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Uses of Different Social Video Apps

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Social video apps assist the process of uploading video clips in individual platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. taking from individual destinations. These apps are used equally in mobiles and in desktops to upload videos smoothly. When you try to upload a video clip without using the applications, it will not be time consuming only but also tedious. After sometime, you will give up and look for other options. Today we will discuss about some of the social video applications available for mobile phones and for desktops as well.

Desktube is one of the most popular social video apps that has been introduced very recently. It is quite clear from the name that this application is good for desktop only. Actually, the application is being used to upload only YouTube videos in desktop. The application developers, to help it adjust with all major operating systems, have used different technologies. Thus, it will work with equal efficiency for older and latest windows version. Users can upload a certain number on videos at a time, using the application. However, unlike other social media applications, though it works for YouTube only but here in this platform it works quite faster and flawlessly.

Now we will discuss about the most popular social video apps that are used in mobile phones.

Viddy, this social media application is used in iPhones only. It can share certain number of videos that continues for 15 seconds and can store it automatically in your preferred iPhone location. There are several other benefits of using the application in iPhone. When you download the app for the first time, you don’t need to open an individual account for it. You can easily sign in through any of your existing email address or social media profiles like Twitter or Facebook profiles to download the application and to use it comfortably. In addition, you can set the application in a hidden place, as private setting option is available with it. Iphone users like the application because it not only shows videos uploaded by your friends, but also represent one that has been used by the celebrities.

If you are looking for a free social video application that is good for both android and iPhone as well, using socialcam is the best option. Here also you don’t need to use an individual email address or profile to use the application. Sign in through either your facebook or Twitter id and download it easily. This particular application has become popular in a short span because even after being a free app it gives faster and adequate services to download many videos. You can upload videos taking from different destinations, with the help of the application.

You can use the application both to upload high-resolution photos and videos. The application works well in iPhone, Blackberry and Android. The D10 feature is the best attraction of the application that can upload videos at a time. If you want to know more about social video applications, you can visit

Affordable Desktops: Match The Machine To Your Needs

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In this article, we’ll consider factors that make a desktop a good buy at a reasonable price and discuss what you may have to—and absolutely should not—give up when you opt for a low- or mid-priced model.

From Bare-Bones To Bells & Whistles

It is an inescapable fact that most things with lots of “gee whiz” features are either expensive or represent a compromise in quality somewhere. You cannot expect a midrange PC to have high-end internal workings and a bunch of external niceties, too.

A good way to determine what features may put your desktop out of reach is to run through the “Configure Your PC” process on a PC manufacturer’s Web site. You can add and drop features at will and get a good feel for how much they add to the cost of the computer. Below, we’ll outline key features to consider, followed by a listing of some solid desktop choices. Note that all the desktops in our article include Windows 7 unless you choose otherwise.

Power When You Need It

Processor power and system memory are two of the criteria that can separate low-to-midrange systems from their higher-end cousins. For standard business operations, a dual-core processor is sufficient. However, if you perform processor-intensive operations, such as video editing or advanced spreadsheet formula calculations, you might want a quad-core machine. For memory, look for at least 2GB of RAM, which will speed multi-tasking and complex processes. Memory is often inexpensive to upgrade. If you can afford to, move up to 4GB or 8GB of memory (assuming your system supports the higher capacities) for better performance.

The Data Store

One place you may not need to splurge is on data storage, unless you work with giant graphics or video files. Business documents tend to be small, so 500GB (or even 250GB) of storage space may well be sufficient. Often, higher-end machines may have big storage capacities, and this is a good place to trim the fat.

The exception to this rule is if you install and run multiple programs with big footprints. For this reason, if your PC will come preformatted into multiple virtual drives (such as C: and D:), make sure the C: drive has enough capacity for your programs.

The View Doesn’t Matter

You may not need a dedicated, high-end graphics card unless you work with graphics, video, or CAD (computer-aided design) programs or plan to use a mammoth monitor. Many business PCs come with what is called “integrated” graphics, meaning the graphics card is built into the motherboard.

High-end systems sometimes include expensive gaming-style cards that are overkill for many small businesses. If you think you will need a graphics card down the road for architectural drawings or marketing videos, it can cost less to purchase one now than to add one later via an expansion slot.

Room To Grow

Speaking of expansion slots, you don’t need a slew of them. One of the big differentiators between low-to-mid-priced PCs and their high-end brethren is power supplies. A basic power supply cannot drive a bunch of cards without overheating, so there is little need for multiple expansion slots. Provided you have USB ports to expand with external devices, a couple of extra slots—and maybe a second hard drive bay—is enough.

Necessary Add-Ons

Depending on how you use your PC, you may need a flash card reader, a sound card with audio in and out (microphone and speakers) and an Ethernet card for your wired network. Wireless chips—both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth—may be important, as well. It’s usually less expensive to get these things at the outset rather than pay for them to be added later. Beyond these peripherals, most add-ons are window dressing. Some businesses may have a use for touchscreen technology, but it is far from a “must-have” feature for many, at this point.

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Lenovo H420 (7752-1YU)

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People are always looking for good deals when purchasing items. In electronics, good deals will offer great performance, great graphics and great support at low prices. The Lenovo H420 (7752-1YU) is a mid-range desktop that is well-worth the money spent on it. Valued at $600, there are only few desktops that can compare with it in terms of features.

The chassis is mostly matte black aluminum. The positioning of the components is fairly standard. There is a DVD burner at the top of the front panel. Connections to removable media are found directly below it. These include USB ports, a memory card reader and audio ports.The back panel is similar to most as well in terms of ports. There are additional USB ports, RJ45, VGA and the antenna for the built-in Wi-Fi card. Wi-Fi is of utmost importance nowadays. People prefer having lesser wires on their devices. If there is one wire that can be done without, it is instantly replaced. Wi-Fi reduces the need to connect via Ethernet.


One advantage of the H420 (7752-1YU) is that it has an HDMI-out port in the back panel. A lot of desktops miss out on this important component. The manufacturers of those desktops do not understand that some users want to send the video output elsewhere via HDMI. It’s a good thing this system has one ready for use. It did miss out on another thing that plagues new desktops. The thing which would have boosted this system’s popularity is the USB 3.0 interface. Any desktop that offers this and has decent performance will be preferred by consumers.


Another issue with the H420 (7752-1YU) is its lack of free memory slots. At the moment, it has 6GB of RAM that is split evenly between two DIMM slots. The user can always replace the 2 3GB modules with 4GB modules but you are still limited to a maximum of 8GB. Some desktops can go as far as 16GB thanks to the presence of 4 DIMM slots. Upgrading memory is one of the reasons why desktops are bought. If you can’t upgrade it to meet the demands of the future, that is a big downside.


That aside, the hard drive is something to behold. The H420 (7752-1YU) is equipped with a 1.5TB drive which is larger than the average 1TB usually provided. The device also runs on an Intel Core i3 processor which is still good for the next two to three years. Sadly, all these are powered by a weak 280w power supply. If more components are added, there is no choice but to change the supply.