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Mystery Bestsellers of The Week

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Mystery books have always been one of the hot commodities in the books and periodicals market. Millions of people read and enjoy them and it is one of the wings of literary creations that overlap all types of age and geographical barriers.

While these mystery books are one of the favorites for the younger generations it is no less popular among the people in advanced ages. Classic and contemporary mystery stories and thrillers have been enjoying huge followings all over the world.

Bestsellers of The WeekAs Anais Nin once remarked; “The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.” Attraction of mystery has always lured men and women and the best way satisfying their crave in the past was mystery books; natural and supernatural.

Though the big leap forward taken by visuals like TV, video, and movies have somewhat usurped onto the domain of mystery books in terms of popularity, the eternal appeal of the books is still prevalent.

That is why you will find mystery bestsellers coming up at almost regular intervals in the market. The current week; the first in the month of September is no exception and it has come up with some of the mystery books that has already registered their presence as the mystery bestsellers of the week.

Hidden Staircase Mystery Books has published recently the list of top 15 hardcover mystery bestseller books.

The list is topped by “The Cuckoo’s Calling” by Robert Gallbraith published by Commoran Strike and available at, Apple book store, Barnes and Noble, Kobo eBooks and Book Depository. An interesting feature of the publication is that the book is available in both hard copy form as well as soft downloadable form online.

Incidentally; this book also topped bestsellers list last week. There, however, has been some up and downs in other rankings of the mystery books in the market.

For instance; “Gone Girl” by Gillian Fynn climbed up to 2nd spot from the 3rd in last week relegating last week’s 2nd, Dan Brown’s “Inferno” to 3rd spot. At the same time two new entrants have placed their spots in the list of top15 of the world.

One of them is “Never Go Back” by Lee Child that has marked a strong entrance by directly occupying the 6th spot in the list pushing the last week’s 6th spot holder “Mistress” by James Patterson and David Ellis. The other one is “The Mayan Secrets” by Clive Cussler and Thomas Perry that has occupied the 11th spot this week. Consequentially; “Light of the World” of James Lee Burke that was at this spot last week has slipped two steps below to the 13th spot.

Among other mystery books; “How the Light Gets In” by Louise Penny has made a big leap improving its position from the 15th spot in the last week to 4th this week.

Similarly; “The English Girls” by Gabriel Allen has slipped to 8th position from 5th in the last week while its contemporary “Bones of the Lost” by Kathy Reiche improved its position to 9th spot this week as against 12th last week.

Barnes and Noble Nook Touch Review – Nook Versus Kindle

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The Barnes and Noble Nook Touch reader has allowed the Nook to get rid of its mass with a compact and sleek redesign. Although we can’t really call it smarter when comparing to its ancestors, but ease of usage, compactness and lightweight makes it a better and obvious choice. The fundamental difference between the new Nook and Amazon Kindle is perhaps its full 6 Inch touchscreen with 2 months of battery life.


Nook Simple Touch comes with a NOOK microUSB cable, AC adapter and a rechargeable battery. It only weighs 7.48 ounces having 0.47 inches of depth. The overall length of Nook Touch is 6.5 inches with a supportive 5 Inches breadth. The onscreen resolution of this e-reader is limited to 800 x600, but it is still a market leader with 2 months of battery life on standby. Unlike other e-readers and tablets available in Market, you can charge Nook Touch via USB cable connected to PC or laptop. Although the onboard storage capacity is of 2GB, which evidently can’t store more than thousand e-books, but expandable memory slot pretty much takes care of this issue. Apart from all these features, the Nook Touch comes integrated with 6-Inch e-Ink display and has Wi-Fi to connect online with Barnes and Noble book store.


The Kindle is a leading the market for a long time now, but this new Nook doesn’t seem to lag behind in any way. However, we can easily claim that new Nook has outdone Kobo. When compared to Kindle, the Nook looks rather strange (or creative if you like it) because of its square-ish design. Unlike Kobo, Nook lets you make more customizations to margins and fonts. Although Kobo is thinner, it is relatively easier to hold a nook when compared with Kobo and Kindle. The overall look and feel of Nook is far futuristic than other e-readers and it also costs the same as Kindle.


Nook Simple Touch has a quality touchscreen, an innovative interface and is easier to hold. And on top of all this, it has far better battery life than other tabs available.

The new Nook behaves less like a book and just slightly lacks in its book store, page turning and reading clearly when compared to Kindle.
This Barnes and Noble Nook Touch review declares that Nook is absolutely competitive in all respects with the Amazon’s Kindle, except for its unusual look. The reader is definitely far ahead, futuristic and better than Kobo.

Monochromatic e-Ink eReaders – Changing the Way You Read

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One of the few things that technology has not changed even after centuries is book reading. But lately, things have started to change when it comes to book reading methods. Books are still our best friends, but certainly we have some new friends around the block, known as “e-Ink eReaders”. We could read books electronically prior to them, but what makes the e-Ink eReaders so special are their close to nature typeset, that is -radically different than you have previously seen with an electronic paper and electronic ink.

This electronic paper technology was first introduced for purchase by Sony in 2006 with its e-Book Reader. The eBook Reader by Sony replaced conventional LCD display with E Ink and offered customized back light tweaks to enhance reading experience.  This e-Ink is a reflective technology, allowing you to read like you would read a book or a newspaper.
This e Ink eReader allows you to read books while you relax and offers great reading experience in all environmental conditions. The e-Ink eReaders are lighter and more portable than the computers and the books themselves. This means you can enjoy reading while on the go whether at gym, at a park or travelling in a plane or train. Many of the eReaders also have voice reading feature, letting you listen to your favorite books and articles.
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