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Social media agency proclaimed “Rookie of the Year”

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Fishbat, a social media agency, has been proclaimed by Hauppauge Industrial Association (HIA-LI) as the “Rookie of the Year” during the yearly Business Achievement Awards.  Owing to its success in the world of digital marketing and after only two years of being in operation, the social media agency was named the winner of one of the most esteemed business achievement awards from Hauppauge Industrial Association. Every year, the organization distinguishes the most flourishing businesses on the Long Island. The Business Achievement Awards are divided into four distinct categories namely: Small Business Achievement, Large Business Achievement, Rookie of the Year and Not-for-Profit Business Achievement.


The chief executive officer at Fishbat, Clary Darrohn, said that they were so privileged to receive the award from Hauppauge Industrial Association. He thanked the organization for considering them in the category awarded. He added that they started the social media agency two years ago and it has been such a long way for them. He also said that they work hard each single day single day so as to continuously deliver services that are of high quality to the clients and that the award was a testimonial of how working hard pays off. Darrohn also said that the social media agency was very proud to be named Rookie of the Year for 2013.

From just a startup that only had 4 partners to one of the top social media agencies with more than 40 employees, Fishbat has risen tremendously over the last two years. The agency is one of the only unique online marketing firms offering a full-service on Long Island. Since its inception in 2011, it has improved the online existence of all their clients using effective social media, search engine optimization, video production services, web development and public relations. With the use of their avant-garde strategies for online marketing, the social media agency has enabled Spartan Race, a prominent series of obstacle course racing, to earn popularity worldwide, and gaining almost 3 million fans. After putting into practice a sampling campaign in the social media, Fishbat helped NewVo Beauty, an online supply store for beauty products, achieve more than 65,000 likes on Facebook in just two months.

Speaking after being named the Rookie of the Year, Darrohn said that the award meant so much to the agency. He however added that the agency would not have been able to achieve so much were it not for the helpful team of employees they had. He thanked the employees for enabling them win the award and at the same time applauded the rest of the nominees and winners. He added that they could all make the business community of Long Island to be successful.

Fishbat, together with the rest of the winners, will receive the award at the 19th Annual Business Achievement Award Gala Luncheon of Hauppauge Industrial Association that will be help on the Thursday 12th September from 11.30 am to 2 pm. The luncheon will be hosted in Woodbury, New York at the Crest Hollow Country Club.

Social media optimization taking over from SEO

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Search engine optimization has been the preferred internet marketing tool but it has always been somewhat a flawed concept. At its worst, SEO referrers to making the web content to be less interesting for the readers but allegedly better for the mysterious algorithms and the search robots which decides the order by which the results appear on Google search. At its best, SEO means that you get nothing extra than following the best practices in creating clear and accessible websites that have meaningful titles, intelligent content, no broken links, descriptive attributes for images and everything else makes a web destination that has high-quality.

Social media optimizationSearch engine optimization is however currently on a dying trend. A remarkable post by Dan Graziano disclosed a search on Google might only display 13% of the organic results with the rest being just junks and ads. A recent report from Forrester detailing on how the consumers arrived at websites in 2012 indicates that social media is catching up with the search and it accounted for 32% of the website discoveries compared to 54% of the search. This, according to respondents from the US is an increase from 25% in the year 2011. There has also been a growing trend where results that are localized are delivered to the users of mobile phones, possibly by the use of an app instead of a web page. This has been identified as another one of the reasons why the traditional search engine optimization has been losing its importance.

A better model for the businesses that are using the digital marketing tools is to take into consideration the meaning of being social media optimized, focusing only on the interaction that is consumer-centric, rather than just trying to set up property for the website while hoping that Google will distribute the hits. It is common knowledge that simple recommendations from friends can be more important to a business than what you can ever hope to achieve a from a search engine algorithm.

With the above being said, many people start to ask themselves what is social media optimization, commonly referred to as SMO. Social media optimization is all about welcoming people into a conversation rather than just relaying the message. SMO is about listening to the chatter taking place on the social media and then acting on those results so that you can promote your business. Social media optimization is a twitter handle or a hashtag on each advert, plus a reactive team in the wake of that presence of social media for the people who respond to it. It is also about multiple touch points being integrated on several channels in order for the customers and the clients to get a reliable experience from all those channels.

The above features of social media optimization are not that easy as it may seem to implement. However, the technology to integrate them is now available and when implemented, they will have the ability of not only increasing the number of sales but also changing the experience that the customers get. With social media optimization in place, search engine optimization will not be missed anytime soon.

Kenshoo takes search engine marketing algorithmic bidding to new heights

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Kenshoo, the worldwide leader in the digital marketing technology and engineering of solutions for online advertising, social media and search marketing, has unveiled its latest ActiveCluster technology. This technology, integrated with Kenshoo Local and Kenshoo Search, lessens the data requirements of keyword conversion for algorithmic bidding by over ten times. This technological breakthrough will now enable marketers who run advertising campaigns in lower volumes to tap in, for the first time, into the algorithmic biddings. It will also enable the increased effectiveness of algorithmic bidding for the marketers running the larger campaigns.

KenshooThe ActiveCluster technology uses a more exclusive and vibrant approach when measured up to other technologies that are currently on the market. The technology makes use of new and more intellectual ways of keywords grouping in order to come up with better prediction in relation to the value of individual keywords. This is according to Moti Meir, the vice president, Research’s head at Kenshoo. Meir adds that with the keywords being grouped based on all the available information about those keywords, the latest Kenshoo’s algorithm that are powered by ActiveCluster now have the ability to be more effective when bidding, even in cases where it involves low volumes of data.

With the data requirement conversion now lowered, the technology takes away a possible barrier for the marketers who expect to make the most of the algorithmic bidding in an attempt to improve the results of their campaigns. Furthermore, unlike in other market solutions where the keywords are grouped into folders manually and based on a single trait in order to create sufficiency of data, the ActiveCluster technology from Kenshoo groups the keywords automatically using all the data that is available and then reassesses the data each and every day so as to ensure that they achieve the best possible performance.

Bryan Boettiger, the Co-Founder and the Chief Strategy Officer of Parallel Path said that with the new technology, Kenshoo will go on with its track record of originality and it has now delivered another spirited benefit to search marketers. He added that algorithmic bidding provides an incredible advantage in the marketplace today and the ActiveCluster technology from Kenshoo will now make it more effective and accessible than it has been possible before for them to deliver leading ROI in the industry on behalf of their customers from Fortune 500.

The new ActiveCluster technology will be used in combination with the other four models of algorithmic keyword from Kenshoo: Bid to CPC, Bid to ROI, Revenue to Product Targets – which is a bespoke model used for Product Listing Ads -, and Bid to Position. All these models from Kenshoo dictate the way in which an algorithm is supposed to bid on the a variety of keywords in order to achieve the required position on the results of the search engine page, the returns on investment, or the revenue for a precise keyword. With the new ActiveCluster technology from Kenshoo, each and every one of these policies is now easier to get to, more precise and effective than ever.

The Dynamic Digital Marketing Landscape

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The digital marketing landscape is vast and continues to grow at an accelerated rate. There are many opportunities for brands to gain digital visibility. The best way to do that is through strong utilization of consumer-generated data. Big brands understand this concept and employ a number of marketing tactics through all digital channels. Get in front and stay in front.

The Dynamic Digital Marketing Landscape

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