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Top 7 Amazing Flower Presentation Styles That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Flowers are something whose presence itself makes the ambience more soothing, fresh as well as vibrant and colourful. The best thing about flowers is that they are inexpensive but are most impressive gifts. Being the mute messengers, flowers deliver our feelings a perfect way even without saying a single word and so are considered as the most appreciated gift to present to your loved one.

Top 7 Amazing Flower Presentation Styles That Will Blow Your Mind!

As the flowers itself holds its own significance, they play a perfect role in expressing our warm and good wishes to the recipients. But what if these flowers are presented more creatively and crafted beautifully in a unique way. Isn’t it a great way to express your feelings? Other than that, incorporating different floral tricks to decorate your house or apartment or office or any other space could give a unique look. As a result, below are presented some of the amazing flower presentation styles that will truly blow your mind.

  • First thing to consider is cutting the stems of the flowers at 45-degree angle and one inch from the bottom. This will keep the floral arrangement fresh for longer period of times. Besides that, the flowers delivered at your place will remain well hydrated as it will instantly increase the surface area of the water intake.

  • You may be wondering what to do with the flowers having shorter stems. It is advised not to trash those flowers and instead use a teacup to display them more creatively. Also, it is suggested to keep the stems together using the clear hair tie that makes it easier to change the water.

  • The next thing to consider is opening the closed buds quickly by placing them in warm water first and then into cold water. After cutting the flower stems, it is advised to put the flowers in a glass filled with warm water just for a minute and then move the flowers to a vase filled with cold water while leaving them for 20 minutes. This way the floral buds will open up to the maximum extent.

  • As you plan to put your flowers in a vase, you can add some drops of vodka and a teaspoon of white sugar as well that will delay its wilting. As your flowers start to die, you can add up a shot of vodka into the water and eventually the flowers would stand up straight again just for a day or two.

  • Another best presentation style is using a dessert bowl for the succulents. You can just fill the dessert bowl till the brim with a potting soil, spritz the soil with the tap water to keep it moisten and then nestle the succulent to the top layer of the soils. After some time, it will begin to grow roots and remember to spray bottle till the top of the soil looks wet.

  • If you are planning to grow or plant an orchid, you need to first repot the orchid into the vase using potting soil. If it is already in a vase, then you can water the orchid with an ice cube per week. For the larger orchids, you can opt using two ice cubes per week. This gives a slow drip of hydration to the orchid and keeps it fresh for longer period of time.

  • In order to keep the short flowers from falling out of the shallow vases, you need to create a grid with clear water-resistant floral tape for holding the flowers in place. This will arrange the flowers systematically with the best finishing.

Thus, these were some of the most common yet amazing flower presentation styles that will truly blow up one’s mind.

Major Mistakes Most Boys Continue To Make While Purchasing Flowers

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Do your girlfriends always complain you about your rose’s selection or are satisfied with the way you gifted them flowers? Boys, don’t stress out it’s the scene with most of the boys on earth. I know you try your best to make your partner feel like a million bucks but still those silly mistakes come in the way and everything goes wrong. Well there’s a solution to every thing. Let’s know what mistakes are committed while purchasing flowers and how to fix them:

Major Mistakes Most Boys Continue To Make While Purchasing Flowers

  • Be Unique – Think Outside the Box : Generally most of the boys don’t realize that when they send flowers to their special someone, they come in a box. Now what’s the horror story – your girlfriend will pick up out of the box and put them in the vase. Obviously you don’t your girlfriend to do this on Valentine day. The luxury flowers delivery should be done in an authentic way for beautiful lady. So make sure that the florist you hire will deliver the flowers in a vase just for your girlfriend.

  • Don’t Ditch the Red Roses : Red Roses are the loveliest thing to take a girls heart. However boys ignore one as they are too expensive. Don’t ignore them, yes even when they are most marketed with dozen of roses. What you can do is ask the wholesalers dozen of roses or either you can go with the pink tulips. Doing so will surely help you to save money. The pink tulips look great and they don’t as costly as roses. Pink tulips arrangement would be unique too and you can get more with the money saved for red roses.

  • Plan Ahead (Way Ahead): Preparation is best key for best results. Waiting for the last minute is never a good idea. Getting the flowers on time is your responsibility. So plan prior and get the flowers on time.

    Most of the times it is seen florists stop selling the flowers two days before the Valentine day. Even if you are busy make sure you take some time and book online or else your girlfriend is only going to get the dregs.

    It’s recommended to order the beautiful flowers before 10 days so that the florists get enough time to prepare.

  • Confused? Let The Florist Deal: You are not the hero at selection and got confused what to buy and what not? Well don’t just buy a bouquet at random, you need to consul your florist first. I recommend to go with designer’s choice. And if you are still confused it’s best to leave the things up to the florist. The florist will ask you few questions, share everything about the likes and dislikes of your girlfriend and later they can tailor flowers according to specific personality. Moreover, florists are experts and can bring out emotions easily. Let them work their magic.

  • Don’t Skimp on the Card : Don’t forget to express in card! Most of the guys write “Happy Valentine’s Day” on the card and leave it as it is. It’s perfect time to really think about what you really want to express and share this thing on card. Ensure you write something very genuine and beautiful.