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Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Having great content on your website is a must for any business looking to stay ahead of its competitors. Content that is fresh, informative and relevant to the target audience will attract people to your site, keep them coming back and is more likely to result in a sale. Here’s how to get your content marketing strategy on the road to success.

Be Original

Make sure that what you publish online is unique. There is so much information on the internet, that what you provide is less likely to be viewed if it isn’t original. Search engines also aren’t impressed by content that has been copied from other sources, so be original if you want to find your way at the top of search engine listings. According to The Guardian original content – whether it’s in the form of a blog, case studies, videos or infographics – will help you define the point of view you want to convey, and should set the tone for all of your content marketing efforts.

Easy to Search

There is no point providing first-rate content if nobody is going to find it, so always ensure that what you publish will be easy for people to find online. Before you get started creating your content, build it around relevant keywords related to your organisation. If you are not sure what those keywords might be, consider using keyword research tools to find the most appropriate words or phrases that people would search for related to your type of business.

Know Your Audience

If you want to improve your content marketing strategy, make sure that what you are putting out there is of relevance to your target audience. According to Entrepreneur delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time should be your mantra. In order to do this, it is imperative that you get to know exactly who your target audience is, including their demographic profile and buying behaviour. Invest in analytics to do this, or engage with your audience to find out more about them.

Measure Campaigns

It’s not enough these days just to churn out content, you need to be able to assess how effective it is in order to fine tune your time and resources to those methods that get the best results for your business. Using the services of an expert content marketing agency, such as, who offer content and digital marketing in Edinburgh and elsewhere, can improve your content marketing efforts and ensure you are exploiting the best opportunities for your site.

Build Links

If you want to get more people coming to your site and be seen more favourably by search engine giants such as Google, consider building links as part of your content marketing strategy. Link building involves establishing links to your content via other popular and reputable websites. Choose ones that are similar enough to your own site, without being considered a competitor. Crucially, the other websites should be ones where your target audience will visit.

Understanding Car Costs

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Most of us think that we know a fair bit about how to judge the relative costs of different vehicles. When we are considering a purchase, we probably do quite a bit of homework, looking at various factors to help us reach an informed decision. This may include looking at factors like the insurance group of the car. A lower grouping can save a lot of cash but care should be taken to understand the specific model, because groups can vary a lot even within a model range. More lately, emissions also play a part in running costs. Those who choose a low emissions car can enjoy reduced or even zero rated road tax.

Fuel Costs

Fuel costs are a major expense in motoring and as reported by industry body, the Society of  Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) even the industry itself is going to great lengths to keep fuel consumption to a minimum with a combination of new technology and better driving practices. The official fuel consumption figures are recorded for every model that goes on sale in the EU, so it should be a relatively simple matter to choose an economical car. Similarly, there is now a great deal of information online as to which cars are more reliable, allowing us to choose a model that won’t cost a packet when it comes to servicing and repairs.

Increased Car Sales

With all of those costs, you could be forgiven for assuming that many of us would avoid buying a new car altogether, but nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, as reported by the BBC, sales of new cars in the UK have been growing steadily for more than three years and are close to hitting an all-time high. Industry observers cite a number of reasons behind this growth. The first of these is simply pent up demand, after many motorists put off buying a new car during the recent financial crisis. A second reason is given as many motorists receiving compensation for mis-sold insurance and using this as a deposit on a new car. The third reason is the availability of low cost finance and innovative new financing products, and this is where things get interesting.

Innovative Finance Options

Just a few years ago, leasing was something that was little understood and mostly confined to business users. We can see from the rising popularity of car leasing in Leicester that this is no longer the case. People are now coming to understand that leasing is a great way of avoiding the biggest cost of motoring, which in many cases is that of depreciation. Now sites like are offering low cost packages that bring these benefits to private motorists.

These personal leasing options mean that motorists are really only paying for the difference in price between the new car and the car’s value at the end of the term. This can allow them to own a more prestigious model and avoid the pitfalls of driving an ageing car. It is clearly a trend that looks set to continue.

The Hottest New Investor Trends For 2015

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The hottest investor trends for 2015 include exciting new strategies designed to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business climate head on. Topping the trends for 2015 are new ideas, such as pre-seed investing, and twists on traditional strategies that include changes in American’s retirement portfolios. Overall, 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year for investors and business founders alike.

A New Way to Fund Startups

Pre-seed investors garnered a lot of attention in the last half of 2014 and the trend continues in to 2015. The traditional way to finance a startup is to ask family and friends for money, apply for bank loans, find willing investors and sometimes mortgage the house. The appeal of pre-seed funding is that potential business founders need only a great idea, no product, prototype or proof of concept required. Pre-seed funds give founders the means to move from idea to launch and investors retain a stake in the new companies. Pre-seed funds are typically modest amounts designed to get a business through its first year.

Investors and Sustainability

Socially responsible investing (SRI) is an increasingly popular form of ethical investing that promises to gain even more traction in 2015. Investing in socially conscious businesses is not a new idea, but its recent popularity is due in part to rising awareness and demand from the public at large. As more consumers choose to do business with socially responsible and ethical businesses, investors look for investments that combine financial returns with rising social awareness. According to the U.S. SIF, the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment, by the end of the year 2013, more than $6.5 trillion was invested in accord with SRI strategies, a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future.

The Changing Retirement Portfolio

Retirement accounts are the stalwarts of tradition. Ford Motor Company and General Electric shares are typical stocks found in individual retirement accounts and 401(k)s. A new trend is emerging, however where big money managers, including T. Rowe Price and Fidelity Investments, acquire shares in privately held tech companies. Shares are then pooled into mutual funds and end up in the retirement portfolios of millions. The appeal is obvious. Tech companies, such as Uber, Pinterest and Airbnb, are growing faster than those on the stock market and investment management companies want to cash in. Tech companies are not required to trade publicly or issue financial status reports, making speculative investments like these riskier. The question for 2015 is whether or not retirement account holders actually benefit from risky tech stocks or if the big winners are the investment management companies themselves.

The Top Billion Dollar Startup Investors

Forbes Magazine recently announced its list of top billion dollar investment companies that have the experience, strategies and records of accomplishment to fund 2015’s most promising startups. Included in the top five are Sequoia, Andreessen Horowitz and Greylock Partners.

Three essential PPC tips

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PPC is one of the most enduring digital marketing tools available to businesses, enabling even small firms to improve their online presence, generate clicks and stimulate sales with both short and long term benefits to be reaped.

But even with the relatively maturity of the PPC market, the fact that search trends and user habits are changing means it is important for companies to stay on top of things and keep a keen edge on their AdWords abilities.

For many a PPC campaign will be the launch pad for their entire digital marketing assault, but experts argue that without a thorough understanding of how to go about this effectively, a lot of damage can be done in the early days.

You might choose to benefit from the expertise of a London adwords consultant, or pick an agency like elevate UK to guide you through the process. But by taking the following tips onboard, you should have a solid grounding in how PPC works today.

Avoid landing page limbo

Even if you have manage to bid on keywords and secure a paid ad that is visible to the right target audience, this is only a portion of the battle you need to fight to boost sales. And impressive CTRs are useless unless you can back them up with conversions; if you cannot then that is ad spend simply going up in smoke.

Web design is critical at this point, although it is important not to place too much emphasis on the layout of a page and forget to spend time making the marketing copy shine. Mobile optimisation is also vital, not only for conversions but also as part of a parallel SEO strategy to win organic impressions.

Fostering early leads

A good reputation is worth an immense amount in the world of e-commerce and if you are starting from scratch then your well planned PPC campaign will only get you so far; you need to present people with a compelling reason to trust your firm over established rivals which is why you need to make those early leads count.

To help with this it may be worth basing a campaign around a free trial of a product or service you offer, because this allows people to engage with your organisation without having to take any risks on their own behalf.

Digital diversity

Online marketing success is only attainable if you are capable of looking at the bigger picture, rather than getting bogged down by the idea that PPC is the be all and end all of your marketing strategy. And so while running campaigns and concentrating on maximising the impact of ad spend is important, it also crucial to consider what else you can be doing to complement this work.

Aside from organic SEO, it may be useful to work on your firm’s profile in the world of social media, as lacking any kind of presence in this area is a huge faux pas.


How to get the best deals for coupons and much more

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Buying software coupons can sometimes be very difficult as there are now end numbers of websites available in the market that allow you to buy them. Sometimes, it gets very cranky as there are many online sellers of coupons and one cannot make the right decision. There are some tips that need to be followed if you are buying coupons online. Some of them are mentioned below-

Proper evaluation of the market and known websites-

Opting for known websites which are offering coupons is always a better option. One has to be very precise in making the right decision because there are people who have landed over a fake website and never got a genuine coupon. So, beware and play smart by opting for websites which are known in the market and won’t allow you to lose money otherwise. Read more at

Creating a list of offers and discounts-

Searching the web will allow you to create enough data that will be helpful in creating a list which can be very useful for buying the right coupon. This is a very common way of getting the right coupons at right prices. One just has to prepare a list and done. With the help of the list you can even select the one you want and even allow more space for changes as you keep searching.

The bottom line-

Often, people are mistaken that a coupon will allow them to have a new package of the software which is not true, coupons are responsible for the updates in modifications which can be done in the same software, if someone next time offers a coupon which will make your software new, he or she is a fake! The world online has evolved a lot , making right decisions and playing smart will only help you in saving some quick bucks!

Important Factors to Consider before Applying for a Business Loan

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If you are running a small business, you know very well that you need to have cash available for whatever you need – whether it’s for daily expenses, as payment for suppliers, or even to buy additional stock or equipment to help your business expand. But in most cases, small business owners only have the cash they need for basic necessities and supplies – and even then, there may be times that you may be wondering where you will get your next influx of cash.

This is where a business loan becomes a necessity. If you would like to increase the capital you have for your business, taking out a business loan is one of your best options.

The Benefits of Acquiring a Business Loan

We already know the benefits of applying for a loan for your business: the additional cash can help you buy more inventory or equipment, pursue a more aggressive marketing strategy, or even open another branch. With a business loan, you do not need to dip into your existing savings. And there is even more good news: the current economic climate has actually made it easier for small businesses to apply for loans, as interest rates are lower now than they were a few years ago.

But before you begin applying for a loan, there are some important factors you need to consider. Knowing these can help you secure the right type of loan for your enterprise as well as ensure that you are not putting your business at risk.

Know what you want – and what you need 

First of all, you need to know what exactly it is that you want for your business, and what your business actually needs. If you know exactly what you require, this makes it easier for you to choose the right lender. Nowadays, there are lending institutions aside from banks that are more than willing to provide you with the funds you need without you having to go through a lengthy and rigorous credit-checking process. You have more options than ever, but if you decide to apply for a loan from a bank, be aware that this could take a good length of time and may not be the most feasible solution for a start-up enterprise, as banks tend to approve loans for companies which have a longer credit history or are more established in their niche. 

Understand the Terms of the Loan you are Acquiring 

Before you even submit your application for a loan, whether it’s to a bank or an alternative lender, it is important for you to thoroughly understand the terms of the loan. Carefully go through the terms and conditions of securing the loan and check if there are issues with early repayment. Some banks and lenders penalise early repayment, so you need to find this out. The good news is that there are some alternative lending firms, such as, which do not have any penalties for early repayment, so you also need to know where to look. 

Be as Meticulous as Possible Before Signing Any Agreement

It is a given that you read through any and all documents or agreements given to you before you sign, especially when it comes to acquiring a business loan. But if there is anything that you do not understand with the terms of the loan, you need to ask the lender to explain these terms until you understand them fully. Carefully go through such details as the deadlines of payments, the calculation of interest, penalties for missing a payment, and even the type of customer support you can receive.

A Guide To Check Cashing Alternatives

A Guide To Check Cashing Alternatives

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Most of the times the American consumers find cashing a cheque quite simple . Deposit the check at the nearest ATM or through a teller, and the job is done!Thats how simple it is ! Now here is a fact, 20% of the U.S households either rely on alternate sources for financial support or do not hold any bank accounts. So, what can be the easiest way for these people to cash in a check ?

Here is a list of solutions for check cashing for those who do not have the access to a bank account:

The Prepaid Alternative: It has been noticed that most of the American population is unbanked or under banked. It seems that they mostly rely on prepaid card accounts to cater to their necessities . For instance, charging a monthly fee of $4.95, Chase offers their users with a prepaid card that allows to cash checks free of cost at any Cash ATM. A company called Ingo Money offers smart mobile check deposit service which is as simple as sitting at home, opening the ingo app, clicking a picture of the check and touch the screen for a successful deposit ! Savvy isn’t it ?

Major Retailers: Brands such as Wal-Mart , 7-Eleven,and other supermarket chains also offer the service of check cashing. This option is more feasible as compared to check cashing outlets and bank because, the retailers are tentatively cheaper and more preferable.

There are certain select outlets of 7-Eleven wherein one can locate kiosks that allows to cash checks for a flat percentage charge. Similarly Wal-Mart charges $3 for checks less than $1,000 and $6 for checks above $1,000 and no more than $5,000

The check issuing bank: A bank by which the check has been issued has the authority to cash in the check for a non customer . Yet again the customer is liable to certain check-cashing fee, varying from bank to bank . For example, Citibank generally doesn’t impose any fee when a non-customer wants to cash in a check under $5,000. On the other hand, TD Bank charges $5 every time a non-customer wants to cash in a TD bank check.

Many a times, the non-customer ends up opening an account with the bank to avoid all the hassle and the extra fee pertaining to the check cashing.

Check cashing outlets: There are many stores which provide with the service of check cashing, although they may charge certain fees as per every transaction . Hence many a times it turns out to be costly. Some stores impose fees equivalent to a particular percentage of the check value. While some directly charge a flat fare in addition to the percentage fee. For instance, in order to cash a check of $1,000, one might have to end up paying $14 as an additional charge.

Research, know the market: It is always better to know the market. Many a time there are certain online websites that offer the option of cashing checks in certain areas of the U.S. While these are vendors and merchants who offer the service to cash checks at cheaper rates unlike the aforementioned options as well. If you know your locale properly, you might be able to be at ease every time you need to cash a check.

Customers Short-Term Cash Solutions – Check Cashing USA

5 DIY Wedding Invite Design Tips

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More and more young couples these days are paying for their own weddings. And without money from Mom and Dad to pad to the budget, they’re finding tons of ways to pull together a beautiful ceremony and a stylish, sophisticated reception for less. Some brides scout discount, designer gowns on eBay (only slightly used). Many couples elect to skip the full meal and set up a buffet, a build-your-own taco or sandwich station, or a sundae bar. And using die cut machines to make paper flowers has become all the rage. Another great way to save on the cost of your wedding is by putting your creative chops to good use designing your own wedding invitations. Here are a few tips to ensure that no one knows you didn’t go pro.

  1. Get a kit. You can almost certainly find what you’re looking for at a local craft store, although there are also plenty of online options if you prefer to save some time by letting your fingers do the walking when you shop. A wedding invitation kit will come with several items, including card stock for the invitations and RSVPs, as well as large and small envelopes to match. All you have to do is pick the paper and pattern you like, order enough kits to cover your guest list (kits could come with anywhere from 25 to 200 invites), and then design the layout and get to printing.
  2. Download L&D software. You can try using a doc program like Microsoft Word to type in the text you want printed on your invites. And with enough finagling it will probably work out fine. But if you want to increase ease of use, as well as creative options, consider downloading free (or free trial version) layout and design software, also sometimes called desktop publishing. Programs like Scribus, Adobe Project Rome, and Serif Page Plus (Starter Edition) can all help you to create the gorgeous and professional looking wedding invitations you crave for free. Remember, while most of this software comes with tutorials to help you get started, you’ll still have a bit of a learning curve if you want to take full advantage of useful features, so start early.
  3. Use photos. If you don’t have the patience to put together a truly artistic layout for your invites, you can fake it by using your face in place of graphic design. Adding photos of you and your honey to your invites not only takes the place of other design elements, but it also helps to personalize your invitations and makes them a special keepsake for family and friends.
  4. Layer. If you look at professional invitations you’ve received for other weddings, you might notice that very few feature only a single layer. Some sport translucent, vellum overlays. Others have lace doily sleeves. Some are wrapped in ribbon or feature 3D elements like self-adhesive faux gems or pearls. The devil is in the details, as the saying goes, so adding layers will definitely up the wow factor for your invites.
  5. Go digital. You might still have to send snail mail invites to older family members that “don’t do the internet”. But with websites like My Digital Wedding helping modern couples to do all of their wedding communiqués via their own wedding website, there’s no reason to kill trees in order to create invitations. And this inexpensive and convenient solution will make wedding planning a cinch.

Contemporary Furniture to Enhance the Appearance of Your Home

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Earlier, home decoration is not much popular among the common people but now the entire scene has been changed. Now, everyone give equally importance to home appearance to gain popularity among their friends and gain social status respectively. There are various ways through which you may attain modern look conveniently. However, besides paint furniture is the most crucial thing which helps you to gain best possible home interior effectively. If you are also planning to give new look to your home but confuse about furniture, internet is the right platform.

Whenever you need to explore home furnishings and contemporary furniture to your new home explore the world of web instead of local shops because the variety and price you’ll find with online shop regarding all products is very difficult to enjoy with supermarkets. Even, if you get the best shop you’ll also enjoy discounts and offers as well. But, deep and proper research work needs to be performed.

What is unique about contemporary decoration furniture?

You must be thinking why I am giving so much stress of modern furniture thus here I am explaining you some ideas so read it carefully.

Simple but very effective:

When you are buying contemporary interior products to your home you don’t have to buy various ornamental things because they are capable enough to appear your house more beautiful. They are generally inspired by geometry and intrinsic world which add extra essence in their beauty. Plus, this way you may attain absolutely stunning piece to your home. For outdoor decoration you can also choose the rattan garden furniture because it is best for exterior decoration especially for backyards and front yards.

Very Inventive:

Modern furniture generally comes in variety of shapes thus people love to buy it. Plus, most of the products come with multipurpose features. Even, you may attain home accessories with interesting concept like table shaped like egg, kitchen sink with numerous different shapes, bath tab in oval shape, dining table with amazing counter tops and lots more.


On A Budget? 4 Ways To Save Some Serious Bucks

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Being budget conscience these days has become a part of life for many people. With the economy being as it is and the rising costs of practically everything, living from paycheck to paycheck is the new norm. If you are tired of having money left over after paying the mortgage and monthly bills, there are some things that you can do that will save you some serious money and put some bucks back into your budget. Here are 4 ways you can save some serious money every month.

Pack a Lunch

One of the easiest ways to save money is packing your lunch and stop eating out so much. If you’ve never thought about how much money you spend daily on sandwiches, snacks and drinks, take the time to track your daily spending habits for just one week. Then add it up and multiple by four weeks. Don’t be surprised if you could save well over a hundred dollars a month alone on just taking lunch with you.

If you have school children, do the same thing for them. You can pack a nutritious lunch for your family and know that good and healthy eating is taking place. You don’t have to entirely cut out buying lunch, but it could be a good reward incentive for you to use.


Another easy way to save money each month is on your utilities. Just by turning off lamps and other electronics that are not being used can help cut down on your monthly bill. Even changing out your light bulbs for more energy efficient ones helps reduce your energy needs and will save you money.

Share a Ride

If you have public transportation available why not help the environment along with saving money on gasoline and other car expenses. Public transportation has its advantages that you might just like. Many people spend hours in their cars stuck in traffic or being slowed down by accidents. Public transportation will give you peace of mind, time to relax or read a book and make commuting to work a whole lot more stress free.

You can even look at the possibility of bike riding or even walking to work. These options are especially good for those who live close enough to work to take advantage of it. If you are someone who can, then think of the health value you are adding while saving money.

Cut the Cable Dependency

One of the biggest savings you’ll instantly see is cutting your cable. Now for some people, cable is their lifeline and the idea of going without is like taking a fish out of water. But contrary to what you’ve been told or even read, you can get a variety of channels in high definition right over the airwaves. Best part it’s free.

Cable can run well over a $100 to $200 a month depending on your tier of service and extra pay packages. And the sad reality is that cable TV prices aren’t going to go down. So you do have a choice by purchasing a high definition TV antenna like the Clear TV antenna from As Seen on TV, click here to know more. Hooking it up is a breeze and its small size lets you use it anywhere you want. You save lots of money each month because you don’t have to pay for programming you receive from over the airwaves.

There are lots of ways that you and your family can save money and help your monthly budget go a bit farther. Depending on what your goal of savings each month is, you may be able to combine several options to meet and exceed your goals.

Gifts and Savings-This Is How It Is Done

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If you wish to buy gifts affordably, you need to know there are different ways of doing this when you need to. You have so many chances of saving your hard earned money through diverse methods and you are the only one limiting yourself.

Yard and Garage Sales

Not many people will really appreciate a gift that is second-hand but it does not mean good ones are not there. Essentially, depending on what you want you can always find it in a yard sale. You can even materialize in the sales as they happen, sift through and you might come out with really precious items you can gift those you love. This includes quality toys and kids stuff, electronics and books.

Buy Online

If you want to save on gifts for those you love you might want to checkout online as compared to a local store or the mall. For a price of one it is possible to have a couple of items delivered to your home with no extra charges. While shipping costs apply, you can search for online stores offering discounts and free shipping to certain locations. Nonetheless, it is important to compare the cost of shopping the kind of gifts you want online, such as wines, hats, clothes, electronics and toys with your local provider. Buying online will not only save you a lot of money you will also access quality products that might not even be found locally, such as exotic wines from Italy and France.

Pay Monthly Catalogue

With pay monthly shopping catalogues, perhaps you have the best way of shopping for gifts and saving as much as possible as you would like. They allow you to purchase the items you want through a provided personal credit account generally in a recurring basis for every month. Such catalogues gives you a chance to shop for items through provided credit by the store.  This gives you a chance to own a number of items through credit, such as appliances, electronics, furniture and clothes while spreading the payment cost over a couple of months. If you do not have money, but you want to buy an expensive item that could leave you finances in disarray if bought once, pay monthly shopping catalogues ensure that you take the expensive item home without paying the entire amount at once.

At the same time, you are provided with fixed payments to relay every month with a little interest added to the total balance outstanding. Essentially, the payment duration is mostly determined by the total purchase that you have.

If you decide to go with pay monthly catalogues, you will find lots of recommended catalogues like Catalogue Spot that provide some of the highest quality items, including excellent options of payment. The hugely widely method of paying on credit is spreading the price or cost, better than using a credit or debit card to its immense benefits. You can use pay monthly catalogues to pay for furniture, women and men outfits, beddings, kitchen appliances, toys, garden enhancements, electronics and much more.

Are Peer-to-Peer Exchanges Fairer Than The Traditional Exchanges?

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The benefits of a peer-to-peer international money exchange may not be immediately obvious. The idea of peer-to-peer exchanges seems simple enough. However, it is often the simple ideas that are the most revolutionary. People will often look back at simple and yet ingenious ideas and wonder why they weren’t put into practice earlier. It is possible that peer-to-peer currency exchanges will fall into that category one day.

Equalised Exchange Rates Worldwide

Equalising anything when it came to traditional exchanges was often difficult, particularly on an international level. The exchange rate of currency is going to vary depending on the nation in question. In some transactions, one nation is going to lose a lot of money in the process, simply because the exchange rate situation worked out that way.

Finding a way to bring some equality to the process is difficult. The idea of having a unifying global currency has been discussed many times, but it’s unlikely that it will surface any time in the near future. Members of the European Union have already experienced the some of the economic and political downsides of having one currency for several different nations. Peer-to-peer currency exchanges may be able to solve this problem, or at least reduce its severity, without the need for grand political changes that are hard to put in order.

Bank Savings for Everyone Involved

Exchange rates are completely standard when it comes to peer-to-peer currencies. For people getting involved with the industry for the first time, this change will make all the difference in terms of their success. Traditional platforms have always tended to favour individuals or businesses that were already successful, often at the expense of people that were new. New investors were going to make relatively few transactions, and the few transactions they do make are going to be relatively small. As such, varying exchange rates and additional hidden fees are going to have a tremendous impact on them in the short and long-term. With peer-to-peer currency exchanges, the situation is much more equal.

There are plenty of entrepreneurs that fail in their first year. There are others who experience challenges that they did not previously expect, and they end up having to struggle just to meet their own previous projections. The financial benefits involved with peer-to-peer currency exchanges may be mild benefits for large corporations or particularly wealthy individuals. For struggling entrepreneurs or individuals with a less stable income, these changes could mean the difference between success and failure. These changes will genuinely benefit the individuals that they were intended to help in the first place.

Setting the Stage for Future Developments

Peer-to-peer exchanges may inspire similar developments in this direction. Consumers benefit from incremental changes, and not just changes that seem to occur all at once. Once software and information technology developers see the success of peer-to-peer exchanges, they may well become inspired to move even further in that same direction. Consumers and small business owners may begin to see even more changes that benefit them. The balance of power may begin to shift in the business world, which could only benefit those who tend to get short-changed in one way or another. Through outlets like Midpoint, people will get their money’s worth in more ways than one.