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Improve the Looks of Your Home in These Ways

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I didn’t want to beleive it when i read it in an article that psychologists claim this:

“Changing your surroundings ( colors, objects, positions ) changes the way you look at life. For example, painting your walls green will give you a sense of security.”

So in this article, we are going to see some ways in which you can improve the overall look in your home. Remember that doing these changes will give a feeling of overall improvement and freshness both to your family and your lovely guests which will notice and praise you for the changes you have done this autumn.

So here are the ways you can improve:

1. Paint your front door. It will sound unnecesarry and unnoticable to you  but this is the first thing that people see when they are the front of your house. “Do not be affraid to go nuts with the colors” might be the motto here, my favourite door colour is currently cerise pink. Strong, bright colours in full gloss are popular at the moment but if you are the guy that does not like attracting much attention you can go with minimalistic but stylish colors. Another idea here is to have your front door painted in a painting or a cool color splatter.

2. Invest in good quality door furniture. “Cash out an extra £100 to get the good things,” Beeny says. “Cheap generally will look cheap to others.” Try to select furniture in keeping around your property; big Victoriana  knockers and letter boxes will look tasteless unless your home is Victorian itself. What we are trying to say is that always try to match your house type wit hthe furniture of the door. Now we know that you wont attach a victoriana knocker to your apartment house ( that would be hilarious ) but read some furniture articles to get an idea of what will look good.

3. Proper Lighting is important, placed either on the side of the front door to add symmetry, or a lantern in a portico entrance, says Alex Michelin, of swanky London developers Finchatton. Don’t be afraid to try out lights in situ before you commit; if they’re too big or too ornate they can look brash. If your property is approached via a garden, light it sensitively. “Good garden lighting is unseen,” Beeny says. Hide lights in the trees or conceal them in the garden location or drive.

6. Windows look ugly when they are unclean, so make sure yours are cleaned regularly. Rotten window frames are also unacceptable and if you’re putting in new ones, make sure they are appropriate with the design of the rest of the house. “The position of the glazing bars is massively important,” Beeny says. “And don’t feel you have to paint them white. They look great in lots of different colours from stone to dark green to black.” Bear in mind the colour of the brick/stone work before choosing a colour though. Finally, all curtain linings and blinds should match when seen from the street or driveway.

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How to Do a Major Clean Up For Autumn

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In order to look good in front of the guests, to not let infections strive in your house, and to generally feel comfortable and safe in your house, you must do regular cleanings in your house.

Cleaning the house works as exercise, a relaxing and repetitive hobby, and something to do in your free time. It also protects you and your family, as well as your pet from getting in contact with germs and other kinds of damaging things.

So let’s now write what you need to do in order to have your house clean.

1 – Cleaning Up the Small Things

We are going to start our clean up first by washing the dishes, removing the trash, putting all the dirty clothes in the wash machine, cleaning the tables, replacing the sheets, and either cleaning the carpets ourselves, or giving it to a carpet cleaner firm. But you can omit the carpet cleaning for now and do it in the later chapters.

Once you have finished doing the simple and mandatory clean-ups to put them aside and not to deal with them later, we can go on our next step, which is starting the harder and more important clean ups around our beloved house.

2 – Starting the major clean up

When we are talking about major clean up, we are referring to the fact that once we have finished the small thing ( the dishes, the clothes, dirty tables and sheets ) we need to go to some important things.

Start with the vacuuming. Go through all the rooms in the house and vacuum the carpets, the unders of the beds, get the dust and the dirt from undersides of tables, and generally get the dust off everything that you can see.

After you have finished cleaning all the rooms off initial amount of dust, now take the mop in your hand and mop up everywhere really well. I use lavanda mop solution ( smells really nice )

Now that you have vacuumed and mopped the rooms, take the dust cleaning cloth piece in your hand and clean all the furniture that you are able to clean with the piece of cloth. All the mini statues, tables, the TV, the computer screen and everything else that you can clean the dust off with the piece of cloth.

Once you have done all of these, you can go to our next step, which is:

3 – Ending the cleanup

Every start has its end, and now we are at the end of our clean up. The first thing you need to do is strip all the dirty sheet, and replace it with clean ones if you have not done so in the first step.

Now it is time to do the hard stuff. You need to get the grease and everything else from kitchen walls, clean the toilets and the bathroom with a powerful solution, do a good scraping of everything made from wood with the piece of cloth and the wood cleaning solution, and clean the windows. The only thing remaining now is to wash the carpets with the drapers and you are set!

Thanks for the read and keep it up!