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Java Zero Day Exploits – Steps to Deal it with Zeal

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You might have read about the commotion going on about the Java Zero Day exploits that has been creating a huge panic among computer geeks. Though this may be a new for the world Oracle has known about the Java problem from the month of April, they were planning to reveal the truth to the world by October when the Java updates will be reduced as scheduled. The computerworld has estimated that this exploits have been added to the hacker’s blackhole kit. As we all know that the problem is considered as very serious by the computer world experts. They are constantly recommending the users to disable Java from their browsers. It is clear now that we need to protect our software from this dangerous issue.

Most of the antivirus software that we use today will be identifying only those specific viruses that has been added to the “blacklist” viruses. Since the issue will be rectified with the new latest updates, it has been found that the new updates will make your software safe. The security community is continuously denouncing the Oracle for the zero day vulnerability happening in Java. Experts are advising the people to disable Java as soon as possible. But the question arises what would be our plight if we disable Java for those important functionalities that we were depending so much for our everyday virtual activities. This situation reminds me of an extraordinary evoking ideas that was written about latest backlash by Antone Gonsalves.

In his visionary note he has written, “Java is used in 3 billion devices worldwide, says its steward, Oracle. The platform’s ubiquity makes it a favorite hacker target along with the fact that the platform often goes unpatched in people’s computers. Security company Rapid7 estimates that 65% of the installations today are unpatched. Andrew Storms, director of security operations at nCircle said, “Many people don’t even know Java is installed on their computers and browsers, and that’s a huge problem. Oracle contributes to the problem by not working more closely with the security industry in building better defenses in Java.

Java Zero Day ExploitsThe company shares very little information with security experts between patches. “ You need to disable Java from your web browsers only if it is not terminating your accessibility to your specific business applications. In case the Java application is inevitable for your functioning then you can try to install a separate browser that is compatible with Java for conducting your business operations effectively. Rob Rachwald who is the director of security strategy at the Imperva said, “IT departments should really consider if users need to access Java for business critical applications, otherwise, they should get rid of it,”

The users can also try to configure your firewall by blocking the Java plug-in installed in your browser while accessing the internet. But this can be exempted if the destined site is put on a whitelist safety zone. If you have any new optional ideas aside from those Antone has suggested regarding the safety of your software that is effective even without the deadly Java script, then please share it with us to help millions across the world!

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Cloud Computing Models

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There’s a lot of discussion about all sorts of issues related to cloud computing. In a nutshell, cloud computing as a whole encompasses any subscription-based service that offers computing in the cloud, or on the Web, if you prefer that nomenclature. This can include anything from a software application, computing platform or infrastructure solution. There are three major cloud-computing models: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

This new technology seems to be picking up where Web 2.0 left off, and taking it to the next level. The cloud computing space is picking up steam for a few reasons. It costs less to develop and deploy cloud-based solutions. The cloud offers a new level of unprecedented computing accessibility and, as budgets shrink on both personal and business levels, data management is proving to be most efficiently and cost-effectively handled in the cloud.

This will affect Web users and the world of computing in profound ways in the coming years. Namely, computing solutions will become more accessible, and as a result, the Web will become a more powerful and integrative tool for everyday life. The key to understanding this major shift is first understanding the basics of cloud computing. Let’s take a look at the three most popular service models in more detail.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

SaaS providers make up one of the largest group of cloud service providers in the industry, mainly because SaaS services are among the easiest to deploy. In a nutshell, as opposed to simply downloading a heavy-duty application to a physical storage device, SaaS providers offer users access to applications on a hosted server. This means either using the application inside a Web browser, or within a lightweight, downloaded application. This can include anything from a customer relationship management (CRM) application to cloud-based music software. In the future, SaaS applications will become more integrated with mobile devices.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

The IaaS model is perhaps the most complex of the cloud computing models. As medium and large enterprise-level organizations used to use dedicated data centers, many are turning to IaaS providers to cut infrastructure-related costs. IaaS is the basis by which all other cloud computing models operate. There are various platforms—including vCloud Director and OpenStack–used to control cloud instances, growing servers and bridging cloud services, IaaS providers offer a pool of resources relating to infrastructural needs – physical servers, virtual servers, load balancers, etc., — from an offsite data center. The customer then downloads all the necessary operating systems, and applications necessary for operation.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

PaaS solutions are more geared towards developers. A PaaS provider will furnish the customer with a computing platform that includes an operating system, execution environment and a database and Web server. This is to ensure quick and easy application deployment within the cloud. This also provides a cost-effective way for Web developers to deploy their software solutions without buying or purchasing heavyweight hardware and software solutions usually associated with application deployment.


Benefits of a Webmaster Forum

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A webmaster forum can simply be defined as a place where people get information related to a particular niche so that if they are stuck anywhere during the execution of their online activities, they have help at hand. These webmaster forums have experts to provide answers to queries related to the web. Several web related issues like SEO, analytical tools, AdWords, AdSense, tutorials, coding and other topics are well discussed on a webmaster forum providing a platform for easy solution to all problems. One such webmaster forum that provides immense benefits to its members is the Webmaster Talk Forums. The benefits of the said forum are discussed as below:

Solution to web related issues: the best thing as reviewed on the Webmaster Talk Forums is that it provides solution to nearly all web related issues. There are different categories and subcategories of forums that cover all web-based aspects, providing easy solutions to all queries forwarded on the forum. The expert webmasters at the forum can provide answers to all questions thereby offering easy solutions to problems. Whether the query is related to site optimization through various tools or it is related to getting back links for the website, the Webmaster Talk Forums covers all aspects.

Link building or development: link development and link building are important aspects related to the success of any website. Considering this fact, the Webmaster Talk Forums provides certain sub-forums where one can discuss how to get good quality backlinks for his website so that the website is accessed by the targeted audience.

Help on Programming: those who are stuck with programming problems in HTML, PHP, and JavaScript etc can turn to the Webmaster Talk Forums for easy and quick solutions. Various expert webmasters are available to provide solutions making the task of website development and maintenance an easy job.

Sell products and services: another great benefit found at the Webmaster Talk Forums is that it provides a platform to sell products and services through its sub-forums. The forum not only provides information on how to market one’s services and products but also provides sub-forums where people can advertise and sell their respective products and/or services.

Therefore, whether one wants to keep abreast of the latest information on various topics or simply get solution to a web related issue, he can take the Webmaster Talk Forum’s invaluable help. The webmaster forum not just provides solutions to web related issues but on some general aspects like social networking and other general issues as well. Registering at the forum is free and after filling a simple form, one can gain access to the best of information.

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ATT Internet Service Offers the Flexibility That’s Important to YOU

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AT&T internet services are joining the rush to provide multi platform, multi capability connectivity to home and business users. As one of the biggest and most famous communications providers in the world, of course, the provision of cutting edge technology is what drives AT&T’s market share – so it’s little wonder that the U-verse package the company has created is an all singing all dancing superstar!

You get to pick and choose what you want and what you don’t from the AT&T U-verse package – digital TV, high speed internet and digital telephony (VoIP, otherwise known as Voice over Internet Provider). That makes the AT&T package more flexible than some of its competitors, which either push the triple header package (all three of the technologies mentioned here in one bundle) while not really giving so much play to the idea that you can take what you need and leave the rest behind; or concentrate on digital TV and ignore everything else.

For families like mine, flexibility is key to Internet usage. It’s not just a family thing, either – what AT&T internet , and its close competitors, have realised is that everyone now thinks in terms of cross channel and multi platform usage. So much so, in fact, that you’d be hard pressed to find an average person in the street who even thinks of his or her usage as cross channel. To the consumer (that’s you and me folks) the Internet and all media connectivity is a holistic entity, which we dip into using whatever device happens to be handy at the time.

Building this flexibility into the heart of its U-verse package, AT&T internet offers bundles of varying shapes and sizes to customers that want to use the Internet to its maximum potential. Take the digital TV part of the U-verse package, for example – which lets users watch their programmes on any device they won, at home or on the move.

Like all digital TV packages these days, what you see and what you get is extraordinary flexibility of application. The AT&T pack includes DVR (Digital Video Recording), enabling you to enjoy your favourite shows whenever you want without the inconvenience of missing bits if you need the bathroom or have to take a phone call. You also get multiview channel browsing so you can compare your options on the fly; and access to a whopping maximum of 430 channels, 170 of which are currently available in HD.

The AT&T internet package that supports the U-verse deal delivers astonishing speeds across five variants – Pro; Elite; Max; Max Plus; and Max Turbo. The Pro package starts with download streams of up to 3 MBps, while the Max Turbo, as its name suggests, offers a heavyweight 24 MBps. Each package is designed to appeal to a particular kind of user – so the Pro, for example, is basically for email connectivity and basic web surfing, while the Max Turbo (which is what we went for, try having two teenage sons and getting anything else!) is good for full movie downloads and multiple connection on concurrently running devices.

AT&T internet also offers the system user a chance to synch the home phone with the web and digital TV. Maximum packages offer unlimited national and international calls. You just specify the package you need and off you go!