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Affordable Printers and Scanners: Cut Production Costs

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When it comes to purchasing a new printer, scanner, or AIO (all-in-one) for your small or home office, you have plenty of inexpensive options. To help narrow your search for a new machine, we’ll talk about which features and performance aspects separate the entry- and mid-range models from the high end products.

Affordable & Functional

Even though these units are cost-effective, you don’t have to sacrifice printing options. Compact in size and weight, many of the machines in this category can handle a variety of document sizes, from 4 x 6 to 8 x 10, letter, and legal, and many can print on envelopes, transparencies, photos, and labels. The duty cycle—defined as the maximum number of pages that a printer can output each month without damaging the printer—is an important specification to weigh when shopping for a printer that will see heavy daily use. Keep in mind that the maximum monthly duty cycle is the very high end of what you could print each month.

Mid-Range Means More Options

In this category, you’ll sometimes see automatic duplex capabilities (printing on both sides of the paper), LCD touch screens that allow for easier operation, memory card slots to help you import and export your print jobs, and reduction and enlargement options. Look for larger paper trays, which will need to be refilled less often than the trays in basic models.

The monthly duty cycle for mid-range models is also greater—anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 copies a month. Often, you’ll find the print speed, which is often referred to as PPM (pages per minute), can be faster for mid-range machines than basic models.

High-End Equals Heavy Duty

The most expensive printers in a series are often the toughest. You’ll see many of the same features as the mid-range options, but additional pluses include larger paper tray capacities (some with the option of two paper trays), larger internal memories, advanced imaging technologies, and duty cycles ranging to 40,000 sheets and above.

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Emerging Advancements in Laptops – Wireless Internet, Solar Power and 3D Gaming

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Laptops are quicker, smaller, lighter and better than they used to be. We’ve reached a point in the development of mobile computing where the power and versatility of the laptop can (in some extremely expensive cases anyway) rival that of a desktop. A not, by the way, to anyone who thinks laptops have surpassed the need for a desktop: try getting genuine 3D gaming power out of anything other than the most expensive portable computer, and then come and talk to me about my desktop…

You’ll never see any of these advances in the average free laptop with mobile broadband package deal – where you normally get a bog standard budget (around £300 or £400 worth) laptop designed for basic email and net use. When you start shopping for high quality laptops though, you’ll find a range of powers that wouldn’t look out of place in a superhero’s hideout.

Wireless internet is a bit of an old donkey, by now – it’s been around forever and it works just fine thank you very much. Though the 4G version looks quite exciting (if you can get it in your area). True 4G is meant to give you an average download speed three times quicker than 3G, which means you get home broadband connectivity on the go.

Ideal if you’re using your laptop for gaming, where the 3D screen is just starting to make a splash. Bear in mind that you do have to wear 3D glasses to do this, so if you can handle sitting around in public looking like Bono out of U2 then go right ahead! Me, I’m sticking to 3D gaming in the privacy of my own home only. I don’t want immersive cinematic experiences on the move: I might get run over.

The small size of a powerful modern laptop, of course, means that you can have it as you r home computer – in which case 3D gaming is awesome and I’m all for it. Though using a laptop only ever at home negates the solar powered bit, which is still very much in its infancy (so much so that I have never seen a laptop that uses it, though I have heard rumours that there will be some out in the not too distant future).

Solar power is definitely not something you will be seeing on a free laptop with mobile broadband deal in the next few months and probably the next year. This is going to be expensive and as yet no-one’s managed to explain to me how screens that still don’t work in bright sunlight will make doing any actual work outside feasible.

I’m still not at all convinced that a laptop is the right device for external use. A tablet, yes, a mobile phone definitely – but laptops are for working and gaming and watching movies, all occupations that happen indoors. Still, the technology is a marchin’ on and if nothing else it’ll be an excuse for laptop companies to force most of us into thinking about buying yet another replacement for a perfectly good machine.

On the other hand, that’ll mean a better class of free laptop with mobile broadband deals – so it isn’t all bad.

Laptop: The ‘other’ in our lives

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It looks like the abstraction of spending affection time calm is boring crumbling abroad amid couples, with best preferring to absorb added time on their laptops than with anniversary added in the bedrooms.

A study, which was agitated out by Ikea on two actor Britons, has adumbrated that couples are spending added time attractive at their laptops in the bedchamber than they do attractive at anniversary other. It additionally declared that added and added bodies are putting their relationships at accident by application laptops in bed.

India is not too far abroad either. Gauri Ramkumar, an announcement professional, says, “I accept absolutely bound assignment schedules and a bad-tempered bedmate at home who hates it if I am not at home on time. So, I accept to accompany assignment home. After putting my five-year-old to sleep, I accept my banquet and again sit bottomward to assignment and that assignment happens to be in bed sometimes. And there are times back I can’t allocution to my husband.”

Gauri isn’t the alone one. Adolescent burghal couples, who assignment crazy hours and deadlines, are affective afar for the aforementioned reason. And while some accusation it on work, there are absolutely a few men who ‘need’ their laptops in bed. “I can’t beddy-bye unless I’ve played a few games,” says Munir Rahman, adding, “My wife has accommodated to the actuality that I am not actual altered from our kids so she doesn’t say annihilation anymore.”

Christine Northam, a advocate with Relate, warned the attraction with technology could advance to accord problems. “Modern technology provides us with ablaze accoutrement but back its use becomes boundless and clutters the bedroom, it can absolutely get in the way of relationships,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying. “Technology is a above aberration and can advance others to anticipate you’re alienated them,” she added. Christine said that to abstain aggravation in relationships, it is consistently more good to allocution with your accomplice while in bed. “A quiet babble is a abundant way of abutting with ancestors and friends,” she says, adding, “We charge to accomplish time to allocution face to face. Back you’re in bed, it’s the absolute time to about-face off the tech and tune in.”

Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. The appearance of acknowledgment accessories is a ablaze distraction, as best adolescent and middle-aged gadget-freaks would admit. “I can’t brainstorm not accepting my iPhone by my ancillary back I go to sleep,” says Madhuleka Aich, a freelance writer. “I charge to babble with my accompany for at atomic 10 to 15 account afore I shut my eyes and analysis what’s accident on Facebook etc — and I don’t affliction if my bedmate cribs because he does the aforementioned affair on weekends back I lock abroad my accessories aloof to absorb time with him!” she ends.

College Students Use New Technology

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With fresh accessories and gizmos advancing out about every day, it’s safe to say we alive in a apple abounding with technology.

That technology has afresh begin it’s way central colleges and universities.

At Rochester Community and Technical Academy it’s Missy Hagens job to advise adroitness and acceptance how to use fresh technologies.

“Obviously added and added kids are bringing them to the table,” Director of Educational Technologies Missy Hagens said.

Her admired addition is the Smart Pen.

“As you address and booty addendum it is recording what the abecedary is lecturing,” Hagen explained.

But the best accepted addition is downloading argument books online.

“We’re creating a pilot affairs breadth acceptance can shop for an iPAD in our book abundance that will accept all their books appropriate there loaded assimilate the iPAD for them,” Hagen said.

Mobile accessories like the iPAD accept become added and added accepted amid academy students. Not alone do they save money at the book store, but with absolute books you accept to tote them around. Don’t balloon the added weight of notebooks.

Instead of accretion that about in a haversack all you charge is this simple device.

“I accept three books for one class,” RCTC apprentice Samantha Ackman said.

Ackman says she doesn’t accept an iPAD. Instead she downloads her books beeline to her laptop.

“With the E-book you aloof attending up online absolute quick, accept you accept the page,” Ackman explained.

She argues that these innovations will eventually become the fresh norm, and Missy agrees.

“I anticipate it’s blame apprenticeship above the blackboard,” said Hagen.

Besides RCTC, abounding added colleges in the breadth are all-embracing these fresh technologies.

At the University of Minnesota Rochester, they’re alive on means to accommodate them in their bloom accompanying programs.

Technological Tattoo Supplies

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Tattoos are rapidly making ground in old & young generations alike. Tattoo supplies are essential accessories for making tattoos and ensuring the skin, they are made on, is not harmed. This makes it very important for tattoo supplies to be modern and sterilized (clean), as re-used can also risk HIV infection. There are many tattoo supplies present in the market, but all are not without defects. Below, some of the latest tattoo supplies are being discussed, which are strictly chosen by related professionals to minimize hazards during and after tattoo piercing.

The sterilized 4 flat shader tattoo needle is the favorite of tattoo professionals by a big margin. This handy tool comes in 50 pieces holding the reliability of being ISO 9901 certified. The needle is stainless that renders it safe and easy to use. Another worth mentioning gadget is the accessory set, which is strong and rust free. This set contains 3 pieces that are a must-have for different types of tattoo machines. The part, in contact with the skin, has been designed of copper, which is sterilized and ready to be put straight into action. A “reflection of perfection” in your tattoo is not possible without the presence of these supplies. The front binding is untainted, adjustable, easy to use, and can be mounted on all sorts of tattoo machines.

With abundant of soap supplies present, choosing one can be very difficult. It is strongly advised to always look for “Specific Transfer tattoo supplies Printing Soap”. This has a deep aroma and its relaxing effect will be felt deep down in the body. All these benefits come unaccompanied by side effects and the price is kept within the reach of the ordinary person. If you seek cutters, for any purpose, don’t forget to consider the Carbon Steel Square tattoo supplies. They are making their presence felt in the market due to their cutting edge features.

Before we finish, we should also discuss about the most important tattoo supplies gadget-the tattoo machine (commonly known as “iron” or the “gun” as it’s handheld). This device makes the tattoo on the skin, using inedible ink. There is a whole variety of tattoo machines to choose from in the market. Some of them include the Rotary tattoo machine, Liner tattoo machine, Shader tattoo machine, Coil tattoo machine and the saturation machine. However, new trends point towards using machines that employ electro-magnets. Electromagnets can easily move the frame work up & down as required. A needle, further attached at the tip, can then inject the color into the skin.

CTS Launches New Medical Software Blog

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CTS Guides, a arch administrator of medicalcomputer application reviews and appraisal tools, today appear that it has launched a fresh blog that helps medicalcomputer application buyers auspiciously accept and apparatus fresh software. The blog complements the capacity accessible in the chargeless CTS Medical Computer application Alternative Kit and provides an educational supplement to the company’scomputer application selections tools.

In a apple that has become saturated with technology-related blogs and commodity databases that about altercate things like accouterments platforms and industry gossip, CTS’ medicalcomputer application blog fills a cogent agreeable gap by absorption on the how-to aspects of selecting and implementing medical announcement software, cyberbanking medical annal (EMR)computer application and added types of medical convenance administration software. For example, a contempo column by CTS President Sheldon Needle titled, “Choosing Medical Software: Look Afore You Leap,” discusses important factors associated with the affairs action and offers tips to ensure that analytical questions get answered afore a band-aid is purchased.

Many of the posts by Needle, who is the blog’s primary author, as able-bodied as the blog’s industry able bedfellow authors, accommodate key insights on EMR software, which is a hot affair in the bloom affliction industry. Blog posts about EMRcomputer application accommodate “Cloud Computing and EMR Software,” “EMR Options for the Small Medical Practice” and “Best Practices for EMR/EHR Computer application Selection.” Added posts focus on capacity such as medical billingcomputer application alternative and why training is an important allotment of every medical technology initiative.

“Our ambition at CTS is to brainwash bloom affliction practitioners so they accomplish the bestcomputer application decisions possible,” Needle said. “By demography advantage of our chargeless resources, which focus on the best practices and abeyant pitfalls ofcomputer application selection, our visitors can aerate the amount of their technology advance and abate the accident of purchasing a medicalcomputer application band-aid that doesn’t accommodated their needs.”

Since 1983, CTS has been educatingcomputer application buyers about the risks and allowances associated with assorted solutions and vendors. The medicalcomputer application blog is addition educational approach that companies can advance to accomplish the bestcomputer application choice. Bloom affliction practitioners attractive forcomputer application are arrive to apprehend the fresh CTS medicalcomputer application blog and get their chargeless Medical Computer application Alternative Kit by visiting the CTS Web site:


Established in 1983, CTS was the aboriginal aggregation to accomplish hands-on, absolute evaluations ofcomputer application for the average market. Since again CTS has helped over 23,000 companies baddest newcomputer application and technology. CTS Guides are additionally broadly acclimated by CPAs, consultants andcomputer application resellers to abetment their clients.

Laptops still the clear winner for students

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Tablet, laptop, smartphone, netbook. There are a lot of accessories angry for a allotment of your bound back-to-school dollars. Do acceptance charge all of them? Any of them?

“It’s all actual confusing,” agrees mom Diane Spruyt, afresh arcade for a laptop for son Joshua, 18, who is entering first-year engineering at the University of Alberta. Aftermost year, Spruyt was arcade for a laptop for babe Lindsey, 19, who is in second-year science. And if all goes as expected, Spruyt will be arcade abutting August for her youngest son, who is planning to abstraction accounting.

Computer food are casting laptops, tablets and smartphones as “the three must-haves” for academy this year, but Joshua Spruyt’s not affairs it.

“I anticipate it’s added of a (student’s) ambition list,” he says. “In agreement of necessity, if you accept a laptop and alike a absolutely basal buzz for contacting your family, that’s acceptable enough.”

Shelley Scott, abettor administrator of the MicroStore in the Students’ Union Building, says there’s no abashing over gadgets: “The acceptance appear in and they’d adulation to get a tablet, and the parents appetite a laptop.”

Scott and her agents allocution to the acceptance about the affairs they’re in and whatcomputer application they’re activity to be application to admonition them adjudge which is added acceptable for them, and mostly it’s still laptops.

Students, who backpack their accessories wherever they go, like the lighter, abate tablets. “But (a tablet) is not article you appetite as your capital computer because it’s a tablet, not a computer,” Scott says. “It’s not article you’re activity to be autograph affidavit on – you can berth it, but it’s aloof not as accessible to use as a laptop. A book is abundant for presentations, for demography a few addendum actuality and there, but a lot of it is for fun.

“Students would like the tablet, but they apperceive that’s not activity to be abundant for what they charge – what they charge is a laptop.”

The best accepted aberration acceptance accomplish is affairs added computer than they absolutely need, Scott says. A medium-priced laptop (they ambit amid $600 and $3,500) is abundant for best students. And they’d be astute to aces up an alien adamantine drive ($79-$149) for backup.

“We’ve apparent a lot of situations area computers die and acceptance didn’t aback up (their files) so they lose their thesis, they lose everything.”

Lindsey Spruyt says her $900 Toshiba laptop aback died afterwards two years.

So, on the admonition of a acquaintance who has had her laptop for four years, and because it has best array hours, Spruyt replaced it aftermost year with an Apple MacBook Pro, which is accepted with a lot of acceptance on campus.

While laptops aphorism post-secondary, netbooks hit the candied atom in brand school, says Terry Korte, technology affiliation co-ordinator for Edmonton Public Schools.

Netbook beats the iPod, iPad, alike the laptop as “the must-have” “because you get a added acceptable array activity that can aftermost all day, a abounding keyboard, and you can browse and see beam sites,” he explains. “It’s additionally lighter than a laptop.”

You can get a appropriate netbook for about $400. And while schools aren’t advertisement a netbook or laptop on their accumulation lists – yet – best “suggested” lists accommodate a accessory that can admission a browser, Korte says.

“It’s not pervasive, but we’re seeing a about-face to schools saying, ‘Yeah, accompany in your iPhone, accompany in your iPod, but we’re still authoritative abiding it’s the teacher’s role to say back you’re activity to use them, what you’re activity to use them for.'”

A analysis of 2,000 accessory acceptance aftermost bounce begin that 75 per cent accept a accessory that connects to the Internet (that includes Nintendo DS and iPod Touch) and 60 per cent would accompany them to use at academy if they were allowed.

Schools’ budgets are accepting tighter, and it’s not abnormal to see a 400-student academy with 30 computers in one computer lab, Korte says, so it’s absolutely aloof a amount of time afore acceptance alpha bringing their own accessories to school, the way they now accompany calculators, with the schools befitting a baby accumulation on duke for acceptance who don’t accept accessories or balloon them at home.

Gadgets abide to get smaller, become added anatomic and amount less, which agency it won’t be continued afore the book or some approaching adaptation of it will bang the laptop as a student’s best choice, and so on and so on.

“Technology appraisement has alone so much, (laptops, tablets) are now consumable,” says Wayne Anderson, acting administrator of the U of A bookstores. “You accept it for three years, and you get a fresh one.”

That won’t stop mom Diane Spruyt from afraid with a account and the basal accessories that her kids need, rather than the ones they want.

“We don’t appetite activity to be too asperous on them, we appetite them to accept some being . . . but back they see all the nice being out there, my bedmate and I say, ‘Get a acceptable education, you get a acceptable job, and you can get all that nice being out there,'” Spruyt says with a smile. “It helps them appetite to go to school.”

Cyberclinic: Time to CTRL+F some more helpful shortcuts

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Using a computer, like ceramics and unicycling, is a adequately aloof pursuit. Unencumbered by busy advice, we advance our own appropriate methods of operating them and means of abyssal about their screens – so it’s not hasty that watching addition abroad at the keyboard can be accidentally hilarious.

Exclamations such as: “What on apple are you doing?” and: “For arrant out loud, accord it here!” are frequently accurate as we see bodies active the accretion agnate of stripping wallpaper application a shoehorn. (Such as, for example, accounting “” into the Google chase box in adjustment to chase for Google.)

Our poor affiliated of cyberbanking articulacy was apparent this anniversary by Dan Russell, a chase anthropologist at Google, back he appear that 90 per cent of Americans – based on a statistical sample of bags – were blind that you could use CTRL+F (or CMD+F) to acquisition a chat or a byword on a webpage.

And if Dan hadn’t alone the hint, they would apparently still be attractive for it.

But can you accusation them? After all, we are blundering in the aphotic with abundant of this stuff. Accessories andcomputer application tend not to appear with manuals – but alike if they did we apparently wouldn’t bother account them; we’d aloof action our way through application a action of balloon and error.

The added analytical of us will consistently accomplish an accomplishment to seek out fresh appearance to accumulate our workflow, but the blow will stick with what they apperceive until addition tells them to the contrary.

If Russell’s statistics were burst bottomward by demographic, we’d acquisition the adolescent bearing to be added accomplished than their parents, or parents’ parents – but the development of accessories andcomputer application may be outpacing the charge for us to access these abilities at all. A acquaintance of abundance told me at the weekend about his 85-year old computer-illiterate mother’s admiration of her iPad and, as articulation acceptance technology develops, our angry with CTRL+F will assume laughably archaic.

But while we delay for that, let’s allotment tips back we see bodies struggling. They ability resent our intervention, but it’s added that acceptable they’ll say: “You’re kidding!” and blow with delight.

I did a quick Twitter analysis the added day on this accountable and bound had to rein in my abstruse airs as bodies replied with allegedly “obvious” things that I’d never twigged.

For example, you don’t charge to endlessly bash bottomward an iPhone to annal to the top; aloof tap the top of the screen. And back you’re accounting in a web abode application an iPhone or Android phone, captivation bottomward ‘.com’ gives you a pop-up account of added domains. These revelations about fabricated me bawl with joy. It was like communicable up with a assignment I’d somehow missed, but that anybody abroad had attended.

Other exposés and adventures of accretion benightedness caked alternating on Twitter; some bodies were blind that a quick attending at a contempo abstracts binder is faster than abyssal through a adamantine disk, or that angry a smartphone angular switches it to mural mode, or that annexation a trackpad with two fingers is the fresh way of scrolling. Skipping amid boxes on a website application the tab key is affiliated to abracadabra for those who’ve never apparent it done before, while some of us still appoint and unengage the caps lock key to blazon basic letters, blind that the about-face key performs the aforementioned function. Also, agenda that you can lift the handle on the toaster to get the aliment out and bore the antithesis of the amazon borsch tube by application the fasten in the cap.

T3 Gadget Awards 2011: Less than one month left to vote

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With beneath than one ages to go until voting closes in the 2011 T3 Gadget Awards, a cardinal of the best coveted categories are too abutting to call.

More than 650,000 clairvoyant votes accept already been casting beyond the awards’ 19 categories with the titles of Gadget of the Year, Gadget Personality of the Year and Phone of the Year accepted to be three of the abutting anticipation battles appear awards night on October 10th.With accessible voting set to abutting on September 22nd, you, the T3 reader, accept beneath than one ages larboard to accord your assessment and casting your votes on which accessories should airing abroad with the moniker of Home Gadget of the Year, App of the Year and TV of the Year.

As voting enters its final 30 canicule a cardinal of categories are still awfully bound with the advanced three agent for the Innovation of the Year accolade currently afar by a little over 100 votes. Closer still is the award-winning for Music Gadget of the Year which as we address this sees the top two challengers kept afar by aloof two votes.

What tech do you anticipate should leave this year’s T3 Awards gong in hand? Let us apperceive via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds and accomplish it clearly by voting via the T3 Gadget Awards website. Already voted? Fret not you are added than acceptable to vote again, and again, as abounding times as you like infact.

PSP E-1000: Budget PlayStation Portable Announced

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PSP E-1000: budget PlayStation Portable announcedSony has announced that a new, low-cost PlayStation Portable model will launch in Europe later this year.

The new PSP E-1000 will not have Wi-Fi, but will only cost €99 – which equates to about £86, although Sony is yet to confirm a UK price.

The announcement was made during Sony’s Gamescon 2011 keynote, which also saw the company reveal a significant PS3 price cut.

The device, which will have the same matte finish as the PlayStation 3 console, will still enable users to download games through the use of the Media Go PC mounting service.

Cheap UMDs
Sony is also offering a host of UMD games for the device at a heavily discounted, App Store-matching price of €9.99.

Those titles will include FIFA 12, Invizimals: The Lost Tribe, EyePet Adventures, plus many more, according to the official PlayStation Europe blog.

While the Japanese giant’s focus will undoubtedly be on the forthcoming PlayStation Vita (previously known as the Next Generation Portable) release, the E-1000 is seemingly an effort to reclaim some of the low-cost handheld gaming market from Apple.

The console is set to arrive this autumn, although a release date is yet to be confirmed.

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10 Great Travel Apps for the iPad

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An iPad is one of the most sought after gadgets these days. In fact, even kids have it on their Christmas wish list. If you are a frequent traveller then it may have apps that are suitable to your needs. If you think that you still need to pay for these apps, there are those you can just get for free. Here are 10 great travel apps for the iPad:

1. Hipmunk – Travellers find this as one of best resources for the cheapest flights. It also has return flight information which you can’t find on most other sites. It features all kinds of information using an easy to read and easy to understand grid. You may even organize the grid by airlines, flight length and price.

2. Cardstar – This is a convenient app that helps you store all your loyalty card numbers as well as frequent flyer and guest card numbers for hotel rewards schemes (such as those at the Holiday Inn or Travelodge discount codes ). It can stop you from wasting time when looking for your hotel loyalty number or frequent flier number. It also generates coupons which are tailored to individual cards and can be used automatically.

3. XE Currency – It basically helps you find the latest rates. It is very straightforward and simple. Just select the currencies you want converted, the amount and that’s it.

4. Beat the Traffic HD – This app shows you where the traffic is in HD. It also features live traffic maps and updated weather conditions. It also has information on all the major routes over 100 cities.

5. Comixology – This is a good app if you have kids with you during plane rides or car trips. It has 1,300 titles of comic books from 30 publishers. It helps you search for comics by genre, series, creator, storylines/arcs, publisher; or by Popular, New and Featured.

6. Fastmall – If you are into shopping during your travels then this app helps you figure out what is inside the malls so you don’t get lost. It has the lay out of all the malls in more than twenty countries.

7. Reuters News for iPad – It offers news which can be useful for your travels. It also features updated weather forecasts and a currency converter. It also has a speedy loading video and photo galleries.

8. Kayak Explore + Flight Search – It helps you search for your flight. It can feature the results by the number of connections, airline, time, price and airport. It can also tell the miles and it has a handy budget/distance calculator.

9. SitOrSquat – This app is a crowd sourced bathroom locator for hotel lobbies but mostly in the US.

10. Submaps HD – This helps you navigate through underground transportation systems in sixteen cities. With this app, you’ll never get lost in subways again.

The iPad can be your handy guide on your next vacation. From looking for flights and finding your way through subways to mall and bathroom blueprints, the above mentioned 10 great travel apps for the iPad can definitely help you have a grand vacation.