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Want To Sell Your Old Mobile Phones? Here’s How To Get The Best Deal

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If a thorough search is conducted, many hundred millions of old cell phones can be found in the drawers and cupboards across the United States of America. There are also people who just throw away their old phones in dustbins because they think the phones are irreparable and are thus just a waste material. You will be surprised to know that there are companies out there that are willing to pay you cash for even those old phones that cannot be repaired anymore. They pay you for the valuable materials that mobile phones contain. They recycle the same and use them in manufacturing new products. So, regardless of how worthless you are treating your old phones to be, you are strongly recommended to sell the same.

These days, the process is much easier and hassle-free because there are several websites that allow you to sell phones online, right from the comfort and convenience of your home. But, it is also important for you to keep in mind that not all of them offer a great deal. In order to make sure you are getting the best deal, you must consider a few factors.

The Basic Process
The basic process is very simple. You just have to visit the website and fill up a small form providing details about your cell phone, such as its make and model. The website then makes an offer. If you agree to that offer, you will receive a freepost envelope within a week. You can pack your phone in that envelop and post it back through mail. The company now checks the condition of your phone. If they find it in a condition you already explained in the initial form, they make the payment. In general, you receive the payment either through a direct bank-to-bank transfer or through check.

What If The Company Is Not Satisfied With The Condition Of Your Phone?
In such cases, they will make a counter offer, which will obviously be a lesser amount of money than offered initially. You will get four to five days to accept or reject the new offer. If you accept it, you will receive the payment. If you reject it, you will receive your handset back.

Is Negotiation Possible?
There is no harm in negotiating a better deal. You can always try it. For example, if you are sure that your handset is in good condition and the company is offering you a lesser amount of money saying the condition is not that good, you can insist for a better deal. If you are lucky enough, negotiation can definitely help you sell phones at a higher price.

Which Companies Are The Best?
This is one of the most crucial questions because there are websites that only work as a bridge. They purchase handsets from you and sell them to various cell phone recycling companies. You can obviously get a better deal by selling your phone directly to a phone recycling company. Selling your phones to middle websites will only mean you will get a lesser price than your phone’s worth because such websites keep a commission for their service.

Last, but not the least, you can get a far better deal for old handsets if you sell them with their chargers and other accessories.

Choose a Good Deal and Cash your Old Mobile Phone

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The level of success achieved in life totally depends on taking right decisions at right time. With your old cell phones, you can start taking the steps right now. There has been seen a new trend of Mobile recycling on the basis of helping environment logo, allowing you to earn a considerably good cash for mobiles that are hardly of any use to you. So, if you have got one, make a good use of it, start thinking in a productive way.

Choose a Good Deal and Cash your Old Mobile Phone

There are three major ways that you can avail in generating some amount from a useless device.

1. Sell to your local Mobile Service Center
If you are not a busy man and can manage to get some spare hours to visit the nearby mobile repairing or used cell phones dealers, you can always get rid of your old, broken or unused extra cell phone by selling it there. However, my experience and research tell that it’s the most unreliable method, when you look to earn some cash by selling your phone. The dealers usually bid low from the actual market value. The supplementary price varies from dealer to dealer, further getting affected by external features like, your location, your skills to tackle the dealers, and obviously the mobile condition. The dealers normally purchase your old/used/ broken cell phones in much lower rates and sell them off again to other customers, earning profit. In short, the amount you get in return of your mobile is less than what you expect. This method is quick though and you can get the money in hand in one visit.

2. Sell it to a person you know
This approach is quite limited. Making deals with people you know must have at least one ingredient, which is Honesty. If you know that your mobile is working fine and you are jut selling it as its useless for you, then you may sell it to people who show interest in buying it. It’s a good option when it comes to profit. You sell your phone according to its expected market value, being the entire owner of the share, by excluding the dealer’s share. The person buying your old phone also enjoys the reliability that he feels in having a used phone from a person who he knows. However, selling a mobile phone which is either broken or malfunctions can be worst than disposing off the phone for free. Think about selling your dead mobile to a friend, obviously, the terms will suffer for sure. The recovery time may also stretch from the buyer side, paying the cash for mobile late. So, think before placing a deal.

3. Sell it online to Recycling Companies
Online business has changed the outlook of the world completely. There are plenty of online mobile recyclers that can be found all around the world. They pay you reasonably good for your spare phones. All you need to do is a bit of searching, choosing a site to get a deal, give some information regarding the cell phone you have, and there you go enjoying the cash for your mobile phones.

Get cash for mobiles before they get too obsolete and give you an absolute loss.