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10 Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting Las Vegas

10 Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is surely one of the dream destination for almost every individual. All of us wish to visit the much hyped place at least once in our lifetime due to various reasons. If you are a first timer in the city then you should get some advice and tips for visiting this place. Here are few tips that will help make your trip more enjoyable and smooth.

10 Tips You Need To Know Before Visiting Las Vegas

Carry a jacket and sunscreen

There is no guarantee of the weather in Las vegas and it might start feeling a bit cold out of a sudden. You should always carry a jacket to Las Vegas even if you are travelling during the summers. Apart from that sun can also bother you at anytime so you should also keep your sunscreen handy.

Take Gambling Lessons

Las Vegas is much in the air due to the gambling table games that it offers. Visiting Las Vegas and not gambling is like a waste of your trip. At the same time not every person is much aware about the tricks that are involved in gambling. To ensure a fair experience you should take gambling lessons beforehand.

Ride in sharing pools

Sharing the ride will save you a lot of your money and time at the same time. You can also go for the shuttle services that are available at the airport itself. Apart from that you can also go for the general ride shares.

Snap Photos everywhere

No matter how awkward you feel to pose around people in your proximity, you will always regret not taking pictures of certain things. Even if you are not taking yourself in the frame, you can still take pictures of the things that you see and lead to.

Use Walkways

You will find ample of casinos in Las Vegas and the best way to visit these casinos is by taking the walkways. The walkways are very clean and air conditioned to elicit a better overall experience.

Don’t buy drinks in casino

If you plan to play the table games at the casino, do not go for ordering a drink too soon. Most of the times, casino’s waiters offer you free drinks if you are playing well and they want you to continue playing.

Plan your trip beforehand

Planning will always save more time and money. No matter how confused you are about the trip you should always have rough itinerary of the trip in your mind which will make your trip easier and better in experience.

Travelling to las vegas is a dream for many and there are many who have already lived it. In either case you need some expert advice to ensure that your stay is enjoyable. Mentioned in the above section are few travel tips for Las Vegas. Although, there are certain basic things that most of you are aware of but there are certain rules and codes of a particular which you might not find on the internet. The above section of the blog consists of some very deep secrets of Las vegas.

5 Luxurious Places To Go Camping In California

5 Luxurious Places To Go Camping In California

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Little off-the-routine activities are good for the mind and body. Some like it adventurous while some like it luxurious. Camping as you know is exciting.

Here we have a collection of 5 luxurious places to go camping in California!

  1. Luxurious treehouse on the mountains of Julian

Discover the perfect, glamorous getaway perched amidst the trees with newly constructed hardwood floors. The place can accommodate up to six guests at a time. You will find a largely remodeled washroom, well-equipped kitchen, a dining room with a dinner table, an outdoor barbeque area, and one air-conditioned bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a queen-sized sofa and two twin-sized roll-away. Other amenities include a washroom stocked with towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and shower gel while the kitchen equipped with a dishwasher, refrigerator, granite countertops and a toaster. You can also access a radio system, television, Wi-Fi, balcony, and solar lanterns.

Rates start from 272 US Dollars a night.

  1. Villa with a private pool near Joshua Tree National Park

Luxurious villa along the North edge of Joshua Tree National Park offers a close-to-nature, breath-taking view of the surrounding. Three bedrooms with a shared washroom, dining hall and an abundantly furnished kitchen is an ideal place to enjoy with friends and family. The villa accommodates 8 people comfortably with a remarkably incredible swimming pool containing salt water.

Those willing to enjoy indoors have the option of cozy furniture to sink in. Or those wanting to spend the night under the sky relax in the hot tub pool outdoor. With amazing boulder rock formations forming little caves throughout the backyard. There lies a dome in the desert with neon artwork, neon lights and colorful cushions and pillows.  Bookings start from $543.83 per night.

Other facilities include washing machine, patio, gazebo with flowers, and plenty of outdoor furniture.

  1. Cabin camping at the San Jacinto Mountains.

Pet-friendly cabin in the heart of the San Jacinto Mountains in Idyllwild features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, and a deck with tub. It offers modern comforts indoor with flat screen TVs, stereo system, Wi-Fi and a DVD player.

A good summer leisure campsite in a secluded and tranquil environment offers equally good indoor and outdoor facilities. You can enjoy spectacular views from the balcony and prepare barbeque while seeing birds.

The San Jacinto Mountains is a pleasant place for honeymooners who want to spend uninterrupted nights together. Lay down in the Jacuzzi together for a fun experience. An exceptional site to host parties. The rent begins from $373 per night.

Other activities include hiking, sightseeing and bird watching.

  1. Modern desert rental with Salt Water Pool in Palm Springs

This rental has its own saltwater pool, huge bedrooms, and washrooms. The cottage located minutes away from Downtown Palm Springs is a mind-blowing place for nature lovers enthusiastic to spend a giggly weekend away from the hustle bustle of the city. Fabulous kitchen, comfortable beds, and amazing décor make one enjoy the luxury with love. It is a spotless haven with plenty of space to sit, nap, read or work.

Those who love to relax in the pool have the beanbag floaters. Feels like a little piece of paradise on earth surrounded by wildlife.

Bookings start from $778 a night! Worth for a group of 7 or more.

  1. Chic Waterfront Cabin next to Malibu Beach

Enjoy the California sun in this cabin for $422 a night. Opens into the Malibu beach with a bright and airy interior. Contemporary staircase reaches to the bedrooms on the upper floor that view the ocean from the bed. Catch a glimpse of dolphins dancing in the water and seals hoping across the beach.

Bathrooms are designed with sleek and modern toilets and fittings for a modern outlook. You can admire cold breezes on a mid-summer night cooking up the barbeque or holding your partner in your arms. This is the best romantic getaway for couples and a haven for surfers to relax.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your canvas bell tent and head to one of these dream destinations.

Best Accommodation Options in Sydney

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So, you’re staying in Sydney? Well, prepare to have your mind-blown by the beauty of this harbor city and its amazing accommodation options. Choose one of these, and you’ll have a stay of your life!

Sheraton on the Park

Sheraton on the Park is one of the most-awarded hotels in the region and it’s widely praised among business travelers, tourists and all those in between. It’s a go-to place for all those who seek luxury, glamour and relaxation in the center of Sydney. Aside of their deluxe rooms and flawless service, Sheraton on the Park is also very close to Darling Harbor, Martin Place and the Town Hall, so if you ever want to leave your room (even though you absolutely have no reason) you can see many beautiful sites during only a short walk.

QT Sydney

If you’re looking for something very stylish and fashionable, look no further than QT Sydney! They have around 200 completely individualized and lux rooms, a spa, barber shop, a bar (make that TWO bars), a café and an exclusive restaurant. Even after all of these commodities, QT still feels cozy and private, like a personal retreat! The theme of QT’s Sydney division is classy department stores of the 50s and 60s with vintage barbershop armchairs, art deco accessories and dark, moody colors. Yet, it has a very modern flair perfect for any 21st-century man and woman!

Shangri-La Hotel

All the foodies that love some luxury with their amazing meals should definitely check out Shangri-La Sydney! You must visit their Horizon Club Lounge situated on levels 30-36. There you can enjoy some of the best Asian, continental and English breakfasts that will start your day on the right note. Really, who doesn’t like a little brekky with a view of the Harbor, Opera House and many little ferries, yachts and cruisers sliding below you? You can even see the Blue Mountains and the Pacific Ocean in the distance, especially on a clear, sunny day!

Park Hyatt

Hyatt is a well-known name in the hospitality business and for all the right reasons. It’s the first choice of many celebs, politicians and people who love luxury and comfort. Park Hyatt will definitely not disappoint. Everywhere you turn there are glam accessories, cozy furniture and many commodities that will make your stay a really relaxing experience. However, their main perk is privacy—the rooms are insulated, very quiet and perfect for oversleeping in the morning. Park Hyatt in Sydney also has a deluxe heated pool on the roof you’ll love to bask in during the warm Aussie days and evenings.

Various lux Airbnb properties

Sydney is huge on Airbnb rentals and it has some of the most beautiful, luxurious and well-located properties in the world! So, if you want to stay in Sydney, definitely don’t miss a chance to try out some of its best rentals. You can really find whatever your heart desires—from lux penthouses with a panoramic view of the city to chill beach villas with an ocean view. Also, Airbnb accommodation can be a great business opportunity. For example, if you have a property you want to rent, there are great agencies that specialize in luxurious Airbnb property management in Sydney who will take care of all your bookings, check-ins and check-outs. All you have to do is spend the money in the end!

Exclusive retreats

If you want complete privacy and ultimate relaxation, you must visit one of Sydney’s top retreats—Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley! You’ll get an opportunity to enjoy all the luxury in the world while completely secluded in the Australian bush. It’s located between two nature reserves and is completely carbon-free and nature-oriented. Emirates One&Only offers a unique blend of nature, wilderness and exclusive luxury you’ll just love to come back to!

Sydney offers ultimate luxury and glamour to all looking for exclusive accommodation and it will definitely not disappoint even the pickiest of travelers!

Top Most Beautiful Beaches to Visit This Summer

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Are you planning your next vacation? Choose a vacation spot that has a beach nearby. Beaches are one of the most beautiful marvels of the earth. The vast sea/ocean always brings
tranquility to our inner mind which is essential for contentment and happiness. You can enjoy your vacation doing some adventurous sports, spend time trekking,
shopping etc. then you could always hire rental cars that are available for 24Hrs and take a drive towards the closest beach.

Why do you need a Beach Vacation?


Fresh Air

Most of us are locked up in an office throughout the year. Going to a beach vacation is the best way to enjoy
some fresh air in the open space.

To Stay Mentally Healthy

Psychologists say that beach is a great way to calm our raging minds. If you keep looking at the beach for a
long time you will feel a sense of calmness and you have the sensation of all
your worries getting washed away by the waves.


Well if you are looking for some adventure, beach is the best place to find it. You can go snorkeling, jet
skiing, surfing etc. There is more to a beach than getting a tan or reading lying on the sand.


Here we have made a list of the best beaches in the world:

10. Kauna’oa Bay, Hawaii

Hawaii is well known for its beaches. Kauna’oa Bay is a crescent-shaped white sand beach which has crystal clear blue waters. This beach is very famous for family vacations.

  1. The Caribbean Sea, St. Bart

St. Bart is one of the many islands that is surrounded by the beautiful Carribean sea. You have a wide variety of beaches to choose from. The most common activity done on these beaches are sunbathing.

  1. Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island is listed among the world heritage sites. This is world’s largest sand island. Do you love whale watching? Then this is the best beach vacation for you. This place is well known for its whale watching. The 1000 year old trees around this island is another major tourist attraction.

  1. Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

With crystal clear water, coral sand and entertaining beach bars this is one of the best beaches to go scuba diving. This beach also provides you with the opportunity to swim with stingrays at Sting Ray City.

  1. Langkawi, Malaysia

This beach is famously known for its swaying coconut trees. Langkawi beach has been named as world GeoPark by UNESCO. You can go bird watching here with a wide variety of over 200 species. This beach is also famous for Kayaking.

  1. Bora Bora, Tahiti

Situated in French Polynesia, in the Pacific Region, Bora Bora is considered as one of the most romantic destinations in the world. The coral reef system and the turquoise water makes this spot the best place to click some amazing photographs.

  1. Rabit Beach, Lampedusa, Italy

This is a beach well known for its aquamarine colors. Located in Italy, the major attraction of this beach is
trekking down to reach the beach.

  1. Seychelles

Located near Madagascar, Seychelles has around 110 islands. Each island has amazing beaches. Fun fact is that Seychelles beaches are one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

  1. Santorini Island, Greece

Santorini Islands is very famous for its stunning sunsets. The beaches here are just magical. All the beaches here have volcanic mineral residue, due to which the sand found in each beach has a different colour. You can make a pick among red sand beaches, white sand beaches, black sand beaches and beaches with the normal sand.

  1. Baia do Sancho, Brazil

According to a survey conducted by the popular travel website “TripAdvisor”, Baia do Sancho or the Sancho Bay in Rio DE Janeiro, Brazil has been voted as the best beach to visit in the world, the second time in a row. This beach lies in the UNESCO protected Archipelago, Fernando de Noronha. This beach has one of the best heavenly views you can ever get.

We also have made a list of the fun activities you can do on a beach:

  • Snorkeling:
    This is a most chosen activity to do at the beach. You can encounter a lot of
    aquatic animals at their natural habitat while snorkeling
  • Tanning:
    This is a much loved activity. Who doesn’t like a good tan? All you have to do
    is find a cozy chair and lie down to get sun-kissed.
  • Fun Activities for kids: You can organize fun activities for kids like building
    a sand castle or sending them on a treasure hunt.
  • Surfing: If the beach has good tidal waves, then grab your surfboard and go surfing.
    Surfing brings an adrenaline rush like no other beach activity.
  • Watch Sunset:This is the most basic activity to do in a beach. The sunsets and
    sunrises are magical at beaches. You shouldn’t miss a sunset while you are on a
    beach vacation.
  • Take a Walk: Taking a walk in beach is very relaxing. The sand is a great way of
    getting a natural pedicure. You can also enjoy the waves burying your feet into
    the sand, if you are walking along the shore.
  • Take Pictures:Beach is one of the best place to capture stunning photographs.
    You can bring the scenic beauty to life through your camera lens.

So next time you are on vacation and you get to know about a beach nearby, do not hesitate to take a rental car with 24-hour service and go visit the place. And if you are searching for the best vacation spot we already mentioned the mesmerizing places you could visit.


Best Hotels In South Boston

Best Hotels In South Boston

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South Boston, or as it is called by the locals- “Southie”, stands out for its well-groomed looks. If you are going by tube, this part of the city is not far from the downtown. You can meet locals, whose accent shows their Irish origin, and observe panoramic views of Pleasure Bay.

South Boston is full of comfortable and fashionable hotels, which worth staying at them. After visiting south part of this city, explore its other parts as well with the help of car rental in Boston.

Best Hotels In South Boston

There are a lot of wonderful hotels in South Boston. According to , some of them are:

  • Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel
  • The Westin Boston Waterfront
  • The Envoy Hotel, Autograph Collection
  • Residence Inn Boston Downtown/Seaport
  • Element Boston Seaport District
  • Omni Parker House

We’ll have a closer look at three of them:

Envoy Hotel Room Model

  1. The Envoy Hotel, Autograph Collection

Location: 70 Sleeper St, Boston, MA 02210-1226

Differing from the general New England style of the city, The Envoy Hotel is representing a young, modern Boston’s look. Everything is at the walking distance to the hotel.

The apartments and rooms have a view over the seaport, the furnishings in the rooms are comfortable and nice, with an emphasis on details and colors. The examples of surprising room décor are the position of the bed, which is right in the middle of the room (instead of common against-a-wall position), glass enclosure of a bathroom and the bicycle TV stand. The ‘OUTLOOK Kitchen’ with seasonal local cuisine is different from anything you can taste in Boston. Feature of the bar in crafted cocktails and brewed-for-order beer. Fresh juices, quality selected wine list and single malt scotches are the main benefits of the hotel’s rooftop ‘Bar American’. Moreover, the bar overlooks the city, making it a perfect place for amazing and breathtaking pictures.

The rooms are clean and the staff is helpful. The fitness center perfectly suits a quick workout.

Ruby Room Bar and Restaurant - Onyx Hotel Boston, MA

  1. Kimpton Onyx Hotel

Location: 155 Portland St, Boston, MA 02114-1702

The four-star hotel is conveniently located not far from Faneuil Hall, TD Garden and Quincy Market. The atmosphere of this hotel differs from too fashionable places and from traditional hotels as well. You will remember the bold color scheme, a quiet lobby bar and a sense of integrity you are having at this place. Those, who are fond of Celtics or Bruins, would definitely love this place.

Reflecting modern styles, the hotel is surrounded by colonial constructions. You will be charmed by the hotel’s historic neighborhoods. The lively bar scene of the Boston Garden is hosted by their ‘Ruby Room’. The staff always knows the schedule of the arena’s events and you will meet dozens of sport fans in the hotel on the game days.

The Fitness Center at the Onyx Hotel’s basement level is working all day long, allowing you to train with all sorts of equipment.

Meet you back at the hotel

  1. W Boston

Location: 100 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116-4715

The W Boston Hotel is located not far from Boston Common. Some of the services, which are offered to the clients are: Dry Cleaning Service, Doorman, Luggage Storage, non-Smoking Facilities together with Smoke Detectors, 24-Hour Security and the Bellmen.

There are 76 rooms, which are called ‘Wonderful’. These rooms are about 30 square meters each. The view over the city from the huge windows of the room together with the images of surreal nature of New England on the walls is leaving an unusual feeling of space.

There are also 52 ‘Spectacular’ rooms, 65 ‘Fabulous’ rooms, 21 ‘Mega’ rooms, 18 ‘Cool Corner’ rooms, two ‘Marvelous’ suites, three ‘Wow’ suites and one ‘Extreme Wow’ suite. Each of the room types truly correspond to their names. The rooms are clean, the customer service is friendly and the cuisine is delicious.

Immerse into a queen-size or a king-size bed covered with cushions, with a 350-threadcount sheet and a blanket, filled with goose fluff. Your rest will be supplemented with a 55-inch TV and a Bluetooth Soundlink station.

In the movies, this area is often shown as very harsh, but in life, South Boston is benevolent: markets with organic products, parks by the waterfront and growing new condominiums. The locals are fond of their district and a lot of tourist come to visit precisely this part of the city.

Top Reasons Why Business Owners Should Use Limo Hire Service

Top Reasons Why Business Owners Should Use Limo Hire Service

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Business professionals need efficient and reliable ways to travel to corporate events and meetings. Time is money and when you’re traveling in and out of an airport a lot, time tends to get wasted. Anxieties run high when you need to catch an important flight, at that time car service from Staten Island NY, is a necessity.

When it comes to investing in the most reliable transportation to ensure you’re always on time for a flight or business meeting, nothing beats an airport limousine service. And here are the top reasons why you need to look into hiring one for future corporate travel.

Smart Investment

Many people think that hiring a limo is just a show-off of money and you are wasting your money after hiring a limousine service. But when you count on gas, parking fees, rental cars, and getting lost in an unfamiliar city and wasting more time and fuel, the price of not renting a limousine becomes much higher.

When you land at the airport, the limo driver will be waiting for you outside of customs or baggage claim to take you away to your destination. They will know how to get to your location in the most efficient way possible, allowing you to review and rehearse any details for your presentation. When you will think of these details, you will realize just how smart take hiring a limo service is.

Time Efficient

In addition to saving on travel expenses, you will also save time when you book an airport limousine service to take you to and from the airport. If you’re heading to the airport, your chauffeur will drop you off right at the gate, and if you’re being picked up from the airport, the driver will be waiting for you before you even step outside of the baggage claim area.

When you factor in the time-saving benefit of renting a limo for airport pickup and drop off, it may just be the difference between making an important flight and being on time for a career-making meeting.

Completely Reliable

The third and perhaps the most important factor for business people is reliability. In public transport, you never know who you are going to run into. The worst-case scenario for business travelers is showing up late for a meeting or even missing the flight because of an unexpected event. Which you can not afford as a businessman.

A reliable limousine service will arrive at your location before the time to make sure that you are dropped off where and when you need to be.

In a vibrant and unfamiliar city, you want to be sure that you will arrive at your desired destination safely, on time and hassle-free. That is only possible with a promising limousine service.

Most Comfortable

When you’re riding inside of a limo to and from the airport, you’re able to focus on getting any last minute touches done for a presentation or meeting with clients, rather than worrying about your hands on the wheel and where you’re going.

When you hire a limousine for airport service, you can sit back, relax, and put yourself in a professional mindset as you make any calls, answer emails, or work on an important document. When you consider the level of productivity you’ll be able to achieve while riding inside of a limo, you can easily see that you had better use of your valuable time.


When you weigh all of the benefits of hiring a New York airport limousine service, you can clearly see how renting a limo can help you in your professional life. When it comes to your business or career, you decide what is most worth your time.

Pick Best Travel Operator To Spend Your Weekends In Himachal Pradesh

Pick Best Travel Operator To Spend Your Weekends In Himachal Pradesh

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Are you searching for trekking at the cost-effective price on weekends? You have plenty of choices to choose trekking. Himachal Pradesh is well-known destinations for travelers in these days.  Most of the people are traveling to lek Ladakh and McLeod Dharamshala tour. So many travel agencies are available there to provide different packages to people. It is a small hill station and located in Himachal Pradesh.  Travelers mostly choose trip on weekends. It is an extremely popular place for youngsters and foreign tourists. Travelers might undertake trekking at any time with a perfect plan.

How to Plan Trekking?

In the trek, people have beautiful and amazing places to visit on weekends. It helps you to enjoy more in new places with your friends. Many people choose ground which is around 9 to 10 kilometers from Himachal Pradesh and McLeod Dharamshala. In this trek, travelers see magnificent views of valley and mountain ranges.  It will be discovered by village peoples and forests. There are lots of reasons existed why travelers preferring Himachal Pradesh as a popular destination for trekking. The Dharamshala mcleodganj round trip provides luxury and striking views of nature.

People have alternative options to host a tour with right travel packages.  Before going to tour, you must have to consider travel packages and its facilities. It will be varied based on price.  If you choose the best package you enjoy a lot on the hills stations. In the package, you might get accommodation, travel guide, food and much more.  On your customized tour package you travel without any issues. It makes you visit some awesome places in the location. You may go with your friends and family on weekends.

Zanskar Valley:

It is most beautiful places to spend weekends at fine-looking places.  In the valley desolate tourist spots are located in the Himalayan region.  It is covered by snow to reflect skies. If you go trek in June to September months you might see clear snow. In the Leh Ladakh tour, travelers prefer this place to spend more time in the valley.  Through bus or train, people go to the lake.

Bhagsunath Temple & Waterfall:

In the trip, you might visit waterfall and temple.  Bhagsunath temple is essential places in the location.  However, the temple is surrounded with hills, forests, and waterfalls.   30 feet of a waterfall is situated away from two kilometers of Mcleod Ganj. In the tour, you see some scenery places.  The swimming pool is also availed for the public.

Kareri Lake:

This lake exists with fresh water on the high altitude area. You can capture beauties of nature and wonderful pine trees in the lake. It also contains mountain ranges and gives crystal water looks.  It is a great destination for weekend trekking and takes photos.

So, choose best travel agents to host trip at your afford budget.  Visit online portal of the agent to get more details to operate tour at best time.  Also, it gives beautiful memories to travelers to spend weekends at the new location.

Experience Outdoors: 5 Pointers That You Should Follow On Your First Campout

Experience Outdoors: 5 Pointers That You Should Follow On Your First Campout

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It’s undeniable that there are much thrill and fun that you can get from camping. There’s also a myriad of benefits that come with camping outdoors such as exercising your body and relieving emotional and psychological stress.

Thus, it’s no wonder why some folks out there prefer camping out to spend their vacation leaves over anything. So, if you want camping and it’s your first time to do it, here are some tips that you should follow.

Check the Weather

Rainy days are a sure bummer to a lot of campers, and it will also annoy first-timers like you.  Therefore, before the designated day of you camp-out, it will do you good if you keep yourself updated with the latest weather updates to make the necessary preparations and contingencies. As such, if there’s awful weather coming, you can always hold off your camping.

It will be difficult for you to go on camping on a rainy day. That means you will set up your tent on a wet and damp surface. You won’t like it, for sure.

Pack Enough Clothes for Your Trip

Experience Outdoors: 5 Pointers That You Should Follow On Your First Campout

It’s always essential for a trip to prepare the things that you should pack for your journey, and this is especially true when it comes to camping outdoors. As you know, weather can be so unpredictable, even though how many times you tune in to the weather news. That’s why it’s important that you pack extra clothing for this contingency.

You should keep in mind to pack your sweater and waterproof jacket for you to have protection from the cold night and rains. Also, don’t forget the essential camping gears for your camping needs.

Choose Your Campsite Wisely

Not all campsites are the same. Thus, you should make sure to choose your campsite wisely for you to have an ultimate enjoyment out of your camping trip. For this purpose, you should do your research about the best camping sites out there and know the various considerations when choosing a campsite.

For instance, you should choose a camping site that has a flat surface for your tent so that you’ll have a comfortable sleep and rest. Otherwise, it will surely give you difficulties when you sleep on a rocky surface.

You should also make sure that you choose a camping spot which is not far from a source of clean water. In this case, you’ll have clean drinking water whenever you need it.

Opt for a Spacious Tent

Experience Outdoors: 5 Pointers That You Should Follow On Your First Campout

Newbie campers almost always commit the mistake of buying a tent that only has a one-man space. As such, when they’re sleeping on it, they find themselves feeling uncomfortable at night. In buying a camping tent, it will do you good if you make an allowance of space for you to move inside it.

For instance, if you need a tent to accommodate four people in it, you should go for a six-person tent. Always have an allowance for two more individuals when choosing your tent. A lot of tents nowadays can fit well in your car trunk, so you should stop your worry about the tent’s size and weight. You can check out tents at Aussie Disposals for that purpose.

Have a Meal Plan

First-time campers often fail to put much thought into their meal plans, and it’s important that you avoid this. The planning of your meals is crucial for you to have sufficient food throughout your camping. It’s advisable that you shop for your food a day before your camping journey so that you’ll have enough fresh foods for your camping needs.


Camping outdoors can provide a lot of fun and thrill. As such, you should experience this wonderful activity during your life. But, for first-timers, it will do you good that you know about the various camping tips for you to enjoy your trip. You can follow the tips mentioned above for that purpose.

Train Journeys: A Memorable Time!

Train Journeys: A Memorable Time!

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There are many reasons that you should travel by train. Of course, it might sound boring, dull and unexciting but don’t you think making something exciting is your duty? Of course, there are many things that you can do to ensure that your journey goes feisty and memorable. There are things that can help you take your train journeys to next level.

Use Everything

The first rule of traveling by train in a beautiful manner is to use everything. There are plenty of services and features provided by the railways like train ticket enquiry, PNR, toll-free numbers, food and much more. When you have catered these comforts and facilities, you should make the most of them. Similarly, talking about food, you can make the most of food applications. There are many applications and platforms that can help you relish the food in the most exciting way. The good part is that food catered by these services is absolutely delicious, comforting, fresh, and hot. You can order it and you would get it soon.

Don’t Miss a Chance to Relax

While you are traveling in a train and you know that your train would take a couple of hours or longer to reach the destination; just close your eyes and relax. You already doing enough in your life, and you are working day in and day night. Since you have got some time to relax on your seat on a train, you should do it. After all, there would be no distractions, and you can have a sound nap.

Enjoy the Views

It is quite obvious but not really obvious. The point is that everybody says that they would enjoy the views and sites outside their window. But you know what; hardly any of them do that thing. This way they miss the pleasure of seeing the changing landscapes. Of course, sometimes the train goes through thick forests, it climbs the hills, and the train crosses various bridges, passes by rivers, and at times gets through tunnels and so on. This way these trains make a great collection of sites for you.

Make a Beautiful Reel

It means why not just capture all the sites on your camera or phone? Come on, you cannot say that different landscapes or beautiful sites don’t excite you. These beautiful landscapes and wonderful sites have all the charm stored for you. You can take their pictures, and later on, when you look at the pictures, you would find a great extensiveness. The rich sites would comfort your senses and fill you with so much of pleasure and delight. You can even keep the pictures as a memory or you can make a collage too. That would be so lively and creative. Even if your train travels during the night and early morning, you need not worry. There are always chances to capture the sites in your camera. You just have to stay ready for that perfect shot!

So, make your train journeys exciting, uplifting and absolutely memorable with the things that you can do. There is much that you can do to make your journeys memorable and feisty.

How To Move Overseas With Kids

How To Move Overseas With Kids

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There are few life events that are more exciting, challenging and, to be fair, worrying than moving overseas with kids. Yet such a move can be a life-changing and life-enhancing experience, giving both you and your children new opportunities to experience a different culture, learn a new language, and make new friends – often with children from all over the world.

Yes, there are challenges, but if you’re geared up properly to meet them, you can do your move abroad knowing that you’ve thought through those challenges and know how to rise and meet them.

Plan, Plan and keep Planning

You’ll be used to moving your kids around, taking them to school, to sports or music practice, to friends’ houses for visits, so you already have the base for planning your move. It’s all about research and organization.

Many people decide to move overseas with their kids because of work commitments or a brand-new job. Before moving, try to immerse yourself in the culture and customs of the country that you’re moving to, and involve your kids in research and discussions as much as you can. You may have the job, but as a responsible parent, you should, wherever possible, put your children’s needs first.

Encourage them, excite them, look at schools with them, start them off with a new language so that they get a feel for what they’ll hear in a different environment. It will be an amazing experience for all the family.

Get your Timing Right

Sometimes it’s out of your hands as to when you need to move, but check out weather patterns and temperatures for wherever you are going to go at various times of the year. If you’re moving from a relatively warm climate to Canada, for example, remember that winter there can be ferociously cold for many months, and prepare accordingly.

Alternatively, if you are relocating to Singapore – an attractive destination for its dynamic business and cultural life – be aware of the monsoon seasons from December to March and June to September when planning your move. It’s a family-friendly place with an outdoor way of life – ideal for children growing up.

The Best Education

Scope out the local schools well before you go, what their entry requirements are, and what costs might be involved. Look into curriculums and the out-of-school activities that schools offer. An international school can be the right solution for your children, where usually the main language is English, but there are opportunities to learn several different languages as well as meeting both international and locally based kids. provides schooling from age two to 18 so you can ensure that your kids get a high-quality education at any age.

Be Prepared

Any overseas move has pitfalls, including language barriers and an unfamiliar education system. If you prepare yourself and your kids well, these become just a part of the new and exciting learning experience as you provide them with new ways of looking at the world and expanding their minds as they get to know their new environment.

Plan A Romantic Espanol Getaway: Honeymoon In Spain

Plan A Romantic Espanol Getaway: Honeymoon In Spain

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One of the special moments for every couple which turns to be the lifetime moment is the honeymoon period. It is the time when the two enjoys the best time with each other. To make it extra lustrous for your partner, plan a memorable romantic trip to Spain. Here we bring you a short guide to the city where you can make memories with your partner and plan gifts delivery in Spain wherever you go.

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Bless yourself with the best time of the year with the exotic beach resort. Tenerife is one of the most special and perfect destination for honeymoon at Spain.

Ideal stay duration- 7 Nights

The beautiful 500 km long white sand sea coast makes a beautiful romantic destination.

Reason to be here is tempting: The tropical forest walk, designer shop shruts, volcanic lava, Carnaval and Pico del Teide, Spain’s tallest mountain.

Best time to visit here is: April, May, September and October

Plan A Romantic Espanol Getaway: Honeymoon In Spain

Madrid – Urban chic

When you are in Spain, it’s mandatory to be here. Without visiting Madrid your trip is just incomplete. It’s the capital to visit and experience the place. It’s a place for cosmopolitan couples that can easily blend them with the culture. This city blends with the big urban style culture and energy that makes this Spanish city a perfect destination to experience.

To be here ideal stay duration can be 5 Nights

For your honeymoon, you can have a perfect delight like fun party, bustling restaurants, galleries, Tapas and copas of the Madrid. These are the perfect spark for your new beginnings.

Reason to be here: To experience the legendary stuff like cocktail bars, nightclubs, crowd dancing and the Madrid night life.

Best times to visit: March to May and September to November

Plan A Romantic Espanol Getaway: Honeymoon In Spain

Seville/Andalucia – A perfect honeymoon getaway

If you want to experience the most romantic place in Spain, then this is it. Seville is the perfect romantic destination. It’s a home of best fountain-filled plazas. While exploring you will enjoy amazing sound of music and also have a horse ride with your love. This one is the Best getaways around the world.

Ideal duration for stay: 2 Nights

Delights for Honeymoon: Beautiful streets, grand churches, and Real Alcázar palace, Romantic sunsets

Reason to visit this place: For Beautiful architecture and old-world charm

Best time to visit: March to may

Plan A Romantic Espanol Getaway: Honeymoon In Spain

Toledo – Romantic evenings

Toledo is a beautiful destination to celebrate the moment with the beauty of Rustic charm. This place has a rustic romance around the corner. The cosy restaurants, cobbled streets and much more is perfect for your honeymoon.

Ideal duration for stay: 3 Nights

Delights for Honeymoon: Beautiful sunset, rustic church

Reason to visit this place: For Beautiful architecture and old-world charm

Best time to visit: March to may

Plan A Romantic Espanol Getaway: Honeymoon In Spain

Costa Galicia – Colorful shores

Celebrate the peaceful white exotic beach side vacation at costa Galicia. This is colorful sea with a white beaches and private windswept.

Ideal duration for stay: 4 Nights

Delights for Honeymoon: A thermal bath with your partner, some mouth-watering food, and amazing bonfire moment with your partner.

Reason to visit this place: to experience white beach and the amazing sea food in European style. This destination is affordable one too.

Best time to visit: May and June

Plan A Romantic Espanol Getaway: Honeymoon In Spain

Ibiza – Balearic Island

The name itself is enough for you to get the thrill of this destination. It is well-known for the dance club and the white sand beaches here. This is a perfect spot for the active new wed couples.

Ideal duration for stay: 5 Nights

Delights for Honeymoon: unlimited and nonstop party, more than 50 white sand beaches, and heritage sites.

Reason to visit this place: Wildest and best beach clubs and unforgettable parties.

Best time to visit: June to August.

Plan A Romantic Espanol Getaway: Honeymoon In Spain

Alicante – a wonderful port city

This is a perfect port for nightlife, food and sun kissed Romance. This historic Mediterranean port is dynamic and attractive. It’s a Spanish city with castle, old quarter and long waterfront. Perfect destination for honeymoon. If you are foodie, then you will enjoy the most here. Also, not to forget the nightlife over here.

Ideal duration for stay: 6 Nights

Delights for Honeymoon: royal palace and the Spanish beaches

Reason to visit this place: Long gold sand beaches, Arabian civilization, sidewalk cafes, and the bars.

Best time to visit: May to October

Plan A Romantic Espanol Getaway: Honeymoon In Spain

San Sebastian – A destination for foodies

This is a neighboring city to Madrid and Barcelona. However, it is not much popular but to experience the best Spanish food, you must visit here. It makes you feel like it’s the place all for you.

Ideal duration for stay: 2 Nights

Delights for Honeymoon: Party, Exotic Spanish food and beach walk.

Reason to visit this place: it is known as the food capital and if you are foodie then this is a perfect place to celebrate your love.

Plan A Romantic Espanol Getaway: Honeymoon In Spain

Avila – The land of Romanesque churches

This place is known for its Gothic and the spectacular Romanesque churches. It’s the only place in Spain that will let your experience the beauty of churches.

Ideal duration for stay: 3 Nights

Delights for Honeymoon: Gorgeous churches, the romantic beaches, and the serenity of the town.

Reason to visit this place: to experience the fairy tale land

Best time to visit: May to October

Plan A Romantic Espanol Getaway: Honeymoon In Spain

Valencia – A cultural attraction

Valencia is a mixture of Madrid’s history and the Barcelona’s contemporary atmosphere which you must experience at a fraction of cost. Known for its orange rich taste oranges this is a cultural attraction for you. Walk under the citrus tree to sense the charm and fall of blossoms.

Ideal duration for stay: 3 Nights

Delights for Honeymoon: Dropping blossoms, historic culture and great taste of art

Reason to visit this place: To experience the Spanish central market, Plaza Ayuntamiento, City art and science, Churches.

Plan A Romantic Espanol Getaway: Honeymoon In Spain

Now experience the Romantic gifts delivery to Spain online while you make most of your honeymoon. Make it extra special for your partner.

Top 7 Dublin Playgrounds: Your Kids Are Not Bored Anymore!

Top 7 Dublin Playgrounds: Your Kids Are Not Bored Anymore!

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It is very important for kids to spend time outside. The best place is a playground. Dublin is full of playgrounds. Of course, you can use fizzr car hire service from and go somewhere out of the city to have fun there. Your kids are glad to play in the park, forest, especially if it is equipped with a playground and special kiddy zones. This helps to make your family trip more exciting. Allowing your kids to play on the patio, in a park, in the playground, or any outdoor area is an essential part of growing up.


Playing outdoors has a lot of advantages. The kids are connected with nature, family members, and other kids. Outdoor play is important at any age. Let your Dublin trip plan include playgrounds. This is the best place to practice physical skills:

Swings, slides, roundabouts, funny tunnels, climbing frames, forest trails.

Jumping, leaping, and running.

Striking, catching, and throwing.

Lifting, carrying objects, pushing.

There is no need to continue the list of advantages from the outdoors. Just remember, you Dublin trip should include some space for outdoor activities.

Children at Stone Lakes NWR



Carnfunnock Country Park

If you have some free time, you can visit outdoor amusement park. You can spend a day there. Carnfunnock Park is located on the coast road at Ballygally. The views you can see are spectacular. There is enough green space for children to run, play and have all sorts of activities. Of course, the views are free, but there are special offers that need some money to pay for: miniature railway ride (£2 per person), mini-golf (£1-£3.50), wow balls (£3), bouncy castle (£1), bungee runs (£1-£2). The prices are cheap and the moments you’ll have are worth much.


Oak Park Forest Park

This is not really a park but a forest space that is good for walking. Forest Park is a good territory for walking since 2006. There is much to do with younger kids. The playground is full of slides, swings, wheelchair swings. What about the adults? You may visit a green gym. One way or another, the park territory is mostly used for walking. There are beautiful lakes on your way. You can see ducks and swans. There are picnic tables too, so bring lunch.

(20/52) Scout's Playground


Con Smith Memorial Park Playground

This is a popular family place. All family members are involved. There was time when Con P Smith donated the part of his land to the city park. You can see a huge territory, developed as a multi-generational park, with walks and pathways, outdoor gym for adults and a playground for kids. Traditionally, the playground consists of modern swings, slides, tunnels and bridges, climbing frames. What a comfort! The street parking is available near here.


Spraoi sa Choill

Welcome to the woodland! Interesting to know, the playground is integrated into the Cratloe woods. Actually, it is located there. The huge territory occupies about an acre. Your kids have fun from sliding, swinging, climbing made of natural materials. There is much space to play outside the playground too. You can forget about everything and go to explore the woods. It is save here.



Glenbower Woods playground

Another day in the woods is offered. The driving is long but worth your time. This is the best way to touch nature as it is. The playground is good for preschoolers and young kids. The slides and swings are small is size. There are seesaws and bouncers. Nevertheless, the walk in the wood is good for all ages.


The main thing to go here is a spectacular view. The playground is located in the amazing place on the edge of the village of Schull. The village church is opposite. The playground is fenced and filled with swings, medium-sized slides, wooden helicopters and cars. This place is especially attractive for kids up to 8. There is also a parking and a couple of food shops to buy some ice-cream and drinks.


The Playtrail

Of course, this is not only a playground, but three separate play areas with lots of bonuses for each. It is called the Playtrail. The junior play area attracts kids with the colorful climbing frames in the adventure zone. You are offered to visit the sensory garden or play hide-and-seek in the Fairy Wood. There is a bonus for elder kids – outdoor cinema! Everyone is welcomed.

Play Trail

Dublin car travel is not full without the outdoor activities to spend play with kids. The city and suburbs are full of kiddy places which are designed for different ages. Do your kids like physical exercises? They will be happy to spend an hour or two walking in the forest or playing hide-and-seek in the park. A lot of playgrounds have been organized all over the main Irish city. There are around 1,300 playgrounds in the Irish cities and most of them are managed by local authorities.

Why 4WD Supa Centre Single Swag Are Best

Why 4WD Supa Centre Single Swag Are Best

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We offer the quality swag to customers and we’ve garnered enormous appreciation inside the enterprise. Our products are surprisingly regarded for their lengthy shelf lifestyles, superior quality, and unsurpassed performance. With our widespread domain information and wealthy enterprise enjoy, we’ve got continually brought merchandise which has exceeded the expectations of the customers.

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At our company, we’ve got mounted an astonishing infrastructure facility that incorporates of tools and gadget that are efficient enough to impart the pleasant high-quality possible. Furthermore, we’ve hired a team of hardworking specialists, who are skilled and properly trained to understand the changing marketplace developments and customer needs as nicely. Our consistent efforts have earned an enormous array of clients international.

What Are The Most Popular Dishes Of India?

What Are The Most Popular Dishes Of India?

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India is a country of a thousand colors, but also with a thousand flavors. In each region where you will discover the typical different dishes which always delightfully scented. Your taste buds will continually be solicited and awake for the greatest pleasure of your hosts.

Without beef or pork for religious reasons, the Indian dishes will nevertheless make you discover all kinds of spices and flavors. Cultural expatriation as culinary and immersion in the traditional India, the Indian kitchen will remain for you as for all a wonderful souvenir of your trip.

If you already know the basics of food in India, discover as soon when the typical dishes that you can find at your arrival, depending on the regions and but also of cities.

In the North India

1. Chole Bhature

Originating in the Punjab, the Chole Bhature consists of spiced chickpeas (Chole) accompanied by a fried bread (bhatura) recognizable by its form inflated. It is a dish that is eaten mainly at breakfast, but which can also serve as a lunch. Very widespread in India in the North, this unavoidable is to put on your list of dishes to taste. All the more that the spices are not too identified.

What Are The Most Popular Dishes Of India?

2. Butter Chicken and Naan

Generally served with rice, and always accompanied by Naan, the butter chicken is, as its name indicates, a chicken marinated in a sauce to butter and curry, rather creamy. Very popular in Delhi, it can quickly become your favorite dinner in the company of garlic Naan (naan in garlic).

What Are The Most Popular Dishes Of India?

3. Thukpa

Typical dish of the India but yet originating in Tibet, the Thukpa is a noodle soup to vegetables. It is very widespread in several countries such as Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and finally the north of India. Also called the “Noodle Soup of the Himalayas”, it can be eaten at breakfast but can also be appreciated at lunch. It is served accompanied by meat, usually the chicken.

What Are The Most Popular Dishes Of India?

4. Rajma Chawal

The Rajma Chawal is a curry come from the Punjab, in which pickle red beans. It is a dish that you eat accompanied of basmati rice nature, mainly at noon but also to dinner. It may be more or less spicy in function of the amount of the pepper that you turn or ask.

What Are The Most Popular Dishes Of India?

In Rajasthan

5. Rajasthani Thali

Full meal to him alone, the Rajasthani Thali that serves on a giant plateau brings together all the necessary to satiate, of the entry to the dessert in passing by the main dish. It is the typical dish of Rajasthan, offering a panel of colors and flavors, which only the greedier will empty, their base. If you want to taste the special Rajasthan Thali and other delicious cuisines of Rajasthan then you can book Maharaja Express Luxury Train and have the signature taste onboard.

What Are The Most Popular Dishes Of India?

In the South India

6. Masala Dosa and Sambhar

Traditionally savored at breakfast, the Dosa is a kind of crepe of South India, conducted from flour and beans URD. It is qualified of Masala Dosa when it is made with a mixture of spices. To accompany the dosa, one prepares the Sambhar, a mixture of curry, vegetables and lentils. A good way to start the day with the full of energy.

What Are The Most Popular Dishes Of India?

7. Hyderabadi Biryani

This tasty dish is a kind of Biryani, spicy rice prepared with meat, fish or vegetables (for vegetarians). It is originating in Hyderabad, where it takes its name, which is the capital of the State of Telangana. It prepares traditionally with goat meat that can replace by chicken or even of the sheep.

What Are The Most Popular Dishes Of India?

8. Idli / Vada

The idlis are rice cakes salted that is eaten during breakfast or still in the snack in the whole of India in the South. In the form of “block” of rice, it accompanies a sauce, either sambhar, or well the chutney coconut.

The vadas also are salted cakes tasted at breakfast as in taste, but concocted to base of lentils and peppers. According to the tastes and to vary the flavors, it the quenching in a sauce sambhar or chutney.

What Are The Most Popular Dishes Of India?

In Goa

The Goan Fish Curry is a typical dish of Goa which consists of a fish marinated in lemon and cooked in a sauce masala. Enjoyed at lunch and dinner, it can also be cooled with coconut milk after his cooking. A must dish to taste if you are visiting Goa.

In Mumbai

9. Pav Bhaji

This dish very spicy is widely appreciated in Mumbai and in the entire State of Maharashtra in general. The vegetables are mixed together and then cooked in a curry, and are served accompanied by a small bread fluffy (PAV). It is a “snack” that can very well enjoy at the time of the taste.

What Are The Most Popular Dishes Of India?

This list is obviously not exhaustive. As well, you will be able to discover many traditional dishes Indians throughout your stay, either in Rajasthan or elsewhere in India, any whilst marveling at the uniqueness of landscapes that you will encounter.

10 Essential Destinations To Visit In Rajasthan

10 Essential Destinations To Visit In Rajasthan

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India is a very broad and diverse, full of regions with their own identity country and one of them is the Rajasthan – the region northwest of the country that long ago was land of the Maharajas. Rajasthan is the land where the great lords and clans fought for Demonstrate its power with opulent palaces in the center of its walled cities.

Rajasthan is a region that is worth visiting to get to know its history and architecture, its culture and its traditions or its varied cuisine. Also you can experience the royalty in this state with luxury trains. Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheels and Deccan Odyssey Train are the world renowned luxury trains in India. All of them perfect ingredients to enjoy a unique experience.

1. Jaipur – A Pink City

Jaipur, the capital of the Rajasthan region and known as the pink city, has the chaos of any large city in the country but also gives us two unique places The Jal Mahal and the Jantar Mantar.

The first is a palace that was part of the palace of the city and served as the chamber of women, from which real women could see through its more than 900 windows the life of the city without being seen.

The Jantar Mantar is an enclosure filled with huge astrological instruments to study the stars. There are a lot of curious constructions to determine for example the time of day, the position of the celestial bodies, the elevation, the azimuth, etc. It has the largest solar clock we have ever seen, 27 meters high, which can be seen in detail until the second hand with an accuracy of two seconds of error.

2. Amber Fort

The fort of Amber is a marvel that you can visit from Jaipur itself. A huge fort on top of a hill where between passages, stairs and snake charmers the rooms where the Maharaja enjoyed his luxurious life are happening. The public hearing room, the private audience room or the mirror room are some examples.

3. Jaisalmer – Golden fort

Jaisalmer is like a mirage in the middle of the desert, a huge golden sandstone fort rising between arid lands. Its fort is the only one that remains inhabited by all of Rajasthan, and in it there are plenty of beautiful palaces and temples, guesthouses, restaurants and souvenir shops.

4. Jodhpur – A Blue city

The so-called Blue City of Rajasthan features another of the region’s imposing forts, the Mehrangarh Fort located on top of a mountain that must measure more than 100 meters and is one of the largest in all of Rajasthan. Legend has it that he had the bravest warriors and that in one of the battles, faced with the imminent defeat, they decided to take their own lives by penetrating their chests with their daggers. His women, all of them very loyal to their brave men, accompanied this dressing with their best clothes and throwing themselves to the bonfire in which they were incinerated.

5. Ranakpur Temple

You cannot miss this Jain temple halfway between Jodhpur and Udaipur. Among this lush nature, this complex of white temples rises. The main temple is the Chaumukha Mandir, which is translated as the temple of the four faces and is dedicated to Adhinath. This temple has more than 20 rooms and about 80 domes and is composed of more than 1400 columns all recorded in a unique way, none is the same as another.

Tourists can only enter from 12 in the morning, because before it is only for followers of this religion.

6. Fort of Kumbhalgarh

Very close to Ranakpur is this ancient place. A wonderful and remote fort located at about 1000 meters high that I can assure you was one of the most romantic of the entire trip. Its endless walls of more than 35 meters high, make you enter a perfectly preserved complex. The visit can last about 1 hour and the price around 100 rupees. Another interesting point of this fort is that it houses more than 300 temples in different conservation states scattered throughout the area.

7. Udaipur and Lake Pichola

The city of Udaipur is another essential in this region. A city around Lake Pichola, an artificial lake where the Ghats follow each other where the locals go to bathe or wash their clothes. The palace of Udaipur is another essential, occupying a privileged position overlooking the lake and the beautiful hills surrounding Udaipur.

8. Pushkar – Temple to Brahma

Pushkar is another city that we recommend and as Udaipur, the city rises around a lake. Pushkar translates as “the blue lotus” and its lake is the most sacred in all of India. According to the legend this lake was created when Brahma dropped a lotus flower to the ground. It is surrounded by Ghats and palaces, which give it the appearance of a Benares in miniature.

On the shores of the lake there is a temple dedicated to Brahma. They say that this temple was built as a result of a curse of Saraswati, the consort of Brahma. He is one of the few in all India to venerate this divinity since not all people are happy with him, well … rather they are somewhat angry because Brahma married his sister and incest does not like it.

9. Bikaner

The havelis are also typical of this region. These are palace-houses owned by the wealthy former merchants of Rajasthan. In Bikaner there are a few worth visiting. Bikaner also has another huge fort, although less spectacular than the rest of those that we have shown you, and something curious is that in one of its salons there are collector cars and even a biplane plane that the British government gave to the Maharaja after the second World War.

10. Karni Mata – The Temple of Rats

Near Bikaner is this curious temple inhabited by hundreds of rats. The legend behind these rats is that Karni Mata, incarnation of the durga goddess, asked the god of death to give life back to his drowned son. He refused so Karni Mata decreed that all members of his family would be reincarnated as rats. The Karni Mata temple does not stop entering and leaving people, from surrounding villages since they have the belief that their ancestors have been reincarnated in these rats.

And this is just a small sample of India and Rajasthan, much more information about experience of Incredible India visit

Tips For People Travelling To The UK

Tips For People Travelling To The UK

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The UK is an amazing place to travel to, it offers unique architecture, beautiful scenery and a multicultural experience. If you’re planning on going to the UK soon you might have some questions surrounding the recent choice to leave the EU and what options are available to you. Whether you’re travelling to the UK on a short stay or you plan on moving here on a UK visa in the future here are some quick tips on life in the UK.

Research Law

Wherever you come from, it’s likely that the rules and laws in the UK are different compared to your homeland. Reading up on the key differences with help you stay become much safer and less worrying. It’s also good to read up on local etiquette, how to be polite in UK society will help your stay in the UK much more enjoyable.


Compared to most countries the UK is an expensive place to live and travel around, both luxuries and essentials cost considerably more in the UK and it’s best to compare prices before you travel so you can be prepared for the price differences. Hotels, hostels, food and drink all have the ability to slowly drain your funds whilst enjoying life in the UK. Although, if you plan on getting a UK visa and prolonging your stay, then getting a job in the UK will counter the costs of living there, wages tend to be better in the UK to match the cost of living, depending on the career you pursue.

Where to Visit

On a map, the UK, looks to be one of the smallest places to explore. It’s actually the opposite, the UK offers all types of living to experience, London, Manchester and Birmingham are some of the largest cities to explore with architecture, history and an abundance of culture to experience. There are also famous towns like Oxford and Cambridge that offer picturesque views and world-renowned Universities to see. The rural areas of the UK to see, the Lake District, Loch Ness and multiple mountain ranges that are unlike any in the world.


Travelling around the UK can be done in multiple ways and varies of the speed you need to get there and the amount you want to pay. Trains are usually the most time and cost efficient, but if you want to keep cost low, most major cities of a “mega bus” services that take you across the country at a really low price, but naturally this takes longer to pursue.

A few tips and tricks to be aware of before you head over to the UK, it’s culture is famously known to be different compared to the majority of the world so it’s best to research the difference that might occur compared to what you’re used to at home. Currently, since Brexit occurred, moving to England from US or other countries is a topic that has a lot of questions surrounding it, so it’s worth checking if it’s a viable option before you make any major commitments.