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Understanding The GPU Requirements For Gaming

Understanding The GPU Requirements For Gaming

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Budget and ‘best’ never goes together but the budget and smart can always do. In the modern age of advancement, technology is upgrading every day and so you cannot label something among best and outdated. Gaming is an interest, fashion, cult and a community in itself. Being a gamer, you must have thought about finding the good graphic cards within your budget. Though the gaming requirements demand a stable GPU, heavy system configurations and effective handling and maintenance of computer parts, it often becomes difficult to select the best one in your budget.

When I bought my first gaming graphics card, I didn’t know much about the configurations and technical parameters. So I took the help of a friend who is recognized as a hardcore gamer in our gaming community. He explained me how various factors run hand in hand to constitute a strong gaming platform. He showed me how just a gaming card is not enough to enhance the visual appearance and lag free gaming performance.

So, I bought a 1GB card and invested rest of the amount in upgrading other parts of the CPU such as a compatible motherboard, heavy RAM and multi player game discs. I even upgraded my windows operating system to the latest version. The graphic card constitutes clock speed, memory size, bus memory, pixel aspect ratio, processing units, directx and other such components.

The graphic card is composed of memory that uses the memory bus speed. The graphics cards with memory bus speed of 128 bits or more is stable enough to handle most of the latest games. You can even consume 384 bits graphic card to boost the performance. Memory bandwidth has a role of calculating the GPU speed. Texture mapping which is a process during graphic rendering is handled by texture mapping units.

Almost every other game requires the direct X support. The directX version vary from game to game and it is suggested to go for the graphic card that supports the directX. Also, you can install the latest version of directX in your operating system to prevent the compatibility issues.

Clock speed of any graphic card is the actual speed at which it can function. It is recommended to go for the graphic card with 750+ Mhz clock speed so that it can perform smoothly with even the latest games configurations.

Along with it, RAM above 8gb is usually recommended. The operating system should be compatible with the gaming configurations or in simple words, you should always check the operating system configurations while purchasing the one. Sometimes, even the motherboards does not have the compatible port for graphic card. You need to purchase a new motherboard that supports the graphic card.

An overview of purchasing the graphic card includes the 4 simple configurations that needs to be checked. These come under the system compatibility requirements  and are known as CPU match, RAM match, Screen size and GPU upgrade. If these four coincides with a game, it will run lag free and smoothly.

The Newest and Most Notable Visual Responsive Website Tools

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If you are a professional web designer, then must have realised how the clients behave baby like during project delivery or payment. In fact, challenges have become higher in present scenarios when the responsive sites have become a must. Well, fret not, as the problems are the signals for new ways to be invented. There are some mind blasting tools evolved in picture easing your problems up to a great extent. Here we have come up with a few of those. Take a look!


InterfaceSketch is a fantastic tool having all those efficacies that can satisfy a contemporary web designer. It offers designers with a nice bundle of PDF templates made absolutely in a concomitant way to fit along different mobile platforms. The best part is that all these are quite sleek to handle. You can have those printed as well.


Webflow is having all those attributes to meet your expectations. It is distinguishing enough in terms of offering flexibility to the whole designing task. You can make a design and can shift it to any part of your layout, the way you like. Aspects like width management, which is very crucial in present scenarios of highly demanding responsive sites. If you feel tasks like setting margin, or having a perfect lay out a daunting task, then the above tool is a must try one. In fact, it has been made a way that the users are obviously going to get a responsive lay-out.


The Newest and Most Notable Visual Responsive Website Tools

If your client is too damn demanding, then StyleTiles is the tool that can handle him. It’s a perfect option for those who never be satisfied and give you horrifying baffling lectures about creativity. The best part about it is that here the users can have design ideas of raw designs. Well, it offers outcome those are quite similar to those of tile patterns the designers go through in general.

Unlike others, it absolutely removes all chance of the clients complaining about something unique. It generates visual effect and makes them intuitive. On a whole, this is perfectly feet the current buzz of responsive designs.

Adobe Edge Reflow CC

Edge Reflow from Adobe has become a pretty popular term among the designers especially in present days. However, this is also a part of the very popular Edge tools and service from Adobe. The tool is like a must have one as a designer. You can easily download the tool (it consumes comparatively lower storage space) and incorporate in your system. At each edition you can have increasing intuitive specs. Edge Reflow turns the Photoshop documents absolutely perfect to be mated with a responsive site.

Primarily, it has been designed with an aim of filling those uncovered parts while going for a responsive site those have been seen to be hard enough in handling while dealing with a project for a coder, while showcasing a design to a client.


The Newest and Most Notable Visual Responsive Website Tools

If coming across with a tool that can make you absolutely independent in terms web designing, then Maccaw is the one you are looking for. However, this is more focussed regarding the designing works in comparison to those for the coders. You can download and incorporate it within your site that can act more than a tool for a better browsing experience.

Things can be performed quite in a fetch and put manner. Here you can enjoy feature of an image editor, set lay out patterns, and a lot more. It’s native design engine, Stream offers you with the more responsive design. Apart from this, the features removing all those minor flaws with design patterns make it a perfect stuff of professional standard.

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What Does Anki Mean To The World Of Gaming?

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Is it possible that your iPhone or iPad could replace your Xbox One or PS4? Despite all the predictions about Apple’s 2013 WWDC announcements, industry insiders didn’t foresee Apple’s clever entry into the gaming market. When Apple CEO, Tim Cook, ceded the stage to Anki’s founders, he did so for a reason. Some people feel that it was Apple’s way of saying, “Guess what, we’re going to make your i-devices a whole lot more fun than our competitors’ devices.” Those “some people” may not be wrong about that.


Video Games Brought to Life

Anki Drive offers a physical element that other video games have not matched yet. Sure, it’s cool to play Reckless Racing 2 on your iPhone, but how much cooler would it be if the car you’re controlling existed in the real world instead of on screen? Add in the fact that the car is an artificially intelligent miniature robot that can sense its surroundings and now you’re really talking cool. That is exactly what Anki Drive offers consumers; video games that exist in the real world. And, if you don’t want to take control, Anki’s cars race around the track on their own. Read More

Best New Games for the Playstation Vita

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The touch screen capabilities and handheld features of the PlayStation Vita make it one of the more popular gaming devices among gamers who want to be free of their PCs and consoles. If you have a Vita, and are looking for games to add to your collection, consider one of these hot options that recently hit the shelves.

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

While the look of the latest installment of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom is not much different than the last version, it is the new characters and game play upgrades that make this better. If you are a fan of the game series, you will appreciate how distinct the new characters feel. The online play now features a welcomed addition, and the animation remains some of the best in the industry. If you already love some of the characters, rest assured that they will still serve you well, with a few updates, in this improved version of the game.

Hot Shots Golf World Invitational

This user-friendly game is considered one of the top games for PlayStation Vita because of its excellent graphics and easy gameplay. You won’t find many differences between this latest PlayStation golf game and the ones that came before it, but that is what, in part, makes it one of the best. The simplicity of play combined with just a few Vita-specific upgrades makes it a joy to play, especially for those who loved its predecessors. The multi-player function of Hot Shots Golf World is particularly well done on the Vita.


If you have been a fan of the LittleBigPlanet franchise in the past, you need to play it on the PlayStation Vita. If you do, you will see why some reviewers are saying that Sackboy has found his home. The visuals and tighter controls on the Vita make this much-loved series even more enjoyable to play on the Vita. Adding touch technology makes the game intuitive, and who can resist the ability to smear new materials on the screen using their fingertips? The refined toolset makes level creation much simpler. This highly educational game gets even more inviting when you play it on the Vita.

Virtua Tennis

Virtua Tennis is arguably the best tennis franchise game, and it works wonderfully on the Vita. Easy to play with superior graphics, you will fee like you are literally on the court. The graphics are simply unreal, and the gameplay follows suit by being quite strong while still being simple.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat may be one of the oldest games still in the mix, but that does not mean it should be overlooked. The storyline here is quite in depth, and it pulls you in as you begin play. The brutal moves and new missions will draw in experienced Mortal Kombat players, while the mini games keep you actively engaged while playing.

Metal Gear Solid

If you were unimpressed with the graphics on the original Metal Gear, rest assured that the re-mastered graphics on this latest version will grab your attention. The HD display makes the graphics literally stunning, and the amount of content is great for a handheld. You can transfer the game to other Vita handhelds, thus making it a great value.

Whether your game of choice is something brutal such as Mortal Combat, or you prefer something a bit more subdued, like a game of golf or tennis, you will find that the Vita’s top games make excellent choices. Grab a few this holiday season to give to those you love, or simply pick up some to enjoy on your own, and you can benefit form the games reviewers are raving about.

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Top 5 Stylish Gadgets of the Month

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From budget accessories to stylish PCs, there’s a world of fascinating products at your fingertips.

 1.       Cyborg F.R.E.Q. 5

$150/£94.11 (

The Cyborg R.A.T. line of gaming mice has cemented the brand’s reputation as a formidable presence in gaming peripherals. Although the hard edges, angular look and exposed wires won’t be to everyone’s tastes, they are in keeping with the aesthetics of the rest of the Cyborg line. The short cable comes with two long attachments – one that you can plug into a USB port, and another that plugs into a standard 3.5mm jack- so you can use it with an MP3 player as well. The headset is quite a tight fit, but feels comfortable, even after you’ve been wearing it for quite a while. Sound quality is good, though a slight lack of detail gives the overall sound a warm feeling. Volume can be controlled via a roller on the right ear cup. It’s quite precise, so you’ll need to roll it quite a bit to make any particularly noticeable changes to the volume, which can prove annoying. A noise-cancelling microphone is also included, and works really well. This is a great stereo headset for gamers, but music fans might want something with better clarity.

2.       iStorage diskashur DT

£219 for 1TB (

While many USB sticks and external hard drives come with their own encryption software to help you protect your data, very few go to the lengths of iStorage. Not only does this drive come with ‘military grade’ 256-bit AES hardware encryption – making it all but impossible for people to see and access your data without a password – but it also features a built-in physical PIN pad. Before someone can even access the folder, they have to type in a six to 16 digit PIN. Admin features are included that let you set one admin PIN code and 10 user PIN codes.

The drive itself is encased in a sturdy shell, with a hole for a Kensington lock to be attached. The USB 3.0 interface is welcome, as the extra speed this gives makes transferring large files quick and painless. It’s certainly more expensive than other external drives, but the extra security features and excellent build quality make this a worthwhile investment if you’re concerned about the safety of your data.

3.       Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go V3 USB Drive 16GB

£25 (

Unlike other USB 3.0 drives we’ve seen, the Store ‘n’ Go V3 doesn’t come in a flashy casing that screams ‘look how high tech and fast I am!’ Instead it has an understated plastic shell that won’t win any design awards, but does a good job of sliding over the USB 3.0 connector to keep it protected. Of course it’s the data transfer speeds that we’re interested in, and the Store ‘n’ Go V3 managed a fast but unremarkable 87.2MB/S average read speed, and a write speed of 20.8MB/S. Although these are a lot faster than USB 2.0, they’re not the fastest USB 3.0 speeds we’ve seen. We also noticed that it took a short while to reach peak speeds, whereas other USB 3.0 drives begin transferring data at the fastest speeds possible almost instantly.

4.       Gyration Air Mouse Mobile

£70 (

Gyration licensed out the motion technology inside Nintendo’s Wii Remotes, so it’s not too surprising that previous versions of its Air Mouse have felt a bit like using the console. While broad and exaggerated movements are all well and good when playing games, if you’re using a mouse to control your PC then you’re going to want a little more control.

The latest version comes with improved precision, both in the air and on the desk, with a new laser lens. The MotionTools software (available as a download) lets you assign gestures to common tasks, and each program can have its own set. The improvements in sensitivity and the reductionin price are very welcome, and it’s a great gadget for presentations, demonstrations and yes, even games. _

5.       Fanny Wang 3000 Series

£249 (

The latest premium headphone designer to come out of California is making a play for the Beats crown with the premium Series 3000 range. These over-ear monsters have active noise cancellation (ANC) that works extremely well; we were able to enjoy music in a busy office, even at low volumes. You also get normal listening and bass boost, although for ANC and bass boost you’ll need to equip the Series 3000 with two AAA batteries.

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The Launch of Max Payne for Smart Phones

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The much awaited RPG game Max Payne has been released for smart phones. The Apple iPhone users got it earlier but finally Rockstar Games launched the game on Android enabled smart phones on June 14. The game requires Android 2.2 to run and takes 1.33 GB for installation. For now, only a limited range of android enabled smart phones and tablets have access to Max Payne and some of these are the Motorola Razr, Maxx, Atrix, Photon, HTC Rezound, One X, One S, Evo 3D, Sensation, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, Galaxy R, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2, Sony Xperia Play, Xperia S and Walkman Z series media player.

Rockstar Games came into the limelight of the gaming arena with two games, namely the Grand theft Auto or the GTA and Max Payne. The mobile version of GTA had been released by the company quite some time earlier, but the similar version of Max Payne has been released only recently. The price of the game has been fixed at $2.99 as of now and is available at the Google Play Store for android enabled smart phone users and at the Apple iTunes store for the iOS based devices.

Max Payne is an action based Role Playing Game where the player plays the role of the central character, that of Max Payne. Max Payne is a detective with the police department of New York City. His life takes a sharp turn after his wife and child are brutally killed in an invasion of his home which he fails to prevent. In addition, he is also held responsible for the murder of Alex, his partner. Max now has to run away from the federal officers while also trying to find out the perpetrators who destroyed his personal life. He is a one man army who sets out to seek revenge for the killing of his daughter and wife.

The Max Payne game was first introduced in 2001 and it created quite a stir in the action gaming genre of the third person shooting. Since then, many versions of the said game have been introduced. With the recent introduction of the game for the Android version, players can now enjoy the game with better controls and effects. The game has been introduced in different languages including English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Japanese.

The game is quite interesting to play on the android enabled smart phones having touch screens. Unlike the belief that touch-screens can be difficult to play such games Rockstar Games have provided easy controls on the touch screen. The graphics of the game are very good. The question of whether to buy the game or not depends on the smartphone owner and his/her liking for Role playing action games. In addition, you would have to check the compatibility of your phone with that of the game specifications.

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