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The Samsung Galaxy S4 – The Lesser Known Features

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images (16)The Known

By this time we all know about the chief new Samsung Galaxy S4 features that have been touted since the Radio City Music Hall introduction – Air Gesture, Smart Pause, Dual Camera, S Health and so on.

What Some Might Not Know

As with every phone that’s been in the office for a while, however, we are constantly discovering hidden nuggets or extra options that make life with the handset easier, and the S4 has plenty of those. As most people know, there are two types of features when it comes to mobile phones. The first type is the type of features that are easily noticeable and do not need a person to dig into the mobile phone whereas the second type of features are the set of features that are lesser known and need a lot of digging in to do in order to be found.

The Unveiling

Most people don’t like to rip off their phones piece to piece simply to find a set of features that are not too famous. This is the reason why most people like to read about them online which is the reason why this article lists and describes some of the lesser known features of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is Samsung’s flagship device for the year 2013.

One can operate it with their gloves on

The first lesser known feature is that a person can operate a Samsung Galaxy S4 without even making skin contact. This can be said for people wearing gloves at least. That is simply because the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is extremely sensitive to sensations and even a person wearing a glove in their hands can efficiently operate it using their glove covered fingers. This is a real life saver for many people that are health and hygiene conscious and wear gloves most of the time.

It is the first cell phone with Corning Gorilla Glass 3

In the midst of the big announcements and all of the bangs most people have forgotten that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is indeed the first cell phone with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which is also an awesome feat. This proves and ensures the fact that the scratches that a person would make on the Corning Gorilla Glass 2 can now be avoided by the use of the Samsung galaxy S4 which has the Corning gorilla Glass  In addition, it is also the first cell phone that is successfully displaying and operating on the Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

It is the first cell phone which works on the Exynos 5 octa

Apart from being the first cell phone to use the Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the Samsung galaxy S4 is also the first cell phone ever to use the processor that is the Exynos 5 octa. This is the new Exynos chip from Samsung which has not two, not four but eight cores. This is by far the fastest processor of all time and that is not just because of the number of cores but because of its performance and superiority.

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Guidelines and processes to iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 Jail Break

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images (26)What is jailbreak?

The subject of jailbreak is a very important and highly sought out one and it is the basis of our discussion in this article. Jailbreak is a form of privilege escalation; it simply means to break the code or patch the kernel of an iOS device. Jailbreak allows you to bypass the privilege limit given by Apple and therefore you can download and install third party applications to your device. The concept and term was gotten from the act of breaking away from a jail. It should be understood that many other Smartphone devices can also be jailbreak to allow the installation of third party applications.

Requirements to jailbreak iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1

IPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 is a version of iOS devices released on September 2012. This version of iOS device received a matched jailbreak tool on Monday, 4th of February 2013. However, in order to jailbreak this device you need to understand the rudiments.
– Of course, you will connect your iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 to your computer system. The connection should therefore be made with quality USB cable to ensure appropriate connection.

– In order to effectively jailbreak iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.1 through your computer system, your operating system should be at least Windows XP or higher (for Windows users), Macintosh users can use Mac 10.5 or higher version, Linux x86 / x86_64

– You need to download the software to be used for jailbreak to your computer system. Different iPhone versions have different software for jailbreak. IPhone 5 & 4s which functions on iOS 6.1 can be jailbreak with Evasion software.

IOS 6.X jailbreak steps

Before jail breaking iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.X, it is recommended that you first of all backupfiles in your device. This can be effectively done with the aid of iTune or iCloud. After backing up the files, follow the procedures outlined below.

– Download the jailbreak software for iOS 6.X and that is Evasion jailbreak.

– You are to download iOS 6.1 and update your device to it with the help of iTunes. iTunes is recommended in order not to have any difficulty in course of the iPhone 5 & 4s iOS 6.X jailbreak.

– If there is any passcode set on your device, remove it. This can be done by going through General – Pass Lock – Off in your device.

– Ensure that Xcode and iTunes are not running during the jailbreak process.

– Open and start the Evasion jailbreak application tool with your software.

– Have your iOS device properly connected to your computer system.

– Choose the jailbreak option of your choice and then the computer runs the jail breaking process in the background. Make sure you do not touch the device when it undergoes this process.

– After this background installation, an icon appears in your iOS device. Click the icon to activate the jailbreak.

The installed Cydia jailbreak tool may not function with intended speed during the first few weeks of its installation but soon returns to optimum.

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The Ultimate List: Free Apps for your BlackBerry Smartphone

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Mobile phones are getting cheaper and cheaper, and nowhere is this more obvious than with RIMs latest BlackBerry pricing strategy. RIM got in the game with a new line of affordable BlackBerry prices in April 2012. Nowadays, the best BlackBerry price will hardly cut into the average budget at all and free apps abound, making buying a BlackBerry smartphone feel even more of steal. Here’s our list of golden downloads to get the most from your BlackBerry mobile phone.

Opera Mini

This BlackBerry Internet browser takes advantage of Opera’s hallmark compression algorithms to speed up your navigation online. It compresses pages down to 10 percent of their original size, which means surfing is faster and will cost you much less in mobile data. It truly is a must.


The ubiquitous king of online idea saving, Evernote allows you to organize snapshots, audio notes, files and text, using the free app’s excellent tagging and sorting features. If you’re still toting round a crumpled Moleskine notebook, consider checking Evernote out: it will even be able to make your handwritten notes searchable. How cool is that?!


Getting places shouldn’t be difficult or expensive. That’s the philosophy behind amAze, the free go-to satellite navigation app for BlackBerry devices. Don’t let the non-existent price tag of amAze fool you: even local weather notifications are conveniently built right in.

Drive Safely

Siri and Google Voice aren’t the only ones having vocal fun. Drive Safely will read your text messages aloud, and can reply with set texts. Since operating a mobile phone whilst driving has crept up the ladder of more serious and potentially fatal crimes, it pays to take a bit of caution on the road. But downloading Drive Safely is a good way to be safe on the road, and is another great essential free app.


Facebook seems to believe that it is leading a global revolution in everything, right now. Sit and bask in their innovative glory while receiving communiqués from friends, family and another five hundred people you don’t actually really remember. Facebook’s BlackBerry app integrates straight into Contacts and Calendar, meaning you’ll technically never have an excuse to miss an event – or forget a name or birthday– ever again.


How much Twitter do you want? Loads? More? Much more? Here’s an app for you, then. Offering geo-tagging, photo uploads, Google Talk integration, nearby-user-finding and a small button that claims to destabilize the Australian dollar (!), this free BlackBerry application offers quite a bit of social power to its users.


Unfortunately, India has been left out in the cold by free music streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora and Slacker. So, you’ll need another way of building and maintaining an online music collection. Enter Shazam – an incredibly advanced music recognition service designed especially for you. Download it to your smartphone for free.

Blocked Traffic

Addictive and now a BlackBerry classic, Blocked Traffic proves that the very best puzzle games are really the simplest. Offering all the fun of another well-known rearrange-the-blocks game, here’s an example of casual gaming at its minimal and no-cost finest.

Ka-Glom (free for a limited time only!)

Tetris meets Bomberman in this retro-inspired puzzle-‘em-up. Squillions of modes and generated levels make for infinitely addictive gaming fun. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Price of BlackBerry Z10 Leaked in the Market

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Some of the mobile handsets which are going to be launched in the first half of 2013 have already created a craze about them among the mobile lovers. Among these handsets Black Berry Z10 is going to be launched in the current week and this is no doubt one of the best.

Already it has become a topic of discussion among the mobile lovers. The brand name Black Berry has already created the magic. Besides, some of the wonderful features which this mobile handset is really special and some of these features have already been leaked into the market.

BlackBerry Z10In some of the images published by press people could see that the look of this smart phone. The look was just splendid as one can expect from Black Berry. Mobile lovers also came to know about the operating system of this mobile handset.

However, at that time nobody was aware of the price of this mobile so there was some confusion. However, now from the inventory of one of the most famous retailer a screenshot has been released and from that one can come to know about the price of this new mobile handset.

According to that screenshot the new handset from Black Berry is going to cost £ 480 which is almost $760 and obviously it is quite reasonable to spend for such a wonderful handset. The screenshot clearly shows the price of the white variant in its database. One can get some of the other necessary information about this new handset of Black Berry from this database also.

Well, the price which has been leaked will be applicable when there will be no SIM attached with this handset. Now because of some offers and discounts from the company the mobile lovers may get this handset in much lesser price.

Most of the features of this new handset from black berry have been leaked out already before the release. Now people have also come to know about the price of this handset. Now, one thing it has done for sure that people are only keen to see those features after the release of the device.

However, Black Berry needs to reveal something new time to time before the release of this handset to continue the hype; the device has already created in the market though they don’t have many things to share as new things. It can be little problematic for them is well.

This mobile handset is going to be launched on the evening of 30th January. BlackBerry authority can face some problems to create a greater hype for this handset on that evening because there is not much to announce. The reports about all its features and price are already in the market.

Still, it is expected that this handset will be sold in large numbers, especially in the very beginning. Later it has to compete with some of the most awaited handsets from Apple and Samsung. However, as a mobile lover you can enjoy this competition because you will have some brilliant choices for buying a mobile phone this year.

no image added yet.

A few Applications that can be used for web and graphic design

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Website design is a creative area of the internet world that creates the many websites that dot the net. And while it is the backbone of all internet sites, many people who have a presence on the web often find it difficult to understand. Many website owners simply opt to use a web and graphic designers to do everything for them. But for some of these website owners, the answer is software. Such website owners want to do their own web designs or tweak what they already have. Software is also great for website owners that have to deal with a tight financial plan and who wish to keep control of the outcome.

There is an assortment of software to help with the web-development process and likewise the varieties of software applications readily available for making graphic designs. Some of the most common web and graphic design software applications include Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is an animation and proprietary graphics application development program. It is made use of to generate and transfer dynamic material, video, and interactive applications over the Net. Flash is preferred by designers because it gives them exact control over every facet of the designing process.

Adobe Fireworks is yet terrific software that can be utilized with both vector images and bitmap. One of the famous distinctive attributes of Adobe Fireworks is that it can be made use of to resize vector items without loss in quality. It is made use of to incorporate items with other applications like Adobe flash and Dreamweaver.

If you are seeking a well acclaimed graphics editor, then Corel draw is the software to go for. It is like because it allows individual to edit images very easily. The Coral Draw Graphics suite is great because the designer can easily readjust the color. But Microsoft Visual Studio is thought to be the most supreme web development software in use by web-developers. It assists them create web sites, internet applications and web solutions that can be operated on any sort of platform, which is supported by Microsoft’s. WEB framework. It additionally features Visual C #, Visual Basic and ASP.NET and Visual C + +.
Dreamweaver is additionally a preferred web-development application that can easily conceal the HTML code details of the web pages from the individual, is great for people that don’t know HTLM code. There are my others too, like Aptana, Microsoft Expression Web, Coffecup Visual Site Designer, etc. All this are to help people with web and graphic design.

As a newbie web designer, you are going to have to look for the best software to use. And the best software doesn’t mean the cheapest or priciest software. It rather means the one that you can quickly learn to use at the most affordable price. If you don’t to it this way, you will end up spending a lot of money on software but still hire a web designer to do the rest. Which would beat the purpose why you bought the software in the first place.

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Will Windows 8 and Windows RT will be successful like Kinect?

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Kinect was one of the game controllers launched by Windows. It became extremely popular and within a year it was sold in such a number that it could successfully take its place in the Guinness World Record Book.  One statistics can prove this fact. Within 60 days 8 million units could have been sold. This immense success increased the courage of Microsoft in the hardware Industry. They launched ARM in the month of October this year and in the coming January they are going to launch x86 Surfaces. They are expecting the success of these two devices also.

Windows 8 and Windows RT

Now the million dollar question is that whether Windows RT and Windows 8 are going to repeat the success story of Microsoft what they experienced with Kinect. After the Thanksgiving Day people of America goes for shopping. It generally continues to be in the same extent till Christmas. $52bn was bought by 226 million people of America last year during this time.

This is the time when most of the retailers offer discounts on their products as people do shopping in a wild manner. This is no doubt the best time to launch a product and Microsoft has perfectly chosen this time to sell Windows RT and Windows 8. Amazon, one of the best retailing chain in America are selling Lenovo, Dell and other Laptops containing Windows 8 with offer price and already their plan is getting success. Peripheral and Touch Covers are provided to customers with discount price.

This is no doubt a success story but if you compare it with the success of Kinect, the success is not that much. It was asked to 2000 adults that they want to upgrade their PC with Windows 8 or not. Thirty Nine Percent of people have given positive response. There is no doubt about the fact that it is a positive start. However, one thing also has to be admitted that Microsoft expected little bit more than this.

Well as per the Tablets are concern, Windows 8 is fighting quite well with Apple iOS and Google Android. People are keen to buy tablets with windows 8 in the same level with which they are buying tablets having Google Android application. People who have used windows before want the new version of windows. This is no doubt happy news for Microsoft.

However the news for ARM and Windows RT is not good for Microsoft. As per the survey only 2% of people want to upgrade their PC with these two versions. This is no doubt a shock for Microsoft. Windows 7 was no doubt a big success for Microsoft. However, it is not clear that the new versions will be that much popular or not. However, this is quite clear that, the craze what Kinect got, can not be reached by the two new versions launched by Microsoft.

Well, it can be said, that the new versions like Windows RT or Windows 8 can become more popular as the day progresses. However, Microsoft can not expect the same success story what they got with Kinect.

Check out the Top Mobile Apps to Hit the Store in Future

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile devices are developing each day and with it is developing its applications. Various mobile applications are being enlisted in this article, many of which may not appear to be new to you. The list of apps includes the technologies that are emerging on their own. They are also not widely popular but may come to some help for you. Check out the list of the applications given by Garner; some may appear familiar to you.

Say for example location-based services. Do all users use the same app for locating their friends outside the web world through their mobile devices? Certainly not. There is no single mobile application that all individuals use for the same purpose. Rather there are multiple apps similar to its competing applications.

The Full List of Mobile Apps Entering the Market

Location-based Services

Many services are there which provide similar functionality in finding people across the world. For instance, there are Loopt, Brightkite, Foursquare and so on – each of the services is different in their own aspect. This location-based services is not only related to social networking only, but it also involves offering you any app which when tapped into the GPS of your phone offers you all sorts of services related to this category.

Garner suspects this technology to be the greatest disruptive one in near future.

Money Transfer

This means transferring money through text messages. In the developing nation, this service alike mobile payments has much greater appeal. It is predicted that a time will come in near future when using the debit card will even become obsolete and people will forget making payments with hard cash.

Mobile Browsing  

Mobile browsing will increase significantly in future. Garner says that 60% mobiles these days are used for browsing and by 2013, this percentage will surely climb up to 80%. This implies that even the basic mobile devices will be entering the mobile web in times to come. There will be bunch of mobile applications for these devices as well besides other mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, etc.

Mobile Search

Mobile search is not new for the mobile users but the new technology is supposed to bring revolution to this field. It is predicted by Garner that users will not be limited to the traditional search services like Bing, Yahoo, Google available on the web. Instead they will be eager to experiment with few other search providers having unique technologies. This is a good news for the services such as Taptu which has search offerings specially designed for the basic mobile phones.

Mobile Advertising

Advertising and business promotion through mobile device is not new; it is rather a good way of monetizing mobile content. Very soon mobile advertising will be used by the companies in addition to other business promotion through different media like print, radio, TV and so on.

Mobile Music

How about having mobile musical service for the non-iPhone users? Spotify is one such technology in United States offering mobile music. More innovative mobile devices are expected to be launched in future with this service.

These are some of the mobile technologies expected to hit the market in future…

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What Impact Will 3D Smartphone Technology Have on Mobile Gaming?

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While people have been using their mobile devices to play games for a long time, these devices have not really replaced the PC when it comes to gambling online. Whether it is sports-based betting or online casinos; when it comes to online gambling, mobile devices have generally been seen to be a less satisfactory option for many enthusiasts of these activities. In the case of online casinos, it is not hard to see where the problem has lain, with the computer chip technology used in mobile devices simply not being powerful enough to provide the quality of casino service that people expect – although this is gradually changing.

Furthermore, online casino services specifically targeted towards mobile devices are now an increasingly common presence online, as both the mobile device manufacturers and the online gambling companies look for ways to make the two work together, but the planned 3D technology for smartphones could be the big new development that has the greatest impact. The fact that this will offer a 3D display for smartphone users is set to make the experience of playing at an online casino using such a device a far more realistic and compelling experience – possibly even surpassing what the PC can offer in this department.

When you consider that a smartphone also offers considerable benefits in terms of ease and convenience of use, this could see the smartphone emerging as the casino gaming method of choice for many online gambling fans. Should this technology prove to be as game-changing as is being reported, it is hard not to see how these devices – which are already replacing computers in so many other areas of life – will not take the place of them as the preferred way of playing casino games. Thus, it could be argued that the impact of 3D smartphone technology on casino gaming will be defining.

Companies such as and other large Casino websites are pioneering the way in 3D Gaming research in the hope of further enhancing players experience when they play.

Want To Sell Your Old Mobile Phones? Here’s How To Get The Best Deal

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If a thorough search is conducted, many hundred millions of old cell phones can be found in the drawers and cupboards across the United States of America. There are also people who just throw away their old phones in dustbins because they think the phones are irreparable and are thus just a waste material. You will be surprised to know that there are companies out there that are willing to pay you cash for even those old phones that cannot be repaired anymore. They pay you for the valuable materials that mobile phones contain. They recycle the same and use them in manufacturing new products. So, regardless of how worthless you are treating your old phones to be, you are strongly recommended to sell the same.

These days, the process is much easier and hassle-free because there are several websites that allow you to sell phones online, right from the comfort and convenience of your home. But, it is also important for you to keep in mind that not all of them offer a great deal. In order to make sure you are getting the best deal, you must consider a few factors.

The Basic Process
The basic process is very simple. You just have to visit the website and fill up a small form providing details about your cell phone, such as its make and model. The website then makes an offer. If you agree to that offer, you will receive a freepost envelope within a week. You can pack your phone in that envelop and post it back through mail. The company now checks the condition of your phone. If they find it in a condition you already explained in the initial form, they make the payment. In general, you receive the payment either through a direct bank-to-bank transfer or through check.

What If The Company Is Not Satisfied With The Condition Of Your Phone?
In such cases, they will make a counter offer, which will obviously be a lesser amount of money than offered initially. You will get four to five days to accept or reject the new offer. If you accept it, you will receive the payment. If you reject it, you will receive your handset back.

Is Negotiation Possible?
There is no harm in negotiating a better deal. You can always try it. For example, if you are sure that your handset is in good condition and the company is offering you a lesser amount of money saying the condition is not that good, you can insist for a better deal. If you are lucky enough, negotiation can definitely help you sell phones at a higher price.

Which Companies Are The Best?
This is one of the most crucial questions because there are websites that only work as a bridge. They purchase handsets from you and sell them to various cell phone recycling companies. You can obviously get a better deal by selling your phone directly to a phone recycling company. Selling your phones to middle websites will only mean you will get a lesser price than your phone’s worth because such websites keep a commission for their service.

Last, but not the least, you can get a far better deal for old handsets if you sell them with their chargers and other accessories.

Caller ID Finally Reaches Cell Phones

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When the home phone was the primary form of contact for a household, a service changed the way we answered the phone. Caller ID allowed us to see who was calling and screen our calls accordingly. If our exes called over and over, we knew, if someone tried to prank call, we were able to see who it was and we were happy about that.


When cell phones took over as the primary phone used by homes, they lacked this service due to complicated technical reasons. Unless we had the person added in our contact lists, we didn’t know who was calling. Now caller ID for cell phones has been figured out. We now have the ability to see who is calling even if they are calling from a new number that is foreign to our cell phones. That is of course, if you have the right service provider.


Service Provider Offering Caller ID:

As with any new service that reaches the mobile market, not all carriers offer it. For caller ID, you can add this service to your plan if you have T-Mobile. They are the first carrier to announce caller ID for your mobile phone. The service will be launched with their Android powered Samsung Exhibit smartphone initially. In the future, caller ID will be available for existing phones on their network.


With this introduction, the future holds room for competition. As of now, T-Mobile is the only carrier to announce the technology, however, there are restrictions. For instance, Verizon hide their registered customer information so you won’t be able to see who is calling if they call from a Verizon phone. As caller ID technology for mobile phones increase, we should see more carriers offering the service, reduced prices for the service, and perhaps even a change in Verizon’s policy that will allow mobile phone users to see Verizon customer’s names when they call.


The service will cost $3.99 a month for T-Mobile users who want to add caller ID. This is similar to the original cost of landline caller ID when it was released and as we see now, it is now a free service for many landline carriers. Perhaps as more wireless carriers carry the service, the prices will decrease and eventually become standard in phone packages.


Though T-Mobile has launched caller ID for mobile phones, there are still flaws. In the future as more carriers add the service, the caller ID for mobile will become as dependable as landline caller ID. For now, T-Mobile users can enjoy the service for what it is and the rest of us will get it eventually.

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Private vs Public Clouds

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Many people believe that when it comes to cloud computing they need to make a decision. Put their data on a public cloud where they can store lots of information at a low cost, yet have more security concerns or choose a private cloud where they have less ability to scale quickly but their information is more secure. But cloud computing is quickly moving forward, which means the days of all or nothing choices, such as public vs. private cloud computing, are simply no longer necessary. Companies carry several different types of data, and some information is more sensitive than others. Through elastic cloud computing platforms, like VMware hosting, data can be better balanced between both types of cloud computing in order to provide both efficient and secure storage across the board.

So if a public cloud is more economical as well as more powerful, why not simply use this type of space to store data and save money? The main concern when considering a public cloud is security. For most companies, at least part of the data that is shared on their servers carries some level of confidentiality, so they’re hesitant to use public servers. Although public clouds are cost-effective and efficient, there is too great a risk that some information could be compromised. Many hear this and declare it a deal breaker as far as their company is concerned, and opt instead for a private cloud.

With a private cloud, server space is not as abundant as it is on a public cloud, but security is much more focused and many companies feel safer when they use this option. The downside is that a private cloud is less efficient than a public cloud. Usage spikes may cause crashes where accessing needed information may be difficult until usage returns to more manageable levels. For many smaller businesses, a private cloud may help them feel grounded, but the amount of growth could be limited.

Many businesses are opting for a VMware hosting option that combines the best attributes of both private and public cloud computing. They often find that the majority of the time the private cloud offers the power they need for business efficiency, however, there may be exceptions. Perhaps holidays, running promotions or other peak times may require extra power from servers. During these times the public cloud can be set up to pick up the slack for the private cloud. This allows servers to keep moving and reduce the chance of systems freezing or timing out on customers or staff.

Of course what businesses ultimately choose will depend on a wide range of factors, including the size and nature of their business. There is simply some data that is more sensitive that needs to remain in a private cloud, if it enters any cloud at all. But there are other pieces that are more public in nature. VMware hosting technology offers businesses the opportunity to balance their cloud computing needs and save money that can go into their business and help them move forward.

Mobile Gaming Security Tips

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Mobile phones are offering more entertainment now that ever before. With use of faster 3G and 4G networks, built-in WiFi and a variety of apps to use, your phone is more than just a way to communicate. For those who prefer to gamble and enjoy the latest in casino-style gaming, your phone can offer a mobile solution for your casino entertainment. However, as with any technology there are security risks involved. If you are a mobile gaming aficionado you may want to consider these precautions to take before you make your next bet.


Don’t Use Public WiFi:

If you prefer using your built in WiFi to connect to your favorite gaming app, you may want to reconsider. Public WiFi that do not require a password are open to malicious users who want nothing more than to get their hands on your personal information. Find a secure network, even if you have to pay for it. This will offer added security to your gaming, so you can play without worry.


Don’t Store Financial Information:

One of the benefits of smartphones is the ability to track, save and use your financial information for purchases and gaming. However, this offers thieves the opportunity to gain your financial information, access your bank and credit accounts and steal your hard earned money. If you would like to utilize gaming apps for your casino enjoyment, avoid loading your gaming accounts through your phone in public. Use your home network or even your home computer to load your accounts and use your mobile phone to play afterwards.


Password Protect your Phone:

In the US alone, millions of consumers lose their cell phones each year. If you lose your phone you want to assure your gaming is safe from anyone who finds it. By password protecting your phone you can assure nobody accesses your gaming apps and bets under your accounts. There are new apps that allow your phone to lock when you it is not in use. For more security consider a one-time password authentication in order to keep your phone locked away from unauthorized users.


Avoid Transferring Funds:

Even if you have decided not to store your financial information on your phone, even the act of transferring fund via your smartphone can open your wallet to thieves. Many banking apps include security, but for every secured network there is a hacker lurking to access it. Avoid transferring fund while in public, on a public WiFi hotspot, or within proximity of other computer users. This will assure your transactions stay as your own.


Smartphones are a fantastic way to get things done no matter where you are as well as entertain yourself in a variety of ways. If you are a mobile gambler, you will want to assure your gaming is fun and safe. Take these security tips into consideration and increase your odds of keeping your financial information secure.

Jeremy Miller is a writer and contributor for, where he offers tips on playing responsibly.

iTriage iPhone App Review

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Hate going to the doctor? Use this symptom-checker to diagnose problems yourself

Whether you’re a doctor-bothering hypochondriac or you just want to access some sound medical advice quickly and easily, iTriage is one health app that’s worth checking out.

To find out what’s wrong with you, simply tap the appropriate area of the mannequin on screen and look through the resulting list to find a possible symptom that matches what you’re experiencing. Once you’ve found the symptom in question, you can then find out more about it, including what could be causing it, what tests you need to take to confirm the problem, what the diagnosis looks like and what sort of treatment you may require. iTriage could point you in the direction of some over-the-counter medication to soothe your symptoms, or it could flag up something more serious that requires urgent attention by a professional.

iTriage is great for figuring out what you should be buying at the chemist, or for urging you to get to the doctors before an illness develops into a serious problem, then. We recommend that you give it a go, but with a big caveat: remember that it should only be used as a guide, and always check with your doctor if you’re in doubt about anything at all.

Exercise accessories

The apps in this feature all have one minor flaw: they require that you carry your iPhone or iPod touch with you at all times. While some will be happy with this, others may not – especially when there’s a risk of it getting damaged. You can buy cases designed to haul your device around with you on a run or at the gym, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s still going to feel pretty big and bulky when attached.

The answer, then, is to leave your iPhone behind when you set out for some exercise and instead wear an athlete-focused accessory that can do everything these apps can. The Jawbone UP and Fitbi: Ultra, for example, can measure the distance you’ve travelled, tell you how many calories you’ve consumed and even help you to improve your sleep routine.

The only drawback of these devices is that you really have to wear them all day long to get the most out of them, and for some people that might prove to be a little too uncomfortable.

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Improving Workplace Efficiency through Technology

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An efficient workplace is characterized by productive employees. One of the best ways to make employees more productive, and in the process, ensure that the workplace is as efficient as it can be is by making technology a vital part of the corporate framework, and encouraging greater employee productivity through it.

Video Conferencing and Telecommuting

Video conferencing makes it possible for large companies to have meetings with all of their employees, and those employees who work at branch offices don’t have to travel to the corporate headquarters to attend a meeting. That saves an incredible amount of time and money because the company doesn’t have to pay for employees to travel. Telecommuting is another effective way at encouraging employee productivity because there are no issues with parking, transportation, or possible child or elder-care issues. Telecommuters often have a greater sense of satisfaction about their jobs because of the flexibility that the work schedule affords them.

Computers and File Sharing

Computers and corporate computer networks make it possible for employees and executives to share data across the company’s computer network. Documents can be sent to employees in the same building or at different offices via e-mail, or they can be shared through Google Docs. By using technology to distribute information and important data throughout a company, businesses eliminate the potential wasted time that would result from employees traveling through the halls of the company to bring something to someone else. The flip side of this is the temptation for employees to abuse the privilege of working on and with a computer.

Accounting Software for Businesses

Businesses that use accounting software such as QuickBooks Pro, Intuit and other programs can reconcile their financial records, keep track of expenses, create budgets and use these programs to assist in payroll generation. In addition to the software programs, there are tax programs designed to take businesses through the step by step process of filing taxes.

Online Payroll Systems

An online payroll system eliminates the need to have someone manually calculate the paychecks and deductions for every employee in a company and provides crucial human resource management services, such as tracking tax information and making all necessary deductions. These systems also file taxes and create the appropriate records. Employees are able to access their paystubs on the Internet, making this a relatively paper-free process, which is beneficial to employees and employers alike.


Now that PDAs (Personal Data Assistants) are obsolete, smartphones combine the features of the older PDAs with everything in a cell phone. These devices allow employees to keep track of phone numbers, addresses, appointments and e-mail addresses. A smartphone makes it possible to check or send e-mail, send a text message, and even surf the Internet. Some devices have additional features like spreadsheets that allow them to keep track of business expenses or other important information.

Mobile marketing also give the employee the opportunity to spread company news and releases out into the social media stratosphere.  The more customers can be aware of the changes and innovations within the employee’s company the faster they can respond.  Furthermore, hearing about or sharing information about a company from one of its employees automatically adds credibility to the report.

All of these technologies automate tasks that employees used to have to do manually. In addition, they improve the accuracy of work, lessen the time of sharing information, whether it be within a building, or with employees who work at different branch offices. Automation also increases communication because people enjoy using mobile devices and are more inclined to answer text messages or send them themselves. A happy workplace inspires greater employee productivity.

Barnes and Noble Nook Touch Review – Nook Versus Kindle

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The Barnes and Noble Nook Touch reader has allowed the Nook to get rid of its mass with a compact and sleek redesign. Although we can’t really call it smarter when comparing to its ancestors, but ease of usage, compactness and lightweight makes it a better and obvious choice. The fundamental difference between the new Nook and Amazon Kindle is perhaps its full 6 Inch touchscreen with 2 months of battery life.


Nook Simple Touch comes with a NOOK microUSB cable, AC adapter and a rechargeable battery. It only weighs 7.48 ounces having 0.47 inches of depth. The overall length of Nook Touch is 6.5 inches with a supportive 5 Inches breadth. The onscreen resolution of this e-reader is limited to 800 x600, but it is still a market leader with 2 months of battery life on standby. Unlike other e-readers and tablets available in Market, you can charge Nook Touch via USB cable connected to PC or laptop. Although the onboard storage capacity is of 2GB, which evidently can’t store more than thousand e-books, but expandable memory slot pretty much takes care of this issue. Apart from all these features, the Nook Touch comes integrated with 6-Inch e-Ink display and has Wi-Fi to connect online with Barnes and Noble book store.


The Kindle is a leading the market for a long time now, but this new Nook doesn’t seem to lag behind in any way. However, we can easily claim that new Nook has outdone Kobo. When compared to Kindle, the Nook looks rather strange (or creative if you like it) because of its square-ish design. Unlike Kobo, Nook lets you make more customizations to margins and fonts. Although Kobo is thinner, it is relatively easier to hold a nook when compared with Kobo and Kindle. The overall look and feel of Nook is far futuristic than other e-readers and it also costs the same as Kindle.


Nook Simple Touch has a quality touchscreen, an innovative interface and is easier to hold. And on top of all this, it has far better battery life than other tabs available.

The new Nook behaves less like a book and just slightly lacks in its book store, page turning and reading clearly when compared to Kindle.
This Barnes and Noble Nook Touch review declares that Nook is absolutely competitive in all respects with the Amazon’s Kindle, except for its unusual look. The reader is definitely far ahead, futuristic and better than Kobo.

Top Smartphone Apps to Plan a Great Family Day Out

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A day spent with the family doing fun activities is great for quality time. Planning a great family day out has gotten a lot easier with apps for smart phones.


To help you decide what to do on your day out you can use Goby. It will search for outdoor recreation, concerts, places for family fun, museums, spas, and more. The Where app will also help you find interesting things to do, such as zoos, museums, or festivals.

For an active day out, check out Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder. It shows places for hiking, boating, cycling, to name a few.

If a beach is what you want, the app Beach Finder will give you directions and reviews for 5300 beaches. Before you go, you might want to check Surf Report, an iPhone app to get the surfing conditions. Android users can use Magic Seaweed Surf Forecast.

During your day out you may decide to see a movie. The Showtimes app gives you the theaters in your area plus the times of the movies and directions to the theater. It also has movie trailers for you to watch and descriptions of movies.

To stay organized so you won’t forget anything important for your day, use the Remember The Milk app. You can keep track of operating hours for the places you are going or movie times.

Apps for Driving

If your day out includes driving, Google Maps can help plan your route and will be handy if you get lost. It can help you pick alternate routes if necessary.

Weather can be unpredictable and a day that starts with sun can quickly change. The Weather Channel app can be invaluable to making sure your day goes according to plan.

If you are driving through parts unknown, the GasBuddy app will help make sure you don’t run out of gas. It also lets you know the prices for gas so you can save some money.

Personal Needs

Looking for a place to eat is simple with the FastFood app. This will point out all the kids’ favorites and you can view the menu options. If you don’t do fast food, then GoodFoodNearYou will give you healthier options.

There are two apps that help you find restrooms. One is Have2p and the other is SitOrSquat. Both will find bathrooms that are near and have information about cleanliness and features, like a changing table.

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