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Get Started Quickly With Proven Marketing Tips

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Some startups launch quickly but run out of gas early while others get off to a slow but sustainable start. Is it possible to combine the best of both launches for fast and sustainable results? Recent startups like TripADeal, Australian Skin Clinics and TOBCO Constructions here in Australia prove its quite possible to achieve three-figure growth quickly and sustain it year over year. Let’s look at how these companies did it, so you can apply these marketing tips for startups to your business.

1. Find your Customers, and Market with Them in Mind

Have you found a niche you’re trying to fill? “Everybody” is not an easy niche to break into even if you’ve got massive financial backing for aggressive production, marketing and sales pushes. Instead, determine the demographics that are most likely to want what you offer, then tailor everything to them from the colors you use in packaging to the style of ads or corporate gifts you employ to attract positive attention. Stay focused on your primary market until you get traction with it…and then build a huge following within it before you even think about expanding the focus. Broadening the target too quickly is a classic mistake of fast starters that fizzle quickly.

2. Build Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Part of the entrepreneurial spirit is the willingness to go it alone, to believe in the dream when nobody else does. However, as Web Smith, now Director of e-commerce for Gear Patrol says, “While that spirit of adventure has launched many entrepreneurs, the greatest — and most sustainable — startup success stories tend to be tales of partnerships.” Smith suggests choosing partners with the same values, mission, style and target audience, and then mutually supporting and promoting one another’s online and offline efforts.

3. Brand to Be Remembered Positively

Mundane branding doesn’t spark anything in people’s brains, so don’t be dull. Choose branding logos, overall design, color schemes and visuals, motto’s and jingles with the creativity and uniqueness to stand out from the crowd. John Guidos of Chicago’s experiential marketing agency ICE Factor recommends branding that is memorable, creative, appealing to the five senses, cost-effective, quirky without seeming forced and enthusiastic yet professional. Summing up the approach, Guidos says, “The ultimate goal of experiential marketing is for the consumer to remember the experience and discuss it with others after the campaign. More importantly, the consumer should recognize the brand and how it applies to their world.”

Get Started Quickly With Proven Marketing Tips

4. Use Corporate and Promotional Gifts Effectively and Effusively

One way to brand to be remembered is to have a large supply of gifts on hand that appeal to your demographics and fit the style you’re creating and then to give them out enthusiastically. Entrepreneurs know they should always be marketing, and giving away useful promotional products like these is a fabulous way to get noticed and convert recipients into customers.

5. Give Back

People support businesses that make a difference. Find both local and online ways to give back that fit your company and will resonate with your target audience.

6. Get Noticed Locally

Let your local news outlets know about your company and how you are giving back to make a difference. They’re always looking for feel-good stories to counteract the daily dose of bad news to be reported. Toss in a few of your best promo gifts, and you’ll probably receive free and positive attention.

7. Market and Sell Online and Offline

We know offline businesses must have a relevant online presence, but If you’re primarily an online business, is there anything offline you can do to boost sales? When you go huge, you can open stores like Amazon is doing, but short of that, what are your options? Send customers samples to try. Australian companies like GoHaus (timber flooring) and Sephora (makeup) do this as a side promotion. Warby Parker, the $1.2billion eyewear store, sends samples to customers to try on as its main way to do business.

Slow Down for a Faster Start

When talking about startups getting a fast and sustainable start, we’re addressing the period after launch. The preparation phase must be slow and deliberate, a period in which you tailor these proven marketing strategies to your business. If that takes you six to twelve months longer than you’d like, keep your spirits up with the realization your company will get a healthier start with them and be far more likely to succeed as you hope it will. Be patient, get your ducks in a row with painstaking detail, and your launch trajectory will be higher and stronger for your efforts.

7 Tips To Successfully Rebrand Your Business

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7 Tips To Successfully Rebrand Your BusinessSo, you’re thinking of taking the image of your business in a new direction with a rebrand. Congratulations! It’s a big step, but it’s one that can pay off if done well. Maybe you’re hoping to announce changes in your product or service line, create an image that fits your marketplace better, or you just want to stand out from your competition. No matter why you decide to rebrand, consider these seven tips as a guide to a successful and positive rebranding process.

1. Do your Research

Take the time to learn what’s going on in the marketplace, as well as what your competitors are doing to become or stay successful. That’s easier said than done—if your business relies on digital marketing to capture and follow through on leads, there are free tools like Open Site Explorer you can use to make competitive research a little easier.

2. Plan, plan, plan

The best laid plans…often work out pretty well. Take the time to determine what you want your new brand to convey about your products and services, identify your target audience, and create a schedule to keep you on track from start to finish. Using a project calendar can help you and your team stay on schedule on everything from brand revisualization to public launch—consider Google’s free Calendar or Trello for easy sharing.

3. Expand your Vision

A successful brand is more than an image, but its conception often starts with visual elements like a logo. Use your research and planning to inform your vision. If you’re not visually inclined or you don’t have someone on staff to handle logo design, consult a professional to generate ideas or create a logo for you.

4. Get new Marketing Collateral

Even if you’re a primarily digital business you’ll need new print materials—from business cards to brochures. Services that offer design help often can also help you print all new materials with your new brand for a reasonable price.

5. Give yourself a Digital Facelift

Just as you’ll need new print materials, you’ll need to revamp your web presence as well. This is more than just your website: your social media accounts will have to be updated. Be sure to get your employees involved in the update: if they have social media accounts that represent your brand, be sure they also update their own profile information online.

6. Announce your new Rebrand—but do it Strategically

Unveiling a rebrand takes both time and patience. You want to be sure that your new and improved brand is given the attention to deserves. Would a soft reopening or update be better for your brand, or would you rather reach out to customers individually via email? Think about what will work best for you and your community.

7. Promote and Publicize

Once all the hard work has been done, it’s time to c
elebrate! You’ll have planned this part of the process, but it’s still important to be sure you’ve contacted all the right media outlets and done your own legwork, both online and off, to make sure people know about your rebranding. Take out a few ads, host a party for your customers or clients, and have fun!

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Has PCP replaced traditional SEO?

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Until now, optimizing a website was not a very big deal, and link building was not very tough, but in the course of time came algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin and then things changed entirely. After the introduction of these algorithms things are very different, and now it seems that PCP or in other words proper Company promotion is the safest way to gain more web traffic and get better rankings as well. Many questions whether SEO has died after this huge change, and the answer is that even though it is not dead, yet it has changed radically.

The biggest of the changes is that one has to earn backlinks now instead of creating them like older times. Links like article links are now very beneficial to add a little diversity to the link profile. This stands true for generic press releases as well, which offers nothing more than a few words of meaningless writing. Many optimizers were disappointed after the launch of the new algorithm updates, but to a certain level, it seems that this was bound to happen, as the top search engines always explained the right way of practicing SEO, but rarely a few people paid attention.

PCP SEOProper Company Promotion

As far as PCP is concerned, it is what the name implies. For proper promotion, one has to earn traffic and links, instead of relying on short-term blasts. However, PCP does not always involve a lot of money, all it needs is pure and plain effort and time. A few things can be done with real efforts to enhance the brand of a company and to provide it the desired exposure. Sponsoring an event is one of these things, and getting local newspapers involved in the event is also a good idea.

Blog posting

For the above-mention step, you must have to ensure that websites that gain from the event should consist of content related to your website or business, for linking it back to your main website. Another idea to earn proper links is to do guest posting on different blogs. However, make sure that the blog is associated with the niche of the business. Even after the Penguin and Panda updates, blogs still holds a lot of importance. Posting meaningful and informative content will definitely turn the table to your side and help you earn more traffic through different links.


When applying PCP, advertising is another great method of grabbing more traffic for a website. Placing banner advertisement on blogs and forums relevant to a business helps in attracting more traffic. When placing advertisement on a blog, you can ask about adding a blog post as well. Remember to make the advertisement links as no follow. In this way, Google will not take this as buying a link. In case, one gains a blog post from the site where the advert is being placed, then a link from the same site will be very beneficial. For Google, this is completely legitimate, and it will bring enhanced traffic too.

It is also suggested that none of the tactics should be used all alone and mixing different strategies is the key to successful SEO presently.

Need And Benefits of Integrating Google+ With Google AdWords

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Google+, the brainchild of Google has received and will continue on receiving great recognition throughout this year. All online marketers are using Google+ for their social media promotion, and most of the major brands have established their business pages on Google+.

All the major internet marketing companies recommend their clients to use Google+ for online promotion. Moreover, they also recommend it to be integrated with the AdWords account. The lines below give a detail of why a page should be made on Google+, integrated with AdWords, and the possible benefits it could have for an online campaign.

Google+ Page:

The lines below give the main reasons for having a Google+ page for a business.

  • The primary reason for having a Google+ page is the same as having a Twitter business profile or a Facebook fan page; that is to interact with customers, and find new potential prospects to increase the business.
  • The live video streaming feature of Google+ allows a business to interact with its targeted audience via video chat. Video chat is one of the best ways to deliver real time video to your customers. In addition, a company can also arrange conference sessions with its employees.
  • Above all, having a page on Google+ helps a great deal in higher ranking in the SERPs. Google+ being a brainchild of mighty Google is a reason good enough to shed light on its importance in SERPs.

Linking to AdWords Account:

Linking your Google+ account with your AdWords account ensures that you have all the information like, +1s on the page, the website, the search result, and ads performance all available on a single platform.

This linking of both these platforms will make your AdWords account stand apart from all other competitors. With both linked together, a customer can see all the recommendations the brand has received, whether it’s your page, search results, or an ad.

Benefits of Integration:

The primary benefits a business can avail by the integration of Google+ with Google AdWords account are given below.

  • Tests and many other studies show that social extensions have a significant role in improving the performance of an ad. This way with the help of Google+, a business can improve its CTR, Quality Score, Conversion rate, or anything related to PPC marketing.
  • The purchase decisions are influenced by recommendations. With both the platforms integrated, a business can display ads with recommendations from other family and friends.


Although the integration of both the platforms is not mandatory, but the businesses that want to achieve maximum from their online efforts need to integrate Google+ with Google AdWords.