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Windows 8 Account: Tips to Make it as Secure as Possible!

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Windows 8, the new OS released on October 21, 2012, represents the biggest change to Microsoft’s operating system since the launch of Windows 95, aiming to improve its user experience on mobile devices, say, tablets, to be more practical and competitive when fights with other mobile operation systems like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Among all these new features, the changes on logon authentication methods attract many attentions.

top windows 8 security tips tricks

Firstly, the account in Windows 8 differs. You can have a local account as in other systems, and you can also have the other account ¨C Microsoft account. Besides, in Windows 8, every user is enabled to log in to their local accounts through three different means. Except for the traditional text password, they are allowed to log in through picture password and PIN code, which are regarded as a useful way to reduce the likelihood of Windows 8 password recovery when forget them. So, with these new account features, what can we do to make full use of these new features and then make Windows 8 PC as secure as possible?

A local account is the same as any account you’ve ever used to log in to a Windows system. It grants you access to the system’s resources in your own user space. It can be an administrator account as well as a standard account. Normally, in order to protect local account security, users tend to create a user name and password for it. An administrator account has the ability to change passwords for any other account. Therefore, if you are not the admin account, make sure the admin account is reliable. Besides, since each account can be allowed to create a text password and also a picture password or PIN code, try to make full use of this feature. When you create your text password, try to make your password at least 8 characters long with complicated combination of uppercase/ lowercase letters, special symbols and base digits. You shouldn’t use the same passwords of other account as your login password. Try to make it unique. For the picture password, the gestures for your picture password shouldn¡¯t be a common one. You also need to keep the screen of your Windows 8 clean. Once there are smudges on your screen, it is possible that your gestures can be revealed from the fingerprints.

Microsoft account is a rebranding of any of a number of previous accounts for Microsoft products. If you’ve ever had a Microsoft Passport, a Windows Live ID, an Xbox Live account, a Hotmail account, or any other Microsoft related account, then you’ve already got a Microsoft account. It allows you to log in your Windows 8 devices through any of these accounts. A Microsoft account uses an email address rather than a username to log in. In order to secure your Microsoft account, we have a lot of measures to take. Here are four suggestions: Firstly, you should put thought into your Microsoft account password. You’d better make your password 16 characters long and make it complicated. Anyway, password recovery for Windows 8 is much easier than the process to reset Windows 7 password. You can also put numbers and symbols at the beginning or middle instead of the end. Though Microsoft recommends users add as much information as possible. I don’t think it’s a good way. That’s fine until someone breaches their security and is logged into your account with full access to all of it. Also, make sure to check the email address associated with your Microsoft account often so that you can monitor changes to your Microsoft account.

Choosing Among The Different Types Of Audio Conference Calling Service

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Audio conferencing is one of the indispensable communication systems today. It is also referred as voice conferencing or teleconferencing. It is very helpful in various businesses and organization. With the advancement of technology, more and more people are now taking advantage of audio conference call service because it is not only highly effective, but as well as cost effective too.


Businesses both big and small acknowledged the importance of voice conferencing services for it is an effective communication line among significant people in the company including directors, managers, business executives, and employees. Through the use of audio conferencing, the company will be able to save time and money by simply cutting the cost of travel related to business meeting.

Different options to choose from

              1. Buy an audio conference bridge

This can be a very good option, but the only problem is that the conference bridge can be very expensive. If the business has enough money to purchase one, then it will be good. However, most companies don’t want to spend large amount of money just for a conference bridge.

2.      Purchase service only

With this option, you will only be purchasing the service. Hence, you will not be responsible for the maintenance of the conferencing system. A lot of audio conferencing users prefer this option because it lets them choose audio conferencing program according to their business needs and budget. In other words, you will only avail the service you need and pay according to your usage.

Types of audio conferencing

The audio conferencing is basically categorized into three: the dial in service, reservationless, and operator assisted type. Each type will be thoroughly discussed below.

Dial-In Audio Conferencing Service

With this type, the participants will dial a predefined number. Right after successful dial, the participants will then enter a specific pass code via the touch tone telephone. The participants should dial the correct pass code for it will serve as a permit to enter the conference call.

Reservationless Audio Conferencing Service

This is the most popular type of audio conferencing service. A lot of people are using reservationless conferencing. What makes this type special is that it functions automatically. Everything is automated and is readily available anytime. People working in the sales industry use this type for it allows them to easily set up a call with their prospects. Companies also use this in conducting meetings with their staff and employees.

Once you sign up with this type, you will be given a toll free dial in phone number as well as two pass codes. The first pass code will be used the host of the conference while the latter pass code is to be used by participants. If you want to be connected to the conference call, all you have to do is to dial in and enter the pass code.

Operator-assisted Audio Conferencing Service

This type of audio conferencing service is ideal for important corporate phone calls. It is the most superior among other types. What made this type unique is that it can make use of the preselected services offered by the provider. As a result, you will have a smooth sailing and professional audio conferencing. Operator assisted audio conferencing can hold an audio conference call with hundreds of participants. You will be confident hosting the call knowing that an operator is there to safeguard your call.


Author Bio

Idania Silvia is a technical writer with years of experience writing articles about different types of conference call services such as video conferencing, web based conferencing, and audio conference call. Idania is an online marketer too and she uses audio conferencing in marketing her business.

The Ultimate Guide to an Ultrabook

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As laptops and other portable electronic devices get smaller and smaller, new ground is being broken in the form of innovative products that are changing the industry. Personal computers gave way to laptops, which gave way to netbooks, which have been supplemented and, in some cases, replaced, by tablet computers.


Between laptops and tablets, though, there has emerged a new innovation presented as a compromise between the best features of both sides. This type of computer is known as an ultrabook — a super-sleek computer that’s been stripped of extraneous features without sacrificing quality. Ultrabooks have increased in popularity for a number of reasons, and they’re expected to grow in popularity in the coming years.

If you’re in the market for a new laptop computer, an ultrabook may be just what you’re looking for. Here’s a quick guide to help you understand this computer and why it might be your best option.


Ultrabooks are smaller by design — typically no more than 0.7 inches thick when closed and weighing less than 3.1 pounds. This makes this computing choice highly portable and even competitive with tablet PCs — an important innovation for laptops that seek to be competitive with competition from both sides.

Battery life

With less weight, fewer moving parts and the latest computer technology, ultrabooks are designed with efficiency in mind. Not surprisingly, their batteries tend to be very good. Most ultrabooks have batteries that run for about eight hours before needing to be charged, which is great since the typical computer user will be on the move and without constant access to a charger or electrical outlet.


As the one-stop solution for those torn between tablets and laptops, ultrabooks offer a unique feature by being convertible. The vast majority of these units feature removable touch screens that can be detached from a keyboard and used as a tablet. That’s a big incentive for anyone who wants the functionality of both platforms but lacks the budget to invest in both products.


Ultrabooks typically come with touchscreens — an essential feature on tablet-convertible models — which further improves mobility and functionality. Prospective buyers can take time to test out the quality of a touchscreen, including its responsiveness, to make sure a given model is exactly what they’re looking for.

Voice Recognition

Apple’s Siri is only the best-known voice recognition technology. Many other computers and software creators are integrating similar technologies into their products, giving voice recognition capabilities to these cutting-edge devices.

Improved security

Mobile security concerns are a very legitimate question mark for prospective computer buyers. Fortunately, mobile security has improved dramatically over the past few years to provide a level of security on par with any computing device. Consumers can rest at ease knowing that devices geared toward mobile functionality won’t be a step behind traditional computers when it comes to security matters.

The ultimate decision in your computer purchase will depend on what devices offer the features most important to you. But ultrabooks have demonstrated an ability to cut out the unnecessary fluff and give computer users a product with everything they need. This isn’t the same as computers stripped down to the bare bones — your ultrabook can be a high-quality piece of machinery, and it accomplishing that by focusing on what really matters.


The Ultimate List: Free Apps for your BlackBerry Smartphone

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Mobile phones are getting cheaper and cheaper, and nowhere is this more obvious than with RIMs latest BlackBerry pricing strategy. RIM got in the game with a new line of affordable BlackBerry prices in April 2012. Nowadays, the best BlackBerry price will hardly cut into the average budget at all and free apps abound, making buying a BlackBerry smartphone feel even more of steal. Here’s our list of golden downloads to get the most from your BlackBerry mobile phone.

Opera Mini

This BlackBerry Internet browser takes advantage of Opera’s hallmark compression algorithms to speed up your navigation online. It compresses pages down to 10 percent of their original size, which means surfing is faster and will cost you much less in mobile data. It truly is a must.


The ubiquitous king of online idea saving, Evernote allows you to organize snapshots, audio notes, files and text, using the free app’s excellent tagging and sorting features. If you’re still toting round a crumpled Moleskine notebook, consider checking Evernote out: it will even be able to make your handwritten notes searchable. How cool is that?!


Getting places shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. That’s the philosophy behind amAze, the free go-to satellite navigation app for BlackBerry devices. Don’t let the non-existent price tag of amAze fool you: even local weather notifications are conveniently built right in.

Drive Safely

Siri and Google Voice aren’t the only ones having vocal fun. Drive Safely will read your text messages aloud, and can reply with set texts. Since operating a mobile phone whilst driving has crept up the ladder of more serious and potentially fatal crimes, it pays to take a bit of caution on the road. But downloading Drive Safely is a good way to be safe on the road, and is another great essential free app.


Facebook seems to believe that it is leading a global revolution in everything, right now. Sit and bask in their innovative glory while receiving communiqués from friends, family and another five hundred people you don’t actually really remember. Facebook’s BlackBerry app integrates straight into Contacts and Calendar, meaning you’ll technically never have an excuse to miss an event – or forget a name or birthday– ever again.


How much Twitter do you want? Loads? More? Much more? Here’s an app for you, then. Offering geo-tagging, photo uploads, Google Talk integration, nearby-user-finding and a small button that claims to destabilize the Australian dollar (!), this free BlackBerry application offers quite a bit of social power to its users.


Unfortunately, India has been left out in the cold by free music streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and Slacker. So, you’ll need another way of building and maintaining an online music collection. Enter Shazam – an incredibly advanced music recognition service designed especially for you. Download it to your smartphone for free.

Blocked Traffic

Addictive and now a BlackBerry classic, Blocked Traffic proves that the very best puzzle games are really the simplest. Offering all the fun of another well-known rearrange-the-blocks game, here’s an example of casual gaming at its minimal and no-cost finest.

Ka-Glom (free for a limited time only!)

Tetris meets Bomberman in this retro-inspired puzzle-‘em-up. Squillions of modes and generated levels make for infinitely addictive gaming fun. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Price of BlackBerry Z10 Leaked in the Market

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Some of the mobile handsets which are going to be launched in the first half of 2013 have already created a craze about them among the mobile lovers. Among these handsets Black Berry Z10 is going to be launched in the current week and this is no doubt one of the best.

Already it has become a topic of discussion among the mobile lovers. The brand name Black Berry has already created the magic. Besides, some of the wonderful features which this mobile handset is really special and some of these features have already been leaked into the market.

BlackBerry Z10In some of the images published by press people could see that the look of this smart phone. The look was just splendid as one can expect from Black Berry. Mobile lovers also came to know about the operating system of this mobile handset.

However, at that time nobody was aware of the price of this mobile so there was some confusion. However, now from the inventory of one of the most famous retailer a screenshot has been released and from that one can come to know about the price of this new mobile handset.

According to that screenshot the new handset from Black Berry is going to cost £ 480 which is almost $760 and obviously it is quite reasonable to spend for such a wonderful handset. The screenshot clearly shows the price of the white variant in its database. One can get some of the other necessary information about this new handset of Black Berry from this database also.

Well, the price which has been leaked will be applicable when there will be no SIM attached with this handset. Now because of some offers and discounts from the company the mobile lovers may get this handset in much lesser price.

Most of the features of this new handset from black berry have been leaked out already before the release. Now people have also come to know about the price of this handset. Now, one thing it has done for sure that people are only keen to see those features after the release of the device.

However, Black Berry needs to reveal something new time to time before the release of this handset to continue the hype; the device has already created in the market though they don’t have many things to share as new things. It can be little problematic for them is well.

This mobile handset is going to be launched on the evening of 30th January. BlackBerry authority can face some problems to create a greater hype for this handset on that evening because there is not much to announce. The reports about all its features and price are already in the market.

Still, it is expected that this handset will be sold in large numbers, especially in the very beginning. Later it has to compete with some of the most awaited handsets from Apple and Samsung. However, as a mobile lover you can enjoy this competition because you will have some brilliant choices for buying a mobile phone this year.

Gadgets – An integral part of modern life

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Life is changing rapidly and gadgets are becoming an integral part of life now a day. People are using them not only to do their various necessary daily works, but those have become the helpful things for the entertainment purpose also.

This year Christmas the young Americans proved it again. In the previous year’s crackling fireplaces used to take a crucial part in the Christmas. The days are changing. Most of the people now have mobiles or tablets with Android and they are using android applications to enjoy the Christmas. The blue, soft electric glow of the iOS or Android devices created a wonderful ambience on the evening of Christmas.

Many other people were at home but still enjoying their Christmas wonderfully. They were busy downloading the new apps from their devices. Now, having new apps in their device is quite entertaining for them. Now they share the quality time with the family on the holiday staying at home and getting enjoyment fully with the help of their tablets.

A data has been released by the analytical firm Flurr on CNET cites. According to that data the activation of devices has increased rapidly on an average on the Christmas day. Before it was 4 million and now it has become 17.4 million on the day of Christmas. The percentage of increase is just incredible. It is a 332% hike on a single day. 6.9 million Gadgets were activated on the Christmas last year. This year it has become doubled. It is quite clear from this statistic that people have become almost addicted to tablets and mobiles and their apps.

This year another very crucial thing has happened. It seems that day to day iPads and tablets are becoming more popular as gadgets. Samsung Galaxy tablets and iPads are being sold in huge numbers in recent years and it has surpassed the demands of mobile handsets. It has happened may be because these tablets are new gadgets and people like them more to have than the mobile handsets.

Now downloading the apps in their new gadgets have become a craze for the tablet users. 20 million apps are downloaded in an hour worldwide, to enjoy the experience of having a tablet. It is quite clear that, people like to download new apps and there is always the flow of new apps from the app making companies.

Well, it is quite strange that how the app companies come to know about which one is becoming more popular. According to Flurry there is software attached with 260000 apps or more to analysis the popularity of them in the market. It can easily detect the activation of 90% apps of Android and Apple iOS.

Therefore, it is quite clear that the app companies are very much able to know what applications are making you feel happy with your tablets. It also clears the fact that in recent years more apps will be developed which will make the gadgets like iPads and tablets more and more popular.

What an iPad POS SystemCan Do For Your Business

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If you are looking for a way to switch things up in your business, consider iPad POS systems. These are streamlined sales devices that allow for a lot more freedom than a traditional POS. This system can bring your business to an entirely new level and provide you with every tool you will need to successfully get it all done in an organized and efficient way.


Customer Service

This system is portable so your sales associates can make ordering and paying far more convenient for your customers. This system can be brought right to restaurant tables or through the aisles of a store so that customers never have to wait in line to pay and take their purchases. If you put a few extra apps on your system, you can have your entire inventory placed right onto the iPads so that it works as a catalog for customers. Sales can be made right on the spot, making shopping faster and easier for all customers and happy customers will come back so this will also boost your sales.


Employee Training Will be so Much Easier

Most people today are rather tech savvy. They can pick up a new device and figure out the basics within a matter of minutes and within a day or two they have mastered the device. Well, this rings true for the iPad too. Anyone who has used a smartphone will find that the iPad is incredibly easy to learn and navigate. This will make employee training easier and shorter, and in turn, save you a lot of training dollars. Instead of needing a trainee train for a week or more, it will only take a day or two so they can get out on the floor faster working to boost your sales and keep your customers happy.


The Device is Eco-Friendly

With this device, you can email receipts to customers, saving miles of receipt paper every year. You will also save on printer ink which is very green because the improper disposal of ink cartridges causes tons of hazardous waste every year. These devices also require far less energy to run.

Say Goodbye to CD’s and DVD’s and Hello to High Definition

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While CDs and DVDs were a dramatic improvement on the audio and video formats that came before them, these too have been upstaged by changing technology. You may still have CDs and DVDs in your library, but how often do you listen to music or watch video on them? Today’s technology offers so many ways to listen to music and watch video and many of the new methods are technologically superior to CDs and DVDs. Welcome to high definition; CDs and DVDs, please exit to the right.

CDs vs. MP3s

MP3s generally offer comparable audio quality to CDs. The average listener will probably not be able to tell any real difference between a CD and a high-quality MP3; sound quality differences are generally only audible when the MP3 has a low bit-rate and is generally of poor audio quality. Where MP3s really have the win is with competitive pricing.

Not only can you purchase MP3s for 99 cents, you can purchase an entire album for pretty much the same cost as purchasing the CD. Because the MP3 is born digital, it’s easier to burn tracks to a CD or upload them to portable music players. Gone are the days of running with a bulky CD player clenched in your hand or loading up a six-disc player with music for your dinner or dance party. Gone also are the days of caretaking for a large CD library, carefully placing discs back in their jewel cases and running out to buy a replacement or trying a home hack when your favorite CD ended up scratched.

DVDs vs. Blu-Ray

If you enjoy the convenience of streaming music, streaming video offers much the same for movie and television content. You can watch streaming video on a smartphone with apps like Hulu, Netflix and YouTube or you can watch on your computer by visiting the equivalent websites. Learn about nearly anything you want, find fitness routines or catch up on your favorite television shows online, all for little to no cost.

Those who like watching movies at home and don’t embrace streaming video may be happy with a Blu-Ray player, which offers an upgrade to DVD ownership. High-definition resolution makes colors, background and people’s facial expressions pop in a way they don’t on DVD; you feel as if you’re really right in the world onscreen. Additionally, there are none of those poor colors and orange complexions found too often on DVDs. With high-definition TV being fairly standard these days, Blu-Ray video really allows you to take really optimize the its potential. In comparison, DVDs have a maximum resolution that’s less than half that of Blu-Ray players, which mars the HDTV’s potential. Many households already own an HDTV and the number is sure to grow, which makes the Blu-Ray player more of an entertainment center necessity and less of a luxury item. You don’t have to give up all of your DVDs for Blu-Ray discs; the player is capable of supporting both formats.

With holiday steals to be found online and in retail stores, now is the time to pick up a Blu-Ray player and a selection of discs. As HD movies become more popular, prices will continue to drop and the technology will become more affordable. Make the switch to modern media now!

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Choosing the Right Features for Your Laptop

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If you’re sputtering along with a decade-old laptop that looks more like a Stone Age calculator, you’re bound to get to daydreaming about buying an updated model. And for good reason: Laptops have come a long way even in the last few years. But if you’re clinging to an outdated model, this progress makes it all the more likely that you need to move on and invest in some better equipment.

Once you decide to take the leap, you’ll be thrilled with the options currently out on the market. Laptop prices have dropped considerably in recent years, making cutting-edge technology more accessible to the average consumer. There are a range of laptop types and features that make it easy to customize a model to get exactly what you want. If you’re not even sure what options are out there, here’s a quick-and-simple breakdown.


Portable computers come in a variety of forms nowadays. In addition to larger, traditional laptops, many computer manufacturers have introduced Netbooks — smaller, lighter, more minimalist forms of computing. These laptops come at a lower cost but lack the high-functioning features that many computer users may desire.

Although they aren’t “laptops” in the strict definition, tablet computers are another type of lightweight, portable computer that are becoming more popular among consumers. However, these devices lack some of the functionality of regular laptops, so many consumers choose to use them as a supplement to their other computers.

You’ll also want to consider the exterior and style of your laptop. While choices like color may be strictly a matter of personal preference, some consumers prefer exteriors made from metal alloys over plastic or other materials because of the increased durability.

Hybrid drive

One of the big new innovations being seen on the laptop market is the introduction of hybrid drives. These drives employ a dual technology that improves upon hard drives of the past, delivering more storage and greater uptime and data recall speeds. It’s a must for any laptop user.

Video quality

HD video is readily available on the Internet via streaming, so most laptops made today are equipped with the necessary video capabilities. You will probably want a computer with an HDMI connection that can link up to other televisions or screens, as well as a computer screen with a high-definition LCD display.

Memory card reader

This feature doesn’t add much to the cost of a laptop, but it will make life much easier for you. With a built-in memory card reader, you can easily remove memory cards from digital cameras and other devices and plug them into your computer, making the transfer of photos and other files faster and easier.

Backlit keyboard

Ever work in dark or dim areas? LED backlighting on your keyboard improves the efficiently of the laptop while easing the strain on your eyes.

Audio features

Sound can vary greatly from one computer to the next. Make sure your laptop has premium audio capabilities before you make the purchase. But regardless of the system’s specs, it’s worth your time to test out the audio yourself.

Touch pad

Toting around a mouse is a hassle. If your laptop has a built-in touchpad, you can enjoy all the functioning of a mouse without having to carry around an extra accessory. Plus, most touch pads nowadays are equipped with multi-touch functioning, which expands their capabilities beyond what a mouse can provide.


Video chats and conferencing are becoming a staple form of communication in the digital age. Most laptops have built-in webcams, but the higher the quality, the better the picture you’ll enjoy.

In the end, you may have to choose some features over others in order to get the laptop you want at a price you can afford. Take time to review the various features and establish a list of priorities based on your lifestyle and how you use your computer. And then, with your preferences chosen, you can begin the hunt for a brand-new laptop.


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Top 5 Stylish Gadgets of the Month

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From budget accessories to stylish PCs, there’s a world of fascinating products at your fingertips.

 1.       Cyborg F.R.E.Q. 5

$150/£94.11 (

The Cyborg R.A.T. line of gaming mice has cemented the brand’s reputation as a formidable presence in gaming peripherals. Although the hard edges, angular look and exposed wires won’t be to everyone’s tastes, they are in keeping with the aesthetics of the rest of the Cyborg line. The short cable comes with two long attachments – one that you can plug into a USB port, and another that plugs into a standard 3.5mm jack- so you can use it with an MP3 player as well. The headset is quite a tight fit, but feels comfortable, even after you’ve been wearing it for quite a while. Sound quality is good, though a slight lack of detail gives the overall sound a warm feeling. Volume can be controlled via a roller on the right ear cup. It’s quite precise, so you’ll need to roll it quite a bit to make any particularly noticeable changes to the volume, which can prove annoying. A noise-cancelling microphone is also included, and works really well. This is a great stereo headset for gamers, but music fans might want something with better clarity.

2.       iStorage diskashur DT

£219 for 1TB (

While many USB sticks and external hard drives come with their own encryption software to help you protect your data, very few go to the lengths of iStorage. Not only does this drive come with ‘military grade’ 256-bit AES hardware encryption – making it all but impossible for people to see and access your data without a password – but it also features a built-in physical PIN pad. Before someone can even access the folder, they have to type in a six to 16 digit PIN. Admin features are included that let you set one admin PIN code and 10 user PIN codes.

The drive itself is encased in a sturdy shell, with a hole for a Kensington lock to be attached. The USB 3.0 interface is welcome, as the extra speed this gives makes transferring large files quick and painless. It’s certainly more expensive than other external drives, but the extra security features and excellent build quality make this a worthwhile investment if you’re concerned about the safety of your data.

3.       Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go V3 USB Drive 16GB

£25 (

Unlike other USB 3.0 drives we’ve seen, the Store ‘n’ Go V3 doesn’t come in a flashy casing that screams ‘look how high tech and fast I am!’ Instead it has an understated plastic shell that won’t win any design awards, but does a good job of sliding over the USB 3.0 connector to keep it protected. Of course it’s the data transfer speeds that we’re interested in, and the Store ‘n’ Go V3 managed a fast but unremarkable 87.2MB/S average read speed, and a write speed of 20.8MB/S. Although these are a lot faster than USB 2.0, they’re not the fastest USB 3.0 speeds we’ve seen. We also noticed that it took a short while to reach peak speeds, whereas other USB 3.0 drives begin transferring data at the fastest speeds possible almost instantly.

4.       Gyration Air Mouse Mobile

£70 (

Gyration licensed out the motion technology inside Nintendo’s Wii Remotes, so it’s not too surprising that previous versions of its Air Mouse have felt a bit like using the console. While broad and exaggerated movements are all well and good when playing games, if you’re using a mouse to control your PC then you’re going to want a little more control.

The latest version comes with improved precision, both in the air and on the desk, with a new laser lens. The MotionTools software (available as a download) lets you assign gestures to common tasks, and each program can have its own set. The improvements in sensitivity and the reductionin price are very welcome, and it’s a great gadget for presentations, demonstrations and yes, even games. _

5.       Fanny Wang 3000 Series

£249 (

The latest premium headphone designer to come out of California is making a play for the Beats crown with the premium Series 3000 range. These over-ear monsters have active noise cancellation (ANC) that works extremely well; we were able to enjoy music in a busy office, even at low volumes. You also get normal listening and bass boost, although for ANC and bass boost you’ll need to equip the Series 3000 with two AAA batteries.

If you have iphone or ipad you can visit  for reviews of best iphone tough cases.

Private vs Public Clouds

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Many people believe that when it comes to cloud computing they need to make a decision. Put their data on a public cloud where they can store lots of information at a low cost, yet have more security concerns or choose a private cloud where they have less ability to scale quickly but their information is more secure. But cloud computing is quickly moving forward, which means the days of all or nothing choices, such as public vs. private cloud computing, are simply no longer necessary. Companies carry several different types of data, and some information is more sensitive than others. Through elastic cloud computing platforms, like VMware hosting, data can be better balanced between both types of cloud computing in order to provide both efficient and secure storage across the board.

So if a public cloud is more economical as well as more powerful, why not simply use this type of space to store data and save money? The main concern when considering a public cloud is security. For most companies, at least part of the data that is shared on their servers carries some level of confidentiality, so they’re hesitant to use public servers. Although public clouds are cost-effective and efficient, there is too great a risk that some information could be compromised. Many hear this and declare it a deal breaker as far as their company is concerned, and opt instead for a private cloud.

With a private cloud, server space is not as abundant as it is on a public cloud, but security is much more focused and many companies feel safer when they use this option. The downside is that a private cloud is less efficient than a public cloud. Usage spikes may cause crashes where accessing needed information may be difficult until usage returns to more manageable levels. For many smaller businesses, a private cloud may help them feel grounded, but the amount of growth could be limited.

Many businesses are opting for a VMware hosting option that combines the best attributes of both private and public cloud computing. They often find that the majority of the time the private cloud offers the power they need for business efficiency, however, there may be exceptions. Perhaps holidays, running promotions or other peak times may require extra power from servers. During these times the public cloud can be set up to pick up the slack for the private cloud. This allows servers to keep moving and reduce the chance of systems freezing or timing out on customers or staff.

Of course what businesses ultimately choose will depend on a wide range of factors, including the size and nature of their business. There is simply some data that is more sensitive that needs to remain in a private cloud, if it enters any cloud at all. But there are other pieces that are more public in nature. VMware hosting technology offers businesses the opportunity to balance their cloud computing needs and save money that can go into their business and help them move forward.

How to Make Better Use of Your iPhone

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The mobile technology has reached to an amazing extent, ranging from smartphone and “i” series to simple handsets for entertainment and needs, to be catered in one set. Every one desires to have an updated version of the mobile phone and enjoy the luxury of the most advanced mobile technology.

But few of these people use their mobile sets like iPhone to their fullest potential. Other than just entertainment, this phone set can serve many purposes if used effectively. This article can guide you to some simple steps using which you can enjoy the entertainment toy as an efficient tool to make your personal and professional life easier.

How to Make Better Use of Your iPhone

Two lines system: If you are not yet aware then know that your iPhone has this function of facilitating a second line. In this way you can have two numbers being used separately through one phone. Now you can better arrange your personal and professional contacts separately and at your convenience.

Set your Homepage: As you do on your personal computer that the site which you visit most is selected in the homepage of your browser. In the same way, when using your iPhone you can organize your homepage by selecting the app that you use most and drag it to front.

Managing your Web Apps: It usually takes longer if we have files stored at different paths. Your iPhone can give you a service through an iPhone Web app, which will consolidate all your web apps in one program. In this way, you can easily browse and launch the desired web app. This iPhone web app is available in a minimal price in market and you can get it easily for your phone set.

Quick Search Function: With your own mobile phone, it has become very easy to turn to your work any time. If you need to look for some important article and don’t have computer and internet access then stop worrying, as your iPhone will give you a search function. Go to the home tab and double click on it to get the search box, type your search word and select the desired results in no time.

Voice Control Function: It is always unsafe to attend your phone calls while you are driving. If you are on your way to office and have to take important call then don’t stop your car and receive the message. Your iPhone voice control is available with which you can get your calls and listen to your choice music without using your hands.

These features, if used effectively, can make your iPhone the best system of your life. You just need to stay updated with the enhancements that are launched to the OS of iPhones. If you search the web, you can still learn a lot more than I just shared. In reality, the technology covers a whole wonder world which most of us had never tried to explore. So, change your pattern and start using your device in a different way.

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New CCTV Technology to Help Prevent Terror Attacks

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Modern CCTV systems have a lot of different uses and perhaps one of the most surprising ones is that of helping to defeat terrorists hoping to cause some damage in public areas. We aren’t talking about an old fashioned, human controlled security system here but rather a cutting edge type of technology.

Smart Analysis

There is now CCTV technology available which is intelligent enough to analyse a sequence of events and look for anything untoward in it. Even if the stills footage shows nothing worthy of attention the system will still analyse the action over a period of time and work out whether there is anyone doing anything worthy of a bit more attention.

Left Luggage Detection

Anyone who has been in an airport at times of high levels of security will know the fear caused by left luggage. Of course the worry is that a terrorist could have placed some sort of explosive device in the suitcase or bag before wandering off. CCTV cameras can now be programmed to detect these items and raise a warning.

Recognise Faces

If anyone is somewhere they shouldn’t be then the cameras can spot them. This type of system is still being developed and at the moment it isn’t entirely fool proof but over time we can certainly expect it to be of a lot of use.

Fast Image Retrieval

The days of rummaging through a box of cassettes and then fast forwarding through hours of images is long gone. Now the widespread use of digital recording technology means that the right image or the right time can be found really quickly and easily. In the event of a terrorist alert the ability to scan and find what you are after speedily could be the difference between a successful outcome and a tragedy.

Mood Detection

The final advance in this industry is one of the most difficult to get to grips with. To start off we need to imagine a busy place such as a train station or shopping centre. Lots of people go in front of the camera and they all display different attitudes and emotions. Some rush past in a great hurry while others dawdle and yet others appear to wander aimlessly. It would be an impossible task for a human operator to analyse of all these people and work out what kind of mood they are in. However, a super intelligent CCTV system can do this and quickly work out who is nervous or betraying other tell tale signs of being up to no good. This is done by analysing the person’s facial muscles to work out how they are feeling. Apparently there are 7 basic types of facial expression which are used as the starting point.

New Technologies That Will Bring a Revolution to the Travel Industry

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Getting away from the usual routine for a holiday abroad is something which none of us are likely to ever turn down. However, will it be even easier to travel in the future thanks to advance in technology?

GPS Uses

We are already seeing a lot of ways in which travellers can benefits from having a GPS system on their mobile devices. From finding out where you actually are to locating a hotel there are a lot of exciting ways of using your GPS to get more out of your holiday. However, the really exciting changes are coming in areas such as augmented reality, which gives you a completely different view of the city you are in, I one went on a cruise from Southampton and my person GPS when out at sea kept me busy. Time will tell what further advances we will see in this area but it seems clear that we can expect some big things which will be very welcome for travellers.

Near Field Communication

There is a lot of talk about this subject but it still isn’t entirely clear what exact form it will take in the future. You may have heard it been described as being a way to pay for things using your smart phone but it is going to be able to do a lot more for us than that. It is basically a way in which you phone can communicate with other smart devices, and interesting uses for it are already being found in countries such as Japan.

Biometric Identification

You have probably already heard about biometric passports, and certainly travelling with a document which has your retina scan and other essential details will bring you a lot of benefits. However, there are other uses for this technology and we can look at the world of cruise ships to find one of them. If you have ever travelled on board a cruise ship then imagine if you could check in by giving these details and then get automatic access to every part of the vessel which you need. No more keys, no more names on lists; just you and your body will be enough to get you into the places you want to go.

Mobile Devices for Travel and Work

For far too long many people have suffered through not being able to take time off to get a good holiday every year. Things have now changed drastically and now a lot of us can work from anywhere in the world without any problems whatsoever. In fact, if your job gives you this kind of flexibility then why would you ever need to go home again? Life could turn into a constant trip provided that you have a laptop and a broadband connection you can hook up to.


How to Properly Set Up a Home Cinema

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Film buffs and sports fans are among the people who often dream about having a stunning home cinema at home. Just imagine the fun you could have with a giant screen, surround sound and all of the latest gadgets. Before you go ahead bringing the cinema to your home you should consider how you are going to get it set up.

Choose the Right Equipment

It might seem too obvious to say that you need to get equipment which fits into your room but you certainly don’t want to get home and then realise that the TV doesn’t go where you wanted it to go. You might also want to think about a wireless system suits you, whether you will have enough space to sit far enough away from the screen and whether you have enough sockets in the room.

Get the Right Cables and Accessories

You need to make sure that you have everything you need in order to get started, and asking what else is needed before you buy is a good move. It always makes sense to choose cables which are a bit longer than you need them to be, as this will give you a lot more flexibility in the future.

Do It Yourself?

Will you be happy doing the job yourself? You need to think about the weight of the machines, your expertise and how long it might take you. Instead of paying a professional to do it for you the idea of inviting a couple of friends over to help might be more appealing.

Read the Instructions

A lot of us have a strange impulse to start trying to put systems together before we even know how to do it. It is far better to take your time and read what needs done and what parts are included.

Sort out the Parts

A good step is to clear a fairly big space for all of the parts and cables. Here you can put all of the accessories which you don’t need yet and then use them one by one. How often have you been confused by two similar looking cables or a strange piece which you didn’t know was still in the box until the end?

Hook up the Speakers

There is no need to worry too much about the positions of the speakers, as all you really need at the start is to know that they are working. Later on you can do all of the adjustments you need to get them right.

Connect Everything

Now you are the exciting stage of connecting all of the devices and then programming them. This can be a pretty time consuming phase of the project and you might want to take a break before you start on it. The instructions need to be carefully followed here and if you take your time it will be well worth it in the end.

Exciting New Gadgets

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Here are some of the most exciting new gadgets.

Portable Speaker

$49.99 | Satechi

You’ll love the freedom that comes with playing music from your iPhone or other Bluetooth music player over the Satechi BT Portable Speaker. Whereas the typical speaker has a connector that plugs into your device, the BT (which stands for Bluetooth) Portable Speaker uses a Bluetooth connection. Stay in the same room as the speaker, and you’re all set. And if you leave the room? Simply grab the speaker and go—it will fit in your hand. I like that it can play for up to six hours on a single battery charge.

Premium Tablet Screen Care Kit

$11.99 | Dust-Off

There’s no easy way around it: When you touch your mobile device’s touchscreen, you’re going to leave fingerprints. Those smudges give your otherwise clean, stylish device a decidedly messy look, so it’s important to have a cleaning kit handy.

That kit is the Dust-Off Premium Tablet Screen Care Kit, which includes a can of Dust-Off’s special screen-cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth. Wipe down your device and you’ll have that beautiful touchscreen you saw when you first pulled the tablet from the box.

LabelWorks LW-300 Label Printer

$39.99 | Epson

If you’re unsure what that unmarked jar is in your kitchen pantry or if that stack of files on your desk has been collecting dust for weeks, what better way to get organized than with a portable label maker? With Epson’s LW-300, you can creatively organize your home or office with professional-looking labels. Choose from 14 font types, 75 frames, and more than 300 symbols. The LW-300 accepts tape cartridges in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and textures, and it includes built-in memory to save up to 30 of your label creations for easy reprinting. Epson says its LabelWorks printers provide small lead margins that help save on margin waste, meaning you use less tape.

Bloggie Duo

$129.99 | Sony

Sony’s Bloggie Duo camera ensures you’ll never get left out of the picture. It features two LCD screens (a front 2-inch screen and a back 2.7-inch screen) so you can see exactly what the camera sees when you are making a self-recording or getting in on a group shot. The Bloggie Duo records 1,920 x 1,080 MP4 HD video and can also snap 5MP (megapixel) pictures. Face detection technology recognizes faces and optimizes camera settings for both video and still images. The 4GB of built-in flash memory records and stores up to two hours of video, and the MP4 Web-friendly format means easy uploading to sites such as YouTube and Facebook. The Bloggie Duo comes in four colors and has a flip-out USB arm to quickly connect to a computer for uploading and charging.

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