although it is just about 4 months since the release of note 5, there is already a lot of anticipation for note 6. With 2016 less than a month away, new rumours about the release date, and specs of Samsung galaxy note6 are coming up daily. Its predecessor Samsung galaxy note 5 was launched in august this year and had its own fair share of rumours before its release.

While the actual release date or specs are yet to be officially confirmed, most of the rumours around the web are, that;

  • The display screen size of the device will be increased to 6 inches
  • The device may be released sometime around august to October 2016, as its predecessor the note 5 was released in august.
  • Micro SD slot will be re-introduced to the note 6.
  • The note 6 will be the first in the note series to have a 4k resolution.
  • It will run on the new android 6.0 marshmallow.
  • It will contain a USB type c.

There won’t be much difference between the galaxy note 5 and 6 in terms of screen size, as note 5 differs from note 6 with about 0.3 inches. The slight increase might be because of the 4k resolution being introduced to the note 6. It’s quite difficult to predict the release date of galaxy note 6, as the note 5 is still quite fresh in the market. But using the same system of prediction as its predecessors, it should be released as stated above between august to September 2016. External SD card has been a part of the galaxy note series, since the launch of galaxy note in October 2011. The external SD was removed with the launch of galaxy note 5, and this was kind of a problem for the 32 GB user, because with all the new features added to the mobile device, the memory of the device was a letdown as the 32 GB internal memory was not enough to fulfill their needs. With the new features being added to the galaxy note 6, the external SD will be re-introduced for all users.

Galaxy Note 6 Edge

Galaxy Note 6 Edge, the latest confirmed entry by Samsung in its flagship Note series, is indeed a delight for gadget freaks with a thing for technology innovations; the phablet boasts of a 16 core processor which can include both Snapdragon as well as Exynos in SoC, along with a possible 6 or 8 GB RAM ensuring high-end multi-tasking. The display is a mammoth 6-inch foldable canvas with 4K+HD resolution, and a 27MP/8MP dual camera with upgraded sensors. The previously welcomed 32, 64 & 128 GB storage capacities are expected to be retained with a possible external MicroSD feature. A non-removable 4000 mAH battery with fast charging capacity is certainly a cordial welcome. The gadget is expected to be delivered with a stock Android Marshmallow 6.0 version, which indeed is a feature that tops the cherry over the scoop of delicious sundae of awesomeness that this flagship piece, bound to silence all critics, will bring about. Enthusiasts and critics across the entire Smartphone spectrum are going to go gaga over monstrous beauty and overload of all that one could desire in a device they practically live with. Release dates expected is around Q3 in 2016.

Every year there is a lot of excitement regarding the release of the Samsung’s flagship Note series. This year also right from the time Note 5 hit the markets rumours about Galaxy S7 and Note started making rounds. Though there is still a lot of time for the release of the phone as according to the early rumours it may be released in November 2016 but the phone is looking very powerful and high end.

If we compare Note 6 to the present generation Smartphone then it’s going to be the most advanced and may also introduce the era of foldable Smartphone to the market. It is going to have a 8 GB’s of RAM and will be having the most advanced 16- core processor from Exynos family.

Display wise as mentioned before it will have foldable display which will provide 4K resolutions. As today’s generation is selfie crazy Samsung may introduce a powerful wide lens 16MP camera on the front and a revolutionary 30 MP camera on the back.

Another important feature that Note 6 will have is USB C-Type and fast charging function. As per early reports it would be able to charge up to 40% in as many as 4 mins. Though this are just some rumours a lot more will be revealed in coming times.

The Best Technology Gadgets Of 2015

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Today we live in a technology era, where we love to spend more of our time with our most preferred gadgets and modern devices. The upcoming technology and gadgets have totally captured our mind and now we cannot imagine our life without them. If we look back into the past, we will realize that video cassettes have been replaced by the MP3 player and cameras by smartphones. Soon we will experience more wonders of this technology which will give us an experience of living in the fictional world. Most of the work will be done in less than a second and the day is not far when your newspaper will read the news to you, every morning. Such is the impact of technology that has made people smarter. Needless to say, soon we will enter into the robotic age where most of the work will be accomplished by robots, performing surgeries on humans being amongst one of the latest example clearly justifying the arrival of the robotic era.

The Best Technology Gadgets Of 2015

The most important and widely used device of this era is the smartphone. You must have noticed that almost all the people holding a smartphone gives them an opportunity to play games and interact with their far distant relatives through Skype or Whatsapp. With availability of efficient mid-range smartphones, many people can buy them as it falls under their expenditure budget.

These smartphones have enabled them to try most of the things which otherwise they wouldn’t have. They are able to shoot selfies and make videos of some events like immortal actions in their everyday life and then send them to other people, thus helping people become aware of mishaps, well in advance. One of the features worth mentioning is that it is your gateway to enter into e-commerce. By using it, you will be able to handle your business through this smart device.

Apart from smartphones, Windows phablet is seizing the world in its clutches with surprise. Phablets resemble small tablets meeting both the requirements of slate and a smartphone. In the market, excellent budget Windows phablets are available and one can buy according to his requirements. These phablets have a big screen with impressive display system.

Excellent budget Windows phablets have made millions of people enjoy the advantages of phablets and needless to say, with Windows support, they are able to explore and learn new things. It has brought entertainment in the life of people. You can expand its memory with an SD card. It also helps you in sharing files between the 2 devices.