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Choosing Among The Different Types Of Audio Conference Calling Service

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Audio conferencing is one of the indispensable communication systems today. It is also referred as voice conferencing or teleconferencing. It is very helpful in various businesses and organization. With the advancement of technology, more and more people are now taking advantage of audio conference call service because it is not only highly effective, but as well as cost effective too.


Businesses both big and small acknowledged the importance of voice conferencing services for it is an effective communication line among significant people in the company including directors, managers, business executives, and employees. Through the use of audio conferencing, the company will be able to save time and money by simply cutting the cost of travel related to business meeting.

Different options to choose from

              1. Buy an audio conference bridge

This can be a very good option, but the only problem is that the conference bridge can be very expensive. If the business has enough money to purchase one, then it will be good. However, most companies don’t want to spend large amount of money just for a conference bridge.

2.      Purchase service only

With this option, you will only be purchasing the service. Hence, you will not be responsible for the maintenance of the conferencing system. A lot of audio conferencing users prefer this option because it lets them choose audio conferencing program according to their business needs and budget. In other words, you will only avail the service you need and pay according to your usage.

Types of audio conferencing

The audio conferencing is basically categorized into three: the dial in service, reservationless, and operator assisted type. Each type will be thoroughly discussed below.

Dial-In Audio Conferencing Service

With this type, the participants will dial a predefined number. Right after successful dial, the participants will then enter a specific pass code via the touch tone telephone. The participants should dial the correct pass code for it will serve as a permit to enter the conference call.

Reservationless Audio Conferencing Service

This is the most popular type of audio conferencing service. A lot of people are using reservationless conferencing. What makes this type special is that it functions automatically. Everything is automated and is readily available anytime. People working in the sales industry use this type for it allows them to easily set up a call with their prospects. Companies also use this in conducting meetings with their staff and employees.

Once you sign up with this type, you will be given a toll free dial in phone number as well as two pass codes. The first pass code will be used the host of the conference while the latter pass code is to be used by participants. If you want to be connected to the conference call, all you have to do is to dial in and enter the pass code.

Operator-assisted Audio Conferencing Service

This type of audio conferencing service is ideal for important corporate phone calls. It is the most superior among other types. What made this type unique is that it can make use of the preselected services offered by the provider. As a result, you will have a smooth sailing and professional audio conferencing. Operator assisted audio conferencing can hold an audio conference call with hundreds of participants. You will be confident hosting the call knowing that an operator is there to safeguard your call.


Author Bio

Idania Silvia is a technical writer with years of experience writing articles about different types of conference call services such as video conferencing, web based conferencing, and audio conference call. Idania is an online marketer too and she uses audio conferencing in marketing her business.

How to Properly Set Up a Home Cinema

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Film buffs and sports fans are among the people who often dream about having a stunning home cinema at home. Just imagine the fun you could have with a giant screen, surround sound and all of the latest gadgets. Before you go ahead bringing the cinema to your home you should consider how you are going to get it set up.

Choose the Right Equipment

It might seem too obvious to say that you need to get equipment which fits into your room but you certainly don’t want to get home and then realise that the TV doesn’t go where you wanted it to go. You might also want to think about a wireless system suits you, whether you will have enough space to sit far enough away from the screen and whether you have enough sockets in the room.

Get the Right Cables and Accessories

You need to make sure that you have everything you need in order to get started, and asking what else is needed before you buy is a good move. It always makes sense to choose cables which are a bit longer than you need them to be, as this will give you a lot more flexibility in the future.

Do It Yourself?

Will you be happy doing the job yourself? You need to think about the weight of the machines, your expertise and how long it might take you. Instead of paying a professional to do it for you the idea of inviting a couple of friends over to help might be more appealing.

Read the Instructions

A lot of us have a strange impulse to start trying to put systems together before we even know how to do it. It is far better to take your time and read what needs done and what parts are included.

Sort out the Parts

A good step is to clear a fairly big space for all of the parts and cables. Here you can put all of the accessories which you don’t need yet and then use them one by one. How often have you been confused by two similar looking cables or a strange piece which you didn’t know was still in the box until the end?

Hook up the Speakers

There is no need to worry too much about the positions of the speakers, as all you really need at the start is to know that they are working. Later on you can do all of the adjustments you need to get them right.

Connect Everything

Now you are the exciting stage of connecting all of the devices and then programming them. This can be a pretty time consuming phase of the project and you might want to take a break before you start on it. The instructions need to be carefully followed here and if you take your time it will be well worth it in the end.