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A Connoisseur's Guide To The Best Street Food Cities In India

A Connoisseur’s Guide To The Best Street Food Cities In India

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There’s nothing as ecstatic as hoarding on the yummy street food! Be it while strolling to the general store or haphazardly walking, when one is welcomed by the fragrance of food served on the thelas, it’s compellingly enticing. Talking of India, a nation with 28 states, innumerable religions and dialects, and heaps of cooking styles, it is without a doubt a heaven for the epicureans. So if it’s your first time to India, or you are on a food spree across the country, then congratulations, you have just hit jackpot!

This section will give you a crisp insight into the best Indian cities where every foodie must visit to savor the drool worthy street foods. The options are infinite, but is your appetite so?

1. Delhi

‘Dilli ka chaat’ should be recognized as the eighth wonder of the World. The mere mention of this phrase is taking the world by a storm. Dahi tikki, Papdi chaat, Chole bhature, Dahi bhalla, are some of the most known and adored street food delicacies of Delhi. The city is one of the best urban communities in India that serves mouth-watering, divine street food. So if you are in Delhi, then do gorge on the Gol gappas without a doubt, followed by what all you can lay your hands on!

2. Hyderabad

Ruled by the Nizams, this city presents a spectacular amalgamation of the Turkish, Mughlai, and Andhra cooking to the people who visit Hyderabad with probably the most delectable eating decisions. The Hyderabadi dum biryani is served all through the nation because of its incomparable taste and flavors. That is the reason they say that in India, biryani is synonymous to Hyderabad. So after savoring in Dilli ki Chaat, look for the next Delhi to Hyderabad flights, book, and get set to dig in your fingers into the heavenly Hyderabadi street food.

3. Jaipur

The Pink City with its majestic havelis and clamoring markets is a treat for the epicureans. Jaipur’s most celebrated street offering is the hot and zesty pyaaz ki kachori, which is accessible at almost every sweet and snack shop. The city is literally a riot of mesmerizing aspects which have been attracting tourists since ages.

4. Kolkata

Kolkata will literally overload you with street food choices. Phuchka, a great deal like Pani Puri is tasty to the point that nobody can eat only one plate! Jhalmuri is yet another well known thing. It is produced using puffed rice, cleaved onions, bean stews, tomatoes, flavors and some different fixings hurled in mustard oil. Kathi rolls and Ghugni are other must try indulgences in Kolkata.

5. Lucknow

Known for its customary Awadhi cuisine throughout the world, Lucknow is an awesome city to invest your time delving into the heavenly street food. Tunde ke kebab made with minced sheep is a delicacy, the charm of which is similar to that of the biryani from this city. Chai-samosa is another top choice, just like the sweet lassi, rabri and kulfi.

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Best Quick Getaways from Hyderabad

Best Quick Getaways from Hyderabad

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A selected summary of the most looked after places to visit in Hyderabad and around have been talked about here. Examine these choices and get set for the ultimate sojourn.


For a wild undertaking outside the the royal city of Hyderabad, Adilabad is a town orchestrated in the district of the same name. The town is home to two most acclaimed wildlife sanctuaries in Hyderabad – the Kaval Wildlife Sanctuary and the Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary. These two are the ideal spots if one wishes to sight wild animals. Beside the more wild side, Adilabad has enchanting perspectives with a stroke of greens and cascading waterfalls.


This is an immaculate spot for the people who wish to explore a platter overflowing with unmistakable choices. Besides having some certainly colossal historic points and structures, the city of Guntur similarly has a lot of distinctive options for the voyagers. From parks, historical centres, rock cut caverns, forts, milestones, nature protection areas, to what not, this clamoring destination is an immaculate cure for that “whole package” deal.


This port city is roosted at the mouth of the Krishna River simply going before when it enters the Bay of Bengal. Machilipatnam was at one time a dynamic sea trade and calculating center, and now draws in guests for the refuges and spots of religious centrality that are found here. Additionally, on the city’s edges is the Manginapudi Beach- a flawless boating town. The waters of the shoreline are shallow and exudes a quietness making the shoreline ideal for a tranquil day out.


A critical World Heritage Site, the town of Hampi is orchestrated within the remaining parts of the Vijayanagara Empire. The city is an impeccable destination for the religious souls, for it houses a lot of ancient Hindu religious centres. One can, in like manner, appreciate some energizing rock climbing in Hampi, which furthermore makes it an decent adventure spot.


A dam built on the Krishna River, Nagarjunasagar lays on a site which was at one time a capital of an old administration and the focal point of Buddhist teachings in South India. Buddhist religious communities and different landmarks found here have been moved to Nagarjuna’s Hill which is presently an island amidst the repository. There are direct Delhi to Hyderabad flights available which can be opted for to reach Hyderabad, and this very place can be covered via road easily from Hyderabad.