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Best Chiffon Maxi Dresses for Aussie Women

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Chiffon is the perfect fabric to pair with a maxi dress. The light, floaty fabric helps keep your maxi from being too heavy and bulky, and tons of variety gives you plenty of options when it comes to choosing a dress style that’s perfect for you. You might think all maxi dresses are the same, but you would be sorely mistaken (especially when it comes to the variety available at Alamour the Label). Chiffon maxi dresses come in a ton of styles, from off-the-shoulder to mermaid, so you can find one that highlights your best assets for your best event yet. Keep reading to find out the different styles of chiffon maxi dresses for Aussie women, because you deserve something a little special.

1. One Shoulder

Feel like Grecian royalty in a one-shoulder chiffon maxi dress. The one-shoulder design, empire waist, and flowing chiffon skirt is incredibly forgiving without being frumpy. In fact, this style is downright stunning, and even more so with your hair pulled back to show off your toned shoulder and delicate décolletage. For added oomph, opt for a dress with a shoulder detail to really draw attention to the design and flattering asymmetrical cut.

2. High-Low

Just because it’s a maxi doesn’t mean you can’t show off some leg—and those gorgeous shoes. A chiffon high-low means party in the front, business in the back. The chiffon fabric is perfect for the high-low style because it allows the front to flutter delicately without dragging the back hem, so that you feel like a princess every time you move. Don’t forget your best shoes with this dress; people won’t be able to help notice them with the beautiful high-low framing of your dress!

3. Two Piece

You’ve probably seen the gorgeous two-piece skirt and top trend that’s insanely popular right now, but have you seen it in chiffon maxi form? This look is simply to die for: a gorgeous, ballgown-style skirt gives you volume for your lower-half while a delicate, matching crop top cinches you in at your narrowest point. Plus, you’ll stand out in a sea of boring black dresses with a chiffon maxi that can’t help but be noticed. After all, why shouldn’t you be the centre of attention?

4. Off-the-Shoulder

Leave your beau wanting with an off-the-shoulder chiffon maxi that’s equal parts delicate and sexy. The cut highlights your shoulders and cleavage in an alluring way without being over the top, while the chiffon floats loosely over your lower half for more conservative events. If you want to toe the line, the off-the-shoulder chiffon maxi is your best bet for a beautiful but appropriate dress for any event.

5. Halter

You work hard in the gym, and you deserve to show it off in a halter maxi that flaunts all your assets. The halter cut highlights your toned shoulders and arms while making your chest more prominent, and the chiffon maxi bottom gives a little oomph to your derrière. We love this look paired with a low pony, dangly earrings, and a bold lip.

6. Mermaid

Mermaid dresses are all they’re cracked up to be, and more. The fit and flare style hugs your curves while giving you just enough breathing room and we’re all for it. This go-to style is perfect for almost any formal event, from weddings to charity functions, and everything in between. Put your best fin—er, foot forward in a mermaid chiffon maxi that flatters any shape and size, because you’re never too old to want to feel like a mermaid.

7. Side Slit

There’s nothing quite like the sensual drama of a maxi with a side slit (or two!). This style gives you legs for days, especially when worn with sky-high nude heels that elongate your gams even more. If you want just a hint of leg, choose a more flowy dress that gives you coverage, but if you’re feeling daring, opt for a skin-tight number that leaves little to the imagination (but maybe invest in some double-sided tape just in case). Plus, with a maxi gown, this means you only have to shave one of your legs, which means more time for primping and selfies, because your best angle isn’t going to snap itself.

Stay In Fashion With Trendy Clothing. Don’t Take Chances!

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 The number 1 rule of a lady is to always stay classy! As a lady, it is your duty to put in as much energy into looking good as you do at your work place. First impressions matter. It plays a big role in how people will view you once they look at you.

Talk of interview settings or finding a new lover, the first thing that comes to your attention is ‘How does the person look like?’, ‘What is the outward impression of that person?’. How you dress speaks loads about your personality. As a lady, you must make an effort to look good!

There are many factors that you should put into consideration when buying clothes. Some of these factors are:

  1. Consider the occasion that you are buying for.

You need to buy the right clothes for the right occasion. If you are shopping for office wear, you might want to go for something decent, yet still trendy and in fashion. Who said that just because it is office wear you need not look good?

If you are shopping for wedding attire you may need the help of a wedding expert here. This one though, may be a little different because you have to consider the color scheme and how everything should blend from the décor down to every detail for the wedding. Ensure that you obtain the best results.

  1. Consider your figure.

This goes down from your height to your size. Just because you are a plus size does not mean you should not have trendy clothing. At you can get to choose a variety of plus size trendy clothes for ladies, from official wear, to fancy bottoms and tops, literally everything your wardrobe needs.

Dress in a manner that flatters your image. If you are a plus size, consider color and patterns on your clothes. Horizontal lines tend to have a widening effect while vertical lines will create a slender impression. For example, wearing a dress with horizontal lines or patterns will make you look broader than usual.

  1. Consider the price of the clothes.

Affordability is key when it comes to shopping. You need to have a budget when shopping so as to ensure you do not over spend. You definitely do not want to look good and sleep on an empty stomach. That would be so unwise of you. ensures that you buy your clothing at affordable prices and no disappointments. Ensure that you always get the value for your money and walk away a satisfied shopper. As a lady, you should know that there is no better feeling than walking out of a store having got what you wanted and within the price range you had expected. How great!

  1. Consider your comfort.

Comfortability is the most important factor when buying clothing. Ensure you buy clothes that you are comfortable in. Not too short clothes and not extremely long, unless of course that’s your intention.

The 4 Trends That Are Sweeping The Nation This Time Of Year

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It’s time to put away your shorts and tank tops and get out your winter wardrobe. The wintertime is a great opportunity to get new clothing and completely change your style. If you are looking for something new, here are four trends that are sweeping the nation this time of year.


The 4 Trends That Are Sweeping The Nation This Time Of Year

Scarves function for multiple purposes. Sure, they keep your neck warm during snowy days or days with minus-zero temperatures. However, they also can look great and compliment any outfit that you may be wearing. For a casual look, wrap a scarf around your neck a few times. But when wearing a long coat, let that scarf hang and it should reach your hips. Scarves are a great addition for any outfit.


There are hardly any items in your closet that will be as warm and comfortable as cashmere. And lucky for you, cashmere scarves are extremely popular during the wintertime. They will keep you warm when it’s chilly out, but can also look great for a variety of functions. You can wear cashmere during a lazy weekend day, or out with your friends after work.


This has been a style for some time, but we have seen a more popular approach in blazers across the nation. It has been seen in both men and women in all settings. This can be worn in a casual setting for everyday use ore it can be used in a more formal occasion. To make the best use of this trend make sure you have a blazer that can be used for both, so it is a neutral color that could go either way. For the formal use you can combine it with a button up and combine it with a skinny tie. If it is a more casual approach you can even combine it with a nice piece of designer shirt that can be found here

Skinny Jeans & Boots

This trend started in Europe and is making a push towards America. The highlight of this trend are high boots that you leave untied and tuck your pants into. The colors can differ, depending on the rest of the outfit you are wearing. As for the jeans, they don’t have too be constricting-skinny. Instead, make sure that they are just skinny enough to highlight your legs and tuck into your shoes. You can find great looking jeans online for great deals!


No matter what type of outfit you are wearing, complete it with the right accessories. For some, earrings or a necklace might be the best choice. But a really hot trend this year are anchor bracelets that wrap around your wrist multiple times. Watches are also in style during the wintertime, as they look very classy at formal work Christmas parties.

You can use the wintertime to bring out a whole new you. With just a few additions from this list, you can create a complete outfit that will look great and keep you comfortable as well. Be sure that you have any of these items within reach, whether you are going to work, to hang out with your friends, or simply taking an easy day with someone special.