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Do Big Brands Need To Do More To Protect Themselves Against Hacking?

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In recent years, the issue of hacking has been at the forefront of IT news. There have been a number of large-scale hackings of recognizable brands, which has consequently led to the public’s growing mistrust and doubt over whether the security measures in place at larger brands are adequate. In fact, these are the brands that should be doing more to protect their consumers’ data.

Recent Hacking Problems:

One of the most publicized hacking problems occurred with Apple and its iCloud data breach. Celebrities all over the world found some of their most private photos and other information made widely available because hackers got through the security settings with apparent ease and just accessed the information. This breach of privacy has left many users wary of continuing to use Apple’s cloud services in the same way, which has been a problem for the brand.

Other brands that have seen massive data breaches include Sony and Twitter, with customers forced to change passwords and other account settings to ensure that hackers cannot retrieve their private information. The problem is that once a hacking incident has occurred, it can take a long time to rebuild that trust, and it does have far-reaching effects for the future of the company. Larger brands have the resources to withstand problems like this, but smaller brands may find it much more difficult to recover from a hacking incident.

What can be Done?

Paying more attention to security is a must for companies. One recommendation is to employ security consultants or have an in-house data security expert where possible. This expertise should not be underestimated, as there is more to security than standard firewalls and other basic security measures. The security consultant is not just someone who can install security measures, but someone who can also monitor the security of the system.

Companies also need to take steps to protect themselves against social engineering, which is the process by which the hackers gain enough information to infiltrate the company’s security systems. They make a number of enquiries to get bits of information and then eventually have everything that they need. If a company makes itself aware of the process through education and training, then staff can be prepared and are less likely to make the mistake of giving away important data.

Digital media news is often filled with stories of hacking and warnings about taking more security measures, and companies that want to protect their data should ensure that they are flexible on the issue of security. Policies should be reviewed on a regular basis and altered when needed. If security is not reviewed regularly, then companies are giving hackers ongoing access to their systems.

Hacking is a major issue with new technology such as cloud computing, and companies need to make sure that they take the necessary measures to protect their clients’ data. Long-term issues with security could mean large-scale loss of customers’ trust, and this will have a very negative impact on a company’s future.

Local Marketers Summit At Colorado Will See Attendance Of Internet Marketing Show

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Internet Marketing Show is going to attend Local Marketing Summit Show in Denver. According to a reliable source, they would appear in the event along with allstar line that includes several Top Local Marketing Experts around the world. It is believed to be one of the first events that would gather all local marketers with different types of proficiency to share their valuable experiences of what is presently effective within the Local Market Industry.

It is expected that one of the major attractions of the event is perhaps the moment when the respective authority would declare the name of the winner of the “Local Marketer of the Year” Award. It is significant to note that the winner would receive an amount of $5,000 as the prize money and more than that would hold the prestigious title of “Local Marketer of the Year” until 2014. The event is going to held from October 18 to 20 in Denver, Colorado.

Local Marketers Summit At ColoradoSources inform that Internet Marketing Show features some exclusive qualities that include weekly guest interviews with successful entrepreneurs and businesspersons who have proved themselves successful for creating online business. Moreover, the website also features an exclusive Internet Marketing forum as well as exclusive area for members, which also contains one of the most comprehensive Internet Marketing Training Centers available online.

Internet Marketing Show was arranged because of an ever growing interest in topics related to Internet Marketing and the way or manner both consumers and business are affected by it. In the present era, as the connection between the internet and common people is increasing, it is evident that numerous people around the world have a lot of questions to perform online business effectively.

It is worth to mention over here that it becomes quite vital to share related information about Internet Marketing especially for the beginners who are getting puzzled not to find the proper way to start the business and how effective the internet is to help the business to grow.

It is expected that Internet Marketing Training Center, the website and forum will offer together people with a passion to discover the way to create online business successfully. In spite of the fact that whether the person is a beginner and eagerly interested to learn or a professional expert searching for the most effective and fruitful techniques that are being implemented today, or whether the expert professionals are achieving huge success online and would like to share some of their experiences and insights, one thing is certain that Internet Marketing Show is poised to be an online community that is highly interactive.

Edward Brown, host of the Internet Marketing Show stated that he is really honored to participate in one of the greatest Marketing events of 2013. He further informed that he is delighted to have got the opportunity to own a booth in 2013 Marketing Mayhem. He expressed his eagerness to working with the individuals engaged to share the greatest and latest techniques in the world of Internet marketing that is proved to change rapidly. He concluded that he is glad to get the opportunity of meeting people from different sectors during the event.

Experts’ Opinion On The Benefit Of Data While Expanding Online Business

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Reliable sources informed that to overlook the value of good product data is quite a common phenomenon when a company starting expansion of an e-commerce, in spite of the fact that whether the organization is a large one that is already existed in Web or a small one intended to start business online.

In most of the cases, most businesses suppose to regard how their online sites communicate their value scheme, what would insist the visitors to purchase their products as well as strategy for technical requirements that include hosting.

Online BusinessIt is informed by sources that new e-commerce websites usually collect vital questions regarding product data. Significantly, dependencies and attributes are also stored within database. It is worth to mention over here that this data are often regarded as product DNA in the industry and is reported to allow the consumers to select and purchase products of their preference or requirement, which is usually fulfilled by the warehouse or the factory.

Experts opined that the process is simple. To elucidate they cited an example of an online store that offers T-shirts in three sizes. The page of the site would require revealing and displaying the image of each shirt, the price of the shirt, product description and a size selection. In case, the store offers a wide variety of shirts, the well developed team of the project should be aware of the fact that they would require distinct names for each of the shirts as well as equal number of descriptions, names, images, and prices to match the shirts.

It is reported that present trend in e-commerce is revealed by user customization and personalization. Analysts further opined that the scenario of the T-shirt store would become more complex in case similar products are also available in the store. On the other hand, the scenario would also become complicated if some other related details such as pockets, different sizes across different colors would require adding to the description. It is significant that organizations that are offering more complex products, more effort will be required to bring the product online.

Sources informed that numerous organizations have internal resources cataloging product data however; a lot of organizations also do not. Experts are of the opinion that in case, a small company has never coordinated related products by SKU numbers; it is almost certain that they would lack the written logic that would disclose the website which products belong together.

It is worth to mention that retail businesses never required describing their products by categories, but for the online users it is a vital element as without the description they would not be able to find out their required items.

Analysts are of the opinion that businesses required to approach e-commerce in a special manner and lay focus on the product DNA as well as on building or designing site. The initial investment of resources is usually offered advantage of adding e-commerce to the portfolio of the company; however product DNA can raise challenge if not properly planned.