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Increasing Your Traffic And Sales

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As we head into the final quarter of 2013, it is important to consider new ways to boost our traffic to meet critical end-of-year advertisement goals. By continuing to make your small business marketing methodology and outputs more appealing and accessible to a wider customer base, you can bolster your company’s reputation in order to make your business stand out from the crowd as the year comes to a close. Innovation within your marketing will help you to reach more potentially-paying customers. These efforts need not be costly, but they will certainly require an investment of time and energy on behalf of your small business staff over the coming months.

Increasing Your Traffic And Sales

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Revamping your Company Image

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words – if so, what do your current website design and company logo tell your potential customers about your business? The fall quarter is a fantastic time to reconsider the way you present your company’s image to the world, as many public relations and design companies offer deep discounts on their creative services in order to meet their annual quotas. A fresh look for your company helps to solidify your company’s reputation and purpose, and can facilitate navigation of your small business website for your new customers. Plus, a fantastic design might garner you some additional buzz in the blogosphere – potentially bringing your site up a few notches on Google Search Results pages. Apply these same principles of design to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages. Make sure that your logos are consistent with your “analog” marketing methods as well, by redesigning your company business cards and updating your company correspondence templates.

Strategic Link Renaming: Tedious Project that is Worth the Effort

Though it may be incredibly time consuming, one fantastic way to drive more traffic to your pages is to make sure that your page links are strategically named to include keywords and important themes. While renaming these links, consider shorter names that reference your location or key services, and utilize the keywords that are most common and successful within your Google Analytics search statistics. When taking on this project, consider where your links may be elsewhere online (such as sponsor pages, websites of project partners, or on related industry blogs), and send information listing the new links for your most popular pages. Be sure to strategically name your links going forward, in order to avoid having to complete this tedious task again in the future.

Finding Free Niches on the Web to Occupy

Creating a Wikipedia page for your business is a fantastic way to tell your company’s story and share your company’s accomplishments, however localized or global they might be. A consultant can create the page for you, yet amateurs have also had success in crafting a professional Wikipedia page that generates more buzz about their company. Other niche sites that are related to your market or industry offer space for businesses to create a page that lists their services and information, which can be free or hosted at a low monthly cost. While researching your options, don’t turn down the opportunity to create a Google Business Listing as well – which can help you promote your business towards the top of the search results pages.

Solicit Positive Reviews, Testimonials, and Feedback from Loyal Customers

Nothing sells faster than a positive story: capturing the great experiences that loyal customers have already had with your services and products is a great way to help share your company’s mission and present a positive spin on your work to the world. Customers, ever-wary of purchasing products of low-quality or using poor services, trust the testimonials and reviews that are posted on company websites. Companies looking to boost their traffic and sales should take advantage of this trust by posting, (re)tweeting, and sharing the great feedback that customers have given in the past. For more online marketing ideas, consult with an SEO company who might be able to help you meet your company’s annual traffic and sales goals before 2014 arrives.

Joe Danger: Special Edition Review

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Great news for the Xbox 360 folks as you will now be able to get your hands on Joe Danger. Blend the physics of Trials and the level design of Excitebike and mingle it with cartoon presentation and what comes out to be is a satisfying fun game called Joe Danger. Joe Danger is probably the best motorcycle game I have come across and Xbox 360 users should download it right away.

Joe Danger: Special Edition Review

The story of the game is pretty simple and yet great. The story revolves around the main character Joe who once was a great stunt motorcyclist but his long lasting careers end with a devastating injury. He now decides to get back into the stunt business but he has forgotten how to pull off tricks and it is now your duty to help remember and perform those amazing stunts. Performing stunts isn’t that much of a difficult job due to easy and responsive controls.

One thing that really stands out in Joe Danger is the amount of freedom you have. Each stage is comprised of several objectives but it is up to you how to them and which one to accomplish first. You can either go for collecting the letters which ultimately spells “Danger” or you can aim for finishing the race under the given time. Completing these objectives earn you star which can then be used to unlock additional levels. Even if you get stuck on a level, you can always jump to other level and do something else.

The game isn’t about race tracks only.  You can find hidden areas and items as you explore the Joe Danger’s world. Trials was a good game but I have to say later levels really got on my nerve whereas I found Joe Danger much more encouraging. It does provide you with difficult objectives but you will never find them to be too hard to complete.

So, there you go! In case you’re looking for a cool game to help you relax from your daily troubles, Joe Danger is a great option, and since it’s available via X-box live you can get it right away if you want. Have fun playing, just make sure it doesn’t disturb your productivity, ok?

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iTriage iPhone App Review

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Hate going to the doctor? Use this symptom-checker to diagnose problems yourself

Whether you’re a doctor-bothering hypochondriac or you just want to access some sound medical advice quickly and easily, iTriage is one health app that’s worth checking out.

To find out what’s wrong with you, simply tap the appropriate area of the mannequin on screen and look through the resulting list to find a possible symptom that matches what you’re experiencing. Once you’ve found the symptom in question, you can then find out more about it, including what could be causing it, what tests you need to take to confirm the problem, what the diagnosis looks like and what sort of treatment you may require. iTriage could point you in the direction of some over-the-counter medication to soothe your symptoms, or it could flag up something more serious that requires urgent attention by a professional.

iTriage is great for figuring out what you should be buying at the chemist, or for urging you to get to the doctors before an illness develops into a serious problem, then. We recommend that you give it a go, but with a big caveat: remember that it should only be used as a guide, and always check with your doctor if you’re in doubt about anything at all.

Exercise accessories

The apps in this feature all have one minor flaw: they require that you carry your iPhone or iPod touch with you at all times. While some will be happy with this, others may not – especially when there’s a risk of it getting damaged. You can buy cases designed to haul your device around with you on a run or at the gym, but there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s still going to feel pretty big and bulky when attached.

The answer, then, is to leave your iPhone behind when you set out for some exercise and instead wear an athlete-focused accessory that can do everything these apps can. The Jawbone UP and Fitbi: Ultra, for example, can measure the distance you’ve travelled, tell you how many calories you’ve consumed and even help you to improve your sleep routine.

The only drawback of these devices is that you really have to wear them all day long to get the most out of them, and for some people that might prove to be a little too uncomfortable.

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Barnes and Noble Nook Touch Review – Nook Versus Kindle

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The Barnes and Noble Nook Touch reader has allowed the Nook to get rid of its mass with a compact and sleek redesign. Although we can’t really call it smarter when comparing to its ancestors, but ease of usage, compactness and lightweight makes it a better and obvious choice. The fundamental difference between the new Nook and Amazon Kindle is perhaps its full 6 Inch touchscreen with 2 months of battery life.


Nook Simple Touch comes with a NOOK microUSB cable, AC adapter and a rechargeable battery. It only weighs 7.48 ounces having 0.47 inches of depth. The overall length of Nook Touch is 6.5 inches with a supportive 5 Inches breadth. The onscreen resolution of this e-reader is limited to 800 x600, but it is still a market leader with 2 months of battery life on standby. Unlike other e-readers and tablets available in Market, you can charge Nook Touch via USB cable connected to PC or laptop. Although the onboard storage capacity is of 2GB, which evidently can’t store more than thousand e-books, but expandable memory slot pretty much takes care of this issue. Apart from all these features, the Nook Touch comes integrated with 6-Inch e-Ink display and has Wi-Fi to connect online with Barnes and Noble book store.


The Kindle is a leading the market for a long time now, but this new Nook doesn’t seem to lag behind in any way. However, we can easily claim that new Nook has outdone Kobo. When compared to Kindle, the Nook looks rather strange (or creative if you like it) because of its square-ish design. Unlike Kobo, Nook lets you make more customizations to margins and fonts. Although Kobo is thinner, it is relatively easier to hold a nook when compared with Kobo and Kindle. The overall look and feel of Nook is far futuristic than other e-readers and it also costs the same as Kindle.


Nook Simple Touch has a quality touchscreen, an innovative interface and is easier to hold. And on top of all this, it has far better battery life than other tabs available.

The new Nook behaves less like a book and just slightly lacks in its book store, page turning and reading clearly when compared to Kindle.
This Barnes and Noble Nook Touch review declares that Nook is absolutely competitive in all respects with the Amazon’s Kindle, except for its unusual look. The reader is definitely far ahead, futuristic and better than Kobo.