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Top 4 Reasons For Dads To Get A Diaper Bag

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Benefits of diaper bags for dads

With so many fathers looking to be more involved in their children’s early lives, there is a newly expanding market for diaper bags, baby bags, and backpacks that cater to fathers and mothers alike. Here are 4 advantages to this emerging trend of the dad baby bag, and some reasons why baby bags for dads can make great gifts, either for yourself or for the busy dad in your life.

Number 1: It won’t look “feminine”

As a father, it can be hard to get over the fear of carrying a bag that doesn’t “look like a purse”. These days, however, there are many “unisex” options designed with that fear in mind. Whether a shoulder bag or a backpack style, there are a wide variety of baby bags for dads that are simply normal-looking bags designed for the needs of a busy parent the same way other bags might be designed for any other activity, like hiking, camping, or carrying school supplies. To the casual observer it will appear just like any other bag, and the color scheme and design will enable you to blend in with the crowd and not have to feel self-conscious.

Number 2: Lots of pockets

Any parent who has tried to have an outing with toddlers or infants using a typical book-bag designed with grade-school students in mind will be able to appreciate the thought that goes into a purpose-made baby bag. The extra storage areas of a good dad baby bag will be designed for someone carrying a lot of crucial items that can be more easily accessed in time of emergency, and it can be a great stress reliever out in public when the pressure is on.

Number 3: More space, your space

With all the varied activities available to infants and toddlers these days it can be hard to fit all the needed supplies for a given activity in a single bag. Other types of bags, often used simply out of convenience, require parents to perform a bit of a juggling act at important times. With many exterior pockets to store smaller items, the design of a good baby bag allows for more interior room. With all that space on the inside, it leaves the exterior pockets to store smaller personal items for the parent in an easily accessible area that allows them to find their important stuff without sorting through a small pile of baby-related junk.

Number 4: More time with the kids

Baby bags for dads are becoming more popular with families who wish to share time with the kids more equally. For part-time and full-time fathers, having that bag can be the difference between feeling confident out in public with the kids or feeling angry and embarrassed. For dads who wish to be more comfortable taking their kids out of the house more often, a baby bag is a great option to consider.