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12 Ideas To Start Your Next Blog Post!

12 Ideas To Start Your Next Blog Post!

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Are you a blogger? Do you often find yourself blank when it comes to start your new blog post? Well, you shouldn’t and to help you get started, here we have come up with 12 ideas. These ideas will not only give you direction to start, but will also help you hook your audience in no time. So, to start, you can write about:

1.     The “How to…” and other tutorials

The “How to…” is the most efficient of all types of blog posts on the web. Same is the case with tutorials. These two types establish your credibility and enhance your expertise on the subject. Through your writing, even if one of your readers decides to make it what you show, he will keep coming back to your blog the next time.

2.     Lists

The second most used and most read blog type is the list based. These posts provide a standard list of provided information in the form of numbered or bulleted lists that your readers can easily read, share, and implement. In addition to the readability convenience, these posts offer the promise to respond specifically to the need for everyone to find the right information in the shortest time.

Some bloggers hate this kind of product because they feel they are doing it since the dawn of the time. Perhaps, but it is impossible to deny the impact of such blog posts. Why not use it then?

3.     The resources (or lists of links)

Very similar to the previous type, but the difference is that here you refer your readers to other blogs. This type of post applies to one of the largest Web principles: “Give to receive.” which means that you send traffic to other blogs through your writing piece and get mentions on social networks in return. There are chances that the audience of your mentioned blogs will turn to your post and leave a comment there. So, it’s like a cherry on the top; double benefit to you.

4.     Checklists and to-do-lists

Often, your audience expects your input for a direction to follow. People have questions and they want to find someone who responds to them or, at least, one who tells them the way to go.

This type of ticket focuses on how to do something BETTER, ensuring that one never forgets. This is both a compendium of ideas 1 / and 2 / (The how and the list)

This produces the “organizational” list on a particular theme. Examples: prepare for Christmas, your suitcase when you go in the sun, the checklist of school, etc. You can certainly provide that kind of list in your business sphere.

5.     Critical studies

There are two kinds of articles of this type: the complete review of a product or multi-product comparison.

Many blogs have made an industry of critical products or services. You can find reviews of books, software, restaurants… all done on the Web!

Be careful though: if you start to make regular coupons of this type, you will be quickly offered products precisely in order that you do to promote your blog. Be prepared for that!

As consumers, we rarely test products in a category, so we research on the web. So, adding a review or drawing comparative analysis can help you attract a lot of traffic to your blog.

6.     Articles controversy

Want to build commitment? Take a clear position on a subject that fascinates your readership.

But I warn you: if you write a controversial article, know that you are exposing yourself to angry reactions and even insults or threats. To try this type of post, you must have the comically thick leather or excellent shrink; otherwise, this type of ticket is not you.

7.     Infographics

I cannot count the number of times a computer graphics saved me from the anguish of the blank page. Infographic based posts are easy to find and simple to compose. All you need to do is finding an interesting, information filled graphic from the web; the one you think will hook or challenge your readers, and adding a paragraph or two to explain the context of it.

8.     Podcasts summaries

A podcast is an audio file (a show, conference or interview) posted on the internet that you can listen live or download for later listening. The good idea here is writing a blog post summarizing your podcast. It can be a complete transcript of what was said during the interview, or just an emphasis of highlights or summary. The added benefit of the post is that you can easily outsource the writing chore to a third party, assistant, or another colleague.

9.     Videos

If you make your own videos and you put them on YouTube, it’s great! You then take the second World search engine in volume, thus ensuring:

  • Potential access – in terms of SEO – to the billion people who watch videos on YouTube each month
  • The possibility of establishing an exchange via the comments with people watching your video

But why stop there? Feel free to embed your video in an article on your own blog. The idea is to add an explanation of the context in which it is placed, or even a complete transcript to bring even more value. In all cases, you will gain the views and increase the time spent by your visitors on your blog (and that Google loves!)

10.   Interviews

The interviews are the perfect way to create interesting content without putting yourself inpressure. You can interview industry leaders, satisfied customers, or even just a random guy on the street who will bring a fresh perspective to share with your audience. These interviews can then be published in the form of text, sound files or videos; depending upon what suits you and to your audience.

11.   Series of articles

Sometimes an idea is too long to express through a single article. A good way to maximize the impact of a “big idea” is then to split into several parts. A series of articles can thus create a real expectation for the following note and also promote your SEO if you take care of each of your articles’ link to the next, naturally and organically.

12.  Others

There are so many other types of blog entries:

  • Case studies
  • Statistics
  • Reports
  • Press reviews
  • Definitions of technical terms
  • Appointments weekly or daily
  • News of the day
  • Personal stories

For blogging, the list is endless, and each type of ticket can probably be divided into subcategories …

The important point here is that by mastering many good ideas of blog entries, you always come to escape the anxiety of the blank page, and you will be able to quickly create interesting content for your readers.

So next time you have a great idea to share with your audience, but without really knowing how to treat your subject, repeat this list of ideas and find the form that best suits to your content and your editorial objectives.

So You Want To Be A Blogger In Trend: Follow These Tips

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So you decided to be a blogger but you are not sure how to start? There is no need to worry. All you have to do is follow some tips on popular blogging. There are no rules when it comes to blogging, but there are certain conventions used by every successful blogger of today. And we have them all right here. Follow these tips and your blog will turn out to be a success.

Post less but longer

Being a blogger does not mean you should come up with a post every single hour. In fact, if you upload too many posts, chances are people will get tired of reading them. Allow yourself some time to come up with an interesting topic and enough time write a good post. A post per day or two is actually more than enough. Also, you don’t want to write a post that can be read in 15 seconds.

So You Want To Be A Blogger In Trend: Follow These Tips

You need something that will grab the attention of your readers and make them think. Popular bloggers follow the trend that a single post should consist out of 600-700 words, and you should follow their example. So remember, it is quality over quantity!

Use Casual Design

In 2015 it is all about minimalism when it comes to blog design. It seems that all of the popular bloggers are stripping down all the unnecessary content and base their pages on texts, couple of toolbars and interesting photographs. Today, there are so many unnecessary options and people are getting tired of it.

So You Want To Be A Blogger In Trend: Follow These Tips

This means that all you need is a simple background, text in the middle of the page and beautiful photographs around it. Be consistent with fonts and make sure that all of the dimensions work properly together. Usability and easy reading will grant you more readers and more success.

Make Your Readers Happy

Every day we are bombarded with news of terrible things happening all around the world. Blogging serves for entirely different purpose. What you want to do is put a smile on your readers’ faces. Encourage humor in your blog and make it a place of fun and positivity. Even if you usually deal with serious topics, find a way to add something that will make your readers laugh. Silly videos, interesting challenges, interaction with readers – all of this stuff will make them giggle and come back to your blog.

So You Want To Be A Blogger In Trend: Follow These Tips

Choose the Right Photographs

Photographs you have on your blog are just as important as the text. They draw eyeballs to your blog and support all of the other content you have. Because of this, it is important to choose and upload just the right photograph. Don’t just google the topic you are writing about and upload the first thing you can find. Allow yourself enough time to find just the right one. Visit EyeEm and spend some time looking for the photo you need. Once you have found it, make sure its dimensions fit your page and it is time to upload it.

If you are starting with blogging, these tips may be crucial to your success. Trends change regularly, but you can never go wrong with these. Find a way to bring people to your blog and be sure your posts do not offend anyone. Come up with interesting topics that people will want to read about and you are guaranteed to succeed.

Guest Blogging – A Technique Towards New Opportunity

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Guest Blogging is not just a typical process of link building it can rather be categorised as the most excellent way of building your credibility, a niche of your own and a strong a customer base. In simple words it can be described as the process of writing blogs that are published in a third party blog site with the purpose of increasing the traffic of your website.

Guest Blogging – A Technique Towards New Opportunity

This entire process requires a strategic outlook and some quality effort to be incorporated in order to ensure best results. This process being a third party blog publishing it requires some of your best output. The message or the blog should be prepared in such a manner that they create the biggest impact on the audience. When that much of effort has been put into your blog it becomes necessary to have a more strategic outlook and hence attract your customers.

There are some five simple steps being described in this article to define the appropriate process of Guest Blogging:

Establishing the Apt Goals and Performance Indicators:

Success in guest blogging begins with recognizing goals. Certain questions like:

  • What is expected to gain from it?
  • How to measure the success?

When I’m actually looking for blogging opportunities, there are certain things that should be kept in mind. They are:

  • Join new communities and build relationships
  • Attract such business that is absolutely a perfect match for your blog.
  • Find new information sources that can better serve the clients.

Hence identifying goals is a vital process.

Describe your Audience by Creating Various Identities:

In order to establish or identify the right blogging opportunities it is essential to understand your target audience. One such understanding of your audience is by developing different personas, which helps in attract people specifically belonging to your community or company.

Having a complete understanding of your audience or who you are targeting at makes your guest blogging simpler and convenient.

Searching for Targets within your Niche:

Subsequent to the process of identifying your target audience it becomes important to search for specific people, whom you would like to approach for guests’ blogging opportunities. It should be like looking for people within your own niche and contribute more to your blogs.

It is Important to Qualify the Source:

Once the search is done the next thing begins with the investigation that needs to be done on the people of your niche and have a more induced look into their blogs and as well keep regular track records of your blog being posted aptly in the portal. This helps in organizing and filtering the results later.

This is done Following Three Important steps namely:

  • Check for the apt blog
  • Check the link profile
  • Check for commitment

Check the Blog Posting Culture:

Once all the steps are followed and worked out it becomes necessary to answer the question that whether the guest blogging culture is required for your business. This becomes the final step and one becomes ready for Guest Blog Posting.

Author’s Bio:
Hi my name is Alice Aires. I am working with an It company. By Profession I am an article writer. My Previous article is all about the Local SEO. Take a look at my previous article The Design Boyz.

Short And Long Term Plans To Make Money Online

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The internet is full of money-making opportunities, and if you can open your eyes to all the possibilities out there, you can quite easily turn a tidy profit from your efforts. With a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work, it is possible either to make a little extra cash or even turn the internet into your main source of income. When it comes to making money online, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some short and long-term plans you can make to start earning money online. Use one or use them all, and the money will come rolling in.

Earn some money online - Courtesy of Shutterstock

Earn some money online

Long-term: Start a Blog

Blogging might not seem like a straightforward way to earn money, but if you manage to set up a success blog then it is pretty easy to monetise it. Making money from selling ad space is pretty simple nowadays, and if you get enough visitors then it can be quite the money maker. The best part is that there are other benefits to blogging: personal satisfaction, making connections and just generally having fun with an exciting hobby. What is not to like about doing something fun that also earns you cash?

Short-term: Sell items on eBay

Selling items on eBay is not exactly an original way of making money online, but it is well known because it works. The best part is that we have passed the 2007 peak of the eBay craze, when everybody and their grandmother were selling things online. Nowadays, there is less competition and so it is easier to turn a profit. You can either sell your own unwanted items, or you can become a reseller. What does that mean, you ask? Well if you see a bargain on eBay, make sure you buy it—because a week later you can re-list it and make back your money plus a tidy profit. Do this enough times and you will soon have a nice lump sum set aside.

Long-term: Learn an internet trade

Carpentry and bricklaying are ‘trades’ in the real word, but making an income in the internet world requires a completely different set of skills. Learning the ‘manual labour’ skills of the internet, like graphic design or coding, will ensure that you can always find work: either as a steady income or as a part-time fancy. Learning skills like HTML coding or working with Photoshop require a great time investment: there is no quick turnaround of cash to be made. What you are doing however is investing in yourself. Keep those skills up to scratch and you can always fall back on them if need be.

Short-term: Freelance your time

Working freelance online, doing anything from writing to being a virtual assistant is a great way to quickly make some money. With clear internet coverage available virtually everywhere, you should be able to earn some money wherever you are. There are many websites were you can loan your time out and do anything from writing articles to booking train tickets for a busy CEO. Best of all, short-term can become long-term. Many people make a healthy living by freelancing or working as a virtual assistant: become good, and it could be a career.