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How To Go Green: Eco-Friendly Bathroom Renovation

How To Go Green: Eco-Friendly Bathroom Renovation

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Experts say that every now and then it is good to bring some change into your life. And the most popular solution is definitely a home renovation project. However, redesigning your bathroom can require a lot of effort, and if it’s not done properly, the results can most often be disappointing. More importantly, this season, eco-friendly bathrooms have become a true craze because they help reduce the harmful impact on nature, they are stylish and cost-efficient. Therefore, in order to help you turn your old dull bathroom into a chic environmentally-friendly one, we have singled out our top bathroom renovation tips. Let’s take a look.

1. Low-flow toilets

low flow toilets
According to the EPA, toilets can consume up to around 30% of all the water in the household. That’s why opting for low-flow toilets is the right way to go. However, most people have a misconception that low flow toilets don’t have enough force because they use way less water, while the actual truth is that modern models have tremendous flushing strength. Additionally, they can be modified with separate buttons for liquid and solid waste which differ in the amount of water used. Lastly, make sure to opt for low-flow toilets if you want to preserve the environment and save a lot of money in the process as well.

2. Motion sensors

Another great way to improve bathroom hygiene and go green is to opt for faucets with motion sensors. The majority of people don’t know that forgetting to turn off the water during a shave or brushing their teeth can tremendously raise their water bills. However, once you have the sensors installed, you won’t need to worry about getting distracted. Additionally, this way you won’t come in touch with any germs from the faucet handles thus keeping your bathroom cleaner and more eco-friendly.

3. Fix your plumbing

One of the biggest reasons why Australians nowadays decide to completely renovate their bathrooms is old faulty plumbing since not only does it cause your bills to rise, but can pose serious health risks to all your family members. On top of that, once the pipes break and water starts leaking through, mildew can develop and spread causing severe damage to other parts of your home. For this reason, we recommend hiring experienced professionals who specialise in efficient pipe relining in Sydney and who will make sure that all your plumbing is well-installed and will stay that way for a long time.

4. Energy-efficient water heaters

There is nothing better than coming home after a stressful day and taking a nice long hot shower to soothe the nerves. Unfortunately, heating up all that water can be extremely expensive. That’s why going for a tankless water heater has proven to be the most cost-efficient solution for modern-day homeowners. The reason for this is that these water tanks tend to use around 20-25% less electricity. On top of that, in order to power conventional ones, you need coal, natural gas and even nuclear power which produces toxic waste and has a detrimental effect on nature.

5. Shower instead of a bathtub

Last but not least, opting for an open shower instead of a freestanding bathtub can help you prevent spilling more money down the drain than you really have to. Basically, each time you take a bath, you have to take into consideration the fact that you are consuming 70 gallons of water on average. On the other hand, switching to a shower will reduce the amount spent by 30%. Finally, you can even further reduce water consumption by installing an EPA approved showerhead.

As we can see, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to turn a dull old bathroom into a beautiful eco-friendly one. All you need to do is go for low-flow toilets and showerhead, manage your consumption and opt for a cost-efficient water heating solution. Good luck with your renovation.

How To Go Green With Eco Friendly Clothing

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Effectively lowering your carbon footprint is more than just lowering overall energy consumption. You can be eco-conscious in many various ways, and one of the more interesting one is to make an eco-friendly fashion statement. Supporting sustainable fashion is a good way to ensure that the industry will be doing something to promote recycling and healthier living.

Try To Skip the Synthetics

Synthetics are a good substitute, but in the long run it is best to avoid them altogether. It is not only bad because it will hurt the environment, but your skin could suffer as well. And if you do not attend to it soon, you might even develop more serious health problems. Instead it is best to focus on using organic materials, as they will lower the usage of pesticides and herbicides on plants. In the long run, it will affect the plants and make hem stronger and more naturally resilient.

Try To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

You do not only have to invest in looking for clothing made from alternative sources rather, it is a good idea to try and preserve your clothes, so that they will last longer. After all, it is best to keep your clothes green by giving them a chance to grow old with you. However, you need to be careful how you handle some more delicate ones, because even if you can get clothes made cheaply from eco-friendly materials, that does not mean you should not consider caring about them.

How To Go Green With Eco Friendly Clothing

Recycled Polyester Can Be Turned Into Fabric

Fashion industries can really take recycling to the next level, because with so much polyester just lying around, it is possible to create sustainable textile that will be easy to mold into whatever you might need, and it will not be too costly for neither the industry nor for the customer. On the other hand, energy needed to recycle is a lot less than making the new fabric, and seeing that you already have the ingredients for cheap, it will be a good investment.

Make It Really Organic

With soy fabric considered the vegan clothing among alternative sources, you cannot go wrong. It is a nifty source for making clothes really comfortable and affordable, and of course environmentally safe. Furthermore, soy beans are not hard to grow, and because mostly organic culture is applied, it will be a good influence on the local environment. Organic farming is great for the local farmers, as it lowers the use of chemicals for treating plants, keeping everything clean and healthy.

How To Go Green With Eco Friendly Clothing

Old, But Gold

Wool is an all-time favorite eco-friendly material that can be used for various clothes and it will always look good. Though, when trying to order women’s dresses online, you need to make sure that you look for trusted brands, otherwise you are running the chance of ordering something that might not be sustainable at all. Always check disclosures and be sure to check your end product, otherwise you might do more harm, even if you wanted to help. Green clothing is already happening, and you can help be a part of it.

Greening up your wardrobe can be done in different ways, and you will have to find the best way that suits your needs. Do not forget to check out what some clothing options are and how alternative material sources can affect not only the end product, but the industry as well. Moreover, keep in mind that by supporting your local organic industry will help in promoting the industry and in making sure that your next piece of clothing will be comfortable for you, and for your environment too.