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Why Every Business Need To Invest In Content

Why Every Business Need To Invest In Content

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Content Development is the gold statement in the internet publishing and race to be on top of search engines and the first page of search results. The emerging role of content is affecting top brands, top publishers, and long-standing enterprises. Consumer engagement and approach to influence consumer-buying decisions turned out to be a game of quality content presentation and distribution for reach.

“Content is King”, you must be heard this statement before. Yes, it is true.

Educational content about products and services is a major influencer driving consumer engagement to take action. Writing content for consumers is a vehicle to build an audience rather than quick-hit audience acquisition through advertisement.

People are looking for informative content that delivers rich and intense information about product features, service offering, how to use those products and services.

Informative content is not limited to feature listing and product benefits, it has gone further miles ahead with the phrases like “How to”, “Hacks on”, and “Learn More”. Products and services that rank on the top are those who fill the internet websites, forums, social media channels and email newsletters with those buzzwords “How to”, “Hacks on” and “Learn more”.

Products consumers are always struggling to make the best utilization of their money; consumers are abandoning many products and services with little to none availability of content about product or service around the consumer reach.

How people read the content?

The attention span of Internet users is limited to a few seconds to find what they want. After opening a specific page to read something, that page gets less 15 seconds of reader attention before deciding to leave out.

Most of the web users will have a quick look into the left side of the page looking for their target before turning back.

Majority of the users will have a look at the first part of the page, although they will scroll down, however, their attention span is reducing quickly while they are scrolling looking for information, especially with mobile users.

The good information, that visitors who spend more than 3 minutes reading a page, will likely return back to the same website or page looking for more information.

Among web users who spend the time to read, 20% of users will read 20% of the text, and 10% to 20% of those readers will read the entire text.

People develop opinions about brands, and products names after reading more than 15 seconds.

Storytelling style with well-structured information presentation will get more than 100 seconds of engagement of reading by web users.

How People Read Content Online is an infographic showing a study of people behavior reading and consuming content.

Content First or Design First?

Neither is first. They both should move the hand in hand. Putting the content before design takes business teams nerves to come out with clear and focused words towards their goals. If a business has not defined its goals of the content for their website, a design comes handy to spark the ideas and generate more words to fill out gaps.

Developing content is tedious work for writers who do not have a proper foundation of targets to achieve, a design sketch or mockup definitely will spark writers to have a vision and framework for their content. Regardless of constraints imposed by design sketches, good writers are able to work within design constraints and innovate.

On the other side, waiting for designers to come out with good design is waste of precious time to be on the market, those months of delay can be utilized to generate content, drive traffic to the website, and establish engagement with target audience. The endless process of design revisions could delay time to market while pushing designers with effective content to fill out their design and gain more understanding of content strategy will improve design revisions; developing content and design is not a joyful process, it a process full of frustration between content writers and designers.

How Millennials Consume Content?

Millennials trust recommendation from strangers, they read their peers generated content, they read comments; they read reviews before making a decision to buy something.

Millennials have abundant time beyond elders, unlike elders do; millennials prefer to read digital content.

The fact of millennials are not reading is not true; they prefer reading digital content rather than watching the news on TV. Millennials are consuming YouTube videos more than elders are, they consume material with stories that stroke their interest, material that build their skills, material that help them to make an opinion about a product or a service.

Millennials consume content differently, they are searching for content and skim through it quickly; and then they will search for other relevant content that supports the first, and so on. They develop their decisions based on their peers’ (known of strangers) recommendations from social media channels and then support it with material from the web.

Millennials are clever and innovative, do not underestimate their skills; they are native internet users, unlike transformed users who have the skills to read printed material.

Microsoft is turning Minecraft content to business generating revenue

Content is a revenue generation stream. It is not hard to believe that fact when you read about a giant making hundreds of billions of dollars investing in one of its products and convert its content into revenue generation stream.

The story of Microsoft with Minecraft content started as a hobby and turned out to actual business with an established marketplace. They hobbyist community started by enthusiasts to host readymade Minecraft jobs for others to consume; turned by Microsoft into the marketplace for selling those jobs. Microsoft claims that it is its responsibility to ensure the safety of its predominantly young audience and avoid alienating its Minecraft community members. The fact is they are focusing on increasing their revenue through guidance and control of results.

If Microsoft is envisioning solid cash flow coming from the content, they will not put efforts and invest money into developing a special marketplace for this type of content.

Small Business must have a content marketing strategy

A large portion of customers would learn about a company through an article online.

Several examples illustrated in Andrew Gazdecki article demonstrating small businesses who were able to make leap difference and success by focusing on their content development and marketing strategy.

Small businesses can build themselves faster by developing content. In a world of tough competition, content is the foundation for small businesses to establish themselves as an authority in their field. The big player is efficient in this game, but a small business can compete with less cost and time.

Small businesses can achieve the game of content by:

  • Establishing a blog, the blog can host stories about products, how to use the material,
  • Independent Web page with an owned domain name, small business should not rely on making their pages on Facebook, Linkedin, or other free services.
  • SEO and Keywords
  • Social media presence

Small business content building tips:

  • Segment audience and write for each segment
  • Define topics, and goals for each topic then write
  • Decide business objectives, to drive engagement, to educate users, to increase lead generation
  • Use content delivery channels, Omni-channels is the keyword for packaged delivery channels on one box
  • Create content and publish, do not stop
  • Measure results, track most consumed content, study behavior

Email Marketing with Content

Email is a big player driving customers to websites, it is one of the best ways businesses use to connect with their audience. Email traditionally used as a channel for sales instead of sharing brands’ content, however email remains number one tool to stay in touch audience.

Enriching email newsletters with focused statements driven with “Call to Action”, and good visual presentation of content coupled with images and videos, is important to urge readers to take action.

Email marketing is permission-based of the consumer consent approval to receive marketing and informational emails. Email is the tool that provides marketing teams with clear intention about consumer willingness to receive more information. More than that, consumers are requesting more information when they sign-in into newsletters offering extra products and services information communication and updates for the consumer benefit.

Mixing good presentation with content in email, by keeping it simple, including relevant visuals, and using branded color scheme, along with tags; is necessary to make a constant and immediate impact on email readers.

Some tips offered email communication to drive more people into content:

  • Be focused on consumer pain about products and services
  • Use images (but wisely, don’t overuse)
  • Put content on email ahead of design, beautiful and mobile responsive emails are nice, but the content is more important to driver engagement
  • Personalize emails to earn trust, readers must believe in your work by putting their name first.

Investment In Residential Properties, Making Your Money Grow Rapidly

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Although investment in real estate has given varied returns, sometimes showing a frenzied growth, and sometimes surrendering to markets that are calmer at times. But in recent times, residential property investment has experienced a steep rise in returns for those who have been able to sell out their property at the right time.

Investment In Residential Properties, Making Your Money Grow Rapidly

Holding Period

Although property consultants may suggest a minimum of three years for holding on to a residential property, in order to get the best returns, it would be prudent to opine that there can be no fixed time for holding any residential property. This is due to the ups and downs in the real estate market, and if you are closely monitoring the prevailing market while having made an investment in residential property, you can really make hay while the sun shines. Investors get multiple opportunities when investing in the real estate sector, which include buying a residential property and giving it out on rent. While there may be few risks in renting out residential properties, when the tenants may not be up to your expectation, there can be times when you can get regular returns through rental income, especially if your property is located at prime places. Although there may be a hassle in seeking good tenants, and realizing rent on a monthly basis, and maintaining a healthy relationship with them, you can avoid the hassle if you entrust your property management to professional property management services. Another avenue of getting high returns on your residential property investment is to buy a residential property on mortgage and rent out to earn just the amount that covers the cost of mortgage, taxes and maintenance. This could be done till the expiry of the mortgage period, when the value of your property gets appreciated.

How Property Management Services can help you

You will find, on searching the internet, property consultants and property management services offering professional and expert advice to help you get maximum return on your investment in residential property. These property management groups are highly experienced in each and every aspect of real estate business and investment ideas that also include residential properties, and will help you with valuable advice to make the right deal and the right time for selling out or in renting out the property. The services they offer include:

Different Investment Property consultation services

Buyer as well as Seller representation

Comparative market analysis, also known as CMA

Proven marketing strategies

Effective property management

Different home staging advice

Complete team support for real estate deals and much more.

You can rely upon these professional service providers and get unexpected returns on your residential property investment. These real estate investment service providers will help you with the management of your properties, maintenance, advertising for rent, collection of rent and other issues that may arise from time to time. They can also help you in interviewing tenants and selecting them on your behalf. Having them by your side can help you reap high returns on your investment in real estate.

10 Signs You Should Invest In Bar Insurance

10 Signs You Should Invest In Bar Insurance

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  1. You Own a Bar

Anyone who owns a bar should be sure to get bar insurance. This will help them have everything that they need to properly run their business and to keep it afloat.

  1. You Want to Own a Bar

If you plan to own a bar at anytime, you need to look into bar insurance. Without it, your bar could suffer.

  1. You’ve Never Had Bar Insurance

If you have always owned a bar but have never had the insurance, now is the time to begin investing in bar insurance. You will be grateful later on when you need to use it.

  1. Bad Events Keep Happening

Is your bar prone to bad events? If so, you should probably invest in insurance. Your bar could be at risk for losing money because you don’t have it especially if you keep having issues.

  1. You Want to Protect Your Business

Without your business, what would you do? Bar insurance can help you protect the business that you have worked so hard to build. Don’t let it all slip out of your hands just because you made the simple mistake of not investing in bar insurance.

  1. You Want to Protect Your Money

Business often means money and, to many people, money is the most important thing. If you want to protect your money, you will probably need to spend some of it. The money that you spend protecting your bar business will be worth it when you save money on high-cost accidents.

  1. You’ve Been Told to Do So

Has someone told you that you should probably get bar insurance? You need to listen to them and invest in it. Many people offer you advice on something only if they believe it will help you.

  1. Your Bar is Suffering

People who are having issues with their bar because of accidents or unavoidable events need to have bar insurance. Having this insurance will give your clients the peace of mind that they need to be able to truly enjoy your bar. Offer insurance on your bar as a benefit to the customers coming to your bar over your competitors.

  1. You Have a Lot of Customers

Big bars need to have bar insurance. More customers mean more chances of there being accidents at the bar, making your chances of having to use that insurance go up. Make sure that you have bar insurance if you have a big bar or many customers.

  1. It is Required by Law

While not all states or areas will require you to carry insurance on your bar, many do. Make sure that you know your local laws and that you are in compliance. If bar insurance is required by law and you don’t have it, you could face hefty fines that would essentially ruin the bar business that you have built.

Investing In Precious Metals 101

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Precious metals have always been recognized as valuable, as their name clearly portraits it. Their value is especially significant in times of crises, such as war, political or economic. Unfortunately, we are all aware that all of them are constantly present throughout the world, which makes investment in precious metals always a current topic. However, it is not as simple as preparing a sum of money and buying some precious metal for safety. Investing in precious metals is a complex process; let us cover everything you need to know about it.  

Investing In Precious Metals 101


Gold’s unique durability has made it a sought after material since the dawn of time. Although it has industrial applications, dentistry and electronics in particular, it is best known and mostly used in jewelry production, as well as a currency. The price of gold is determined on a daily basis. In turmoil times it is increasingly sought after as a means of safety. For example, if there are any local or global financial concerns of such proportions that banks and money are deemed as unstable, the price of gold rises since the demand for it increases. In times of inflation, it is desired as an asset whose value is constant and even increased. Lastly, in war time conditions, it is always more convenient to have all your savings or property turned into the form of 100 oz gold bars that can be conveniently carried and traded or sold whenever and wherever needed.

Investing In Precious Metals 101


Compared to gold, price fluctuations of silver are more volatile.  The main reason for this is the fact that the silver is perceived as both a store of value and an industrial metal, particularly in battery industry and superconductor and microcircuit applications. What this means in practice is that the price of silver may fluctuate significantly, especially if compared to gold. Therefore, investing in silver can be both very beneficial and utterly devastating, all depending on the purchase and sale timing.

Investing In Precious Metals 101


Platinum is the third on the list of precious metals worth investing in. It is regularly traded throughout the world and is usually of higher value than gold in times of political and financial stability. Just like silver, its price is determined by industrial use as well. Platinum is used in auto and computer industry, jewelry production and petroleum and chemistry refineries. All of the above makes platinum the most volatile of all precious metals, which means that a special care is required when investment timing is concerned.

Investing In Precious Metals 101

Investment Options

There are several investment options and which should be chosen depends solely on your level of expertise, future plans and current conditions. For example, golden certificates are of equal benefit as physical gold ownership without having to think about storage. However, in times of real physical danger, such as war, they will be rough to trade for practical goods. On the other hand, Exchange traded funds are a convenient worldwide accepted manner of buying and selling precious metals. Investing in stock and mutual funds that have shares in mining companies is another option, particularly when it comes to silver and platinum. Lastly, buying antique coins and newly minted ones is also an established and practical investment option, especially when storage options are limited.

Do not overinvest

Due to precious metals volatile nature, investment in them should be seen as leverage for other investments and savings and way of securing your future for possible dire situations. What this also means is that your precious metal investments need to be counterbalanced with other type of investment in case something drastic happens at the precious metals market. In other words, do not overinvest in them in order not to endanger your present and future financial stability.

To sum up, investing in precious metals is all about proper judgment, timing and leaves no room for hazardousness. If you feel you fit the profile or trust a professional that does, give it a serious thought and by all means start small.  

Can The Middle East Hold The Key To Investment Gold?

Can The Middle East Hold The Key To Investment Gold?

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The Middle East has traditionally had a plentiful supply of energy resources which has made it a primary location for investment but it is currently experiencing a boom due to advancements in technology and a growing population. Despite a fall in oil prices, the region is expecting growth to rise during the next few years as the economic base diversifies into new infrastructure projects and a focus on encouraging international investment in sectors such as health, technology, services, agriculture and food. This shift away from oil indicates that there are many types of emerging markets which should appeal to those wanting to make wise investments.

Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates make up the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and are among the wealthiest nations in the world – providing ample opportunities for shrewd investors. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is expected to reach $3.5 trillion by the end of the decade with both Qatar and UAE now being upgraded to emerging-market status, which has caught the attention of investors across the globe. Despite this, it is not a simple process as each of the GCC member countries have their own tax structures, legal process and hiring requirements which can be difficult to navigate for first-time investors.

Fortunately, the drop in oil prices has forced these countries to look elsewhere to avoid their gross domestic product from crashing. Experts suggest the iShares MSCI GCC ex-Saudi Arabia in the utilities and transportation sector is a prudent investment while the iShares MSCI Frontier Markets ETF could also reap dividends in the long term. In addition, investors should look towards Bahrain as it has a more modern outlook than its peers which could make it a sensible choice for Western investment. Exchange-Trade Funds (ETF) linked to Bahrain include the Middle East Dividend ETF and Market Vectors Gulf States, which both appear to be less risky investments.

Real estate is also a prime area for investment and one of the many success stories in this sector include that of Arab business man Fahad Alrajaan, who is now the Chairman of Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium KSC. He has been named as one of the most powerful Arabs in the world with the business developing some of the world’s most impressive tourist attractions and real estate projects.

The Middle East should be seen as a prime investment opportunity because it is now simply too big to ignore. The trading volumes of stocks are very accessible for investors while stock prices remain relatively stable due to the region’s many powerful companies. The importance of the region to global energy and the world economy also means many of the world’s major global players will continue to invest in and support the region. Investors can take advantage of this by focusing on opportunities in the financial and banking sector, which accounts for almost 50% of the listed market cap in the Middle East. In contrast, listed oil companies make up just 2%.

There is no doubt that Middle East equities offer ample opportunity for investors that want lower volatility and higher returns with markets in the region becoming increasingly diverse and liquid.

Real Estate Websites Are the Only Medium Of Booking Rented Houses Anywhere You Want To

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People are acquainted about their kids’ holidays etc. They make up their mind to take them to trips to make them happy or giving them a holiday gift. It is also very difficult to stay at a single place throughout the year. Change is always necessary to change the mindsets. In other ways, it is very difficult to stay in the month of May and June when summer is at its max. This is the peak time when we all think of trips.

Online websites like Real Estate Mysore give you a clear picture and agenda to book rooms on rent in Mysore of your choice depending on the team size going for the trip. People who are the host and organizing the trips, they need to book houses or do accommodations well in advance to avoid any challenge during trip. It has been observed that late planning can push you up for canceling the trip as well. No doubt, people love staying in hotels. However, staying in any hotel cannot give you a feeling of your own home. On the other hand, a rented house will indeed gives you an experience of enjoying the family life in a tourist place.

We all like travelling a lot. Travelling to different cities on vacations along with their friends, colleagues and family etc has been granted as a most wonderful experience of the year. India is well-known to enjoy plethora of tourist spots. It is the central hub of magnificent holiday destinations. Such beautiful destinations make your journeys memorable throughout the life when you get the desirable rooms on rent in Mysore. People get a chance to live a stress free life for few days or months. You will be able to know about their culture, food habits, hospitalities and the customs etc. Some customs are very interesting as they are completely alike from our ones.

Experiencing new tastes and new things gives you an excitement as well. A wonderful journey with family and friends is life time memorable experience. You will be able to see so many things which are out of your imagination. Kids seem very crazy to get new friends and feel relaxed as they are out of studies for some days. These are the golden days for them, so they like enjoying as much as they can. They like collecting new and different things and want to take it in their native places. They also interact with other new friends as well. You must see and feel a difference in yourself when you will be back.