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Major Feature Considerations In App Development

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Mobile apps are a dime a dozen these days. There are hundreds of thousands of apps out there, all of varying quality. Some of these apps stand head and shoulders above their competition, while others are poorly designed and barely functional. That’s to be expected in such a saturated market, but what does it really take for a company-oriented app to really stand out? What kinds of features should you include in your own apps if you want to get noticed?

There really aren’t any hard and fast rules to designing an application for a mobile device. You should be mostly okay as long as your app is functional and does what it’s supposed to do. However, there are still some features that a good app should have in order to be successful, especially since there are so many apps available today. Here are some things to consider when developing your app:

Consistent Performance

Consistent performance is the most important feature of any app. Simply put, an app needs to be able to function reliably and do what it is supposed to do every time it is used. This means going through a rigorous testing process during development and taking into account every aspect of its performance. A top-selling mobile app will work perfectly without consuming too much battery power or memory. This should be obvious to any developer, but a surprising number of apps do manage to slip into the market without proper testing, and they are almost always failures as a result.

Major Feature Considerations In App Development


A good app should naturally be compatible with the operating system it is being designed for. Once again, this sounds like a no-brainer, but many apps fail to make the jump from one platform to another because of compatibility issues. You should always make sure that your new app runs well on a particular platform, even if that means redesigning it from the ground up.

Short Loading Times

It’s probably safe to say that nobody likes loading times. Modern technology has evolved enough to minimize the issue, but larger apps often still need to load before they can be used. This is often unavoidable, and many users have come to expect it, but any loading time over five seconds is often too long for a mobile app. Users tend to get impatient if they have to wait any longer than that, and that can kill an app’s marketability.

If your app must have a loading time, do what you can to keep it short. As we said before, most users won’t mind waiting a few seconds, but some programs and apps have been known to load for as long as a minute.


A good app will be usable and able to solve some kind of problem, even if the “problem” is a boring couple of minutes that can be spent playing a game. The most successful apps can do things like report the weather, direct you to a nearby restaurant, or do all sorts of things that technically aren’t needed but are welcome nevertheless. They are also very intuitive; anybody should be able to download a good app and immediately start using it without any problems.

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Uses of Different Social Video Apps

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Social video apps assist the process of uploading video clips in individual platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. taking from individual destinations. These apps are used equally in mobiles and in desktops to upload videos smoothly. When you try to upload a video clip without using the applications, it will not be time consuming only but also tedious. After sometime, you will give up and look for other options. Today we will discuss about some of the social video applications available for mobile phones and for desktops as well.

Desktube is one of the most popular social video apps that has been introduced very recently. It is quite clear from the name that this application is good for desktop only. Actually, the application is being used to upload only YouTube videos in desktop. The application developers, to help it adjust with all major operating systems, have used different technologies. Thus, it will work with equal efficiency for older and latest windows version. Users can upload a certain number on videos at a time, using the application. However, unlike other social media applications, though it works for YouTube only but here in this platform it works quite faster and flawlessly.

Now we will discuss about the most popular social video apps that are used in mobile phones.

Viddy, this social media application is used in iPhones only. It can share certain number of videos that continues for 15 seconds and can store it automatically in your preferred iPhone location. There are several other benefits of using the application in iPhone. When you download the app for the first time, you don’t need to open an individual account for it. You can easily sign in through any of your existing email address or social media profiles like Twitter or Facebook profiles to download the application and to use it comfortably. In addition, you can set the application in a hidden place, as private setting option is available with it. Iphone users like the application because it not only shows videos uploaded by your friends, but also represent one that has been used by the celebrities.

If you are looking for a free social video application that is good for both android and iPhone as well, using socialcam is the best option. Here also you don’t need to use an individual email address or profile to use the application. Sign in through either your facebook or Twitter id and download it easily. This particular application has become popular in a short span because even after being a free app it gives faster and adequate services to download many videos. You can upload videos taking from different destinations, with the help of the application.

You can use the application both to upload high-resolution photos and videos. The application works well in iPhone, Blackberry and Android. The D10 feature is the best attraction of the application that can upload videos at a time. If you want to know more about social video applications, you can visit

How to Make Better Use of Your iPhone

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The mobile technology has reached to an amazing extent, ranging from smartphone and “i” series to simple handsets for entertainment and needs, to be catered in one set. Every one desires to have an updated version of the mobile phone and enjoy the luxury of the most advanced mobile technology.

But few of these people use their mobile sets like iPhone to their fullest potential. Other than just entertainment, this phone set can serve many purposes if used effectively. This article can guide you to some simple steps using which you can enjoy the entertainment toy as an efficient tool to make your personal and professional life easier.

How to Make Better Use of Your iPhone

Two lines system: If you are not yet aware then know that your iPhone has this function of facilitating a second line. In this way you can have two numbers being used separately through one phone. Now you can better arrange your personal and professional contacts separately and at your convenience.

Set your Homepage: As you do on your personal computer that the site which you visit most is selected in the homepage of your browser. In the same way, when using your iPhone you can organize your homepage by selecting the app that you use most and drag it to front.

Managing your Web Apps: It usually takes longer if we have files stored at different paths. Your iPhone can give you a service through an iPhone Web app, which will consolidate all your web apps in one program. In this way, you can easily browse and launch the desired web app. This iPhone web app is available in a minimal price in market and you can get it easily for your phone set.

Quick Search Function: With your own mobile phone, it has become very easy to turn to your work any time. If you need to look for some important article and don’t have computer and internet access then stop worrying, as your iPhone will give you a search function. Go to the home tab and double click on it to get the search box, type your search word and select the desired results in no time.

Voice Control Function: It is always unsafe to attend your phone calls while you are driving. If you are on your way to office and have to take important call then don’t stop your car and receive the message. Your iPhone voice control is available with which you can get your calls and listen to your choice music without using your hands.

These features, if used effectively, can make your iPhone the best system of your life. You just need to stay updated with the enhancements that are launched to the OS of iPhones. If you search the web, you can still learn a lot more than I just shared. In reality, the technology covers a whole wonder world which most of us had never tried to explore. So, change your pattern and start using your device in a different way.

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Apps Recommended for Students to Help in Academics

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Students tend to have very long reading lists to get through and various types of equipment designed to help them with their studies. However, many of these devices can now be replaced by a single smart-phone app thanks to the availability of some new programs on most major mobiles. Here are just some of the apps that are recommended for students who are trying to improve their academic performance.

Word Processing

If you are out and about and want to edit a document, make changes to a spreadsheet or even get a presentation ready for your fellow students, then there is a surprising number of applications available to help you.

If you have a Windows Phone mobile, then you will already have access to the Microsoft Office suite of software from your home screen. These programs will let you create and edit documents, spreadsheets and even PowerPoint presentations, giving you perhaps the best set of word-processing and other tools on the market at the moment.

Android users can harness the power of Google Docs through a dedicated application, allowing them to use a word-processing program which is compatible with a wide range of file types. If you do not own an Android handset, then you can still point your phone’s web browser at the Google Docs site and enjoy similar functionality.

Evernote is a good app to download if you have an iPhone. The iPhone is recommended for this app because of the easy-to-understand interface that makes document editing a dream on your portable device. As with Google Docs, it can handle a range of different file types and will help you share and collaborate on projects.


If you want to avoid being late for your scheduled lessons or if you have deadlines looming that you simply cannot miss, then these apps might be worth trying.

Homework for Android is the best app to choose as a supplement to your physical diary. You can colour-code your commitments and see which subjects you need to complete work for over the coming weeks. It even lets you list the exams that you will have to face in the future. It will also hold and organise your entire timetable, with up to 20 lessons a day eligible for registration on the app.

iPhone owners will want to try out InClass, an app which features elements of homework and organisation but also allows you to share details through social networking. In this way, you and your classmates can identify useful titles for a particular subject and discuss the work that lies ahead of you. InClass can also be set to notify you with alerts when classes are about to begin so that you need never be late again.

Research Materials

Your smart phone can become a repository for information, thanks to a number of apps that might end up replacing physical textbooks.

Amazon Kindle is available for all major mobile platforms and lets you synchronise, read and buy both fiction and non-fiction books to enjoy on the move. Whatever your area of study is, this will keep you up to date.

If you have an iPhone, then the iOS equivalent of Kindle is iBooks, which is just as competently put together as Amazon’s service and offers a broad range of texts.

Many of these apps and others will be used by students in the coming years, changing the way they learn and the way that they organise their time when studying. The days of having to carry a large number of heavy books around schools and colleges may be nearly at an end.

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The above article is composed and edited by Roxanne P. She is associated with many Technologies communities as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to  social media, cheapest sim only deals related articles etc

Top Smartphone Apps to Plan a Great Family Day Out

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A day spent with the family doing fun activities is great for quality time. Planning a great family day out has gotten a lot easier with apps for smart phones.


To help you decide what to do on your day out you can use Goby. It will search for outdoor recreation, concerts, places for family fun, museums, spas, and more. The Where app will also help you find interesting things to do, such as zoos, museums, or festivals.

For an active day out, check out Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder. It shows places for hiking, boating, cycling, to name a few.

If a beach is what you want, the app Beach Finder will give you directions and reviews for 5300 beaches. Before you go, you might want to check Surf Report, an iPhone app to get the surfing conditions. Android users can use Magic Seaweed Surf Forecast.

During your day out you may decide to see a movie. The Showtimes app gives you the theaters in your area plus the times of the movies and directions to the theater. It also has movie trailers for you to watch and descriptions of movies.

To stay organized so you won’t forget anything important for your day, use the Remember The Milk app. You can keep track of operating hours for the places you are going or movie times.

Apps for Driving

If your day out includes driving, Google Maps can help plan your route and will be handy if you get lost. It can help you pick alternate routes if necessary.

Weather can be unpredictable and a day that starts with sun can quickly change. The Weather Channel app can be invaluable to making sure your day goes according to plan.

If you are driving through parts unknown, the GasBuddy app will help make sure you don’t run out of gas. It also lets you know the prices for gas so you can save some money.

Personal Needs

Looking for a place to eat is simple with the FastFood app. This will point out all the kids’ favorites and you can view the menu options. If you don’t do fast food, then GoodFoodNearYou will give you healthier options.

There are two apps that help you find restrooms. One is Have2p and the other is SitOrSquat. Both will find bathrooms that are near and have information about cleanliness and features, like a changing table.

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SpoTube Web Application Review

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SpoTube is a web application that lets users watch videos, listen to music and read about artists. Its focus on music and related content is what makes it unique from other sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Visitors are able to search for songs, artists or album and SpoTube compiles the content for the user. It gets information from Last.FM, so an account for that will be useful too. So far, the app is in the beta phase, which means it is free so far as well.

Signing up requires you to input the usual user information with the addition of putting in your Last.FM username. Afterwards, you are taken to your main SpoTube profile. The app employs a stylish modern look and feel to it with its gray-sliver and dark blue color scheme. The design and layout is quite jarring, and this is where the site loses it appeal. It is quite a shame because a site which compiles your interests in music and artists should be easy to use and intuitive. There is a scroll bar on the left side, where it overlaps the top menu bar, which is quite confusing. The layout is confusing initially, but you will get used to it once it grows on you. It does throw too much at you at first and that is a big misstep, surely. But, again, it is in the beta phase so you can look forward to changes to its look and feel (for the better).

If you look past the minor design gripes and frustrating layout, SpoTube actually does its job quite nicely. As promised, you will be able to listen to free music, watch music videos and read about upcoming albums on the application. Information from your Last.FM account will be integrated into your SpoTube account, so the searching and compiling is done for you more easily. I found it very handy because I am a music lover who’s always in search for new music to fall in love with. On the left panel, above the embedded YouTube player, are features like the song inbox, notifications, starred, session playlist  and spotify search. There is also a radio where you will select the genre you like and it automatically plays songs that fit into that genre.

Overall, SpoTube is a nifty application for the music lover. It makes searching for songs, music videos and articles on artists easier. It will be an indispensible application for the music lover.