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Why Is Green Tea Also Called The Wonder Tonic

Why Is Green Tea Also Called The Wonder Tonic

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Tea is the second most popular drink in the world and the most beneficial drink. Green tea has more beneficial effects than black tea. Green tea is prepared by steaming first to prevent oxidation and thus the leaves remain green. Since the ancient times, the Chinese have been using this type of tea for curing all types of illness including a headache and depression. Japanese also consumes a high amount of green tea and their wellness is often linked to the green tea drinking habit. Of late green tea has been a favorite topic for researchers and the beneficial effects are being proved at a faster pace. Few of the beneficial effects are discussed below.

The antioxidants property of green tea is better than Vitamin C. Free radicals are generated in our bodies by ultraviolet rays of Sun, cigarette, smoke, air pollution etc. These free radicals lead to the aging process by altering cells, tampering with DNA, leading to cell death and a number of health problems like cancer and heart disease. Polyphenols present in the green tea neutralize free radicals and help prevent damages. In a 1997 study by the University of Kansas, it was proved that EGCG present in green tea is twice as powerful as resveratrol (a polyphenol found in red wine), which limits the negative effects of smoking and fatty acids. This also explains why the rate of heart disease among Japanese men is quite low even if more than 75 % are smokers.

Green tea leads to the increase of HDL (Good Cholesterol) and lowering of total Cholesterol. This is done by blocking of the intestinal absorption and promoting its excretion from the body.

Green tea has been found by various researchers to inhibit and stop progression in certain types of cancer. Breast cancer cell inhibition is a proven fact. However in certain cases like bladder cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer the beneficial effects is yet to be accepted.

Polyphenols have anti-inflammatory properties and anti-cancer properties preventing the growth of skin tumor.

Green tea helps to regulate blood sugar in the body. Catechins present to suppress the production of Angiotensin II leading to the reduction of blood sugar.

It protects the liver from damaging effects of toxic substances such as alcohol. Catechins present in green tea has been found to help treat Viral Hepatitis.

It helps in reducing weight. Polyphenols help in metabolism and help burn fats.

Green tea has been proven to prevent dental decay due to its antibacterial properties.

It also helps in the treatment of Arthritis.

For colds and influenza, it helps to build up resistance.

L- Theanine an amino acids present helps in calming down of the nervous system.,

Green tea drinking is gaining popularity over the years. Those curious among you can find plenty of research papers written on the subject of the health benefits of green tea. This miracle drink has crossed the borders of the continent of Asia and is being increasingly consumed all around the world.

Know The Various Benefits Of Consuming Green Tea

Know The Various Benefits Of Consuming Green Tea

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After a tiring day, won’t you love to take a sip of hot tea? Whether you plan to drink a cup of green tea or white tea, the very thought of having your favorite beverage can uplift your mood.

There are various kinds of tea i.e., green tea, black tea, white tea, etc that are available in the market. Since ages, consumption of tea has been considered to have a positive effect on the health of the people. So, if you are looking for a healthy beverage, you should go for green tea.

Know The Various Benefits Of Consuming Green Tea

Green Tea: A Healthy Beverage

Unlike coffee, green tea is regarded as one of the healthiest beverages, owning to its low amount of caffeine content in it. The high amount of antioxidants content in green tea can help a person to attain a healthy body, skin, and hair. More importantly, if you want to shed some weight, you should go for green tea.

Several studies have accounted the fact that the high amount of anti-oxidant count within green tea provides a wide array of health benefits.

Aid in Weight Loss

Are you gaining some extra pounds? Don’t worry. Making green tea as your morning beverage can help you to notice the difference within a just few weeks. Green tea helps in metabolism process.

Lowers Blood Pressure

People suffering from high-blood pressure can take green tea. it helps in reducing high blood pressure and keeps it under control.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Catechins an important antioxidant can help in reducing the bad cholesterol from the human body and increases the good cholesterol. It ensures that the arteries don’t get hardened and the blood flows smoothly.

Protects Heart

It protects the heart by lowering down the blood pressure and reducing bad cholesterol level. According to research it has been found out that people consuming 2 or more cups of green tea are less to suffer heart attack.

Great for Skin

The free radicals often increased the aging process. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of green tea helps in reducing the signs of aging like fine lines or wrinkles. It can also protect the skin from getting damaged from the harmful UV rays.

Helps in Fighting Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a gum disorder that causes the gums to swell. It happens because of bacterial infection. Gingivitis if left untreated can lead to serious gum diseases like periodontitis or receding gums. In fact, it is one of the root causes of tooth loss among adults. Often loss of tooth can lead to low self-esteem. So, it should not be taken lightly.

Green Tea Helps To Fight Gingivitis

The anti-bacterial properties of green tea help in fighting gingivitis. The catechin within the green tea controls the acidity of the saliva. Thereby, controls the formation of dental plaque. Thereby, it helps to maintain good oral health.

According to researchers, catechin EGCG can neutralize toxic substances which cause oral diseases. Another group of Japanese researchers have found out that consuming green tea can reduce the risk of gingivitis.

Having a cup of green tea can help in burning down fat, protect a person from heart diseases, or improve oral health; but one cannot simply gulp down cups of green tea every day. it should be taken within permissible limits.

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