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Choosing the Right Features for Your Laptop

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If you’re sputtering along with a decade-old laptop that looks more like a Stone Age calculator, you’re bound to get to daydreaming about buying an updated model. And for good reason: Laptops have come a long way even in the last few years. But if you’re clinging to an outdated model, this progress makes it all the more likely that you need to move on and invest in some better equipment.

Once you decide to take the leap, you’ll be thrilled with the options currently out on the market. Laptop prices have dropped considerably in recent years, making cutting-edge technology more accessible to the average consumer. There are a range of laptop types and features that make it easy to customize a model to get exactly what you want. If you’re not even sure what options are out there, here’s a quick-and-simple breakdown.


Portable computers come in a variety of forms nowadays. In addition to larger, traditional laptops, many computer manufacturers have introduced Netbooks — smaller, lighter, more minimalist forms of computing. These laptops come at a lower cost but lack the high-functioning features that many computer users may desire.

Although they aren’t “laptops” in the strict definition, tablet computers are another type of lightweight, portable computer that are becoming more popular among consumers. However, these devices lack some of the functionality of regular laptops, so many consumers choose to use them as a supplement to their other computers.

You’ll also want to consider the exterior and style of your laptop. While choices like color may be strictly a matter of personal preference, some consumers prefer exteriors made from metal alloys over plastic or other materials because of the increased durability.

Hybrid drive

One of the big new innovations being seen on the laptop market is the introduction of hybrid drives. These drives employ a dual technology that improves upon hard drives of the past, delivering more storage and greater uptime and data recall speeds. It’s a must for any laptop user.

Video quality

HD video is readily available on the Internet via streaming, so most laptops made today are equipped with the necessary video capabilities. You will probably want a computer with an HDMI connection that can link up to other televisions or screens, as well as a computer screen with a high-definition LCD display.

Memory card reader

This feature doesn’t add much to the cost of a laptop, but it will make life much easier for you. With a built-in memory card reader, you can easily remove memory cards from digital cameras and other devices and plug them into your computer, making the transfer of photos and other files faster and easier.

Backlit keyboard

Ever work in dark or dim areas? LED backlighting on your keyboard improves the efficiently of the laptop while easing the strain on your eyes.

Audio features

Sound can vary greatly from one computer to the next. Make sure your laptop has premium audio capabilities before you make the purchase. But regardless of the system’s specs, it’s worth your time to test out the audio yourself.

Touch pad

Toting around a mouse is a hassle. If your laptop has a built-in touchpad, you can enjoy all the functioning of a mouse without having to carry around an extra accessory. Plus, most touch pads nowadays are equipped with multi-touch functioning, which expands their capabilities beyond what a mouse can provide.


Video chats and conferencing are becoming a staple form of communication in the digital age. Most laptops have built-in webcams, but the higher the quality, the better the picture you’ll enjoy.

In the end, you may have to choose some features over others in order to get the laptop you want at a price you can afford. Take time to review the various features and establish a list of priorities based on your lifestyle and how you use your computer. And then, with your preferences chosen, you can begin the hunt for a brand-new laptop.


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ATT Internet Service Offers the Flexibility That’s Important to YOU

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AT&T internet services are joining the rush to provide multi platform, multi capability connectivity to home and business users. As one of the biggest and most famous communications providers in the world, of course, the provision of cutting edge technology is what drives AT&T’s market share – so it’s little wonder that the U-verse package the company has created is an all singing all dancing superstar!

You get to pick and choose what you want and what you don’t from the AT&T U-verse package – digital TV, high speed internet and digital telephony (VoIP, otherwise known as Voice over Internet Provider). That makes the AT&T package more flexible than some of its competitors, which either push the triple header package (all three of the technologies mentioned here in one bundle) while not really giving so much play to the idea that you can take what you need and leave the rest behind; or concentrate on digital TV and ignore everything else.

For families like mine, flexibility is key to Internet usage. It’s not just a family thing, either – what AT&T internet , and its close competitors, have realised is that everyone now thinks in terms of cross channel and multi platform usage. So much so, in fact, that you’d be hard pressed to find an average person in the street who even thinks of his or her usage as cross channel. To the consumer (that’s you and me folks) the Internet and all media connectivity is a holistic entity, which we dip into using whatever device happens to be handy at the time.

Building this flexibility into the heart of its U-verse package, AT&T internet offers bundles of varying shapes and sizes to customers that want to use the Internet to its maximum potential. Take the digital TV part of the U-verse package, for example – which lets users watch their programmes on any device they won, at home or on the move.

Like all digital TV packages these days, what you see and what you get is extraordinary flexibility of application. The AT&T pack includes DVR (Digital Video Recording), enabling you to enjoy your favourite shows whenever you want without the inconvenience of missing bits if you need the bathroom or have to take a phone call. You also get multiview channel browsing so you can compare your options on the fly; and access to a whopping maximum of 430 channels, 170 of which are currently available in HD.

The AT&T internet package that supports the U-verse deal delivers astonishing speeds across five variants – Pro; Elite; Max; Max Plus; and Max Turbo. The Pro package starts with download streams of up to 3 MBps, while the Max Turbo, as its name suggests, offers a heavyweight 24 MBps. Each package is designed to appeal to a particular kind of user – so the Pro, for example, is basically for email connectivity and basic web surfing, while the Max Turbo (which is what we went for, try having two teenage sons and getting anything else!) is good for full movie downloads and multiple connection on concurrently running devices.

AT&T internet also offers the system user a chance to synch the home phone with the web and digital TV. Maximum packages offer unlimited national and international calls. You just specify the package you need and off you go!