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Why Rap Music Is Considered To Be an Expressive Form of Language

Why Rap Music Is Considered To Be an Expressive Form of Language

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There is no doubt that music is a language which can be used to communicate with people from all around the world. Each genre has its own unique methodology of communicating about an era, an idea, an influence or social issue that has to be addressed. However, out of all the genres present in the industry today, rap is considered to be one of the most expressive forms of music.

This genre has been present for decades now and the world has witnessed the emergence of musicians who have taken rap to a whole different level. How can anyone forget the Tupac era? His music shed light on police brutality and other core social issues that were unaddressed by the media and society. During this era, the notorious B.I.G used his dark semibiographical lyrics to talk about violence and hardship. These musicians used their music to speak about social issues that needed to be addressed. Without their efforts, these issues would still be prevalent in our society today.

Furthermore, their music paved the way for artists all around the world to use their lyrics to support a positive agenda. Every year it seems that rappers are addressing social issues such as the Black Rights Movement. Artists such as Kendrick Lamar have used their music to voice how people are being treated differently because of their skin color, i.e. racism and color discrimination. Rap artists have continued to create audio symbols of liberation, resistance, and empowerment.

Rap Is Not Limited to Social Issues

Previously, rap was only used to speak about social issues such as gang violence, gun control, and other issues. However, now artists are even using rap to talk about religion. There are many artists such as Radikal Hughes, who has dedicated his music career to spreading Christianity. Radikal Hughes has used his music to talk to millions of people about the beautiful aspects of Christianity and has collaborated with renowned artist Viktory, who is another Christian rapper.

At the same time rappers, such as Kanye West, are using their music to support political agendas. He is not only using his lyrics to voice his ideology and political beliefs but is also using his social media presence to spread his message. It does not matter how controversial his beliefs might be, through his music he has the ability to speak to millions of people all around the world.

Furthermore, artists are also using their lyrics to battle with other artists using subliminal messages. For example, Nicki Minaj has been quite vocal with her lyrics as she continues to refer to Cardi B in her music. What makes these messages more effective is the fact that each artist mostly never name who the message is for.

So you might listen to a whole track without realizing that the song was dedicated to throwing shade on another artist. Due to the versatility that the rap genres provide, the artist will continue to speak through their music and will spread their message to millions of people.

5 Awesome Ideas For Hosting A Guys' Night In

5 Awesome Ideas For Hosting A Guys’ Night In

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Once you’ve finished setting up your man cave, a relaxing guy’s night is inevitable. Here are five awesome guy-centric ideas that you can use for hosting a guys’ night in.

1. Poker Night

Poker night is a great way to get out your competitive juices without a need for a whole lot of extra hardware. All that you really need is a table, a deck of cards and a few drinks. Make sure your friends understand the basic rules of poker, or you will have a slow night trying to teach the one guy who does not know how to play how to catch up.

This may be an idea for only a certain number of friends as well, because you may have space constraints in the room. If so, you may consider having two tables and running a small tournament. There is definitely nothing wrong with this as long as you have the floor plan and enough chairs to accommodate everyone.

2. Liquor Tasting Night

Tasting liquor is one of the best ways to bond on a guy’s night out. If you have two groups of friends with different sets of tastes in alcohol, then you can run two separate nights if you need to.

On the same token, if you have two separate sets of friends that you want to see at the same time, you can have a liquor tasting night in one area of the house and a poker tournament in another area of the house. Since the entire concept of the evening is guys bonding, you are actually getting yourself closer to the goal without having to spend time wondering if one group of friends will like this activity or that activity.

3. Game Night

Game night is another way to get out your competitive juices without a need for a whole lot of new hardware. If you happen to have games stored in your cabinet, then you can be the one to break them out. You can also have your friends bring games if you have something that everyone loves to play. One of the best ways to make sure that everyone participates is to have a game that everyone played as a child. Skill-based games are best with guys, because you can build a bit of competition around it.

However, a new age game night with video games is perhaps the best way to make sure that everyone in your social circle can participate. Everyone loves video games these days, and as long as you have a setup that can accommodate everyone, you are guaranteed to have a great night. Make sure that you upgrade your own set up before the game night occurs. You want to be sure that you have the hardware for the evening as well as a game that everyone can get into.

4. Sports Night

Sports is something that most guys are into, and you can have one hell of a night if you have a big-screen TV in your living area. You can switch between games or center the night around one particular game if there is an exceptionally important or entertaining match upcoming.

This is also a way to get people involved in a competitive way. You can take bets before the meet up, or you can have a small betting pool once everyone gets there. Money is not required to have fun. You can bet on beer, or have the loser clean up the space after the party is over.

5. Grilling and Chilling Night

Guys love to grill. This is great if you are in the summer months. You do not have to bring everything yourself – plan ahead and have each of your friends contribute something.

Make sure that you take requests so that you can see if people have food allergies before you start grilling and chilling. Although you are definitely not looking to run a health spa, you do not want anyone to be left out by accident because they cannot eat the food that you are grilling.

Take the following ideas to have the best guy’s night in. You do not have to get overly complex – just get the basics down and the theme centralized using one of the ideas above!

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Making It Bigger For Better-shahnawaz Zali

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Each and every person in entertainment/showbiz industry dreams of the day when they’ll make a mark on Oscar. While others are dreaming a young Pakistani filmmaker Shahnawaz Zali made his way to outshine. His film “100 Steps-sau Qadam” was nominated as the Best Film in the narrative category for the 43rd student academy awards.

Forbes is a huge American business magazine which mainly focuses on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership and lifestyle and thy name says it all.  Being on the list of Forbes is a sure win and Shahnawaz Zali is there. His name is included in the list of people from sports and entertainment “30 under 30”. The entertainment and sports judges were Sharmeen chinoy, Sonny Bill Williams, Yuna and Mallika kapur.

What an inspiring achievement!

Two times Oscar winner Sharmeen Chinoy also personally congratulated him on his outstanding accomplishment.

Who is Shahnawaz Zali? He is that inspiring young flair of our land who graduated from Northwestern University- School of communication with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Media industries and Technologies and certificate of public relations.

The film he made back in 2015 is all about a young boy who was dragged into suicide bombings. This film bagged the awards at the Miami International Film Festival, Qatar media Awards and the Accolade Global Film festival.  Not only that his previous film Muhammad also won Best Film award at the Qatar Media Awards 2014.

Shahnawaz told the media persons “As a story-teller I wanted to create a film, which was a psychological thriller that ultimately helps defeat the stereotypical role of Pakistani’s portrayed in the media all over the globe. My university gave me an $8,000 grand to turn my idea into reality. With a group of friends, we set up a crew and began filming.”

“I chose this subject because these things exist and it’s happening all around us. I believe that for a nation to progress, we must first acknowledge and accept the fact that there is a problem. Once the problem is identified, we can then all work toward solving it.”

He added, “It’s a film about innocence and bravery, hopelessly entwined in the protagonist, who is brainwashed into doing things he didn’t want to do. The goal was to correct the misconception of how the world views Pakistan and its people. We’re a valiant nation, with a lot of stories, and this is just a small one.”

“I want to remove this barrier that limits young Pakistanis to create high-quality production. I have personally met with a lot of aspiring Pakistani filmmakers in the last few weeks and I plan on meeting more as I want to create this culture here where everyone can just walk in and share their ideas and be a part of our team. I would welcome anyone who wants to create content to join me and work toward taking Pakistan forward with its stories,” reveals this optimistic 23-year-old boy.

He has given entertainment a new meaning and lesson for others that this medium can be used for way greater purpose.

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Why Axe Throwing Parties Are The Talk Of The Town

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You may have noticed, every hip city dweller in Canada is talking about axe throwing parties, posting selfies and group photos of how much fun they had. Are your worried you’re missing out? Well don’t worry! Axe throwing parties are for everyone and with more and more axe throwing leagues opening up throughout Canada, there should be one close to you.

Axe throwing parties and axe throwing leagues are for all adults. We can’t stress this enough. That’s one of the great things about them, one of the reasons why they are so popular, and one of the reasons why they will stay popular. The culture around axe throwing leagues, like BATL, the Backyard Axe Throwing League, is built on inclusivity, safety, and fun. Axe throwing can be enjoyed by people of any fitness level and no one tolerates discrimination at an axe throwing league. Axe throwing leagues are premised on the notion that either everyone’s having fun or no one is. That’s why your safety and comfort comes first. For more information and bachelor party ideas stop by BATLgrounds.com/bachelor-party-ideas.

There are two major options with an axe throwing league; that is, to choose between joining a league that meets regularly for things like tournaments and practice sessions, or to book the league for a special event such as a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party. It’s even become popular to book an axe throwing party for your work’s team building exercise. Imagine how much of a hero that would make you around the office? If you’re wondering if alcohol can be consumed at an axe throwing party, the answer is yes, as long as it’s done responsibly and the alcohol is not in glass containers. Otherwise, you’re all set. One of the leagues axe throwing experts will show you and your friends how to properly and safely throw an axe at a target, then you’ll split up into teams and let the games begin!

If you’re wondering why axe throwing leagues and axe throwing parties are so popular, the answer is to go and see for yourself. The fun and inclusivity you’ll find there is unmistakable and we guarantee you’ll love it. Axe throwing has the added benefit of being a very old Canadian tradition, so you and your friends can feel like you’re back in the good old days when all you needed for a little fun was your friends, a block of wood, and a good sharp axe.

Best Paid Actors In Television: No Surprises Here, Forbes Magazine!

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Not a long time ago, Forbes Magazine released new data regarding the best paid actors in television, after they did their questioning and investigations together with superstars’ producers, agents, managers and other parties able to provide concrete data regarding some celebrities’ paychecks. Not many things have changed since last year, but you never know what might happen in show-biz after all.

And if you think that only Hollywood superstars cash in big checks, while TV stars barely make it to the next month, you can’t be farther from the truth, as some young hot and talented actors made enough money in one year average people couldn’t spend in a lifetime. Forbes analyses took in account data pertaining to June 2012 to June 2013 and here we have the big winners.

Best Paid Actors In Television: No Surprises Here, Forbes Magazine!

Ashton Kutcher

This wasn’t a surprise. We don’t know how much money made young Kutcher with his Hollywood roles, but money-wise, his presence on the show “Two and a Half Men” placed him on the number one position of best paid television actor two years in a row. CBC’s superstar Ashton cashes in around $24 million and his partner in the show is not doing bad at all either. Jon Cryer gets a little bit less, around $21 million, but Forbes notes that Kutcher’s fortune is also supplemented by his investments in the tech field. Two and a Half Men is available through any Time Warner Cable Boston or New York deal and it is one of the most loved shows, even if Charlie Sheen had to leave it in 2011.

Best Paid Actors In Television: No Surprises Here, Forbes Magazine!

Ray Romano

Do you remember the show “Everybody Loves Raymond?” Well, Ray Romano is still making money with it, even if the series have finished a long time ago. If Aston Kutcher and Jon Cryer hold the golden and the silver medals in being royally paid, Romano holds dear to his bronze medal, as Forbes found out his income is around $16 million and this money comes from CBS and the reruns of the comedy show.

Best Paid Actors In Television: No Surprises Here, Forbes Magazine!

Neil Patrick Harris and Mark Harmon

CBS seems to be the most advantageous network to work with or for, as it pays very well. Neil Patrick Harris, starring in the beloved show “How I Met Your Mother” shares the fourth place in Forbes ranking with colleague Mark Harmon whom we appreciate for his role in NCIS.

Best Paid Actors In Television: No Surprises Here, Forbes Magazine!

Patrick “McDreamy” Dempsey

Grey’s anatomy is running its tenth season in a row and is one of ABC’s most successful TV series, with a show that still keeps million of viewers clanged to their seats in front of the TV. Patrick Dempsey, playing the gorgeous, kind and brilliant brain surgeon Derek Shepherd is listed on the fifth place in Forbes Magazine’s tops, with an income of around $15 million.

Forbes nominated other famous TV screen stars among their top ten best paid actors in television and believe it or not, Charlie Sheen is still in the ranks, with an estimation of $10 million. Keep in mind that these numbers don’t include the income generated by personal investments or other perks that come along together with being a superstar.