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Money Matters: 7 Lessons For Budding Entrepreneurs

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Having enough money to start a business won’t guarantee you success; having a sound understanding of finance is just as necessary. That’s because a company not only needs money to start running but also needs money to keep it going. Be it maintaining the cash flow, investing in expansion projects, or getting repairs done, you’ll have to be prepared for it all!

As a budding entrepreneur, you shouldn’t let money matters scare you; you only need to deal with them the right way if you want things to work in your favor. Here is some advice that is sure to help.

Finding the Right Investors Isn’t Easy

Unless you have a considerable amount of money stashed away in the form of savings, you’ll have to approach investors to fund your business. Remember that not all investors are alike- so you could run into someone who isn’t right for the company you’ve envisioned. You certainly don’t want to take money from just about anyone who offers it!

Additionally, you are bound to come across investors who will take up a lot of your time and energy and eventually not invest in your business. Of course, investors are entitled to take their time and decide what’s best for them, but it’ll benefit you and your company if you filter out investors who you’re sure won’t be of any use.

Always Sign a Written Agreement

This applies not only to investors but partners too. Even if you are on friendly terms with the other person, you never know how things will be later on. Not having a written agreement in place can prove to be disastrous should the equation with your investor or partner change.

Don’t Invest Your Money Elsewhere

When your company starts generating profits, you may be tempted to diversify your business by investing in other ventures. Don’t indulge yourself! While being an investor seems to be glamorous, you could lose a lot of money if the companies you choose to invest in go bust.

Wait until your own company tastes success before investing money elsewhere, and even when you start generating profits, consider using the funds to better your own business first.

Watch Your Expenses

A lot of people live on strict budgets by making use of coupons and freebies, and cutting down on unnecessary expenditures. When running a company, you can’t throw money around even if you have more than enough of it.

Take your company’s expenses into consideration and mull over what expenditures you can do without. For example, if you’ve spent a lot of money on advertising your business across billboards, but the customers aren’t coming in, there’s no reason to waste any more money. Come up with a better marketing strategy- perhaps you’ll do better by interacting with people face-to-face or via social media!

If you’re still learning the ropes and not sure of what works for your business, start small; doing things on a smaller scale will help you decide which way to go.

Outsource Where Necessary

Watching your expenses doesn’t mean you cut costs by not recruiting the best people for various jobs. Realize this- you can’t do everything to perfection by yourself; there’s sure to be something that someone else can do better than you. Even if you can do everything to perfection, there is a limit to the number of hours you can devote to your company.

So don’t burden yourself with all the tasks of running your business singlehandedly; delegate responsibilities to people who are experienced in their fields to ensure your business runs glitch-free.

Don’t Undercharge

Whatever you’re selling- products or services- refrain from undercharging. If you’ll try to compete with other businesses on terms of price, you’ll only have customers looking for the cheapest products or services buying from you. You’re sure to lose these customers if another company happens to undercuts you!

Instead of undercharging, focus on a particular niche and work to better the quality of products or services you’re selling. If you gain expertise in what you do, you will retain customers irrespective of your prices.

Celebrate Once You Receive Payment

As a business owner, being excited about meetings with potential clients or customer orders is acceptable. But don’t go overboard with your emotions; until the money gets into your pocket, you can’t consider it yours.

Furthermore, don’t shy away from asking for payment upfront. Once you deliver a project or item, pushing for payment can get a bit tricky. To avoid embarrassments or disputes, ask for the bill to be paid before you handover the fruits of your labor to your client or customer.


Money is an integral part of running a business successfully. As an entrepreneur, you can only be so careful about how you manage your funds. While things may seem tough, you’re sure to get ahead if you do the right things. Just keep the advice given here in mind and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Reducing the consumption in your home

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Today, we are going to introduce you to some notions on reducing the electricity and fuel consumption in your home. There is a bigger emphasis on saving and protecting the environment these years, and if you care about our planet, you will want to opt for the ideas we present here.

We will try to make it as affordable and not time consuming for you as possible while making it possible for you to pay less in bills while helping the environment at the same time. Awesome isnt it? Well, we feel that it is awesome too.

So let’s get into it:

1 – Get a solar panel

A solar panel saves on consumption by using an already available and almost infinite resource, the sun. We all know that the sun is a much more powerful and reliable resource than our normal electricity source ( it can go off, the installation can burn, plus it costs money to use it. )

Solar powers cost nothing. Just pay once for the material ( they are really cheap these days ) and you are ready to go. No bills, no short circuits, and no damage to the environment either.

2 – Isolate your home

Isolating your home helps in not letting the heat get out of the house, enabling you to have your heating system functioning with less consumption, on a lower degree, both helping you save your money but to help the environment at the same time.

Isolation carpets are really cheap at square meter and they are really nice to walk on. Another option is to have it installed in your walls. They are called “isolation papers” and are as cheap as the isolation carpets we mentioned. Buy and see how good they are yourself.

3 – Switch to gas

If you still are using carburants like coal, wood, or anything else that releases a high amount of toxic chemicals, then we suggest that you opt for a gas installation as soon as possible. They use a natural gas that does not disturb the environment and release no other gasses ( they only consume oxygen in consequence ). They cost much less than wood and coal carburants and dont do the damage to the air and earth the fuel you are using right now do.

4  – Get economy light bulbs

Another way to really save on money and help the environment handle the damage we are doing better is to use light bulbs that use less electricity. How might you say?

According to


Energy saving light bulbs are actually compact fluorescent lamps – and are fundamentally different to traditional light bulbs that are incandescent lamps. The latter can be purchased with different wattage outputs – the typical light bulb used in the home is either 60 watts or 100 watts, which means that is how much power they use up in an hour. The low energy equivalents use only 9 or 11 watts each hour, so represent a substantial power saving, even though they give the same amount of light out.


The downside to energy saving light bulbs has been that they are much more expensive than incandescent bulbs – but this is offset by their much longer life. It has been estimated that, over the course of its life, an energy saving light bulb can save about £20 in the cost of the electricity used to run it.


Thanks for the read and keep it up!





Black Hat SEO Tactics – Should you Use Them?

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For some time this month, all of the social media news been around the supposed death of SEO. It’s all about mobile and responsive design now, and it’s all about writing for readers and forgetting optimization worries. However, the “death” of SEO seems to have overpowered the small fact that companies are starting to come around to the idea of SEO (even in the midst of its suspected near-death). According to Bright Local, 40 percent of SEOs handle 11 clients or more, with 23 percent handling 21 or more customers, all higher numbers than last year (check out the graph on the webpage). This leads one to wonder: Is SEO really dying, or is it growing under the radar? It is for sure not dead and growing more with each day.

All this discussion about SEO left aside, we have gotta realize that there is a white part and black part of the job. The white part is the run of the mill good SEO tactics like keyword richness, original content, getting good leads, attraction attention of the community by giving back some content to it, and things like that.

Black hat SEO though, is a set of not so accepted techniques by the search engines, such as keyword stuffing, creating pages that won’t be useful or seen by the user but will be indexed by the search engines, faking visitors, generating content automatically with keywords, and everything that is shady.

The response to the question “Black Hat SEO Tactics – Should you Use Them?” obviously is a “yes” if you want temporary popularity (for example: your business is a fastly dying one and you want to do a big money grab ). But it is clearly a big “no” if you want to build yourself a reputable online business that your users will be trusting for a long time.

Let’s do a pro and con to simply what i am trying to say.

Black Hat SEO Benefits

  • Cheap, quick, and fast Search Engine Optimization
  • Very good for getting lots of visitors for a short time
  • Might give you a sense of rebelliousness and anarchy
  • There are more people capable of doing Black Hat SEO than White Hat SEO in the performance that you want
  • Might give you a sense of enjoyment for being able to trick those stupid search engines
  • Again, it is very heap, and you may even get the weird kid that stays at home on the Internet all the month to do it for you

Black Hat SEO Disavantages:

  • You can kiss your good ranking and reputation for your Website dreams goodbye as the search engines will make sure to not it appear again on their result lists as they delete it, or mark it as a website that should not be visited, scaring away your users
  • And if the domain is registered in your name, search engines will be sure to warn hosting companies to not waste their time and their money on you as you are just another trickster for them 

Overall, you realized that Black Hat SEO is bad and should not be done.

Thanks for reading and keep it up!

Options for the Online Entrepreneur

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It is a fairly easy decision to become an Internet Enterpreneur. Just name yourself one and start working right? No. It is not easy as that. It involves lots of work, risks, and losses in times where you miscalculate demand or the quality of your product. Having said that, it has a lot of positives such as being free to do what you want, having power over your workers, being able to get very good money for the products  that you sell and lots of other benefits i won’t mention.

But this articles topic, won’t be “Should i be an enterpreneur” (We wrote an article about that earlier ), but about what to do as an entrepreneur to put the foundating stone of your businness/es.

There are many online niches to start in from exciting to downright boring, and i will state a few of them today.

So here they go:

1 – Article Writing

Article Writing is one of the most popular niches on the Internet. Lots of websites need original content for their website in order to gain a good page rank and a good count of visitors. Businesses are desperate looking for content writers that have SEO knowledge. You can either write free flow or content based on keywords. Another thing is that you can take big article writing projects and have some other freelancer do them for cheaper, gaining you a profit from it.

This is called middle management around the internet, and i have a Romanian friend called Ilie who makes money from the age of 13. Very great mind indeed, and he doesn’t need money from his parents by that age thanks to online article writing. It is very easy to get in because there is lots of demand for cheap work by new freelancer ( with only requirement for them to be original).

2 – Data Entry

Data entry is the job of taking data from one place and entering another. There are millions of freelancing data entry specialists from under-developed or developing countries working for the developed countries, and for new online entrepreneurs like you.

You can hire lots of freelancers from countries like India, Kenya, Bengali, Philippines, and the like, and have your big team of workers at your command, and sail in the ship of projects to get your money. I have seen teams of 200 freelancers working on a single database (each of them in their number of items to work on). Simply amazing.

3 – Web Development

This is a little bit harder but manageable as you have to learn some of the web languages, plus some marketing to go with it, but if you read up enough to get an idea of what should be done, it’s all good. You can manage teams of 5-10 programmers ( my project manager Dane, does this pretty well ). The projects are very well paying but it requires good programmers and good management skills on your part.

A project goes from 300$ to 5000$ and beyond. You need to have some good reviews to get the bigger fish though. It is a very nice business to start in periods where there is demand for it.


Starting a Succesful Online Store in 2013

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It is sure a very tempting and profitable idea to start an online store, for some product that you think it is in demand today.  The reasons you might be thinking of why you would start an online store are:

  • Online stores are much easier to maintain ( most of them work with no intervention or need to be taken care of )
  • You can change your store’s look to the users demands
  • You can add products much faster and cheaper
  • You can reach much more people online than in real life via word by mouth or ambulant marketing
  • Much more cost-effective and profitable than real life stores, because it is easily reachable
  • Will win you the reputation of a modern business

And much more of them that i can not think of right now because i am tired. But i have friends who have started, for example a cheap iPhone 5 store. The official price for the iPhone is 500 euros but they are selling them for 300 and are making heavy money out of it. If some small guys can do that money, why should not you? As usual, internet offers us an opportunity that we can not pass so we will build our own succesful online store :).

So, the steps to creating your own succesful online store, here are them:

1 – Decide your Product

Or your product category. It would take a lot of work to open yourself a general store now (because most people don’t accept general stores lacking something and we will not be able to deal with all those suppliers out there right now either. ). I would go for technological products (because there is always a new and shiny one people want to buy to look better than their friends). A category can be, for example, technology.

2 – Give your online nice clothes

Finding your website a nice template is a good start. Choose the best template that will give the feeling of your store (for example a technology template for your technology store, or a beautiful design theme for your women articles store. Whatever the main product you are selling, your website should be easily navigable, look impressive ( statistics say that a good-themed website gets more popularity than a website that is only functional ). You can find loads of them for your preffered e-commerce script at both Theme Forest and Theme Vault websites. The trick here is to find yourself one of those HTML5 responsive eCommerce themes to make the competition look outdated next to your online store.


3 – Make yourself heard 

The last part of this is making yourself heard. If you are not good at online marketing, simply find yourself an internet marketer and a SEO expert. You have a high need online to get your voice heard by others. You need to get your website on social networks, get backlinks from reputable websites that already sell what you say, get good reviews about your website, and generally do a good promotion of your website.

Taking all these steps are enough to get you up and running with your new online store. See you in the next article!








Some Important Facts that will State How to Make Money at Home

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We all know that the economic instability has actually increased the unemployment rate to a great extent. There have been numerous people who have actually lost their jobs because of the cost cutting measures taken by the companies. But, that does not stop them from making money. This time, they can do it in easier and simpler ways than their job.

How to make money at home
Do you have any clue as to how can you make actually good amount of money with PLR product sales? Well, the idea of PLR products is that someone offers all of them for free or for some fixed price over the internet. All that you need to do is to download them and sell them as your own. To do this, you might be required to own a website. There are several domains that offer free websites. You can start up immediately and customize your website. You don’t have to waste any further time and start selling the PLR products right away. This will help you to earn over a million dollars without doing anything extraordinary or out of the world.

The next important question is which PLR products can actually help you generate good amount of money. Today e-books are considered to be one of the best products that come under this PLR category. You have the option of selecting any of the topics and download the PLR e-books that are based upon such topics. An instance could be an e-book that talks about the secrets of losing weight or ten secrets on weight loss or any other topic that seems to target a whole lot of internet users. You could also consider selling sales letters, etc.

Thus, how to make money at home is not at all a difficult question any longer because by selling PLR products you can earn lot of money in a short span of time right from your home. There are several options that are readily available on the net these days, all you need to do is log on to the web and find the one that suits you the best in all possible ways. The beginning would not be that easy, you might have to struggle a bit, but gradually you will see that things will start becoming simpler for you. You should not expect magic to happen in a day. It will surely take some time but once the money starts rolling in, you will surely love